Doropanda Tours Doujinshi Loot 2013 Part 3 Yahoo Japan Auctions

[Posted @ 5:34 PM]

Well, there're good news and bad news. Good news is that I have scanned Doropanda TOURS' 優しいケモノのあやし方 [Yasashii Kemono no Ayashikata]. Bad news is that it's a phone scan. Ugh, better than nothing I guess?

I've also acquired Vol 10 S&N and the Vol 10.5 (Green version)
In case you're wondering what's the difference between the red and green cover copies of 感情生物EX [Kanjou Seibutsu EX], the red one is the rough sketch copy while the green one has outlines drawn over the same images. So I assume the red version is rarer =P since it's the 'first sketch copy'.

I'm sorry if the images taken with my phone is blurrish, it looked fine on my phone D< You can find the download link at my Doropanda Tours Page.

Oh if you're interested on how I buy them from Yahoo Japan Auction. I used a forwarding service called Buyee. Their fees are very transparent as they break down charges for your viewing pleasure before bidding and during shipping. But they can get really expensive :|

Also, I can bid on items personally and they have auto emails to me if I get outbidded. You can hold your items in their warehouse for 30 days and they also provide consolidation services.

In my case, I bought two items from different auctions;

Item 1 (1000) + 2 (1800) = 2800 YEN | Weight = 340g
Service and Payment fee 700 YEN for each auction
2800 + 700 + 700 = 4200 YEN

Domestic shipping fee 80 YEN + 80 YEN = 160 YEN
International shipping fee 1100 YEN (to Singapore)
Consolidation fee 500 YEN

Shipping cost = 1760 YEN using EMS

The best thing about Buyee is that they're fast and reliable and depending on your budget, you can give them a try :)