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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep26 [End]

[Posted @ 11:03 AM]
Edit: Summary updated =), enjoy and gimme your comments/feelings on the last episode of StoPani! Special service to all, 24 screenshots and click on the pictures for larger screenshots =).

Yaya Angst.Shizuma Angst.It's Xmas ...
Must Endure Cold!Shizuma Angst Again.Goodbye Hikari ...
Yaya-senpai ... I ...Amane x Hikari.Nagisa-chan ...
Shizuma Angst ...Shizuma Gives Flowers To Nagisa And Tamao.Hikari's Mine! ...
Nagisa x Tamao Perfect Dance.Shizuma Angst!!Nagisa! ...
Nagisa! I Love You!Go On Nagisa, Go To Shizuma.Goodbye Nagisa ...
Tamao Angst.Nagisa ...Kissu! ...
New Etoile, Amane and Hikari.Welcome Back, Nagisa.FINISH ...

The last episode of Strawberry Panic! A really simple and sweet towards the end. I think I replayed the last 7 minutes over 10 times already haha.

The night before the day of the Etoile Election, it’s snowing in Strawberry Panic! world, Nagisa looked out of the window, thinking to herself that if tonight doesn’t end, maybe, there’s no need to worry for who’s the victor and loser. If morning never comes … maybe … Meanwhile, Yaya’s angsting in the shower as Hikari was in a rendezvous with Amane, dapped together in a blanket enjoying the view of falling snow flakes. Rokujou’s staring out of the window, thinking to herself, tomorrow is the day of truth on who will be the next Etoile, what expression should I put on to face the girls? Similarly, Shizuma’s thinking about the past, about the time when she became Etoile, what expression was on her face? What did she possess? It’s like an illusory and distant past. Moving on to the St Lulim girls, lol, they were actually queuing up in the freezing cold to be the first ones to enter the hall where the Etoile Election would be held. Chikaru even proudly stated that that’s why she founded this club, the ‘Vie for First Seat’ club lol. Lemon grumpily reminded Chikaru that she’s the Student Council President and hence had no need to queue up lol. Chikaru just went ‘Ara?’ LOL. Chikaru then gave her first seat to Ashibaru =). Lemon noticed Kizuna sleeping buried in snow lol and went ‘OMIGOD! Don’t sleep!!’, followed by Chikaru screaming, ‘Kizuna-chan, I don’t want you to die~~~~’ LoL. [A real comic relief after the serious opening.]

At the Ichigo-sha, Shizuma’s friends, Hitomi and Mizuho were combing Shizuma’s hair when Rokujou knocked and entered the room. Both Hitomi and Mizuho looked worried and asked Shizuma if it’s fine. Shizuma assured them that it’s fine. Both Hitomi and Mizuho left the room, leaving Rokujou with Shizuma in the room. Shizuma asked Rokujou to comb her hair, Rokujou jokingly said that it’s been a while since she last did it and couldn’t guarantee the turn out. Shizuma said that it’s fine. As Rokujou started combing Shizuma’s hair with her hand … Rokujou asked Shizuma if it’s really okay … but she’s not asking about her hair combing technique apparently but more about Nagisa and Tamao participation in the Etoile Election. Shizuma replied yeah. Over at the St Spica side, Tsubomi’s helping Hikari prepare for the Etoile Election. When Hikari thanked Tsubomi, Tsubomi said that it’s not a problem as she knew Yaya-senpai wouldn’t be helping anyways. Sitting on the bed, Yaya just hmph at the statement. [I reckon Yaya’s couldn’t trust herself to help Hikari?] A knock at the door as Shion asked if Hikari’s ready. Hikari replied that she’s almost ready. Hikari then asked Yaya to tie the blue ribbon which represents St Spica in the Etoile Election to her hair, please. Tsubomi looked uncomfortably at the exchange and was surprised when Yaya agreed and tied the blue ribbon to Hikari’s hair.

