IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 13

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Hmm, nothing unusual happened in my life recently, just trying to study, catching up with family (We can always find something to talk about), thinking of what to eat/prepare for lunch every single day, lazing around on my bed, going out for grocery shopping and chatting/voice-chatting with TS members on skype. Yep, nothing unusual.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Huh, I should had made this post on March 13th lol *points @ IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 13' ...*gasp* Friday the 13th =O.

Oh well, I'm being totally random. Been looking up for yuri anime titles to watch this season ... Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4 is ending soon. TAT Touko-chan~~~~ *Hugs* I'm so looking forward to Ep12 ... and Ep13 [END], hopefully it'll be wonderful conclusion xD.

Of course, I've placed the Box Sets of Marimite Season 2 and Season 3 in my shopping cart already xD, just waiting for a few mangas to come by in May. By then I'll be back in Singapore, ready to watch them all. I've yet to open the Season 1 DVD set yet lol, going on a Marimite marathon when I get back. *Shrugs* It's only for a month ... so I doubt I can do much ... hmmm.

Here's the list of anime titles probably with some yuri undertones I'm looking out for this season;

1. Queen's Blade - Rurou no Senshi [クイーンズブレイド 流浪の戦士]

2. Saki [咲-Saki-]

Regarding, Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana, I'm sure you guys knew about it by now that both titles just got the green light for an animation production \O/, there's no official site for Sasameki Koto animation yet.

3. Sasameki Koto [ささめきこと]

4. Aoi Hana [青い花]

Hmm, let's start with 'Queen's Blade' ozmg oppai galore haha, I supposed the anime will be different from the manga 'Queen's Blade - Hide & Seek' by Nanzaki Iku?

Queen's Blade - Hide & Seek.

Hmm, there are some characters in the official site I've never seen before in the manga. Oh well, I'll probably be watching this when it's out xD. The manga seemed to be up to Chapter 8 and Volume 1 of the manga is already out. I'm considering adding it in my amazon.co.jp shopping cart ... Should I, or should I not?


Next, Saki, lol have anyone of you watched the PV for it yet? It's so wtf half-way through it lol. It started out, ohh sweet, a flashback, oh school girls, panty flashes, ohhh misleading the rain scene, ohh mahjong and then WTH magical schoolgirl-like transformation scenes!?, Nanoha-like battle scenes!? and no, oh it's just a game of mahjong LOL. Go watch it if you don't believe me xD.

Sasameki Koto.

Alrighty, next, Sasameki Koto, *pumps fist in the air* I hope the animation will be awesome xD, go read the manga which is currently scanlated by Dynasty Scans first, for now it's kinda draggy, filter-like and 'WTHWHYDONTHEYJUSTFREAKINGCONFESSTOEACHOTHERALREADY' in a way. But yeah it's awesome lol.

Aoi Hana.

Ah, Aoi Hana, I'm kinda confused by the story but it's great to see a yuri title being animated =). The relationships seem complicated compared to Sasameki Koto or Girlfriends since we know the two main leads like each other but they just won't give in =A=. In Aoi Hana, I think it's more than just that, *shrugs* I'm really just confused lol.

To speak the truth, I'm surprised that Aoi Hana got animated, I'm not sure how popular Aoi Hana is in Japan but ... compared to Hayate x Blade or Girlfriends [Or I'm just bitter lol] ... Aoi Hana has a relatively smaller fan base? Well, that's how I think anyways.

What else? Octave to to animated next!? *Squeals* I will be totally excited at the prospect of one of TS's projects being animated haha xD. I mean Hyakko was being animated already [And it's a pretty good successful I should add].

There're news that To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou [A Certain Scientific Railgun] will be animated.

To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou.

I've read Chapter 1 and it seems rather promising with the bath scene grope lol but *shrugs* it might be action-packed in later volumes. I'm downloading the chapters right now so ... see how it goes xD.

This looks pretty interesting too, Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ [うみものがたり ~あなたがいてくれたコト~].

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~.

