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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep25

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... Yuri ++100 in this episode.

1,2,3 1,2,3.I'm Alright ...Cold Wind~ ...

In the church, Hikari’s praying and believed that Amane will remember the times they had been together and will be always waiting for Amane. Shizuma continues to coach both Nagisa and Tamao but Nagisa’s still hesitates when dancing with Tamao and didn’t make much improvements. Rokujou-kaichou and Shizuma’s classmates who were looking at the practice were rather disappointed and vexed. Shizuma started lecturing Nagisa that it’s because Nagisa’s afraid to fall short and tried too hard to accommodate Tamao that they kept failing. Nagisa started apologizing to both Shizuma and Tamao and promised to do better the next time and they started again. Shizuma’s classmates, Tougi Hitomi and Kanou Mizuho worried that Nagisa might not make the mark in time as the deadline to register for the Etoile Election’s tomorrow and the Etoile Election starts on the day after tomorrow. Rokujou said that they could only leave it to Shizuma and she trusts her to think of a way. Hitomi said that she felt relieved because Shizuma seemed to be back to her normal self again and Mizuho agreed with her. However Rokujou said that it will be great if that’s the case as she felt Shizuma’s forcing herself. Over at St Spica’s horse ranch changing room, Amane’s staring at the yellow scarf Hikari gave her in episode 7.

Hikari came over but Amane only remembered Hikari as ‘that girl from before’ lol. Hikari was surprised as she noticed the yellow scarf Amane’s holding when Amane asked if there’s anything with the scarf, Hikari just replied nothing. [Dammit just say you gave it to her duh.] Amane then left saying she’s going for practice leaving Hikari to see Amane’s departing figure. At the greenhouse, Shizuma’s not really watering the plants, just stoning around when Rokujou walked in, commenting that Shizuma’s really working hard huh. Rokujou continued that Hitomi and Mizuho were happy because they saw that Shizuma’s back to normal again. However Rokujou added, she felt that Shizuma’s trying to forget something. Shizuma kept quiet for a while before telling Rokujou that she worries too much and assured Rokujou that she’s alright. [Shizuma’s expression doesn’t look alright at all!] Back to the horse ranch, Hikari couldn’t find Amane at the usual place and Star Bright’s not in her stable too. Hikari then wandered around looking for Amane, the wind began to pick up and it’s dusk soon. At the Ichigo-sha, the girls were having their dinner but Shizuma’s not there to say the prayers, Nagisa looked worriedly at Shizuma’s empty seat while Tamao looked worriedly at Nagisa lol.


After dinner, in Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Nagisa sat quietly on her bed, murmuring to herself about Shizuma being as per normal, like nothing had happened between them during dance practice and wondered if Shizuma had felt ... Tamao’s interrupted Nagisa’s thoughts by calling her name and Nagisa welcomed Tamao back. Nagisa then hopped out of bed asking if the sister had agreed to them borrowing the hall to practice their dance. Tamao affirmed the question, Nagisa then uncharacteristically woo-peed for joy lol saying how worried she was about not able to practice while Tamao looked on worriedly again. Yaya told Shion that both Amane and Hikari were not back in their room respective rooms yet. Shion suggested that they tell the sister about it and to leave the door open for them, Yaya offered to go and ran off. Kaname heard the commotion and wondered what happened. Back to Hikari, she wandered rather deep into the woods and got a little lost looking for Amane, the cold wind blew hard and it seemed the weather’s turning for the worse. Hikari noticed a yellow scarf lol in the middle of this ray/pool of light ... I seriously don’t know how to describe it but it’s like in those RPG games where there’s still ray of light among the darkness and when you walk into that ray of light, you automatically get healed lol.

Anyways, Shion and Yaya had looked the possible places where the two could had been but to no avail. Both Shion and Yaya were worried sick. Meanwhile, Hikari picked up the yellow scarf and brought it close to her chest thinking of Amane. Suddenly, Amane arrived on Star Bright and thanked Hikari for finding her yellow scarf. Hikari looked surprised, probably she thought Amane had thrown it away. Amane explained that she was looking for it as it was blown away while she was practicing. ‘This is my precious item, although I don’t remember who gave it to me, for some reason I felt that it is an irreplaceable item so I will take good care of it’, Amane added. Hikari was touched. At the Ichigo-sha, Shion and Yaya were waiting outside the door in the cold for Amane and Hikari, the door opened, Kaname handled out blankets to warm them up and waited with them. Momomi also came down the stairs but didn’t go out. Shion thanked Kaname, but Kaname merely said that the entry for Etoile Election ends tomorrow isn’t it? Shion apologized and said she can’t think much about the Etoile Election now, however if Amane’s not entering the Etoile Election, St Spica just has to withdraw from it. Kaname surprisingly said that she’s relieved by that fact.

