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Friday, May 20, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep12 and Ep13

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Whee, the reason why i blogged now is that i'm watching a programme over in channel U. Haha i forgot the programme's title le, i think is 'Got something to say, come on shoot' loosely translated from Mandarin. Besides my thumb like getting this 'loose' feeling lol, very numb and weird. Must be from clicking too much haha and pressing the spacebar. Ok enough complaining, here's a two ep special, Magister Negi Magi Ep12 and Ep13 screenshots. Yes, i'll tok abt them separately.

Stealing Panties Again Pervy Ferret?Disabling Mahou.Ahhh! We're Deadmeat!
Seducing Me With That Innocent Face?O-sa-ru? Monkey? LOL.BAM!

Yeah Ep12 is abt the Baka Rangers going to the Library Island to get the Book of Magic so that they get smarter. Negi disabled his magic for 3 days so when he went with the Baka Rangers to Library Island, he is nothing but a burden haha. That's what Asuna thinks. Then when they saw the Book of Magic, suddenly a giant walking rock monster told them if they want the book, they have to answer some questions. So they answered the questions while playing Twister. [See screenshot 5 and screenshot 6] Yeah they answered correctly till the last question haha, when asked to spell dish in japanese which is O-sa-ra, Makie and Asuna accidentally touched O-sa-RU [Which means Monkey in japanese] instead lol. So they lost and the Rocky Monster bam them and they fell down to an underground library place. Very nice. Haha.

Ok the anime's a little different from the manga. The reason why the Baka Rangers are going to Library Island is because they dun wanna go back to being a kindergardener [Hahaha] if they are last in class. Which is unlike in the anime, they know the real reason that if 2-A is last again, Negi'll be fired. In the manga, the real reason is Negi'll fired but Asuna thought they have to go back to being kindergardeners, which she didn't want so that's why she went to Library Island to get the Book of Magic but later she'll know the real reason anyways.

Next, Magister Negi Magi Ep13~

LoL, Shouta-con.Off We Go!Fragrantia Florismeis Amicis Vigorem Vitalitatem Auram Salutarem LOL
We Failed. Last In Class Again.Dun Go.Hurray For Negi-Sensei!

Ok basically this ep is about the Baka Rangers getting out of the underground library. So as they were going up this stairs ... they reached this lift saying it's going to Level 1, hopped in and ... OVER WEIGHT LOL. [See screenshot 2] So they took off their clothes lol. The anime didn't show them actually without the clothes ... [Censored little kids! Read the manga! lol] Yeah so Negi ran out, asked them to leave without him so that he can protect them.

Asuna pulled him in and threw out the Book of Magic instead and WEIGHT LIMIT OK~ Hahaha. So during the exam day, they were damn tired and Negi just got his magic back so he casted a spell that will refresh the Baka Rangers + Library Exploration Club members. So during the results day, they came in last at first. But later some tender moments of Asuna chasing Negi back and the headmaster told them that he haven't added the Baka Rangers + Library Exploration Club members' marks yet so in the anime, 2-A came in second. [In the manga, 2-A came in tops!] Yeah and Negi's still 2-A's teacher. End.

Ok, i was watching the Channel U programme earlier, they were discussing about the topic Depression, so they invited some youngsters who had Depression before to share their experiences and their feelings. Also a psychologist was there too. Haha, quite true la from what they say. The psychologist also stated the symptoms of Depression then i was like, ok, i never had that symptoms before. Haha. But i think when i was 13-14, i truely felt life was meaningless and wanted to die. I think i wrote about this somewhere. Lazy la. Next time then i say hahaha. Going to 11pm soon. Heh. Ah, my motivation during that 'dark' period was Stefanie Sun Yan Zi~ Yay lol. Yeah during that time cos i had no friends in secondary school, my primary school friends were all in different secondary schools, so we kinda lost contact. Besides, i'm kinda an introvert kinda person so i don't dare to talk to peoeple unless they talk to me first lol. Ok, sue me.

I dun think i was undergoing depression, maybe mildly. Cos i had thoughts of dying and even planned how i should die and stuff haha and also leaving home and die somewhere else, far away from home where noone knows. Seriously, i don't remembered what i was doing or thinking during that 2 years. All i knew was that i went to school, no friends, ate alone in the school canteen for 2 whole years. [Yeah sounds sad] Maybe cos i dun like my classmates? Hahaha, or they have friends on their own, don't have to bother about me. Not that i really care. Blah enough of negative thinking. It's supposed to be all Anime/Manga day~ Haha.

Ah, school is reopening soon ... in 3 sad days ... then i'll go buy my 8 mangas on next friday yay! Hahaha new releases on tuesday! Mythical Detective Loki [Season 1] #2 and Slam Dunk #25!~ Woo~ Ah, i should think more about YanZi, Animes, Mangas and Music to fill my life. Shouldn't think about useless stuff like commiting suicide and stuff. Heh. THANK YOU YANZI, ANIMES, MANGAS and MUSIC! Cya 11pm soon~

[Signing off @ 10:57 PM]

PS: Bye 11pm Le!!!~

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