Click here, scroll down and press play to watch the PV. The animation looks gorgeous and more info on the story here.

Whoa, this sure is a long post lol, last but not least;

Candy☆Boy - Yukino and Kanade.

Yukino and Kanade from Candy☆Boy figurines TAT I want them~~~ lol. Guess that's all I have tonight, see ya on the next update.

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[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep6

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This was my reaction when I logged in to NicoNico expecting to watch Candy☆Boy Ep6 yesterday.

EDIT: 13 March 2009;

It's out on NicoNico xD and English subs by Frostii is already out =O Fast.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 1.

Huh, guess we have to wait till March 13th ... NOT, HAHA Mandarin subs to the rescue!

Candy☆Boy Ep6.

Hmm, quite a serious episode towards the end there. 'A future that is not too far from us.'

Episode 6 continued from where Episode 5 has left off - Kanade handing up her art/sketch assignment to her teacher after re-doing it while Yukino's waiting outside the room with a cup of hot liquid. Kanade told Yukino that she was lectured by the teacher who bitterly commented that she's worried of Kanade's future. Yukino told Kanade to reflect on her action, saying that because of Kanade's silly ways that they're unable to enjoy their holiday week and in addition, Kanade almost had to repeat a grade. Kanade was like 'I've already aplogized ._.' Yukino continued telling Kanade to be careful as she often lacks planning ahead and might go the wrong way. Kanade replied that Yukino too and brought up the incident where Yukino borrowed 7000 yen from her last year lol. Speaking of which, Yukino has yet to return back the money too. Yukino looked away and said that it's because of that month was Valentine's Day ... Kanade cut in saying that it's free isn't it, courtesy of Sakuya and Yukino still looks the same even after eating all that fattening chocolate huh.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 2.

Yukino tried to make excuses and pick on each other's weaknesses, like Kanade's huge collection of toys, such a waste of money huh. Kanade replied that they're presents from the underclassmen ... A moment of silence. Kanade then admitted that she lied, she bought them herself lol. Yukino nodded and said that it's good to be honest and that she'll return Kanade the money after they get their allowances. Kanade replied that it doesn't really matter, Yukino can return the money anytime she likes. Both of them then smiled at each other xD. Since Kanade had already submitted her assignment, they'll be able to go somewhere next sunday and they had to buy a return gift for Sakuya as well. 'Anywhere else you would like to go?', Kanade asked, Yukino replied that she doesn't have any place she wants, as long as it's with Kana-chan~ Ah yes, Yukino reminded that they have to buy a new noticeboard as well and Kanade said that they could go to the supermarket and buy one tomorrow. Yukino added that then next time they could buy that an egg won't crack even if dropped from the fifth floor new ... Before Yukino could finish her sentence, Kanade pinched her cheeks lol scolding her that she hasn't learn from that huh and it'll be better if Yukino return back the money fast. Yukino was like 'Didn't you say that any time's fine~!? Why!?' Kanade told her, 'Oh that, I lied.' LOL.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 3.

The next day, Kanade and Yukino were looking at the brochure of the new dormitory and that a single's room can accommodate two persons. Yukino felt that it's a pity that there's no double-deck beds this time. Sakuya commented that there's no such thing as double-deck beds in dorms anymore and even so it must had been forcefully customised. Looking at the blueprint of the dorm and spotting a whole floor level with only a room number, Kanade questioned Sakuya ... 'Could that be ...?' Sakuya nodded and said that 'That's mine and Kanade-senpai's love nest- I mean, new home, isn't that obvious?' LoL. Sakuya started to daydream, 'Ahh, come spring, Kanade-senpai and I will be able to start a new life together~' Like 'Welcome back, Senpai~ Do you want to bath first? Or do you want me first? And, M-e?~' Kanade was like 'There's something wrong there -.-|||' Etc etc of Sakuya's daydreaming scenarios of her and Kanade 'A drunk Sakuya + King sized bed in the room'. Sakuya even added that she had prepared a single room for Yukino and if she don't mind she can move it too. Besides, Sakuya added that she doesn't mind how people see it lol, with that Sakuya brought up the dorm contract and asked Kanade to stamp her seal on it.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 4.

