Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer 2

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Um, I didn't managed to watch Otoboku Ep4 today so here's some Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer 2 =). Click pictures to view bigger dimensions.

Haruka.Arika.Miyu's Backview.
Eh?Don't Mess With Natsuki.Just 24 Days More!

Ok a short snippet of the Mai Otome Zwei theme song, 'Believe ~Eien no Kizuna~' by Kikuchi Mika [The hot seiyuu of Arika lol] was played in this second trailer.

I've uploaded it in sendspace, so enjoy the link.

Um, I don't think I can keep up with some titles in my schedule so I'm editing it again;

- Otoboku Ep4 summary - Hopefully 1/11/2006 or it's 2/11/2006
- Urahime doujinshi - 4 pages more, 3/11/2006
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 4/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 5/11/2006 [If I don't get lazy]
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 2 - 11/11/2006
- Negima!? Haru OVA summary - I'll update later.

Alrighty, time to type Negima!? Ep4 summary. I'm having this major headache ... goin to bed early. sorry. Negima!? Ep4 summary is up.

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Negima!? Ep4

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Yay, lappy seems fine now. Hope it stays this way.

Nekane.Hehe, Negi-Sensei + Mahou = Win.LOL TELETUBBIES!
Why Is Your Face Red?WTF? ...Crystal Ball Is Missing!
Negi-Sensei's Knows Mahou?!GASP!Kissu? ...
Nodoka, um, You May Stop Now.OoooH I Saw It ...Ahhhh~ ...
HEHE.ARGGGH ...Eva's Down?! ...

- Negi's sending a video message to his sister, Nekane, updating her on his recent happenings and replying some of her questions. Camo and Negi were about to have some desserts in the cafeteria when Takahata-sensei asked to lend him his powers for a while. Meanwhile, Nodoka’s reading a magic love book thingy where one has to put a four-leaf clover in one’s pocket and repeat the person’s name 3 times. As Nodoka’s about to try it out, Yue arrived and told Nodoka that she and Haruna wouldn’t be able to accompany her to the library. Yue then teased Nodoka on the magic love book she had, in Nodoka’s mind, she was hoping that if only there’s really magic to fulfill her love for Negi. Yue explained that Haruna’s busy because she’s in the Chupacabra research society lol. In the Chupacabra research society, club members, Konoka, the seemingly reluctant Setsuna and Haruna were there as Asuna’s launched the movement of their club lol. When Haruna mentioned about the vampire incident, Asuna was reminded of the pactio she did with Negi and blushed. Konoka repeatedly asked why was Asuna blushing while she merely ignored the question lol. Asuna deduced that the Chupacabra makes this ‘Lu-ya’ sound lol, Setsuna added that the ‘Lu-ya’ must be some catch phrase behind every sentence a Chupacabra makes, ‘Which I believed it to be so lu-ya.’, continued Setsuna LOL. Everyone around were stunned by Setsuna seemingly cold joke lol. Setsuna immediately apologized formally lol.

- The Walking club members, Fumi, Fumika and Kaede noticed a pile of mushy black stuff on the ground and went to inform the Chupacabra research society. The girls ran out and saw the black mushy thing there, Asuna went ahead to catch it but found that it had caught some weird statue instead lol. Later we found out that Negi had eliminated that mushy black stuff, it was Takahata-sensei who had asked Negi to help him. Two envoys from the magic society accidentally possessed a frog and cat drawing Haruna drew lol. The two envoys introduced themselves as Motsu and Shichimi, they have arrived because the Star Crystal was stolen and was suspected to be in Mahora Gakuen. Negi then wandered off to look for more those black mushy stuff, after eliminating one of those mushy stuff again, this time, Nodoka saw it. Nodoka doesn't seem afraid by what she saw, instead she was elated lol. Negi tried to erase Nodoka's memory with his magic but failed. Motsu and Shichimi discovered that Nodoka knows about Negi and threatened to report him to the magic society. Camo tried to wriggle their way through by claiming that Nodoka's Negi's partner so it's rightful that she knew about Negi. Thankfully, Motsu and Shichimi bought the lie and even apologized for mistaking them lol.

