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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

[OST] Strawberry Panic! Original Soundtrack

[Posted @ 11:49 PM]
Because I can't help myself. As usual, your friendly amazon link to the Strawberry Panic! OST. Yes, it's OUTTTTTTT!!!!

Japanese Title : TVアニメ「ストロベリー・パニック」オリジナルサウンドトラック
English Title : TV Animation [Strawberry Panic!] Original Soundtrack

Strawberry Panic! OST 1. Strawberry Panic! OST 2.

CD Tracks:

* [Recommended tracks by me but it doesn't mean the other tracks suck lol]
** [Must listen tracks]

01. 華麗なる学園 * [Classic opening]
02. 迷い込んだ少女
03. 麗しき人
04. 広がる情景
05. 夢の毎日
06. 恋の情景
07. 希望
08. いつもの風景
09. 希望、そしてときめきへ
10. 悲しき過去 ** [Kaori Kaori Kaori ...]
11. 悲恋 * [Oh yeah gimme the angst~]
12. ひとり切なく *
13. 運命 ** [More angst!!!! The famous track in episode 18]
14. 緊張
15. 美しき驚愕
16. 心の風景
17. 教会
18. 不意に迫られて...
19. 楽しい学園生活 *
20. はずむ毎日
21. 感じるメッセージ
22. 前向きにいきましょう
23. 感動そして未来へ *
24. はずんだ気持ち
25. かわいいしぐさ
26. 恐・
27. 神秘のムードが *
28. 予感と幻想
29. 花織のテーマ *
30. ミアトルのテーマ
31. スピカのテーマ * [The track in Amane vs Bull fighting scene in the Carmen play episode]
32. ル・リムのテーマ
33. 気高き百合の *
34. 一つ星のぼりて
35. Little Bird * [The track Yaya sung in episode 22]
36. 少女迷路でつかまえて (TV size) ** [Duh!]
37. 秘密ドールズ (TV size) ** [Duh!!]
38. くちびる白昼夢 (TV size) ** [Duh!!!]
39. 苺摘み物語 (TV size) ** [Duh]

... very tired ... I believe in Nagisa x Shizuma !!!!

Oh, may I ask if there's anyone who has the Himitsu Dolls PV? I want the AVI file for it ... I lost mine and I can't find any 'downloadable' link for it anywhere. So can anyone upload the file for me? Oh yeah, I want the RAW one, no subtitles or anything please. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi, I uploaded Himitsu Dolls MV here --> http://www.sendspace.com/file/er2o0e

    It's 3:52 minutes long, raw. Hope this meets your need. And thanks for the excellent StoPani summaries. :)

    - Grey

  2. Cool anonymous. I love to have the video raw too. I have the english sub version of it. And mind me if I ask, do you have the "Making of Himitsu Dolls PV" too? If you do, do you mind sharing? :)

    About the OST, I loved mostly all. All my favourite are compiled together.

  3. I'm ordering my copy..I just can't wait

  4. hey akayuki the track you said in carmen play episode is wrong it is not 31 cause 31 id spica theme so i think you should recheak it and repost it.

  5. to Grey, I love you, thanks for uploading!!! Yeah, I want the making of the Himitsu Dolls PV too! But I can't find it anywhere ... only youtube ... sigh.

    to anonymous, track 31 is in the carmen play episode and it's played in the Amane VS Bull fighting scene. Yes, it is also the St Spica theme, so when Amane appeared, it was played. Maybe I should specify the scene haha, sorry for the mix up XD and thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Omg, track 13 is awesome <3

    Btw, may I ask you to upload/rapidshare the booklet? I only managed to get the song, but not the booklet >.<

  7. Here you go. http://www.sendmefile.com/00461495 <-- "making of himitsu dolls"

    The quality is just so-so, though.

    ps. Dear god, since I did some good deeds, may I have my long-awaited Shizuma x Nagisa fluffy/love-love moment please? :3


  8. Thank you grey. Don't mind the quality, I just wish to keep it in my hard drive since youtube don't let me XD. Thanks again Grey :)

    And also I'm falling for yaya singging (kuwatani natsuko- little bird). The song was clearly very nice and peaceful. Also some tracks especially tracks that reminds me of temptating Shizuma, I simply loved it!

  9. Thanks grey for the upload again, may god grant your [and it's mine too!] wish. Uh, but you're one step too late lol, I managed to get a DVDRIP of it from yamibo.com and be warn, it's 184MB ... lol
    But thanks anyways =)

    to anonymous, i've uploaded the SP OST booklet in megaupload =)

  10. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=LACA-5551

    I just noticed something: wasn't there supposed to be a bonus track with Shizuma? O.o; Or so the description says.

  11. Ehhh, I don't think so ... maybe those who got the OST could clear this mistake.

  12. I bought the OST and I've checked the tracklist and the tracks. There's no shizuma special/bonus like what was said in the link above. I don't know if there's two version of this. On my disc cover there's no "International edition" nor "Japan edition". So I don't think there's two different releases. If you please notify :)

  13. Sorry for double post but there's some mistake above

    I bought the OST and I've checked the tracklist and the tracks. There's no shizuma special/bonus like what was said in the link above. I don't know if there's two version of this. On my disc cover there's no "International edition" nor "Japan edition". So I don't think there's two different releases. If anyone happen to have more information on this, I'm pleasured to be notified :) (I hope I bought the original released :S)

  14. I agree with Tagaru. I bought it and arrive today and yes there is NO shizuma bonus track.

  15. I'd just like like to say that nipponsei has a torrent with both the music and booklet.

  16. if anyone knows the name of the final ending song used in episode 26. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY tell me what it's called cuz i cant find it anywhere. PhantomRegiment@hotmail.com

  17. Well I really want to know the name of that song too.... but it makes me cry... 'cause it rememers me how Tamao-chan is in the end of episode 26... is so painful! all of you are from USA, no? well I'm not from USA i'm from Argentina so is too hard to find the OST of Strawberry Panic! I'm jealous! you have it! I really want to get it..... well.... it's really weird, no? sorry.... but....if you know how to get it in an International web shop only email me! rodri_23_4@hotmail.com

  18. Hi, I love Strawberry Panic! and the music ^^ hmm but the song at background from this page I can't find Oo ... can me help someone? ... ehm I don't know if I can post this question here but I hope it's ok ...

    PS: this page is very great ;-) I don't understand all but enough to say: really lovely site ...

    lg Su

  19. ah... can anyone tell me the title of the song that Hikari sang when she first spoke to Amane? Also, can anyone please upload it if possible? ><

  20. OMG! awsome! It's really out?! Can anyone tell me where I can download the mp3 file for the mello berry ballard of shojo mero no tsukaimia?