Kanade was like 'Why is my name doing there? I don't understand ...' Besides, Kanade dropped the bomb on Sakuya, saying that she had already submitted her application along with Yukino. Sakuya was like, 'Doesn't the application intake only start tomorrow?' Yukino answered that that's only for newly enrolled students isn't it? As they will only know about their results around this time. Kanade added that besides, they submitted their application a month ago lol. But Sakuya wasn't listening anymore but frozen like a block of ice LOL. Just then the bell rang, it's time for them to go to their classes but Sakuya was still standing there and Kanade had to drag her to her class lol. After school on the train, Yukino was telling Kanade that Sakuya was still at that frozen form [Rather than swimming, more like a floating jellyfish lol] even during their swimming class that she got worried and told Sakuya to go home early lol. Kanade felt a little sorry for Sakuya and wondered why is she feeling guilty even though she did nothing wrong lol. Yukino added that besides, Sakuya will probably be fine by tomorrow and she'll send a new Kanade photo-antidote to her. Kanade was like 'Yu----ki---chan!?' Yukino giggled nervously and said that Shii-chan mailed her, asking when are they coming back for the spring holidays.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 5.

Kanade told Yukino that the teacher is holding classes during the spring holidays and if she could, she wants to stay during the holidays and attend the classes. Yukino seemed fine with the idea but they had to tell Shii-chan about it. Kanade was like 'Uh couldn't I get mail her or something.' Yukino was like 'Ka-na-chan!' Kanade went, 'Okay okay.' Meanwhile, Shii-chan was drawing on the whiteboard, wondering when her sisters are coming back, only to get a call from Kanade that they're not coming back. Judging from Shii-chan's lack of response when Kanade called, she's definitely not happy about it. Kanade went on to explain why she has decided to go for school spring classes rather than spend even more money on Arts Lab lessons. When Shii-chan asked if they're not coming back for the whole spring holidays, Kanade hesitantly added that they might come back but ... *Squeaking noises in the background* Shii-chan cancelled whatever plans she had on the whiteboard and wrote a big 'Onee-chans are idiots!' on it instead lol. Shii-chan then offered to tell their father about it, said goodbye and hung up.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 6.

Kanade, as dense as ever, didn't realised Shii-chan's disappointment over the phone lol and had expected Shii-chan to whine and complain more about it. Yukino hoped Shii-chan's not forcing herself to conceal her feelings again and proposed that they should find some time go back. Kanade added that even though she's happy, Yukino don't have to stay back for the spring holidays along with her. Yukino said it's okay since she has some club activities and she's retiring from the club in May so it'll be like extra training. Besides, Yukino seemed worried about Kanade's choice of study and that it's better for Kanade to attend preparatory courses [Cram School?] or something. That way, the chances of Kanade getting into the Arts university will be higher. Kanade explained that the school and preparatory school basically teaches the same thing anyways and if she fails to get in, she'll try again next year and work part-time to get into the preparatory school.

Candy☆Boy Ep6 7.

Yukino then commented that it will be great if she and Kanade could be together forever. Kanade was like 'What are you talking about? Of course we will be together.' Yukino added that 'To proceed to another grade together. To graduate together. To work together.' But, to submit that work Kanade had on her noticeboard, [The sketch of the Chibi-Kitsune Yukino lol] Yukino can't help but worry for her lol. Kanade was like 'Mou, you're a meanie, you don't have to keep repeating it, right?' Yukino continued that it will be better for Kanade to go for preparatory courses but Kanade was worried about the financial burden they had to take if she should attend. Yukino then offered to work or something to get the money for it so that Kanade can go to preparatory school and together they'll try their best this year. Kanade was stunned by Yukino's offer and she could only say, 'What was that about?' -Cue ED-

Ahhh, guess life's not all play anymore, they have to think of the future especially now that they're graduating from high school soon and go on to University. Yukino finally shines as an Older Sister here lol. Interesting episode I guess.

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