- After that, Negi explained his position as a magi in training as a teacher in Mahora Gakuen and asked Nodoka to keep it a secret. Camo suggested to Nodoka to do a pactio with Negi so that she could help Negi and that the 'lie' he said just now won't be a lie lol. In actuality, Camo's just lusting for the money for the pactio he activated lol. Camo then activated the pactio circle but before Nodoka and Negi could kiss, a bunch of rampaging students sent Camo flying away, deactivating the circle lol. The running girls explained that they sighted a Chupacabra and planned to capture it. Negi followed them as it might be the mushy black stuff. Sensing magic, Negi then suggested to them to split up so that he use his magic. Asuna and Nodoka stayed behind lol as they knew there's something. Suddenly, an magical illusion was activated as they were bought to the forest of Wales where Negi came from. The flower-like spirit was the cause of all these, Negi told the girls to stand back as he tried to blast the spirit. Asuna told Negi to activate the pactio for her to transform. LoL, the transformation scene this time was a parody of the 'Utena-sword-pulling-out-of-chest' scene. In this case, a card was pulled out of Asuna's chest. Nodoka was taken aback that Asuna's Negi's partner and they had did the pactio so that means that they had kissed ... Anyways, this time Asuna transformed to a new getup whereby this time she was wielding a steel harisen [Japanese war fan]. Camo then explained that Asuna's in her cosplay card costume and said that everytime a pactio was activated, the partner will gain 3 cards. Sensing danger, the flower spirit invoked a maze trap for them. With her new powers, Asuna told them to count on her as she lead the way out. However, they still got lost lol, it seemed that although Asuna gained powers but ... she's after all one of the Baka Rangers hahaha. Asuna then fainted when she used up all her powers.

- Nodoka offered to do a pactio with Negi to save them. Camo activated the pactio circle and they kissed. A while later, they were still kissing, Camo was like 'Um, it's over, you may stop now~.' LOL. [It's a hot kiss though] Asuna witnessed the scene and was huhhhhh, a pactio with Nodoka huhhhh ... and fainted again. Before Negi could activate Nodoka's powers, Nodoka was taken away by the flower-like spirit's vines. Suddenly, the vine were slashed down by Eva who was probably following them. The flower-like spirit pretend to run but in actuality, it was finding a chance to possess Eva's body and it did [grrrr]. Using Eva's body and powers, it fired at Negi but Negi managed to reflect it back. The spirit was forced out of Eva's body and Chachamaru rushed forward to capture her master's body. The illusions faded. Eva was like ... weakly whimpering 'That fellow ...'. A spirit in Mahora Gakuen, is it related to the one who stole the Star Crystal? What about the Chupacabra?! Stay tune. - END -

Negima!? ED 1.Negima!? ED 2.Negima!? ED 3.

The real ED, uh probably lol, 'A-LY-YA!' by Rina Satou [Seiyuu of Negi], Akemi Kanda [Seiyuu of Asuna], Ai Nonaka [Seiyuu of Konoka] and Yu Kobayashi [Seiyuu of Setsuna]. The chibis are cute in the ED~ *Weakness for Chibi forms* It's pretty catchy ... unique with the A-LY-YA~ chorus haha nice.

LoL Sippppp~.Boku wa Chupa chupa chupa cabra ...Chupa chupa chupa chupa chupa ca-bra~ ...

Asuna seemed more infatuated with Chupacabra instead of Takahata-sensei this season lol. Chupa chupa chupa chupa chupa ca-bra~ lol

An original episode by SHAFT, well quite enjoyable I like how they managed to make Setsuna into this 'serious' joker hahaha, it's OOC but cute in a way la. Oh the 'Utena-sword-pulling-out-of-chest' parody was way funny lol. Nodoka doesn't appeal to me now, not sure what is it but ... it just feels a little OOC. LoL. Nodoka seemed a tact jealous of Asuna when she learnt that Asuna had did the pactio with Negi, so it's like weird because Nodoka didn't even feel that way when she learnt that Yue liked Negi in the manga. Oops, spoiler lol. Oh the pactio scene was .. eh hot in some way, the shy Nodoka lunging for Negi's lips lol, reminded me of Naru in Love Hina in a certain chapter heh heh. Anyways, it was hilarious when Camo had to remind Nodoka that the pactio's over and they can stop kissing LOL.

