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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep23

[Posted @ 3:49 PM]
Feeling kinda sick ... sore throat and mild fever ... but the show must go on!!

Be One Of St Miator's Etoile Candidates Ne?... But ...Nagisa Will Participate ...

The episode started with Rokujou-kaichou determined not to let slip the title of Etoile to the other schools and in order to do that, she must persuade the two of them no matter what and that’s the last mission of Rokujou Miyuki, the Student President of St Miator. A while later, Tamao entered the student council room, it appeared that Rokujou had called for Tamao to tell her something important. The ever straight forward Rokujou went into business mode as she informed Tamao that she’s one of the Etoile candidates for St Miator. Tamao seemed a little shocked. Rokujou added that she had been eyeing Tamao to succeed Shizuma and Tamao’s other Etoile partner is none other than, Aoi Nagisa. [Come to think of it, it’s no coincidence Rokujou had asked Tamao to participate in the preparations of the Carmen play episode, I think Rokujou’s trying to groom Tamao in succeeding her and Shizuma.] Rokujou continued that both Nagisa and Tamao were widely accepted by the students in St Miator … Tamao interrupted by mentioning about the relationship between Nagisa and Shizuma. Rokujou replied that it’s for that reason that she had decided to tell the decision to Tamao first and if Tamao agrees, she will persuade Nagisa.

Tamao told Rokujou that she’s honoured that Rokujou chose her and nothing pleased her more than that … Rokujou presumed Tamao agreed but Tamao said no. Tamao then explained that Nagisa really likes Shizuma and because of Shizuma, she was hurt a number of times, that she knew well because she’s always by Nagisa’s side. Tamao then requested to Rokujou to not let them participate in the Etoile Election and not to do anything that will hurt Nagisa anymore. Rokujou replied that she understood Tamao’s concern for Nagisa but no matter what, for the sake of St Miator, participate in the Etoile Election. Tamao tried to protest but Rokujou plead that it’s for the sake of Nagisa as in three months time, both herself and Shizuma will be graduating and they were be worried about Nagisa. Rokujou continued that no matter how painful it is, she wished that Nagisa would overcome that barrier and become more mature and she believed Nagisa could do it. Scene changed to Tamao meeting Nagisa and Tamao lied to Nagisa, saying that Rokujou had asked her to help out some things in the student council. At the greenhouse, Rokujou told Shizuma that no matter what she would persuade Nagisa to participate in the Etoile Election. Shizuma replied that Rokujou’s pretty confident huh.

Amane-senpai.Puppet Club!!!Holy Shit!

Rokujou responded that it’s her mission and reminded Shizuma that she had agreed previously to let Rokujou handle the decisions about the Etoile Election and so Shizuma has to respect her decisions. Shion told Amane that the student council had agreed for Amane to participate in the Etoile Election for St Spica and tomorrow would be the day for Amane to announce to everyone her partner in the Etoile Election. Shion asked if Hikari’s okay with that decision, Amane confidently confirmed that. Shion’s happy because that this year, St Spica would get the title of Etoile. Amane told Hikari to meet her at the place where they met each other for the first time before the official announcement of participation tomorrow as she had something to tell her. - Flashback to episode 4 where Amane and Hikari met for the first time - Hikari replied that she would never forget what happened on that day. Amane said she too and left after saying goodbyes about meeting tomorrow. Hikari smilingly sees Amane off. At the St Lulim side, Kizuna and Lemon were rushing to their club room looking for Chikaru to tell her about Amane’s official announcement of participation tomorrow ... but Chikaru doesn’t seem to be there.

Suddenly, two puppets appeared from the front table and using the puppets Chikaru wondered who the partner for Amane is going to be and reckon it to be Hikari. Chikaru thinks that Amane and Hikari were suitable for each other but she’s more interested who from St Miator’s going to participate in the Etoile Election. Kizuna and Lemon both were interested too and praised Chikaru’s cute handmade puppets. Chikaru suggested that they open a puppet club too lol. At Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Nagisa asked if Tamao heard about the news of Amane announcing her participation tomorrow and if anyone from St Miator’s participating too. Tamao replied, uh don’t know. Nagisa happily said that then Amane and Hikari will win by default since St Lulim’s sending anyone to participate too and thinks that they deserved it as they were compatible and will make a beautiful Etoile couple. There’s a knock on the door, Nagisa went to open it and saw Rokujou who asked if Nagisa’s free to talk. Tamao had this oh-shit-my-wife-saw-my-mistress-in-bed-with-me look LOL. The girls sat around the table, after sipping her cup of tea, Rokujou stated that St Miator had decided the candidates for the Etoile Election right Tamao-san? Tamao didn’t reply.