Waiting ...Amane-senpai ...*Tears* ...

Kaname continued that there’s no point in getting a replacement, it must be her, only her as she’s the chosen one. -Cue Momomi standing on top of the staircase looking sad- Shion said that she has a dream, if it’s Amane, she could fulfill all her dreams. -Flash back to the Etoile Election of Shizuma and Kaori holding hands- However, Shion regretted that she had merely pushed her selfish dreams onto Amane and now Amane’s in trouble, she couldn’t do anything to help her and could only wait and worry for her, just only that. Kaname and Yaya were taken aback when Shion began to cry while relating her story. [Is Shion in love with Amane too? LoL] Back at the horse ranch, Amane offered to send Hikari back while she stays back and takes care of Star Bright early morning anyways. Hikari refused and said she wants to stay together with Amane, ‘Even if you tell me to go back tonight, I will not listen, let me stay by your side.’ [Hikari’s forceful here =) or she’s jealous that Star Bright will take her Amane-senpai away lol] In the end, Amane and Hikari stayed for the night sharing a large blanket wrapped around the both of them. Remembering that Hikari found her yellow scarf, Amane asked Hikari why she was at the forest. Hikari replied that she had been looking for Amane for a long time. Amane confessed although she knows that the yellow scarf is her most precious item but she had no recollection of it.

Hikari said that she’s happy that Amane thinks this way. ‘Deep within the heart, Amane-senpai and I are closely connected ... that’s why ...’, Hikari’s tears began to drop, not out of sadness but happiness I reckon. Amane’s flabbergasted when Hikari’s tears began to flow, reached out to cup Hikari’s cheeks and dry the tears away. Amane told Hikari not to cry, because if so, she would cry too ... that’s why ... Hikari moved her face away and still looked a little sad. Amane was at a loss of what to do and just kept quiet. Outside, snowflakes began to fall in Strawberry Panic! world, Hikari started to sing the song the choir always sung lol. [Well if you wanna know, the track’s name is ‘気高き百合の’ -Ketaka ki yuri no- and it’s found in the Strawberry Panic! OST, track 33] It is also the song Amane heard when they met for the first time in episode 4. The girls were looking at the snowflakes as they fell. At the ranch, Amane thought to herself that she heard this song somewhere before but couldn’t remember where. ‘Like this voice, the voice of an angel ... angel ...’, Amane flashback to episode 4 where she heard Hikari singing this song and FINALLY remembered Hikari.

Sob Amane-senpai You Remembered Me!Kissu ...+100 Yuri ...

Amane turned and looked at Hikari who was still singing, smiling, Amane called Hikari’s name. Hikari stopped singing and turned to Amane in surprised. Amane affirmed that she got back her memory back. A mixture of happiness, tears and relief, Hikari lunged forward to hug Amane. After breaking the hug, both of them kissed [=O] and the scene fades away and became dark … [Whoa, my kinky senses were right, they did it at the horse ranch and Star Bright’s stable no less! um well not really LoL.] At dawn, Amane and Hikari spent the morning basking naked in the afterglow of last night’s passion and kissed again. After that, both of them rode Star Bright to the place where they first met, Amane told Hikari that at that time before she fell from Star Bright in episode 23, she had planned to convey her feelings to Hikari then and there. ‘You are my most important person in the world and there’s nothing to hesistate anymore. From this time on, we will be together forever.’ Hikari smiled and nodded. Kaname, Shion and Yaya were still waiting outside for Amane and Hikari when suddenly they heard the noise of horse hooves and ran to the gate. Indeed, Amane and Hikari have returned, Shion and Yaya went to welcome them but Kaname just smirked and went back to the Ichigo-sha. Amane told them that she had conveyed her feelings to Hikari.

The girls were delighted that Amane got her memories back especially Yaya who tackled Hikari on the ground, cried and kept chanting thank god, thank god. [Alright this is the last fan service for Hikari x Yaya supporters …lol] From the doors of the Ichigo-sha, Momomi looked at the reunion of the girls, Kaname approached Momomi. Momomi looked away, Kaname told Momomi that with that, she could finally place her feelings for Amane away and at last could walk her own path. With that, Kaname smiled at Momomi. [HOLY CRAP, am I the only one who cringed when Kaname smiled?! LOL, it’s just so weird to see her smile instead of smirk or laugh ...] Momomi, touched and apparently still had feelings for Kaname, cried when Kaname asked if they could be together again. In the Ichigo-sha, Chiyo told Nagisa and Tamao that Amane regain her memories back and they were overjoyed upon hearing the news. At the greenhouse, Shizuma heard about it from Rokujou and the couple’s currently preparing their entry in the Etoile Election. Shizuma merely replied, is that so, finally she could hand this greenhouse over to the next Etoile without worries. Rokujou just smiled and looked on. Back to coaching Nagisa and Tamao again, Nagisa made improvements in her dancing but still was far from perfect.