While tying the blue ribbon, Yaya commented that Hikari’s cute like an angel, leaning against Hikari’s back, Yaya told Hikari to do her best. Another knock on the door, this time it’s Amane. Just then, Amane opened the door as Yaya reluctantly lets go of Hikari’s hair. [Kinda symbolized Yaya’s possession of Hikari’s gone, whoa such a strong moment. This reminded me of episode 1 where Yaya whispered to Hikari that she can’t like anyone else besides her lol] Hikari left the room along with Amane and Tsubomi, leaving Yaya forcing herself to smile and wave goodbye. At the St Miator side, Tamao’s helping Nagisa to tie her hair while Chiyo’s in her room duty maid uniform folding the pajamas of the senpais. After tying the green ribbon which represents St Miator in the Etoile Election, Tamao tied the red ribbon which was tied to Nagisa’s wrist in episode 12 along on Nagisa’s hair. [Is Tamao trying to mark Nagisa as hers? Or purely for good luck reasons? Or Nagisa told Tamao to tie it on her? It was not stated lol.] Both Chiyo and Tamao praised Nagisa’s appearance. At that moment, Rokujou knocked the door, swing open the door and told the girls that it’s time. Both Chiyo and Tsubomi sent the Etoile candidates out of the Ichigo-sha, Chiyo remarked that she felt a little desolate.

Tsubomi smugly said that after the Etoile Election, Chiyo will feel even more desolate because the winner of the Etoile will be … lol. Chiyo doesn’t seem to be listening as she decided to clean the room up to prepare for a tea party after the Etoile Election. Chiyo’s confident that everyone will become friends again even after the Etoile Election. Like a child begging for assurance, Tsubomi asked Chiyo if she could come? Chiyo said okay. Tsubomi asked again if Hikari and Yaya could come too? Chiyo said of course. Tsubomi then ran back to the Ichigo-sha saying that she’ll inform Yaya about it then turned back to tell Chiyo that she’s not worried about Yaya or anything lol. [Such a untruthful child … fufufu] Unknown to them, Shizuma’s standing at a distance looking at the exchange. It’s time for the Etoile Election, students were piling the hall as they await. Meanwhile, Yaya’s in her room angsting with Tsubomi beside her. Yaya told Tsubomi that the Etoile Election’s starting. Tsubomi replied that she knew who will win anyways and there’s no need to watch. ‘What are you saying, to miss Hikari in her glory, are you an idiot?’, Yaya said. Tsubomi responded with a ‘Yeah I’m an idiot. But I just want to stay here.’ Yaya seemed touched by Tsubomi implied comfort and answered with an untruthful ‘Do whatever you like’. [Such a cute scene between Tsubomi and Yaya XD, this scene vary from I-don’t-want-to-see-my-beloved-Hikari-with-Amane to Are-you-an-idiot-I-like-you-Yaya-senpai. Both of them are such untruthful children XD.]

Back to the hall, the Etoile Election’s starting, Kagome gave Ashibaru’s seat to Chiyo and told her to cheer for Nagisa with it. On stage, the St Spica pair, Amane and Hikari appeared first and the students cheered. [Amane in tux, Hikari in a flowery dress, just like a Prince and Princess] Back stage, Nagisa’s looking very serious, Tamao tried to relax Nagisa by holding her hand and told her to look at her, Nagisa nodded and smiled. With determined faces, the St Miator pair, Nagisa and Tamao walked to the stage [Tamao in a white dress, Nagisa in a red dress]. Similarly, the students cheered for them. Back stage, Chikaru commented how cute Nagisa and Tamao looked, sensing daggers shooting towards her from Shion, Chikaru grinned and said of course the Amane and Hikari pair was perfect, the majestic-looking Prince and the delicate, gentle Princess. However, the St Miator’s pair with their generous giving of each other the strength to take care, assist each other and sheer determination, which was beautiful too. Besides that, Nagisa’s popular with the juniors XD, ahh, who will win the Etoile Election? Chikaru then asked Shizuma for her opinion. Shizuma seemed to be in a daze as she didn’t reply till Rokujou called Shizuma’s name as it’s time for her to go on stage. Shizuma gave flower bouquets to the respective pairs, while giving the St Spica pair the flower bouquet, Shizuma said that finally huh? Amane replied that she would like to confirm Shizuma’s words to her in episode 21 and looked lovingly down at Hikari. Looking at the lovingly couple, Shizuma wished them good luck. Moving to the St Miator pair, Shizuma was momentarily stunned by Nagisa’s glaze till Tamao interrupted by calling Shizuma’s name. Shizuma turned and was met with Tamao’s firm glaze [Which was screaming, she’s mine, bitch! Muahahah!]