Sorry ... It's My Mission. But Shizuma-sama ... I ...Kiss On Forehead ...

Nagisa was shocked that Tamao’s participating, Tamao tried to explain but Nagisa merely asked why Tamao didn’t tell her earlier, who the partner was and that she didn’t realized Tamao had such a person ... Rokujou interrupted and said, it’s you, Nagisa. Nagisa was like, huh? Rokujou repeated again, you. Nagisa couldn’t believe that she’s participating with Tamao. Rokujou told Nagisa to please accept it ... no she MUST accept it lol and added that no Etoile from St Miator sent to participate in the Etoile Election had failed before that’s why they must keep the title. Nagisa tried to protest but Rokujou continued that only she and Tamao could compete with the Amane and Hikari pair. Nagisa said, ‘I like Tamao-chan and she’s also my most important friend, although I would like to stay with her forever ... but ...’ Rokujou added that, ‘I understand you can’t forget about Shizuma ... but still you must forget her.’ Nagisa’s shocked at Rokujou’s words. Rokujou told Nagisa not to be bind by her relationship with Shizuma and wished for her to let it go and participate in the Etoile Election. ‘Shizuma thinks this way too,’ said Rokujou. Nagisa looked crestfallen upon hearing it. Rokujou added, ‘Shizuma also agreed that you and Tamao-san participate in the Etoile Election.’ Both Nagisa and Tamao were shocked after what Rokujou said.

Nagisa looked even more dejected, asked for confirmation and Rokujou said that she doesn’t have any reason to lie. Nagisa got up and ran out of the room leaving both Rokujou and Tamao in the room. As Nagisa’s running along the hallway, Chikaru noticed her running and out of Ichigo-sha. Back in the room, Tamao asked Rokujou why she told Nagisa about the Etoile thingy. Rokujou folded her arms and said that no matter what kind of method of breaking the news to Nagisa, in the end, it will hurt her, so why not straight to the point. Tamao said that it’s too much and ran after Nagisa. Rokujou looked a little guilty by the events. Tamao ran around looking for Nagisa but didn’t manage to find her because Nagisa’s standing below the ‘Love Tree’ lol. [If she knew what Shizuma did over there ...] Tamao returned back to the room, kept apologizing to Nagisa in her mind and blamed herself for causing hurt to Nagisa. Meanwhile, Nagisa unwittingly walked to Shizuma’s greenhouse. She entered the greenhouse and saw Shizuma inside. Nagisa ran forward, calling Shizuma, ‘Shizuma-sama’ excitedly. Shizuma told Nagisa, ‘Try your best.’ Nagisa went ‘Eh?’ Shizuma added that Nagisa’s entering the Etoile Election isn’t it.

...!It's Cold, Let Me Warm Them ...Hush ...

Nagisa shook her head and said that she had never thought of becoming Etoile besides, she’s not good enough to be Etoile. Shizuma responded in a monotonous voice, ‘Ara, you and Tamao-san are compatible. So I suggest that you listen to Miyuki and participate in the Etoile Election.’ Nagisa’s stunned. Shizuma continued saying that Nagisa would make a great Etoile. Nagisa yelled that she didn’t want to and ran up towards Shizuma’s side. ‘I will not betray my true feelings to participate in the Etoile Election. If so, it would be impolite to Tamao ... no not only Tamao but also everyone in St Miator, St Lulim and St Spica!’ ‘I ... I ... only want to listen to Etoile-sama to tell me not to participate in the Etoile Election even if it’s a lie. Because, now, my feelings towards Etoile-sama ...’ Shizuma merely smiled and said, ‘Thank you, I’m honoured.’ A pause. Shizuma spoke again, asking for the key. Nagisa apologized and said that she wanted to return the key but hadn’t had the chance to do it. Shizuma moved forward, grasped Nagisa by the shoulders and inched closer like she’s going to kiss Nagisa but she didn’t as she kissed Nagisa on the forehead. ‘Goodbye, it’s best if you forget me.’ Shizuma said. Nagisa’s stunned by Shizuma words. When Shizuma moved her hand down to take the key from Nagisa’s hands, she realized that Nagisa’s still clutching the key’s necklace.