Last HUG! ...Kaname Smiles?! *Cring And Shiver* ...Shizuma-sama ...

Rokujou, Shizuma and the others were not satisfied. Shizuma told Nagisa to display her own style and not forced herself to accommodate others, if not she could just forget about dancing. Shizuma offered her hand to Nagisa to personally teach Nagisa how to dance properly. The onlookers were shocked at Shizuma’s actions. ‘However, this is the first and also the last time’, Shizuma added. ‘Yes, be confident in your dancing, come ...’ As if in a trance, Nagisa moved forward and grasped Shizuma’s outstretched hand. ‘Watch my eyes, yes, let our hearts to be interlinked with each other and enjoy the dance.’, Shizuma continued. Gently, Shizuma began leading Nagisa in the dance, giving her pointers, telling her given this way their bodies will react naturally and presenting a beautiful smile. Hitomi and Mizuho were amazed that Nagisa’s dancing so well and beautifully now. Rokujou thought to herself if it was Shizuma’s guidance that Nagisa’s dancing perfectly and now she’s in perfect harmony with Shizuma. Hitomi wondered if the reason Nagisa’s dancing so well is because Shizuma’s Nagisa’s dance partner isn’t it? Rokujou just kept quiet. In Nagisa’s mind, she thought, ‘Yes, this is the first and also the last dance.’

Shizuma praised Nagisa by calling her beautiful. ‘To love is not to regret, to imprint the memories of being loved in the mind ...’ [Whoa, kinda confusing really.] Rokujou admitted that it’s the first time in Astraea Hill that she saw such a perfect and beautiful pair performing such a magnificent and elegant dance. At the end of the dance, everyone clapped. Shizuma told Nagisa that she did well and not to forget that feeling. Turning to Tamao, Shizuma told her that dancing is love, which is to express the feelings of joy and happiness through the body language and both Nagisa and Tamao can do it. Shizuma left after saying she had nothing else more to teach and told the two to face the Etoile Election with confidence. The next day, Rokujou finally announced to St Miator, the candidates representing their school, Suzumi Tamao and Aoi Nagisa. Both girls introduced themselves on stage, radiating confidence and earning loud cheers and claps from the students. However, Shizuma’s not there to witness it, as she stayed in her greenhouse. [ANGST!] Back in the Ichigo-sha, Shizuma’s room, [Naked Shizuma~] Rokujou told Shizuma that with that, their duties have ended and now all they have to wait is three months till graduation. Before Rokujou left, Rokujou added that it’s good, isn’t it? Shizuma didn’t reply, just stared blankly out of the window. - END -

Nagisa ...Perfect Couple!ANGST~!

An interesting episode ... well for Hikamane supporters that is, they did it~ It’s really surprising, I mean the sexy Shizuma haven’t did it with Nagisa. What?! The almost emotionless Amane managed to do it with Hikari? Shocking! LoL. Tamao’s been left out quite a lot in this episode, worried for Nagisa, looking on as Nagisa and Shizuma danced together while oozing sex appeal and lust ... lol. Glad that Kaname and Momomi managed to make up, =), I kinda like the pairing. Shizuma finally finished her last duty as Etoile, the first and also the last dance between Nagisa was heart wrenching, it kind of reminded me of what Shizuma said in episode 12. In that episode, the scene where Shizuma had seduced Nagisa, hinting that it was Nagisa’s first kiss isn’t it, said that it’s not her first time but it might be the last time ... It’s just so ... whoa LoL. Similarly, this scene gave me the same mixed feelings, first time and last time? What does Shizuma meant, did she really give up on Nagisa? Why is she still so angst in the end, I know she’s the queen of angst but ... awww so poor thing.

Anyways, I hope Hikamane win the Etoile Election, heh.

Art: 6.5/10 [The dance scene animation kinda sucked]
Story: 7/10 [... Hikamane!]
Characters: 7/10 [Hikamane~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Preview! Santa Chikaru’s hot~ Nonono, is she making an ‘L’ sign? L for ... ? It’s winter after all, what’s winter without skiing, ice skating and hot ... chocolate!?

As for the ribbon thingy, I think the blue ribbon represents each school, blue for St Spica, green for St Miator. Oh, I mentioned in the tagboard that ironically, Shizuma wore a red dress while Kaori wore a white dress for the Etoile Election, now Tamao wore a white dress while Nagisa wore a red dress ... is it some dress code or what?

What will happen to the love triangle in the last episode of Strawberry Panic? Jikai [Coming up next], Strawberry Panic! Ep26, Hajimari [A new beginning]. Zettai ni wasuremasen [I'll never forget it].

