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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Maitake My-Hime Doujinshi Page 3,4

[Posted @ 10:14 PM]
Sorry ... I was like out the whole day and just came home at ... around 8.30 PM.


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, so I don't claim ANY credits for it, I got the original doujinshi from Maitake, so please refer there for the original version, I'm just translating for those non-Japanese readers =). So don't ban me for it =(.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 3. Page 4.

Haha, kinda funny ... Nao ... tamed by Shizuru's Negi XD.

Ok, some random fun stuff I saw at HQ's blog and was tempted to do it. If you're free, try doing it too ... it's fun heh.

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question
even if it doesnt make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 5 ppl at their tagboard to ask them to do this! [Nahhh, lazy, I don't wanna force people]
5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your
own comments on how it relates to the questions.


1) How are you feeling today : TRC OST I - You're my love [HUHHHH ... lol seriously I feel like sleeping ... in my dreams, I'm calling your name~]
2) How do your friends see you : Pretty Cure - Danzen! Futari Wa Precure [?! LoL really ... do I look like a magical girl?!]
3) Will You Get Married : Girls' High - Kirameku [... not that young, I'm like losing the 'teen' status in 9 days?]
4) What's your best friend theme song : Gundam W - It's Just Love [What's the hell with this 'Love' thing lol]
5) What was your primary school like : Shi Xin Hui - Xing Tong [LOL! Primary school was the best years of my life ... yeah very heart breaking to leave my friends]
6)What is in store for this week : Pani Poni Dash! - Moonlight Love [Grrrr, I don't want love ...]
7) What song describes you : Shi Xin Hui -Kang Di Qing Ge [... Oyeeoooeeeoo?]
8) To describe your grandparents : Madlax - Madlax [Ehhhh ... dunno?]
9) How is your life going : The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart [... something related to love again ... dammit!]
10)What song will they play at your funeral : TRC OST I - Break The Sword of Justice [Are they going to break my coffin?]
11) How does the world see you : HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Pride [Am I dao? ... Argh]
12)Will you have a happy life : Goddanar - Shinkon Gattai Godannar [Holy crap ... HENSHIN! CHANGE! POWER UP! BAM BAM BAM! LOL.]
13) What do your friends really think of you : Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - A Memories of Your Blood [Are they going to kill me? ... Suck my blood and keep them?!]
14) Do people secretly lust after you : Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Neko Mimi Mode [LOL I should avoid wearing cat ears ... ... ...]
15) How can I make myself happy : Shaman King - Northern Lights [Um, shine myself with light? ... Come Alive and Shine With Me =)]
16) What should you do with your life : Ichigo 100% OVA - Ike Ike [GO GO GO! Maybe I should just go ahead and be brave wih my decisions?]
17) Will you ever have children : Sweety -Hua Yuan Qiao Yu [I have no idea ... maybe I should name them Hua, Yuan, Qiao and Yu?! LoL]

... lameeeee lol. Oh I went out with the tb13 girls today ... sentosa ... damn tired ... then went to Raffles City to pick up my YanZi's Taiwan Version C 'My Story, Your Song' album and freebies yay. I got saw YanZi's face in the Wo Bu Nan Guo MV Strip~~~ ... and it's the cute bandage she had around her forehead ... so kawaii~ After that I rush to Yio Chu Kang MRT to be picked up by daddy to Benji's home. We had dinner there and reach home like 1 hour and 30 mins ago ...

Alrighty, time to sleep, it's a tiring day.

[Signing off @ 10:40 PM]


  1. Runte said...

    That quiz is hopeless if ya're listening T.M.Revolution xD
    Couple of songnames: "Madan ^Der Freischutz^" or "Mugen no kokou" ^^

    But that doujinshi rocked xDD I laughed my ass off for a while again xD Thanxalot Yuki-chin ^^

  2. to JonRalf, sorry, It's track 6 ... not 7 eh, here it is Strawberry Panic! OST Track 6;
    yeah you have to purchase if you want the OST or ... you can leech it off at tokyotoshokan =)

    to Runte, lol, true ... well i was just plain bored lol. Pages 5 and 6 are even funnier =)