Saki -咲- Ep12 - WTF was that?

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Hmm, I can't wait for my last paper to be over, I'm already tired of studying :< lol ahhhh this feels like deja vu. Man, anyways I couldn't help myself and went to download the subs of another mandarin subber xD I'll just download my usual when I get back. The start of Episode 12 was awesome *_* I love it. However ...

It would had been the perfect eye catch in this post :<

Hahahaha, man it looks so weird. Other than that, I have no complains about this episode I guess ... there are sure to have ups and downs in the quality in the animation, but this lol, is just so obvious that I went 'WTF was that!?!?!?!' twice [Yeah, I rewinded].

Oh well, I'm betting GONZO will cook up a meeting between Hisa and Mihoko in filler episodes or something and then Mihoko will finally get her chance to ask about Hisa's blue sapphires and red rubies praise/comment =D. Hopefully that scene will be filled with flirty words and blushes, kyaaa can't wait ahaha. For now, ON TO MAHJONG PLUZ and my studies =D.

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Saki -咲- Ep11 - Girl Meets Girl

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Because I'm sick of studying. *stares at Consumer Behaviour Notes* So, I watched Saki Ep11 \O/ I love this part and I like this particular dialogue I got from the Saki Ep11 thread in yamibo lol.

Captain (Mihoko): You heartless jerk, why did you leave our home, abandoning me and our kids!?
Buchou (Hisa): ..........
In the Next Episode of Saki ... (Cue Dramatic BGM): The Three Year Itch

Edit: Oh wait I got another one.

Captain (Mihoko): You heartless jerk, how dare you leave me after you knocked me up!?
Buchou (Hisa): You do know I'm a girl right?
In the Next Episode of Saki ... (Cue Dramatic BGM): Buchou With A Mystical Third Leg!?

Or something like that LOL. Anyone else with better dialogues for that particular scene while we await Ep12?

Okay, back to studying lol. *chuckles*

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 14 - Saki -咲- Spoilers

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Well, it's not friday, I forgot what I was doing yesterday ... oh right, I was studying. Oh. Anyways.

Behold. The awesomeness of Fukuji Mihoko.

Spoilers from the manga will come later, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, don't read them? xD I'll give a warning before going into bits and pieces about it.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. K-ON! [けいおん!]

So, the last episode is next week eh? Well wiki says there's an episode 13 but *shrugs*. Based on the preview for Episode 12, an episode outta wrap everything up. It's been a fun anime, I still wanna get an electric guitar though the urge to get it now is not as great as I was watching Ep1 and Ep2 lol. *has a feeling I will forget about it* eheh.

Anyways, lol see how it goes. xD

2. Queen's Blade - Rurou no Senshi [クイーンズブレイド 流浪の戦士]

Similarly to K-ON!, Queen's Blade is ending next week as well ... lol Episode 9 has scarred me for life. At the moment of mother and son heart warming scene, I was lol-ing so hard that I almost felt outta my chair and choke to death hahahaha. Man. I don't even know why I downloaded it, I thought ... ugh, I don't know what I thought. I'm glad QB has ended, I don't think I wanna watch a Second Season =S

3. Saki [咲-Saki-]

Oh yeah, I'm loving this series even though I know nuts about mahjong except a few phrases of 'PON!' 'CHI!' 'RON!' and well yeah. Reminds me of my younger days when my aunt had this mahjong game on the computer and I was fooling around with it a few times. I had no idea how to win but hell I do know how to keep the 'nice' tiles and 'PON!' after a while lol. I still remembered my aunt told me that the 'people' in the computer will chase after me for money if I lost :< I was so scared, meanie.

Oh yes, back to the latest episode, Ep10, oh wait, let's talk about Ep9 first lol, I love that episode, it's so awesome because Fukuji Mihoko totally rocks! She's so freaking hot xD. She reminds me of Fujino Shizuru ... ahh Shizuru-sama~ *squeals* I love how she smiles after doing those 'RON!' and 'ZI MO!' phrases, *_* She totally owned the first round between the four schools. I hate how Kazekoshi got bullied later on :< oh, okay -stop- I'll leave it for later.

This doesn't hurt as well =D.

- A bunch of RAKU-GUN Marimite doujinshis.

1. [Wings of Yuri] Gokujou Drops - Chapter 10 & 11 \O/

1. K-ON! - OST
2. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom - ED
3. Minori Chihara - Tomorrow's Chance

Right, now, time for some Saki -咲- spoilers from the manga, please do not read on if you want to continue watching the anime in suspense or something.