A tear drop on Shizuma’s hand and finally Nagisa lets go and ran out of the greenhouse. Shizuma looked on, dropped the key pendent and did what she did best, ANGST! LOL. Nagisa had ran to the lake side, recalling Shizuma’s words of goodbye and to forget about her. The cold night wind blew towards her, suddenly two puppets [Chikaru] appeared from nowhere and comforted Nagisa. Bringing Nagisa’s cold hands to her lips, Chikaru blew them to keep them warm. Nagisa’s touched by this gesture and went bawling while hugging Chikaru. At the Ichigo-sha, Tamao’s still waiting for Nagisa in their room, resolute in refusing Rokujou when morning comes. Meanwhile, Nagisa fell asleep on Chikaru’s lap. It’s morning, Nagisa still haven’t return, as Tamao got up, Chikaru entered the room with Nagisa following behind her. Tamao was so relieved at seeing Nagisa and rushed forward to hug her. Nagisa apologized for worrying Tamao, saying that a lot of stuff happened and Chikaru’s there with her till morning. Using her puppets to say goodbye, Chikaru left the room. Back in the room, Tamao apologized to Nagisa and blamed herself. Tamao then said that she would go and refuse Rokujou in participating in the Etoile Election. Nagisa cut in and said that they should participate in the Etoile Election in the name of St Miator. Tamao seemed unsure.

HUG! ...Nagisa-chan ...ANGST~~!

Nagisa got up and said that she felt better after crying all night and thinks she could forget about Etoile-sama. Nagisa added that she doesn’t like to dwell in the past and it’s no use to keep sticking to it too so it’s time to step out of it, this way the world will have changes. Upon hearing Nagisa’s heart felt words, Tamao hugged Nagisa from behind. Nagisa smiled and held Tamao’s hands, asking if Tamao would like them to participate in the Etoile Election together. Tamao agreed and the both of them stayed like that for a while. Meanwhile, Rokujou told Shizuma that both Nagisa and Tamao had agreed to participate in the Etoile Election. Rokujou thanked Shizuma for the help and this will ensure them the Etoile title again this year. Shizuma didn’t reply. Rokujou then left saying she’s got a lot of stuff to do. After Rokujou left, Shizuma couldn’t control herself anymore and threw the key pendent she was clutching in her hand out of the window. Followed by Shizuma breaking the flower vase, pulling down the curtains, smashing the chair, tearing the pillows and in the end hurting her hand. [Blood!!!] Rokujou heard the noise and rushed back, frantically knocking on the door and demanding Shizuma to open the door. When Shizuma replied that nothing’s wrong, only then Rokujou stopped banging the door. Shizuma then fell on her knees in anguish.

At the St Spica side, Amane and Hikari were planning to meet at the horse ranch where they first met in episode 4. Riding Star Bright towards the meeting place, Amane planned to reveal her true feelings to Hikari then and there. ‘My most important person in the world, there’s nothing to hesitate anymore. From this time on, we will be together forever.’ Amane thought to herself as she waved at Hikari who was waving back. Suddenly, the stirrup broke and Amane was thrown off Star Bright. A loud crunching sound was heard, followed by darkness and Hikari’s desperate calls of Amane’s name. - END -


HOLY CRAP! AMANE!!!! ... ... Manz, just when the couple’s going great, this crap had to happen ... -.-||| Alright, back to my reviews on episode 23, everyone must be thinking how cold hearted Rokujou is right? But no, I think otherwise, she’s just doing her job after all and her job as she said, it’s her mission as the Student Council President of St Miator to keep the Etoile title as defending champions. Practically, Tamao make a great choice as Etoile and probably a successor to the next Student Council President and it’s obvious Tamao cares a lot for Nagisa. As for Shizuma, seriously, I feel like smacking her right now lol, she’s into the angst mode way too much and not revealing any feelings towards Nagisa at the greenhouse. When Shizuma thanked Nagisa for the feelings, I was like, WTF! But anyways, from the spoilers I already knew Shizuma would do that but to see it on screen was so ... nerve-wrecking. One step forward for Nagisa x Tamao and a step backwards for Nagisa x Shizuma ...

Oh I love how the St Lulim characters blend in with the St Miator characters, in episode 20, we see Kagome tearing down the defenses of Nagisa and now we see Chikaru comforting Nagisa so easily and motherly. Chikaru steals the limelight again!

