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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge Ep1 [First Impression]

[Posted @ 2:36 PM]
WHEE, new anime title XD.

Crack!Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge.TOOO YUMMY! ...
...Gloomy.Beautiful Guys! ...
Hiroshi.Dark vs Light.Kawaii~ ...
LOL.Blush.Scaryyyy! ...
Beautiful~~~.... WTF?!Real Face.
Sip.Dancing Hiroshi.Whoa...

Kinda looking forward to the anime of 'Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge' ... uh let's call it PGE from now on huh? Haha, the title's too long arghz. I'm not going to go into details what happened in Episode 1 because I'm not really blogging it ... yeah read the manga if you want to know more =).

The OP's kinda like a slideshow of what happened in Episode 1, are they going to keep changing the images for every episode? Bleh. Anyways, the OP song, 'slow' by Kiyoharu was alright ... can't say very good or very bad, just normal lor. I'm not a fan of him so ... yeah but I know the mangaka of PGE is lol, bet she must be tearing her hairs out ... XD.

Anyways, Episode 1 mainly covered what happened in the Manga, Chapter 1. Starting with Sunako's flashback 2 years ago when she was rejected by this guy she likes because she's ugly. *SHOCK* Sunako goes into depression thinking that she's so ugly that she went over to the 'dark side' lol. Four bishounens, Mori Ranmaru, Takano Kyohei, Oda Takenaga and Toyama Yukinojou were given a proposal to stay at Sunako's aunt's mansion for free if they could turn Sunako into a lady. When they finally met Sunako, their hopes of easily turning Sunako into a lady was dashed. Basically, Sunako's not a normal girl and as soon as Sunako sees the four guys, she ran for her life because they were too 'bright' lol.

The guys tried to befriend Sunako but Sunako just yelled at them to get out of her room, the guys were pissed. Sunako, realizing she can't live in the mansion any longer because looking at the beautiful guys makes her nose bleed [Not that kinda ecchi way lol] let alone stay with them. So she decided to ran out while the guys were fumbling away however Kyohei noticed her sneaking out lol. Sunako was bullied by the stupid people who thought she's a spirit and while running away from the mob, she fell flat on her face and was mocked by the people. Crying silent tears, Kyohei came to Sunako's rescue, grabbed her hand and brought her home saying it's dangerous for a girl to wander around at night. Sunako seemed touched.

Back home, the guys were attempting to cook, or rather Kyohei was trying to cook but failed. At a corner, Sunako decided to cook for them to probably thank them but she caused some misunderstandings by the way she handled the knives LOL. The guys thought she was gonna chop them into pieces lol. The guys loved Sunako's cooking and ate with gusto. After that, Kyohei forced Sunako down as he wanted to see Sunako's face. As Sunako's trying to get out of Kyohei's grasp, she accidentally knocked over a bag of flour which caused an illusion of Sunako's face to be beautiful [See screenshot 13] but in actuality ... Sunako's face was ... well needed some improvements lol. Can't say she's ugly because she really does has great features =).

Well, the guys were shocked and proceed to 'patch' up Sunako's face ... in the end, the guys failed as Sunako covered herself in black cloth as though she lost her 'human' status lol.

The ED song, 'Carnation' by Kiyoharu again was ... eh okay, as for the ED, a skeleton dancing was kinda cute lol ... he/she really could shake his/her booty well =).

Overall, it was an okay watch, the voices were quite okay for the characters, except sometimes Sunako's voice is a little bit too girlish, she's supposed to sound ghostish!!! LOL. I'll continue to watch it ... =).

Art: 6.5/10 [Could improve more I reckon]
Story: 6.5/10 [FUNNY.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Sunako~~]
Overall: 6.5/10 [...]

I'll probably do Negima!? Ep1 later ... or tomorrow, I got the sub already ... saw the screenshots in some blogs and it was well received ... a MUST WATCH this season!!!

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  1. eh, negima?! is out? where? where?

    thanks for the review btw. wasn't really interested in this anime but after reading your comment on it, i think i'll try it out. together with d.grayman, death note, and negima?!. wahhh so many new animes to watch ;)

  2. I don't like the OP nor ED...it's so not so nice. I was laughing hard watching the episode. I don't hope for dramatic plot XD

  3. Negima!? raw's out, mandarin's sub's out too ... it's very pani poni dash! lol. ep1 had me jaws dropping ... esp at the end with the unexpected BAKA RANGERS scene lol.

  4. is this serie out yet in english sub ofcourse