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Friday, October 20, 2006

Negima!? Ep3

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Had a yummy home cooked Indian dinner just now XD.

Camo.Heh.Sensei~~ ...
YAY!Hmm, A Book On How To Get Close To Ojou-sama ...Ignorant Boy!
ARGH!Lic Lac La Lac Lilac!*Smile* ...
Cool Battle Gear.Heh You're Not Bad ...Eva-san ...
Heh, Got Ya.Nagi ...I'm Hungry ...
I'll Be Back!Awww~~Cool Negi~!

A brief summary.

- Recapturing from Episode 2, Eva's in her adult form and planned to attack Negi in the school dorm again. However, the dorm was protected by a barrier set by Takamichi-sensei, the barrier was easily diminished by Eva. Eva then sent out her 'servants', Ayaka, Chizuru, Kasumi and Natsumi to 'seduce' Takamichi-sensei lol. [They were apparently under Eva's blood bond and brainwashed] Negi rushed out of the dorm and lured Eva away. Meanwhile, Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna were purchasing a video game Asuna's dying to buy. Setsuna chilled Asuna for asking her beloved Konoka Ojou-sama out for such a small matter [She's worried the same thing might happened again in Episode 2]. Asuna then noticed Negi and Eva dashing across the sky and went after them.

- At a safer place, Negi stopped and proposed to Eva that he would let her have his blood in exchange that she promised to be good. Eva sniggered at Negi's innocence and went on to force Negi to give her his blood. Suddenly, a shoe whacked Eva's head lol, it was Asuna, Asuna went on to throw her other shoe right smack on Eva's face. After that, with super inhuman strength, Asuna threw a small boat at Eva, making her off balance. Pissed, Eva called upon her spell to blast ice pricks at Asuna and Negi. Asuna tried to throw one of the ice pricks back at Eva but was stopped by Chachamaru who flipflopped Asuna against the ice blocks. Negi quickly grabbed Asuna and retreated on his staff. Camo urged them to do the pactio. After much hestitation, Asuna kissed Negi on the forehead first lol. Camo was like 'Wtf, the forehead?! Lips! Ane-san, Lips!' lol. Anyways, with Chachamaru and Eva gaining on them, Asuna managed to do the pactio properly with Negi. After a sailormoon/magical girl kinda transformation, Asuna's now in her battle suit. [Cool~] Chachamaru proceed on to lure Asuna away lol leaving Negi with Eva to fight out.

- Negi tried to convince Eva again to promise him to be good but Eva shrugged it off. Negi took off after exchanging some blows, this time, Eva managed to catch Negi by his neck, as she's about to dig her fangs in Negi's neck. Camo came to the rescue and pounced on Eva's face making her slam into the ice blocks ahead lol. Losing her adult form, Eva plunged down the clouds all the while remembering her time with the Thousand Master [Yep, Eva still dig into Nagi lol] and his words to her ... Negi managed to save Eva before she hits the ground, probably feeling no desire to fight Negi anymore, Eva left. Negi continued his time with 2-A and in a few mins, a year had passed, 2-A's been promoted to 3-A. [?! one year in 3 episodes!?] Negi's still popular with 3-A and the story really begins from here! [NANI?!] - END -

You May Say The Lines First.Really!?Oops.

Baka Ranger special, Makie angst over her AGAIN failed attempt to finish her line, this time the Baka Rangers let her go first but before she could finish her line again, their robot arrived and smashed Makie lol. 'UGUU?!'

A really fast wrap up for the Eva arc, SHAFT made it rather serious than humourous, unlike in the manga. Where's my serious Setsunaaaaa?! LoL, the fumbling Setsuna's just as cute la, it's just weird to see Secchan so chummy with Konoka right from the start. Great to see some SD expressions in Eva, lol I really missed that. Great magic action but rather short. Asuna and Negi did the pactio, the transformation scene for Asuna was ... mahou shoujo-ish lol, kinda reminds me of Sailor Moon and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha henshin scenes. Asuna's battle gear was cool and got the huge saber right from the start~ The fight between Chachamaru and Asuna was short though ... wish to see more. I was expecting it to end humourously but it was a serious kinda setting with Eva ending it with a quote from the Thousand Master ...

Art: 7.5/10 [... Constant]
Story: 7.5/10 [Very fast but I'm ok la.]
Characters: 7/10 [Makie lol]
Overall: 7.5/10

Well, if you're interested in what I ate just now ... here's a pic of it;


My dad's Indian workers invited us over to have the Indian food they made to celebrate tomorrow's Deepavali. XD.

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