Eva's strength seemed a little OOC too, Eva's supposed to be INVINCIBLE!!!! Eva's so easily possessed by some tiny crap face ... dammit. I'm pissed lol. Probably it's just Eva's 'weak' week ahaha. Hope to see more heart-popping action next episode =).

Art: 7.5/10 [Constant, love the Chibis.]
Story: 7/10 [An original tastefully done.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Nothing much.]
Overall: 7/10

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Maitake My-Hime Doujinshi Page 7,8

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Hallo, sorry, didn't manage to post anything yesterday cos lappy was randomly switching off for no reason at all. Quickly, I transferred all my files to HD ... till 4AM -.-||| So tired now ... sigh but lappy seems fine as of now. Hope it's okay. I did some clean boot thingy and some of my system files and programmes were deleted or plain gone. Dammit.

Luckily, I managed to enable some systems and think most of my systems and programmes were running now. Even MsWords got some problems and Image Editor where I did most of my editing of the doujinshi, screenshots and images you see in my blog. Argh, there might be changes in the fonts, colours and the quality might decrease. Anyways, here's some Maitake My-Hime Doujinshi =).


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it, I got the original doujinshi from Maitake, so please refer there for the original version, I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers =). So don't ban me for it =(.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 7. Page 8.

Now I'm feeling so disorientated ... but I'll cope with it la ... gimme some time. Negima!? and Otoboku Ep4 will be late this week ... no mood to ... blog sigh. I've got some report to type for work too, hm, let me plan the schedule out.

- Negima!? Ep4 summary - 30/10/2006
- Otoboku Ep4 summary - 31/10/2006
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 1/11/2006
- Negima!? Haru OVA summary - 3/11/2006
- Urahime doujinshi - um probably 4/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 5/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 2 - 11/11/2006

2/11's blank cos I got driving lessons lol. I'll try my best to do up the Part 1 tracks summaries for SP Drama CD, Spica on 5/11 then probably the Part 2 on 11/11.

That is, if lappy doesn't go bust on me tomorrow haha. If so, everything will be ... well gone.

Cross your fingers that lappy's fine now =).

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[CD] Aice5 - Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP - Love Power

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Lalala, here's your friendly amazon link to the single by Aice5 whereby one of the tracks, 'Love Power' is the OP of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.

Japanese Title : 'Love Power' by Aice5
English Title : 'Love Power' by Aice5

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 1. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP2.

CD Tracks;
01. Love Power
02. Smile
03. Love Power (Off Vocal Version)
04. Smile (Off Vocal Version)

Here's the full lyrics of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP, 'Love Power';

[In Hiragana/Kanji & Romaji]

Please come with me ア~メン [a~men]
I'll give you anything my love
Never falling days
My heart full up, so, love love love~

誰かを好きになること / それは大事件 / 明日まで変わる!
dare ga o suki ni narukoto / sore wa daijiken / ashita made kawaru!

ココロに沢山の花 / 咲き誇るみたいに ...
kokoro ni takusan no hana / sakihokuru mitaini ...

強い風や雨に負けない / 綺麗だけじゃないから
tsuyoi kazeya ameni makenai / kirei dakejya naigara!

好きなヒトへ / まっすぐのびてゆきたい
sukina hitohe / massugu no bite yukinai

恋はきっと / 生命のエネルギー
koi wa kitto / inochi no enerugiー [energy]

甘く熱い / 感情のつぼみを
amaku atsui / kanjou no tsubomi o

咲かせるため / 輝くパワーを
sakaseru tame / kagayaku pawaーo [power]

神様が / 与えてくれたんです
kami sama ga / ataete kuretan desu

ah~☆恋が / 叶うように
ah~☆koi ga / kanau youni

恋する乙女はとても / かわいくなるけど / 強く願ってる
koisuru otome wa totemo / kawaii kunarukedo / tsuyoku negaitteru

