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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer 2

[Posted @ 9:25 PM]
Um, I didn't managed to watch Otoboku Ep4 today so here's some Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer 2 =). Click pictures to view bigger dimensions.

Haruka.Arika.Miyu's Backview.
Eh?Don't Mess With Natsuki.Just 24 Days More!

Ok a short snippet of the Mai Otome Zwei theme song, 'Believe ~Eien no Kizuna~' by Kikuchi Mika [The hot seiyuu of Arika lol] was played in this second trailer.

I've uploaded it in sendspace, so enjoy the link.

Um, I don't think I can keep up with some titles in my schedule so I'm editing it again;

- Otoboku Ep4 summary - Hopefully 1/11/2006 or it's 2/11/2006
- Urahime doujinshi - 4 pages more, 3/11/2006
- Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA - 4/11/2006
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 - 5/11/2006 [If I don't get lazy]
- SP Drama CD, Spica Part 2 - 11/11/2006
- Negima!? Haru OVA summary - I'll update later.

Alrighty, time to type Negima!? Ep4 summary. I'm having this major headache ... goin to bed early. sorry. Negima!? Ep4 summary is up.

[Signing off @ 9:45 PM]


  1. Yeah this is great. Thank you for the post. I can't wait XD

  2. Still long way to go...... -_______-

  3. Don't blog Girl Meets Girl. The ending is too painful to watch. I can't believe its like a fantasy

  4. XD, just 23 days.

    Eh, to speak the truth, I did not watch the Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl anime lol and pleasantly surprised they had a special ep13 ... reckon you're a supporter of Hazumu x Yasuna huh? Haha. I prefer Hazumu x Tomari so yes, I will be blogging this =P.