Shizuma smiled and praised them. Tamao thanked Shizuma and squeezed Nagisa’s hand. Nagisa seemed shocked by the action and snapped out of the trance. Tamao added that they will work hard for the sake of St Miator. Giving the flower bouquet to Tamao, Shizuma wished them good luck, stole a last glance at Nagisa before leaving the stage. Nagisa stared longingly at the leaving Shizuma but was interrupted again when Tamao called her name. Back stage, Shizuma didn’t stop walking even after Rokujou called her. Rokujou tried to go after her but was stopped by Shion, Chikaru said that it’ll be alright as the Etoile wouldn’t need to be appearing so soon. On stage, Nagisa still seemed distracted. Shizuma walked outside, stomping the snow, apparently in a pissed mood. The Etoile Election continued as Amane carried Hikari, bridal style and declared that she will protect Hikari with her all heart [Just like in the manga, Chapter 10, Amane also carried Hikari]. The fangirls went craaazy lol. As it went on, Shizuma was at the greenhouse, recalling her times with Nagisa in the greenhouse in episode 6 and episode 10. The St Lulim girls and Chiyo were dashing to the cathedral where the dance would be held, lol surprisingly, Kagome ran the fastest considering her … short height and legs … is this the power of Ashibaru worshippers?! Back to Shizuma’s flashbacks of her times with Nagisa in episode 10 and episode 22 where Nagisa told Shizuma that she believes the dying plant will bloom flowers beautifully again. Looking at the indeed blooming plant, Shizuma’s filled with mixed feelings.

At the cathedral, the pairs were preparing, as the music starts, both pairs started dancing. While dancing with Tamao, Nagisa flashbacked to the first and last dance she had with Shizuma in episode 25. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s at the music room where she flashbacked to the times with Nagisa there in episode 6 and episode 17. Back to the dance floor, the girls were amazed by the gracefulness Nagisa and Tamao displayed with their dance. Chikaru said that both pairs were beautiful but the Nagisa and Tamao pair looked relaxed and perfect in harmony. Even Rokujou was shocked by the beautiful dance like the time Shizuma with Nagisa … Rokujou looked a little guilty at the thought of that. Finally the girls finished their dances and were panting hard, everyone were clapping at the beautiful performances. The St Lulim girls and Chiyo dashed to the next destination, the church to witness the announcement of the Etoile Election result. Back to Shizuma who was standing below the ‘Love Tree’, flashbacking to the first time she met Nagisa there in episode 1. Leaning against the tree trunk, Shizuma grinded her teeth and muttered out Nagisa’s name before running to the church. At the church, the pairs were lined up properly as they wait for the results. -Cue to Shizuma dashing to the church- The announcer prepared to pronounce the results when suddenly the church door swings open with the panting Shizuma standing in the middle of the opened door.