ココロに沢山の夢 / 描ききれない程
kokoro ni takusan no yume / egakiki renai hodo

好きなキモチ, 空回りして / 泣いちゃうことあるけど
sukina kimochi, karamawari shite / naichau koto arukedo

どんな時も / ハッピーエンド信じて
donna tokimo / hapiーendo [happy ending] shinjite

恋はきっと / 生命のエネルギー
koi wa kitto / inochi no enerugiー [energy]

うつむいてる / 顔を笑顔にする
utsumuiteru / kao o egao nisuru

両手にいっぱい / ハートを抱き締めて
ryoute nippai / ha-to [heart] o dakishimete

大切なヒトと / 歩きたいな
daisetsuna hitoto / aruki taina

恋はきっと / 生命のエネルギー
koi wa kitto / inochi no enerugiー [energy]

甘く熱い / 感情のつぼみを
amaku atsui / kanjou no tsubomi o

咲かせるため / 輝くパワーを
sakaseru tame / kagayaku pawaーo [power]

神様が / 与えてくれたんです
kami sama ga / ataete kuretan desu

ah~☆恋が / 叶うように
ah~☆koi ga / kanau youni

Whoa, lappy suddenly restarted by itself just now ... no ... it's not happening ... but worst nightmare ... argh. Dammit, I just went to Malaysia for a day and lappy gets cranky. Anyways, I'll post Negima!? Ep4 summary tomorrow, too tired now. I'll try to post up Maitake Mai Hime doujinshi on Sunday ...

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[Drama CD] Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side

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Once again, here's your friendly amazon link, a must buy for SP fans.

Japanese Title : TVアニメ「ストロベリー・パニック」ドラマCD スピカ編 ~お姉さまと身体検査~
English Title : TV Anime 'Strawberry Panic!' Drama CD Spica Compilation ~Onee-sama and Physical Examination~

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side 1. Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side 2.

CD Tracks;
01. プロローグ [Prologue]
02. 光莉のダイエット [Hikari's Diet]
03. スターブライトの身体のように ... [Like The Body Of Star Bright ...]
04. それぞれの思惑 [The Respective Thought]
05. 身体測定前日 [The Day Before Body Measurement]
06. 運命の身体測定 [The Fate Of Body Measurement]
07. 医務室の二人 [Two Person In The Sick Bay]
08. バスルーム [Bathroom]
09. キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
10. ル・リム編予告 (BONUS TRACK) [Lulim Compilation Notice]

Ummmm, the cover really spoilt what will happen in the Drama CD lol, buy it if you want to know what REALLY happened inside heh. I'll probably try to do a brief summary of the whole Drama CD next week or something. Alright, time to type the lyrics for Otoboku OP~!

PS: I'm halfway through translating the Urahime Mai Otome Doropanda Tours pages ... so yeah expect it to be released next week too.

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Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA ED - Chercher by KOTOKO

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Here's your friendly amazon link to the CD.

Japanese Title : 'Chercher ~シャルシェ~' by KOTOKO
English Title : 'Chercher ~シャルシェ~' by KOTOKO

Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA ED 1. Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA ED 2.

CD Tracks;
01. Chercher~シャルシェ~
02. 月夜の舞踏会
03. Chercher~シャルシェ~ [Instrumental]
04. 月夜の舞踏会 [Instrumental]

Here's the full lyrics of the Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA's ED, 'Chercher~シャルシェ~';

[In Hiragana/Kanji & Romaji]

たとえ深い闇に / はぐれて迷い込んでも
tatoe fukai yamini / hagurete mayoikon demo

私ならば / 間違わずにあなたのこと見つけられる
watashi naraba / machiga wazuni anata no koto mitsukerareru