Okay, this coming episode 11 will be the third round between Kazekoshi's Bundou Seika [1st year], Kiyosumi's Takei Hisa [3rd year], Ryumonbuchi's Kunihiro Hajime [2nd year] and Tsuruga's Kanbara Satomi [3rd year]. LoL, this is the chapter where I start to have Hisa x Mihoko vibes xD.

*Throws in a few Hisa x Mihoko fan arts to seal the deal*

It's so cute to see Mihoko going 'Ozmg, isn't that Ueno-san!? The only person that had my panties all twisted and dripping wet-' uh, sorry. was reading shiznat smut lol. Anyways, apparently Mihoko knew Hisa from before and thought she moved or something when she dropped halfway in the middle school competition 3 years ago. Now Hisa's back in the game with a different surname and Mihoko's very worried for Seika who's about to play with her.

By the end of the third round, Seika pretty much lost the points Mihoko chalked up in the first round. By then, I'm starting to worry for Kazekoshi =( Kiyosumi [Nodoka and Saki], Ryumonbuchi [Touka and Koromo] and even Tsuruga [Momoko and Yumi] have awesome line ups at the 4th and 5th player. Tsuruga is quite lucky, the players were pretty much left alone in the first three rounds. It's quite sad to see the first three matches summed up in a volume and a half, need more screen time for Mihoko :< lol. Anyways the whole of Volume 4's about Nodoka's match with Kazekoshi's Sumiyo, Ryumonbuchi's Touka and Tsuruga's Momoko. By then, Kazekoshi dropped to the last position, Ryumonbuchi at third place, Tsuruga at second and of course Kiyosumi at first place =D. Oh yes, Invisible Momoko is an interesting character xD, well basically she's 'invisible' kinda and has not much presence so she could jump in and steal the points away while Nodoka and Touko compete with each other.

I like how Tsuruga slowly make its way on top stealing the crumbs left by the Three Giants who were too busy going head to head with each other. I guess Tsuruga can be called the Dark Horse in the competition xD. As for Kazekoshi, well, the Fallen Giant I guess haha, I still feel sad for them :< a sad neko-Kana makes me unhappy. Well the last round, 大將 [Chapter 34-50 and still going] Amae Koromo makes her appearance and with the electrifying sparks coming out from her eyes scaring Saki to bits lol. Saki was reminded of her sister's presence and thought there's no way in hell she's going to win, that was until Nodoka came and motivated Saki with her ... huge. boobs. uh reminding her about their promise to proceed to the nationals.

Oh yeah, it's interesting about the visual of 'drowning' the players in raising level of water as Koromo chalked up points and winning game after game. By Chapter 42, Kazekoshi's Ikeda Kana lost all her points, yes you heard right from the 142,000 down to 0 lol. Both Koromo and Tsuruga's Kajiki Yomi were 'attacking' Kana and Kana was very depressed and almost got eliminated. [I almost cried =(] Saki helped Kana by sacrificing some of her points to her \O/ and rejuvenating Kana's fighting spirit. Oh by the way, Yomi's seiyuu is Kobayashi Yuu [Setsuna from Negima] lol, I was like, OZMG!!!! SECCHAN hahaa.

Oh, I like Momoko x Yumi as well lol. Hasty edits from the manga.

Hmm okay where was I ... ah yes seems like the Kiyosumi players have weird habits while playing mahjong lol, Yuki gets her power from tacos, Mako with her super memory by taking off her glasses, Nodoka and her penguin resting under her boobs *cough*, I don't think Hisa has any bad habits ... besides making Mihoko cry I guess hehe. Saki took off her socks =O, apparently she plays better barefoot as it reminded her when she was younger and that she played best barefooted. With new found confidence, Saki started winning the games chalking up small wins with very little points lol, pissing off Kana and the rest who were waiting for huge wins. Little did they know, Saki's merely warming up to a huge win at the end and well caught the eye of Koromo who started striking back in the latest chapter, Chapter 50 again.

Man, that was interesting lol, I was reading it in the library and kept reading chapter after chapter forgetting to revise for my module =O. Anyways, I'm tired and I've yet to bath =P.

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[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 2 Script

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As promised, here's the script of Part 2 of Feel.


only Mandarin to English.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it. The author for this doujinshi is Raku-Gun and I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers, so don't ban me for it =(.

[Raku-Gun] Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel.

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: [PFY工作室][NGM][刹木][楽玩]FEEL

As usual, pardon me if there're any mistakes or whatever XD.