Shizuma yelled Nagisa’s name. Everyone was shocked probably except Chikaru who was looking thoughtfully at the scene and saying ‘Finally huh?’. Shizuma strolled confidently with a smile towards Nagisa, stopped suddenly and yelled ‘Nagisa, I love you!’ [Shizuma used ‘Aishiteru’ not ‘Suki’ nor ‘Daisuki’, it’s love not like =)] Everyone was sent into another shock. Tamao too, but then she closed her eyes and smiled. Shizuma hollered Nagisa’s name again, silently begging her to come to her. Nagisa seemed undecided as she murmured, ‘But … but …’. Tamao took charged as she hugged Nagisa from behind, ‘Really, it can’t be help huh.’ Smiling again, Tamao whispered ‘Itterasshai, Nagisa-chan’. [Itterasshai is used to see someone off home/work. So Tamao would be expecting Nagisa back lol XD, like a parent would do I reckon.] Pulling the red ribbon along with the green ribbon off, Tamao pushed Nagisa forward and encouraged her to go to Shizuma’s side. [As I said, this kinda symbolized Tamao’s letting Nagisa go, she’s not her partner anymore. Touched by Tamao’s support, Nagisa turned to Shizuma who was waiting with her arms opened, Nagisa ran towards Shizuma, smiling. Shizuma captured her in a hug and the crowd went gasped. Shizuma told Nagisa, ‘Let’s go’, smirked at Rokujou who gave a start, grabbed Nagisa’s hand and ran out of the church. Rokujou’s calling Shizuma’s name was heard as the girls ran off. However in the end, Rokujou accepted Shizuma’s ways because it’s Shizuma after all. Meanwhile, Tamao turned and closed her eyes, clearly in anguish, congratulating Nagisa twice. Running with Shizuma to the side of the lake, Nagisa stopped to catch her breath.

Shizuma asked if Nagisa’s alright, Nagisa in turn asked what they’re going to do now. Shizuma confusingly replied, what to do? Nagisa said ‘Eh? You haven’t thought of anything yet?’ Blushing, Shizuma said that it can’t be help as snatching Nagisa away was an impromptu decision lol. [Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~] Shizuma extended her hand to Nagisa and suggested that they run some more then. Back in the church, Amane and Hikari were crowned Etoile, Amane remarked that she wasn’t that satisfied that she won like that lol, Hikari agreed and said but, she’s really happy right now, Amane nodded too. As Shion presented the Etoile necklaces to the new Etoile, Nagisa and Shizuma made D.I.Y [Do it yourself] flower necklaces LOL. Shion then placed the red pendent on Hikari. Everyone clapped as they celebrate the birth of a new Etoile. At the choir, Yaya gave a wink to Hikari and making her emo. Likewise, Shizuma placed the flower necklace on Nagisa, both of them stared at each other lovingly before Nagisa lunged forward and initiate a kiss. -Cue slow version of OP1, ‘Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete’ by Misato Aki- Both of them fell on the green patch of grass still locked in a kiss, creating a peaceful but sensuous scene XD. As the credits roll, snapshots of what happened later were displayed, Amane and Hikari, the new Etoile, tending to the plants and flowers in the greenhouse. Yaya, back to her teasing mode again as she snatched Tsubomi’s choir book away. Chiyo, clumsy as ever, takes a fall as she cleaned up the room lol. Tamao, still in her protective mode, tried to sneak Nagisa away from Shizuma who was standing beside them lol. Last but not least, Chikaru with her harem uh I mean cute little sisters in various cosplay dresses in the newly established tea ceremony club. The last scene, Nagisa’s leaning against the door of her room while Tamao’s leaning against the opposite side, the girls were silence for a while before Tamao whispered, ‘Welcome back, Nagisa-chan’, in contrast to the ‘Itterasshai’ earlier. - END -

Seriously, I replayed the last 7 minutes over 20 times now … lol ahhh, this is such a happy ending but yet not so happy as we will be kept wondering about Tamao’s words of ‘‘Itterasshai’ and ‘Okaerinasai’ lol. It’s like Tamao’s welcoming and sending Nagisa out like a mother would do but does Tamao really think that way? Alright, now I’m really happy with the Tsubomi x Yaya development or rather implied ok? LoL. I wonder if Tsubomi’s seriously comforting Yaya or just the other victim of ‘I-love-Hikari-but-she-doesn’t-love-me’ disease but anyways, I hope the best for them and leave it to fanfics heh *grins*. A really relaxing ending, the St Lulim girls providing comic relief every now and then instead of making the whole episode all angsty and serious. Chikaru proved to be the winner as she kinda predicted what will happen as she was rather involved in the relationships, comforting both Hikari and Nagisa in the previous episodes. Chikaru won me over with her display in episode 16/Carmen Play episode, so Chikaru FTW! Haha.