気がつくとつないだ手 / すり抜けて駆けてく
kigatsuku totsu naidate / surinukete kaketeku

振り返ることなく / まっすぐに
furi kaeru kotonaku / matsugu ni

いいわ置いてきぼりだって / すぐに追いつくから
iiwa oitekibori datte / suguni oitsuku kara

watashi koto omoi dasu koroni

私を呼んで / 私を聴いて
watashi o yonde / watashi o kii te

それだけで輝く / あなたの足あと
sore dakede kagayaku / anata no ashiato

そうね今あなたが / 二枚貝の吐きだした
soune ima anata ga / nimaigai no hakidashita

夢の中に取り込まれて / 帰れなくなってたら
yume no nakani toriko marete / kaerenaku nattetara

空を切ひらいて / 逆巻く波折りたたみ
sora o kirihiraite / sakamaku nami ori tatami

約束する / 私だけはあなたのこと救いだすと
yakusoku suru / watashi dakewa anata no koto sukui dasuto

転んだりしてないか / 泣きじゃくっないか
koronda rishitenaiga / nakijyakunnaika

watashi no mune hari sakesou dakara

私を呼んで 'もういいよ' と
watashi o yonde / 'mouiiyo' toitte

そうすれば導く / きらめく縒り糸
sousureba michibiku / kirameku yorito

たとえこの世の果て / 身体さえ失っても
tatoe kono yonohate / karada sae ushinattemo

顔も髪も声 / ずべて消える日が来ようとも
ganmo kamimo koemo / zubete kieru higakoyou tomo

それを動かしてた / あなたの心がそこに
sore o ugokashiteta / anata no kokoro ga sokoni

残ってたら / 小石ほどの欠片だって見落とさない
nokottetara / koishi hodo no kakeradatte miotosanai

私を呼んで / 私を聴いて
watashi o yonde / watashi o kii te

それくらい / あなたを好きだってことよ
sore kurai / anata o sukidatte kotoyo

いつもつないだ手を / すり抜けて駆けだすから
itsumo tsunaida te o / surinukete kakedasukara

心配性と言われても / ハラハラのしどおしよ
shinpaishou to iwaretemo / harahara no shidooshiyo

でもね深い闇に / あなたが迷い込んだら
demone fukai yamini / anata ga mayoikondara

約束する / 私がすぐあなたのこと探し出すと
yakusoku suru / watashi ga zugu anata no koto sagashi dasuto

Finally, manz, it's difficult lol, KOTOKO really can rap ... except she does it in jap ... whoa it rhymes lol. Even though I don't really understand the lyrics, the more I listened and typed the lyrics out, the more touched and passionate I became. You know why? Cos the lyrics were done by none other than the novelist of Maria-sama ga Miteru, 今野緒雪 [Konno Oyuki].

PS: Can anyone help me with this feeds problem? I've submitted my blogger atom to Antenna quite a while ago and had no problems until I upgraded to blogger beta. I dunno what the hell happened but my posts all moved to Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 4pm lol. Regardless of my old or latest posts, they all went there. Can anyone solve this for me? I'm getting pretty pissed about it.

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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep3

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Got lazy. As usual, click on the picture for larger dimensions. Otoboku OP, ‘Love Power’ lyrics will be coming soon =) um probably tomorrow or within this week.

Breakfast Is Served.Let's GO!Hehe ...

Mizuho woke up in a start after dreaming what happened in episode 2. [Kana and Mariya encouraging him to be Elder, Shion telling him her past of being last year’s Elder and Takako’s absolute objection of him being Elder.] Mizuho and the girls were having breakfast when Mizuho commented that Mariya’s unusually early that morning lol. Mariya reminded Mizuho that because it’s an important first day where she’s going to nominate Mizuho as Elder. Mizuho protested but Mariya merely said why not, Mizuho just have to get 75% of the students’ votes to be Elder. Mizuho thought this to be impossible. Kana then explained that it could, as whereby a person, A should nominate B and B nominates C, the vote from A will be transferred to C. Kana, Mariya and Yukari then got hyped up in their mission to pull in votes for Mizuho to be Elder lol. Mizuho was like, ‘Sigh.’ LoL. Right after that, Kana, Mariya and Yukari were pulling in votes by convincing their friends and students in school. In class, Mizuho’s feeling pretty uncomfortable as the girls around talked about the upcoming Elder election and felt that being Elder must be difficult huh. Michiko shook Mizuho out of his thoughts by giving him a nomination card and told him that she voted for him =) as well as the whole class. Mizuho felt troubled. Shion told Mizuho that it’s great isn’t it, having an Elder in their class is an honour. Mizuho was like, wouldn’t that be strange, well he’s a guy after all he hinted … Shion replied that it’s good, one point she’s certain of is that Mizuho’s definitely suitable to be Elder.