'Feel' by Raku-Gun Script Part 2;

Title: Negima! Fanbook #2 – ‘Feel’
Mangaka: Raku-Gun

Main Characters;
- Sakurazaki Setsuna (Secchan)
- Konoe Konoka (Ojou-sama, Kono-chan)
- Negi Springfield
- Kagurazaka Asuna
- Konoe Kokoemon (Oji-chan)

-... for sound effects (SFX)
*...* for signs etc
@...@ for small text or hand writing text
###... for long lines (Double bubbles)
(...) for translator's notes or explanation
_..._ for emphasizing (Bold, Italic letters...etc.)
[…] thoughts (Square boxes, fluffy bubbles)
+...+ for Using Original Japanese Word
{…} Translation of Original Japanese Word

/Page 15


Setsuna: !!?


Setsuna: Wargh!!

Konoka: Kya!


/Page 16


Setsuna: --- That …

Setsuna: That was dangerous …

Konoka: Ahaha, yeah it was. Even your wings came out.

Setsuna: Ojou-sama, are you alright?

Konoka: All thanks to you, Secchan, I’m fine.

Konoka: I know this is an inappropriate time for me to say this but I really wanted to see an expression of Secchan being scared.

Setsuna: I was terrified alright, to suddenly do that …

/Page 17

Konoka: Do you mean it will be better if I had told you what I was about to do before hand?

Setsuna: No, I am not talking about that!!

Setsuna: @How should I explain this?@

Konoka: Secchan, you …

Konoka: Really think too deep and too much.
@Saying it’s your mission, duty and all.@

Konoka: If I am not by Secchan’s side, then there is no reason for me to continue living anywhere anymore.

[I …]

/Page 18

Konoka: If you make me attend the Omiai, I will not attain happiness, you know~

Setsuna: Eh!?

Konoka: Well then, what are you going to do?

Setsuna: No matter what …

Setsuna: It’s definitely not my intention to cause Ojou-sama any sadness.

[At that moment, I understood. The reason of my existence …]

Konoka: Un, you mentioned that before.

Setsuna: But … my duties are to wait upon and protect Ojou-sama …
### … Um … I …

[The reason of my existence is because of this person.]

Setsuna: … …

/Page 19

Setsuna: --- I’m sorry …

[I …]

Setsuna: Me … me too …

Setsuna: If I am not by Kono-chan’s side, I won’t be able to continue living … …

[It was only when I am by this person’s side,]

[Am I able to breathe.]

/Page 20

Konoka: You are not supposed to apologize when you say that …!

Setsuna: ---

Konoka: … … Any more reasons for you to run away?

/Page 21






Konoka: Mou~ Secchan, Ecchi~

Setsuna: *in a husky voice* Ojou-sama …

-Slips in

Konoka: Ah~

(akayuki: I wish ;_; Sorry for the momentarily lapse lol, let’s continue.)

/Page 21


Konoka: --- More …

Setsuna: Eh?

/Page 22

Konoka: Let’s do more, shall we?


[My thoughts stopped.]

[Even the simple act of breathing …]

[Feels like I’m going to forget about it.]

/Page 23

[However, the amazing thing was that,]

[I don’t feel like I’m suffering at all.]

Konoka: Oh---

Konoka: That was beautifully concealed---
@Such a big thing too.@ (akayuki: Oh my, my thoughts raced lol)

Setsuna: Um … can you please don’t stare at me like that …?


Konoka: Eh--- Why---?

Setsuna: @To stare like that …@

Setsuna: … What should we do …? From now on …

Konoka: Un--- you are right.
### We can’t run away just like that as well.

/Page 24

Konoka: For now, we better go apologize to Oji-chan first.

Setsuna: Ah, me too, I’ll accompany you.

Konoka: @Hmm~ Secchan, before that, you have to conceal that blushing expression of yours.@

Setsuna: @S-sorry.@

Konoka: @You’re cute anyways, so it’s alright~@

Setsuna: @… …@

Konoka: Ne.

Konoka: Let’s go together.


/Page 25

*After that, let us listen to their grumbles.*

Kokoemon: Konoka ran away---
### Such a troublesome granddaughter---
### Setsuna didn’t return as well.


Negi: I- … Is that so?
### I see.
### That is troublesome indeed---

Kamo: What are you doing, Aniki? {Big brother}
### Even the old man too …

/Page 26

*This is the postscript.
I supposed Konoka went to her Omiai after all…?
I have been thinking about it while I was drawing …
This time I tried giving up the usual cute drawing ways and tried my best in adding some ‘erotic’ scenes in the appropriate settings. That was a failure … It was after all a futile attempt.
In any ways, what has it turned out to be … I’m really sorry.

I’m tired.

Ah, I hope Konoka’s Kyoto-ben doesn’t sound weird here.
I was afraid that it will turn out to become Kansai-ben or something.

I was really sleepy … Perhaps I haven’t been sleeping for 2 to 3 days …
Thus I was afraid that I might misspell or miswrote some words.

