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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep25 Screenshot Spoiler

[Posted @ 4:00 PM]
Hikari x Yaya supporters, TAKE THIS! MUAHAHAHAHA. *Feeling VERY Evil*


REJOICE HIKAMANE supporters. Hm, I wonder who seduced who first .... can't wait for episode 25.

SP Ep25 2 Spoiler.

Naked Shizuma angst. Did something happen?

Pictures taken from Ichigogari.

[Signing off @ 4:25 PM]


  1. Yeah akayuki-san! You're quick!! XD Could it be Shizuma mastubating?

  2. Hikamane way too hot!! I'm trying to imagine Shizugisa go way hotter O.o

    P/s: Shizuma needn't have to masturbate. She could grab few hundred of the whole Astrea Hill citizens XD

  3. to sherman: Highly agreed XD

    Hikari and Amane.. it kinda stings but its also a good pairing > > oh what can I say, Im a fan of both, so I dont know whether to jump for joy or mourn for poor underdog Yaya..

  4. I can't wait for new episode now XD I'm willing to pay 100 billions dollars for aa 'time machine' :P

  5. Where did they made love at? hehe I never thought Amane would be interesting as this. Also Shizuma really loves sleeping nakedly *drools*

    Can't wait XD

  6. Wow Amane did have a nice curvy women figure ^.^ I want Miyuki and Shizuma make love ^.^

  7. OMG Amane/Hikari FTW. All I wanted was a kiss from those two to seal their love. But they went all the way it seems, which is surprising to me. Oh well. Hurry ep 25!!

  8. ahahahahahahahha that was a good side splitter. fun fun. i really enjoy your site the only problem is i barely became of the thousands of fans that read this site a gajillion times in one day. so i have no clue as to what your nick is. i know you hate people asking but please is there some wasy you can tell me your nick. but i will understand if you do not.

  9. hey...her nick is "akayuki"

  10. Wah, didn't expect 9 comments in a day lol ... episode 25 is really making me excited lol.

    to anonymous 1, ehhh I do not think Shizuma's mastubating lol.

    to sherman, lol I totally agree, alot of 'willing participants' XD.

    to nova, celebrate hikamane supporters. Yaya can do payapaya with Tsubomi lol.

    to anonymous 2, me too, I keep thinking today's tuesday lol arrrghhhh ...

    to hunt, I have a kinky thought that they did it at the horse ranch, Star Bright's stable LOL. Well it's apparent it's not Hikari nor Amane's room la. Hm don't think it's that Shizuma likes sleeping naked ... it's fan service for us lol.

    to anonymous 3, yep Amane's a girl afterall -.-||| lol. Sorry, but Shizugisa FTW~

    to anonymous 4, yeah I don't have any complains for Hikamane anymore lol ... it's always the quiet ones ... muahahah.

    to anonymous 5 & 6, yep, that's my nick =).

  11. I wonder is this is the first time for both (hikamane) o__O

  12. What about yaya then? Also I hope hikamane love scene is not just a picture I want it to animate as I really want to see the kissing. Shizuma....ahh ahh ahh

  13. The pictures only made me excited to watch but when I watched it, I wish I never watch at all. Bad episode, nothing excite me. How can they only deal with Amane x Hikari?

  14. -Out of topic- Does anyone know what's up with yamibo? Is it just down or did they permanently move to a new address?

  15. I think they're shifting a new server? ... not sure. Hope it's up soon.

  16. They did and the page looks far better now...^.^