Art: 6.5/10 [I really hate it when they disfigured Kizuna and Lemon's faces]
Story: 7/10 [... Angst]
Characters: 7/10 [Chikaru~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Sorry a little light headed ... dunno what I'm really typing right now ... sorry if there's any mistakes ... cya

[Signing off @ 11:00 PM]


  1. Akayuki, good review as always, you ain't the only one who feel like slapping Shizuma. I scolded 'baka' like three times when she says that, I am wondering why is she hiding her feelings for Nagisa for.

  2. Many starts concluding it's Tamao x Nagisa ending, but I don't think so. I personally think that this episode happened, happens for a reason. And the reason is clear that this episode only to show that Shizuma DO LOVE Nagisa by throwing all her stuff (question is how will she fix it back? will she be called to the sister room? I know she's rich but damaging school property is forbidden XD). As we all know Shizuma love Nagisa but we don't have confirmation and how deep the love is and yeah baby this is the episode we learn about her LOVE Nagisa DEEPLY. While Nagisa is really really strong for telling how she feels about the Etoile thingy (almost like confession and it needs courage and that's y I think is bloody strong.) and also she did clutch the key before she let go.

    So I think this episode is only with one purpose. Shizuma to realise she loves Nagisa and Shizuma to know that Nagisa loves her.

    Next episode I'm sure we will have the main theme "Shizuma and Nagisa can't resist each other and on the other hand, Tamao realise she gotta withdraw"

    Erm Spica's comment.

    I'm sure it's the same message to convey to the audience, that Amane finally comes to the term loving Hikari and of coz Hikari is the same toward Amane, it's just that they need a stronger bond like Amane injured and Hikari takes care of her and all.

    What happen to yaya and tamao then?....

    Shizuma x Nagisa lurker

  3. yewkwan, I agree with you coz I'm hard Shizuma x Nagisa shipper.

  4. Yeah, I thought after episode 21 when Shizuma finally let her past of Kaori off, I was like YEAH Nagisa x Shizuma full steam ahead!!! But no ... -.-|||

    to yewkuan, lol you're on the right track, from the spoilers, Nagisa later dropped out of the Etoile Election, telling Tamao she can't do it after all as she still loves Shizuma. But if it's the next episode ... I'm not sure ... I think it's more on the St Spica side.

    As for Yaya, go Tsubomi x Yaya!!! LoL. Tamao .. um, I haven't really thought about it but I would like Miyuki x Tamao haha.

  5. wow akayuki, it's so true that Tamao x Miyuki pairing not at all a bad choice. I want to see this two to get together.

    Thank you for sharing the spoiler with us akayuki. Now I have hope for Shizuma x Nagisa again <.< Next week would prolly focus on Spica but I hope they should drop something from Miator and Le Rim.

    yewkwan, I love what you've said. Seems to me you read between lines ^_^

    I gotta drop this..things almost to the ending and the plot was like at the climax. what the heck?! can they really finish this. I wanna see Etoile battle! I can't believe the storyline was this way. Really after watching back again what's the purpose of EP 8,EP 9, EP 15 and EP 16?!! they could just cut this crap and put more Etoile battle storyline. I still prefer my manga.

    - Victor -

  6. This episode is a WOW to me XD. Still believe in Nagisa x Shizuma and Amane x Hikari. lolz Tamao and Miyuki being lovers? haha I'm sorry I just can't imagine XD

    Come on bloggers let's speculate. Will Nagisa and Shizuma have a sex scene like Koari Shizuma does? I can't imagine Nagisa doing it. Hehe

  7. Children, there's nothing to speculate about. It's obvious Nagisa don't want Shizuma anymore and learning to accept Tamao in her lives. So...

  8. wow something must be bad with Amane's foot i mean that’s the second time something bad has happened to her with that foot...or was it the other one, cant remember...anywho...relationship wise....why pair someone in the first place if they dont end up together....o well i still like the anime and manga.

  9. Can someone translate the episode summaries for ep 24, 25 and 26?

    go here -


  10. Someone please help us, babel fish are translating weirdly....

  11. What's da point of Amane fell from the horse? Are the writers have nothing to think about? Creative mucho, no? Also Amane is handsome XD Too bad Amane is meant for Hikari, she should pair with Yaya, since Amane is shy and Yaya is shameless. I can't imagine what are the benefits once we have them together. Yaya is my yuri ^_^

  12. This show is really surprising me, with the events of this episode. I can't wait for more. Shizuma and Nagisa's storyline for some reason, isn't too interesting for me. I only like it because it has Miyuki and Tamao thrown in there. Amane/Hikari is still my OTP, but Yaya rocks as well.