See You Then.TAKAKO~Wacha Looking At? ...

Suddenly, Kei appeared from nowhere and mumbled about Mizuho and Takako vying for the Elder position this year. [LoL Kei reminds me of Michiru from Uta~Kata and Yue from Negima!?] Anyways, Mizuho was like ‘Gulp, Takako-san …’ as he was reminded of the scary glare she gave him in episode 2. The bell rang, it’s time to switch class as Mizuho had World History later. As he entered the World History class, he saw Takako there lol and moreover, she’s sitting beside him. As Mizuho glanced over to Takako’s side, Takako said she had not officially introduced herself to him yet and did just that before ending the introductions very tensely lol. Mizuho was like cringing from the awkwardness and tension haha. During lesson, Mizuho kept glancing at Takako who was seriously listening to the teacher and blushing when she made a mistake. Mizuho was like ‘Hmm.’, Takako then noticed Mizuho was staring at her and asked if there’s anything. Mizuho carefully explained that he’s admires Takako’s seriousness. Takako sarcastically rubbed on Mizuho’s high entrance results and said that well, their brains are different after all. Takako then asked why Mizuho had chosen World History when his results were great, Mizuho thought for a while before explaining that because it looks interesting. Mizuho asked back why Takako had chosen the subject, Takako practically said that because there’s less competition in this subject and choosing subjects which are easy to score are more sensible. Mizuho just giggled. [YES, HE GIGGLED! … but kawaii though … manz, that moe face, Horie Yui’s voice is just so … wrong. ] Takako felt insulted and said if Mizuho’s mocking her lol.

GET OUT~Sigh.Looks Like Suzumiya Haruhi ...

Mizuho just said Takako’s more serious than she thought she was. Takako was like ‘Huh?’ and then the bell rang. As the two of them were clearing their books, Takako reminded Mizuho that she would never accept Mizuho as Elder no matter how he requested his friends to help spread rumours to nominate him. At the Student Council room, Takako can’t help but wonder about Mizuho’s casual attitude, she’s his rival for goodness’ sake. Takako got even more pissed when Kimie and the others were planning to also pull in votes for Takako lol. Takako yelled that what difference that would be from Mariya and others. Takako then hollered and got Kimie and the others dashing out of the student council room. During lunch, Mizuho asked Mariya not to go overboard with the rumours she’s spreading … Mariya was like, Kana, Yukari and her were merely stating some good points of Mizuho. Suddenly, three students out of nowhere told Mizuho that they were touched by Mizuho’s story and told him to try his best in the Elder Election lol. Mariya was like hm hm, seems like the battle’s going well lol and told Mizuho that girls are creatures who like rumours and it had spread across the whole school. Mizuho sighed and gave the impression of, ‘I seriously don’t understand what girls are thinking.’ LoL. After school, Mizuho thought to himself that since it had already happened, all he could do was to wait. [LoL the insert SD Kana and rabbits in rabbit cage reminded me of poor Pani Poni Dash!’s Mesousa] The day of the Elder Election voting arrived and the students were gathered in the assembly hall for the results to be announced. Judging from the looks and words from the students around, it seemed that Mizuho’s going to win the Elder title.

Takako~.What?I'm Singing ...