Well then, thank you very much for reading with me until the end.
Until we meet again, Gokigenyou.

堀井貴介 (I have no idea how to translate this into romaji, if I’m not wrong, it’s ‘Horii Tattokai’)

/Page 27

- End of Negima! Doujinshi #2 - Feel Part 2 Script -

Anddd, we're done. Thank you for the kind comments =) Now I should be off to study or something T_T exams suck.

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PS: Thanks Kano for the impromptu proofread xD

I'm So Fucking Pissed

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There's this boiling anger in me that refuses to cool down even after an hour, so I've decided to blog about this crap. Hopefully by the end of this post, my anger will simmer down.

I don't know, I just felt pissed that Chuang Yi [An English & Mandarin Manga Publisher in Singapore] changed the quality of their paper just fucking like that. Come to think of it, I think they changed their paper for My Fair Lady and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden as well and perhaps some other titles I can't remember since I'm not NAO fucking home to check every single fucking book my family bought for the past year.

I did felt a book was considerable lighter than I was used to but didn't think much of it because I was happy to read manga [The physical thing] again after ... what, a year? Perhaps that time, the paper were still in the 'reasonable' stage and to the hell of it, I just didn't notice. Perhaps I was distracted with the family problem thingy. I'm angry at myself for not noticing but then, even if I did, what can I do?

But this. Doing this to my Vampire Knight manga. This takes the cake/pie whatever.

It doesn't take a bloody rocket scientist to see which is the better quality one.

Yes, the anger in me is still boiling, so I'm continuing this rant.

Sadly, even the Ran x Julia 'bookmark' doesn't satisfy the raging tiger in me. Btw this is Volume 7.

Apparently, Volume 7 was printed using, I quote, "Environmentally friendly wood-free paper, ensuring durable and quality prints for a pleasant reading experience." And yes, indeed, I can see and touch the 'quality' and 'durability' of it. It's smooth to touch, not scratchy, it doesn't smell and it doesn't look yellow-ish. This volume cost SGD $8.50 and was released on 05 Aug 2008 according to the website.

Here's Volume 8. Squint your eyes, you can see through the 'awesome' yellow-ish quality paper right there. Aww, isn't it a pretty sight?

Now, Volume 8, as you can see, the 'tag line' was conveniently gone from the page, does this mean this was not printed on durable and quality paper hm? The least I can do is to give credit to CY for not lying. Thank you for not lying, you do have some moral. Anyways, this volume cost SGD $8.50 as well and was released on 06 Jan 2009 [The height of the impact of Global Financial Crisis (GFC)]. Oh, that explains everything then hm?

According to their forum, a forum-er has pointed out the 'quality' of the paper as well so we got this reply;

"Due to some recent issues we’ve had regarding the supply of paper, we’ve had to relook into alternative sources of paper that is of comparative quality to the overseas products in the market and while keeping our prices of manga available at competitive prices. We are still keeping tabs on the feedback from our customers to decide how to fine tune our future course of action to try and find some kind of balance, so we do appreciate your input very much.

We hope you’ll continue to support us, and thank you for your feedback.

For future feedback and other queries, we would appreciate that you direct them to our email address :

Team CY"

Yes, you better be keeping tabs on the feedbacks, cos I'm sure not a fucking happy camper right now. I don't even fucking mind if you increase the price to SGD $8.90 like the new titles or even $9.50, JUST GIVE ME MY QUALITY AND DURABLE VAMPIRE KNIGHT MANGA PLEASE.

Which do you prefer, the top or the bottom?

If I could let you touch the paper, I bet you will bloody throw the book on the ground (despite how you love the series) and stomp it.

I hope you [CY] very well re-print Volume 8 and any other titles that were printed in the infamous 'Kinda Mandarin Quality' paper on quality and durable paper cos I'm not going to fucking buy any lousy quality paper manga from you any fucking more. I don't pay a premium price to get this crap. I just checked with my family via MSN and I asked them to stop buying as I will personally check every single book in the store before purchasing it when I get back.

Lookie here, I'm even willing to pay to buy a re-print volume. I'm not even thinking of boycotting, cos well I have no choice -_- [Affordable and quality prices] and I'm happy. But this one, is going out of hand and I have to voice out my opinion on this. Man, this completely spoils my mood that I can't even read Volume 8 properly. I tried to read but whenever I held and touched that light and scratchy piece of junk, I just get so pissed.

Well anyways, I sent an email to CY, I don't expect any flowery explanations and crap, I want action. I want something to be done. I sure don't hope something as screwed up as this happens again.

Phew. Okay, I do feel a little better.

[Signing off 2:01 AM]