Anyways, I love the ‘crashing wedding’ scene lol, kinda reminded me of the scene in Mai Otome where Kazuya crashed the Otome ceremony of Akane lol. The smirking Shizuma shots were sexy too heh, the old confident Shizuma’s back XD. I was like ‘YAY’ when Shizuma hollered, ‘Nagisa, I love you!’. Tamao’s angst was gut wrenching too as she forced on a smile looking at Shizuma taking Nagisa away … ahh but no, I must be happy for Shizugisa! LoL. I’m pretty satisfied with the ending, the parallel between the Hikamane and Shizugisa pair was meaningful at the exchanging Etoile necklaces scene. Both pairs won, there were no losers even though the Shizugisa pair didn’t get the real Etoile necklaces, flower necklaces are sexy too lol. Surprisingly, Nagisa initiated the kiss at the end, from the klutzy, clumsy Nagisa to a confident, in love Nagisa. It’s pretty apparent of both Nagisa and Shizuma growing relationship and also the quality of the art lol in the flashbacks. I think what made me laughed out the most was Chikaru and her little harem uh cute cosplaying little sisters at the end lol. Seriously, I’m having mix feelings whether I would hope for a second season or even an OVA, because … I don’t want to put into depression of Shizuma graduating from St Miator and Nagisa all sad about it~~~!

Art: 8.5/10 [Seriously it was great, compared to previous episodes]
Story: 8/10 [... Shizugisa! Hikamane!]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Chikaru ftw~]
Overall: 9/10

Zettai ni wasuremasen [I'll never forget it].

Oh yeah, the screenshots were all taken from 2chan.

Here's some GIF I got from 2chan;
Spin spin~ lol
Spin~ Spin~

Blushing, pouting Shizuma~ Aww~

[Signing off @ 11:23 AM]


  1. Finally, those two are together, this is an ending that I am looking for but I hope there is a season 2 ^.^

  2. Uh Oh, so many angst, but it still manages to have a happy ending^^


    And thanks you very much for all your hardwork in this past six months for StoPani, akayuuki
    I'll never forget your contribution to StoPani discussion in the internet. Especially for the magazine scans album ;)

    You ROCKS!! XD

  3. Runte said...

    In the end of this ep I laughed and cried at the same time xD The blushing Shizuma was tooo cute <3<3 "It can't be helped! Kidnapping you came just a little time ago to my mind.." <3<3
    Too bad.. Good series stopped ;;_;; But I won't quite being fan <3

  4. http://www.tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=36657

    Incase you never got the RAW.

    Anyhow, this ep made me squeal, cry, and so forth. I thank you for summarising StoPani! Let's hope more goodies come from them in the future! (demands a 2nd season with less angst)

    I'm gonna miss StoPani, but I won't stop watching beginning to end sometime soon!

    I'm still gonna stalk you for your future summaries. You won me. Cheers!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you akayuki, for blogging and screen capping this series.

    Your comments were always interesting to read.

    Tamao's role in this series is just so heart-breaking! The scene where she pushed Nagisa almost had me in tears!

    I hope she finds a nice girl to obsess over in the future.

    Is there implied Yaya/Tsubomi in the manga? They are cute together, but that pairing just came out of nowhere.