Hisako-sensei then appeared on stage to announce the winner of the Elder title who got 82% of the students’ votes and she … or rather he was none other than, Miyanokouji Mizuho, from 3-A. The students went wild, even Mizuho couldn’t believe he got it. The girls urged Mizuho up stage to receive the title. On stage, as Hisako-sensei was about to let Mizuho introduce himself, she noticed Takako walking towards them and asking for the microphone. Taking the microphone, Takako announced that as Student Council President, she’s objecting to this year’s Elder Election. Takako continued that she’s not really concern about Mizuho being Elder but how the students had voted had tarnished the school’s tradition. Takako told everyone to reconsider that it’s not a popularity contest and for a newly transferred student who happened to have good looks to be Elder was a rash decision and this would be like mocking the school’s tradition. Unexpectedly, Shion spoke up and walked up the stage. Smiling, Shion asked for the microphone from Takako [Ohhh, the cold shivers I got from that Shizuru-like smile from Shion lol]. Transforming to a convincing politician, Shion told everyone that it’s true that an Elder should be a tradition, perfect Elder Sister in everyone’s eyes however, that was tarnished by herself last year. Takako protested, saying she doesn’t mean it that way. Shion continued, to be an Elder is not something unattainable because the pushing forces behind it were the students’ own decisions and aspirations. The most important reality now is that Mizuho’s standing here on stage because of the overwhelming votes from students. Shion added that she would not allow if Mizuho’s condemned just because she’s a transferred student.

Oh Yeah I Am Singing!Bridal Style~!You Are My Elder ...

Everyone clapped in approval after Shion’s passionate speech. Looking a little not too well, Shion turned to Takako, smiled, asking if she’s alright with it and returned the microphone back. While doing so, Shion suddenly collapsed. Takako, shocked and not knowing what to do could only take a step back while Mizuho rushed forward and held Shion. Mizuho made a determined face, carried Shion bridal style and jumped down the stage straight to the infirmary. When Shion woke up, she’s lying on bed in the infirmary with Mizuho beside her. Shion apologized for the embarrassment and explained that her health wasn’t so good before, Mizuho’s strength to carry her up further confirmed her suspicions of Mizuho’s gender. Shion then urged Mizuho to return to the assembly hall as she truly felt that Mizuho should be their Elder. Mizuho agreed and kissed Shion’s forehead before leaving. When Mizuho entered the assembly hall, he was greeted by squealing fan girls lol. Mariya was like, phew, I thought you were going to blow the secret out lol. Yukari and Kana had new found admiration for Mizuho again, especially Kana who said that Mizuho’s like a Prince lol. It seems like everyone’s okay with Mizuho being the new Elder as everyone crowded around Mizuho to congratulate him on being the new Elder lol. Even Takako resign to fate as it’s the school’s will that Mizuho’s the new Elder. In her mind, Takako thought to herself that when Shion collapsed, her mind went blank but Mizuho … ending it off, Takako murmured that Mizuho’s such a mysterious person. The next day, on the way to school, the girls around were greeting Mizuho, ‘Elder Sister’ [Onee-sama] and Shion’s there too, smiling and encouraging him. Thus, Mizuho’s life as Elder begins … - END -

Prince~~Mizuho ... Such A Mysterious Person ...Hehe, I'm Elder Now!

Ah, that’s fast, Mizuho’s Elder by the end of episode 3, I was expecting something more from the Elder Election thingy … make Mizuho cross-dress in a play … um he’s already cross-dressing … hm ride a horse, play basketball, tennis, read a poem, do water ballet, whatever, just SOMETHING. It’s disappointing to see nothing. The whole episode’s just about Mariya, Kana and Yukari doing the pulling votes job while Mizuho just sat around and do nothing and in the end won 82% of the votes. Even if I wasn’t Takako, I will seriously object. No, I don’t buy Shion’s … excuse too. Okay, Mizuho’s cute, moe and a red-eyed to boot, NO, I would not waver … not … waver … *succumb to fetish for red-eyed characters* … alright whatever. I wonder why Mariya’s so determined to make Mizuho Elder, wouldn’t that be like saying ‘HEY, MIZUHO’S A GUY, YOU MORONS!’ to the girls with the attention he would be getting in future? Is Mariya getting some benefits from this? I think I’m going too deep. Oh, I forgot, this IS a harem, kinda anime title after all. I need angst, plot, romance, alright some comedy but I need to be assured something’s happening underneath the table. Ok, I admit, I’m just pissed they are making Takako the baddie here, grrr.

Art: 8/10 […]
Story: 6/10 [Disappointed.]
Characters: 7/10 [For Takako.]
Overall: 6/10

Next episode sounds amusing, Mizuho better do something. Having red eyes and Horie Yui as your seiyuu doesn’t save you from my wrath. Grrr.

[Signing off @ 2:45 PM]