  13. OTP, One True Pairing. Mine too lol, Amane x Hikari ftw!

  14. I must say...I can't wait much longer for Shizuma x Nagisa reconcillation. This really pissed the hell off me >.< Since episode 16, I'm with this urging syndrome of wanting them to continue where they stopped in EP 12 but...GOD!!! Now they even break up?! *sigh*

    Amane x Hikari, starting to get interesting for me. I can't get it, why almost ending and they make it interesting? Trying to make room for season 2 huh? Anyway, I'm with patience again to have an ending that I want.

    Many speculation has been floating and all was different O_O


  15. Runte said...

    Heh.. The ending was too obious <.<
    I knew what'll happen, when Hikari noticed Amane.. So it kinda ruined everything.. ^^;

  16. DON"T READ

    To Anonymous said...
    Here's the translation for eps 24,25,26 from
    (Sorry if it's bad, my laptop can only do so much in translation it but it translation)

    ■24 story (9/11)
    First without being able to step on in running to [etowaru] selection, the beach sand which is. But it is persuaded around including the quiet horse, ball blue (the cartridge) and also it determines running as a [miatoru] representation. 2 people saw in order to control the [etowaru] selection where various items have expected, the snow (deeply and to keep) the origin of guidance, had striven for intensive training. But, the result of intensive training does not rise easily. It is deep, the snow hires 2 coaches to the quiet horse which is [etowaru] of active service, but is, the answering which the quiet horse puts out .......
    And it is not less crowded with the ≫ script = [hu] and keeps production = undecided picture continuity = Morita Hiroshi optical drawing supervision =LEE SI MIN, Midori Otsuka

    ■25 story (9/18)
    The quiet horse which is made the beach sand and to help the intensive training of ball blue. The quiet horse with favor of intensive training of the snow, 2 people increased record to better looking deeply, had reached the point where it makes the self-confidence to [etowaru] selection be full of. The light which has come to the point of on the one hand, running in [etowaru] selection as a Spica representation 莉 ([hi] temporary) with heaven sound (sweetly don't you think?) crack runs between. The strong bond (mark) with they were 2 people of the expectation which is tied, but already thinking the heaven sound had gone away from the optical 莉. That it probably will recover the heart of heaven sound, the light which becomes eager 莉. But, her heart it continued to leave.
    Furthermore ≫ script = Takayasiki Hideo production = it is long strong drawing supervision = Nakamoto picture continuity = Takahashi village Shinji, the child, Uchida filial devotion
    * Last story (9/25)
    The hill of [asutoraea] entered the day of [etowaru] selection finally. Exhausting all power because it becomes star and [etowaru] which shine with apex of 3 schools the [etowaru] candidacy which you challenge to competition. And as for her who finish all items .......
    Hisashi drawing supervision = Sakai well Masayuki ≫ script = inlet field Tatuhiko production picture continuity = Hasama it is thick

  17. *sigh* what does the spoiler suppose to mean. NagisaxShizuma 4Ever!!!

  18. rikka-san, I don't understand the spoiler :|

  19. I don't get it either;_;, this tranlation was done automatically by my computer from whatever lang to english. But I thing you have to "-read between the line-" kind of spoiler.

    Ex: Eps 24, if u haven't seen it than this is a spoiler.

    --First without being able to step on in running to [etowaru] selection, the beach sand which is.-- The sand and beach refered to Amane and Hikari, since Amane broke her let and now can't remember anything, they have to postpone their running.

    --2 people saw in order to control the [etowaru] selection where various items have expected, the snow (deeply and to keep) the origin of guidance, had striven for intensive training-- Prob. Nagisa and Tomao having the chance to win under the guidance of Shizuma.

    -- But, the result of intensive training does not rise easily-- Prob. Amane's amnesia.

    -- the answering which the quiet horse puts out-- Between Tomao & Nag or Amane & Hikari, who will come head strong and win the title of Etoile.

    That's what I think it mean, so u really have to _read [between] the line_ to understand the spoiler.

  20. Thank you rikka. Now it's much better (reading between the lines never easy XD)