  6. Looks like Strawberry Panic is selling well XD..Take a look at the picture below


  7. Why anyone need 2nd season, I want it but the last scene and Shizuma graduate thing make me worry that it will be Tamao/NAgisa instead and it ruin the first season so I require OVA more than second season but well now let enjoy with Nagisa/Shizuma ending for now.
    Anyway I don't understand the last scene at all, I understand japanese language but don't understand that scene coz I think Tamao happy after that in the scene with opening 1 slow version.

    BTW thank you Akayuki because of your blog make my life happy more ^_^

  8. Oh Akayuki,me too replayed the last 7mins again & again. I really like ShizumaxNagisa pairing very much. Its because of them so I'm attracted to this anime & its because of ur summaries that really brought me into this anime. I started watching this anime after I read ur summaries.(see! You're such a big influence) Thank you very much for ur interesting summaries. I really appreciate it.

    I really like the endings. I was way shouting & screaming like mad when I saw Shizuma's confession, & can't even calm myself down for the whole day. I was too excited & I know all my SP dvds will be worth the money. Although the last few Eps were too draggy as nothing was resolved, come to think of it if everything were going smoothly, I wouldn't have that kind of emotions when I watched last ep.

    I feel so sad that SP has come to an end but I hope for OVA or 2nd season as I want to have more ShizumaxNagisa. Didn't get enough of them. SHIZUMAxNAGISA 4ever!! Yeah!!

  9. Wah, thanks for all the welcoming comments from all. I really enjoyed blogging Strawberry Panic! as you guys enjoying reading/watching too =). It's not the end of StoPani yet! There's still the manga going! So please look forward to it!

    Oh as compared to the anime, there's little interaction between Tsubomi and Yaya but it doesn't mean it's 0% for TsubomixYaya! LoL.

    I'm blogging some fall series too like Otoboku and Negima. Not sure if I'm blogging PGE ... see first ba. Hope to see you guys around =).

  10. You're summary was great as always!^^ I'm so sad it's already over, but well it was a really nice ending.
    What made me wonder: where did Shizuma and Nagisa find the flowers and the green patch of gras to make out on??? didn't it snow at the beginning of the episode?

  11. i hate the fact that Amane and Hikari is the new Etoile. I hope manga would make Shizuma and Nagisa. Also again Amane/Hikari gets love scene but Shizuma/Nagisa don't. I think too late to develop yaya x tsubomi.

  12. Beautiful ending..I want more from Shizugisa/Hikamane/Tsuyaya

  13. Saw the ending and I was shocked with what the writers done. It was perfect in terms of plot and the music too. I'm going to buy this for sure XD It's a shame that Shizuma does not have more action than kissu.

  14. I personally think this show would actually make an OVA. I just love it. I can't get enough of Shizugisa

  15. I say the Shizugisa kiss scene was way better than Hikamane kiss scene in episode 25, Sorry Hikamane fans.

  16. somehow at the last scene where Nagisa back to her room... Tamao greet her with that face(i want to know wat happen after that). I really wan to see another series or OVA. oh i very love SP... very sad it's end already T_T (i want this story continue till Shizugisa together even after the school ends) hehe. I dun care bout other character... I just really like Shizugisa. Well Akayuki, is there another series or OVA, I dun like the manga's storyline that much more than the anime's storyline...


  17. ... I really enjoyed the ending ... just felt so at peace, after all the stupid tension, it was like ... awwwww and the slow OP1 ... was like ahhhh. Yeah the kissing scene of Shizugisa was better than the Hikamane ... [damn you producers] but I still think the kiss between Shizuma and Kaori was the hottest.

    to JonRalf, mixed feelings about the OVA or second season lol ... eh not sure if there is ... if there's info abt it, I'm be sure to inform everyone here =). Please support the manga, it's quite good actually ... haha ... uh the art wins me over ... ...

