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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep16

[Posted @ 10:57 PM]
Whoa i missed two days wheee lol, sigh. Actually i dun wanna blog tonight de, but when i saw this little news over YanZiUnlimited.com forum, i can't help but feel my hands itching to COMPLAIN! Well, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep16 screenshots first!

Ayaka's Got The Power!LoL Only Makie Will Fall For That.Your Nude Pic Is In My Hands.
Ugly Faces.May The Force Be With Yue.Woooo LoL.

Ok summary first, a bit different from the manga itself, instead of playing in the dorms + getting caught by the discipline sensei it starts with bluffing Negi into believing that they are playing a courage test game to pin a ribbon on the skeleton. Then after Negi went in, Kasumi changed the banner behind [Hahaha] to 'Love love kiss with Negi' game! Hahahaha. Also in one of the groups, in the manga, Ayaka is supposed to team up with Chisame de, but in the anime, Ayaka is teamed up with Chizuru and become the 'Onee-sama' team haha. It's quite funny anyways. The rest's the same. Hahahaha juz I was wondering why Chisame is so 'helpful' to Kasumi in the game [She's good at computers, so the cameras and switching stuff, live show and stuff all done by her], the scene changes to Kasumi blackmailing Chisame with a photo of Chisame in bunny girl wear hahahaahaa.

Also Camo is supposed to team up with Kasumi to get the pactio but in the anime, Camo got K.Oed by Negi's touchlight haha. Then Negi’s supposed clones were created by Negi's light magics rather than Setsuna’s paper clones. Ah, when fake Negi is about to kiss Yue, Asuna to the rescue instead of Yue pushing fake Negi away. No pactios were made here. Juz leaving Kasumi and Chisame to think that it was each other's doing when the Negis exploded and they thought it was the doing of ghosts hahaha then scene switch to Sayo the ghost hahaha. Quite funny la heh. They are really trying to squeeze everything together heh.

Ok, not like my rumbling in the next few paragraphs are going to change anything. Sigh, i juz find it ... so depressing. Haha. I'm so tempted to be late for my training. Yes, YanZi Should Come First!!!! UH? NO! LoL, Studies should come first. [Murmurs, Yeah right] I guess this is really fated sia. Last time YanZi's promo at Heeren, i had 2 tutorials on friday, so cannot skip [But i skipped it anyways lol], why not like tutorial on morning then lecture on afternoon or what? NOoooOoo, it had to be BOTH TUTORIALS! Well, skip once doesn't hurt lor. But this training very important and i'm in my third and last year and last MAJOR project must listen and make good impression, not be late, dress properly blah blah blah. Like i give a damn.

It was supposed to be TODAY, TUESDAY! BUT NOOOooOooO, it had to be on friday! Sigh.

Thank god it's 5pm-7pm not 4pm-6pm or wat, i'll dig/cry/gore my eyes out. Cos the training's at 5pm-7pm in Eunos, thank god not the other side of Singapore or what, it's pretty near Gallery Hotel, so i can hop in a taxi and speed myself there in 10-15mins. So i'll have go at 4.45pm, i dunno if i have the self-control to go or not lol. What if the event went on and on and on?! NOOOooOooo. I waited soooo LONG for this and now you gimme this piece of shit. This is really depressing, i think i need to cut my hair to chase my bad luck away. YES i'll cut it on thursday cos no Investing In Stocks tutorial mah... so i'll go buy mangas + takeaway BK for bros + cut hair! Whoa 3 in one lol. Eh, change of plan, i told my mum abt my plan and she said she wanna go cut hair too, why not tomorrow she suggested then i said ok lor anything, the FREAKING FASTER THE BETTER! LOL.

I hate long hair really. Sigh, morning bath, wait for it to dry, even with hair dryer also waste my 10mins lol, i can go eat u know but no, i had to stand like a dork drying my stupid hair. I'm a lazy person, i want short, fast and efficient. LoL. The first week and 2 days of the second week i've been either right on time or 5mins late. Sigh. I want to eat leee lol, breakfast!!~~ I dun wanna be caught in the traffic jam again!

I hope cutting my hair helps. Maybe got sudden change of plans, training changed to thursday or YanZi's meeting change to saturday or what lol. [Cross fingers, i swear i'll be good!] LoL. I do anything you want god! Beg, steal, eat even go on diet, go nuts, exer.. no skip tat, uh drink, be good, do my homework, blog more, watch more animes, read more mangas, be a saint, not backstab people, tok to people more, be open, be strong, be not so frank, be happy, etc etc etc etc lol.

Need to go watch Naruto Ep136 and TRC Ep7. Cya. LoL

[Signing off @ 11:23 PM]

PS: I PROMISE I'LL NOT BE SO FRANK! PLZ! ... Like god is listening.

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