[Signing off @ 5:25 PM]


  1. I hope they won`t rush things in the last episode and leave some stuff unknown (like poor Miyuki marrying some guy etc.)

  2. This episode was a Hooray for St.Spica while its f*ck*ng sh*t for St.Miator.

    I kinda agree with the ribbon thingy. I think the blue ribbon was left by either Amane or Hikari. But is there any special meaning to this? Coz particularly zoom in to that ribbon *hmmm* Why would that Chiyo wears her temp uniform? weird preview, especially what Nagisa and Tamao narrated. about holding hands.

    The dress, at first I thought Nagisa will play Kaori part and now Tamao's the one who played it. What the....?! I don't know what to comment on this >,< But no offense, I just don't feel Tamao and Nagisa are meant to be. Just look at them. Not synchonize, not loving deeply and now joining Etoile battle for nothing?!

    BTW I loved Shizugisa dancing. It's so beautiful and well done. I mean they did convey special meaning to us the viewers. Unlike Tamao Nagisa dancing, they convey they are not well together. It's really a good art work.

    Another episode leave me PANIC, surprised and....

  3. I hate Miyuki in this episode... why Miyuki turned this way?

  4. OK I admit, I'm starting to lose faith in Shizugisa right after they said about 'the first and the last time'. God save their love :)

  5. I like Miyuki, but since a couple of episodes ago, she's been a real biatch to everyone. It's like she's trying to do good for Shizuma, Nagisa and Miatre, but she's so forceful and cold.

    I can't wait for the next episode. Nagisa may be entering the Etoile contest with Tamao, but she's only got Shizuma in her heart.

    Amane is really tall. Her legs go on forever, lol.

  6. This is my take... Nagisa and Shizuma will become new Etoile and of course they found their love together. Miyuki will have something planned. Since to her the dance that she witness between shizuma n nagisa are the most impressive so she'll make them participate. Don't forget her last mission was to have Miatre students become Etoile. So if she see Tamao and Nagisa can't make it, deep inside her she knew Amane and Hikari definately win. So why would her continue to let Tamao and Nagisa destroy her last mission. Except she's thinking of Shizuma to herself. So I personally think the reason why miyuki talked to herself, her follower amazed with the dance and miyuki expression scene wasn't there because of nothing. I wonder how the writers planning to exploit this.

    I can't understand why Shizuma thinks that new Etoile would be Amane and Hikari. Is this some clue? O_o

  7. Kwanloong, I used to hope that will will be that way coz I read summary on plastic sheet that they will be the new Etoiles together but I don't know that they change the plot later or not coz we have only 1 ep. left and still nothing resolve so I don't think there's enough time that this will happen.

    And don't you remember the last words that Miyuki said to Shizuma "Our duty is end now, is this good right?" and she also announce that Nagisa/Tamao will enter the contest. and it seem they really enter the contest coz I saw on next preview so my hope are gone coz I really want Nagisa/Shizuma be the Etoiles.

    I think Shizuma didn't think that Amane/Hikari will be the next Etoiles, she just feel happy that that whoever will become the next Etoiles will take care good of the greenhouse (she mean no matter the next Etoile will be Tamao/Nagisa or Hikari/Amane) coz at first she knew that Amane got amnesia and she may not enter and if Spica send the new couple instead she may not sure that they will take care good of the greenhouse. However we will get the rush ending that I still don't have any idea how can they resolve these.

  8. Well let's just wait and see how they play this card. To tell you the truth I hate rush ending. And I really want Shizuma x Nagisa ending. I hope Tamao could just make Nagisa realise that she loved Shizuma all along coz Tamao knew this right from the beginning. She should tell Nagisa off. And Nagisa should run to Shizuma immediately after. I hope Nagisa run to SHizuma while she's sleeping nakedly then....eheh

  9. It was quite an interesting episode. There were a lot of hints of T/N with all the I-love-Shizuma-but-I-don't-know-my-true-feelings-therefore-i-am-an-idiot sort of attitude from Nagisa.

    At this rate T/N have a great chance of happening. I'm placing my bets on a tearful farewell from Nagisa to Shizuma and saying, "I love you but...". Then she'll probably realise that Tamao has always been there (and being a true pervert. err... >_>) and etc. Basically, a bittersweet ending.

    Noo... but Shizuma/Nagisa must live on!!! T_T

  10. If Nagisa happen to stay with Tamao, she'll stay as a friend and roommate not more than that. I still hope for Nagisa x Shizuma even for 30 seconds like Marimete <.<

  11. nothing to say...and i don't want to imagine anything in last EP anymore>.< however i hope it'll happy ending...somehow,won't it,Mr.Producer? hehe

  12. Guys don't worry so much. Nagisa and Shizuma are meant to be. Just like Amane x Hikari. Yaya can't budge in right? So is Tamao. No matter what, both our main character will be together.