  18. Rod desu !
    Thank you sooo much, I love Strawberry Panic sooo much, lovely ending.
    Lot of kisses from Japan !

  19. Yeah, the Shizuma/Nagisa kiss scene had more impact.

    But the Amane/Hikari kiss was an afterglow one ;)

    I think I would enjoy an OVA showing the main characters a few months after the series. A second season would be weird seeing as Shizuma and Nagisa already got together, and we have the new Etoiles.

  20. I so wish for several episodes of OVA only concerntrate on Shizugisa, Hikamane, Tsuyaya, Tayuki. Most important Shizugisa. I so wanted Shizuma to hold me and spin spin spin.

  21. omg yes a OVA is DEFINITELY needed!!!!!
    im so in love with strawberry panic.. amane's eyes *drroolls* :P although im more of a Shizugisa fan!

    btw guys you definitely have to download the Strawberry Panic sounds tracks.. they are BLOODY AWESOME! and just listening to it makes you feel like you're party of strawberry panic!

    if you guys get to choose one of the main characters as ur <3.. who would u guys choose??

    amane's most likely first on my list.. although shizuma's stunning eyes + naughtiness :P

    -- peace

  22. hello akayuki-san ^^ im here again.. couldn't help myself but re-watched most of strawberry panic again and again.. had to cut out the kaori's part coz they were a lil too sad >.<

    thanks for your blogs i can recall what happens in each episode! ty so much ^^

    you will keep the strawberry panic blogs right?_? T.T

    heh any ideas where i can find the slow version of OP1, ‘Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete’ by Misato Aki?? i downloaded this box set, but there's like.. 3 version of it.. 2 rocky ones and 1 off vocal.. but no slow one.. and the slow one is the one i really want..

    any ideas :P

    ty akayuki-san!

  23. Any idea if singapore can find Strawberry Panic chinese manga?

    Whats the title and where to find?


    I love angsty shizuma! haha. Cant believe she had never had sex a nagisa

  24. It's sooo sad Strawberry Panic is over now! >,> I really want more! Just hope they make a 2nd series :3

    Yey for Amane & Hikari!!

  25. Pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz tell me they're making a second series. PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

  26. lol k i know im leaving a comment on a 2 year old post, but it was just recently that i started visiting your blog, and never got 2 read any of your input on one of my fav anime series! i replayed the last scene a lot too, the song is PERFECT and it came in right on time! it was probably one of the best endings ive ever seen in a romance genre series ^^, cant really think of a better way to end things.. except patch some things up for miyuki and tamao. the scene where tamao let nagisa go was probably the hardest scene to watch for me, i really sympathized with her since she's had her eye on nagisa from day one. i think if they had tamao under miyuki's wing earlier, they couldve really developed a strong "onee-sama~!" bond lol. but yeahhh stopani is primarily responsible for turning me into a yuri nut ><, and its definitely in like my top 5 series.

  27. I have an idea for 2nd session of strawberry panic!
    There's still a few months before shizuma graduate right!?
    How about make the story continue from the last story of 1st session until shizuma graduate?The the end is I think it's better if somewhere nagisa meet shizuma or shizuma meet the graduated nagisa!
    Well give me ur comment!!
    Btw,I think it's better if we put somekind like school festival in ichigo sha!
    That day all student wear manykind of costume.
    And there's scene that chikaru force nagisa to wear her little pink foxy costume with foxy's ears and tail!(like in negima XD).When shizuma saw that,she blush so hard even almost a nosebleed!!How's that sound??Not bad right!?

  28. this is so cool i suck at making comments because i'm no better talker than people in the library and people in the library are much better talkers its cause i'm a loner thats why i don't respond properly to other people's questions so let me just finish this comment so i can go back to a corner of my room and sulk as i was saying strawberry panic is the best and will forever be 1 of the greatest shows i've ever watched even if i'm already a old granny i can still look back about my past and say that strawberry panic is the best show i have watchec in my life

  29. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want a 2nd season !!!!!!!!!!!! It''s been like a long time :/// Still my favorite anime is and always will be Strawberry Panic <3 !!!