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Saturday, October 14, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 12

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Yes, here's the full review of Strawberry Panic! Chapter 12~~ there were some errors in my brief summary earlier because I merely guessed the meanings with the little Kanjis I could read in the RAW ... hope this clears everything up.


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 12 of Strawberry Panic!, 'A Small Crown', Picking up from Chapter 11, Nagisa fell down the tower where the Cadette [Little Sister] were kept in captivity. The Aînée [Elder Sister] have to rescue the Cadette by riding their horses to the tower. Luckily, Nagisa managed to hold on to the side and was barely hanging around. The spectators [Chiyo, Tamao and Tsubomi] who were looking from a distance also saw Nagisa falling.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Hikari was like hysterical, calling for help and stuff. Hikari kept apologizing to Nagisa as it's her fault that Nagisa had fallen. [In Chapter 11, Hikari was elbowed by one of those girls in the tower, Nagisa saw Hikari falling backwards, rushed forward to push her back, as a result Nagisa tripped and fell instead.] Nagisa merely replied, it's good, it's good that Nagisa fell instead. [I think Nagisa meant that it's okay, she's glad that she's the one who fell because probably she's stronger than Hikari who might just fall splat on the ground LOL] Just then, Amane came galloping on Star Bright to fetch Hikari from the tower. In Amane's arms, Hikari begged Amane to save Nagisa and said that Nagisa had fallen because she tried to save her. Amane steered Star Bright to Nagisa's side.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Barely holding with one hand, Nagisa thought to herself that if she falls down, she'll feel more relaxed [?! LoL]. If she had never met Shizuma, she would not had felt this painful ending. Amane called out to Nagisa to hold on. Suddenly Shizuma arrived, yelling to Amane that she'll handle it [LoL like hell she'll let Amane touch Nagisa]. Already at her limits, Nagisa glanced at Shizuma's approaching figure before letting go. Shizuma managed to catch Nagisa as she fell.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

Shizuma kinda shed tears of relief [Not sure abt this] as she called Nagisa, 'You Baka Child. Seriously, you baka child ... my kawaii angel ...' Shizuma then turned back to Amane and taunted her that she's leaving first then lol. Caught in the moment, Amane steered Star Bright back to position, told Hikari to hold tight and galloped away. It was a close battle between Shizuma and Amane as they galloped on their horses closer and closer to the finishing line ...

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

In the end, Amane won, the St Spica team, Amane and Hikari were presented with a little Crown to show that that they won the first round of the Etoile Battle. Shion was like ... it was a close call ... but in the end they still won. Shion thought to herself that their competitor is Etoile-sama herself and being in the Etoile Battle for the second time so they couldn't afford to be careless. Shion was determined that St Spica will win the Etoile Battle even though she had worries of the last round.

Meanwhile, Nagisa and Shizuma were sitting under a tree. Shizuma thanked Nagisa for everything as it's because of her that she's so happy now. Nagisa shrugged it off, saying that it's no way that a person like her could do that ... Looking thoughtful for a moment, Shizuma told Nagisa that she don't care what Nagisa had heard or what people had told Nagisa about. However, the only thing Shizuma wished to tell Nagisa was that in her heart, there were beautiful, happy times as well as painful and sad times. In between there were painful memories that she wouldn't want to think about it. In Nagisa's mind, 'Painful memories ...', Nagisa remembered about Kaori, Shizuma's most important person passing away.

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

'Witnessing the person you like most dead, what kind of feeling is this?', Nagisa pondered. 'Desiring to see each other but that wish could never be fulfilled ... desiring to speak to each other, desiring to feel each other's body ... could never be fulfilled. Her warmth, could never be felt in this world anymore.' Nagisa suddenly felt that she's being very selfish as she was always thinking about herself and had never considered how Shizuma had felt about her painful memories.

Shizuma continued that no matter how painful the memories were, she doesn't wish for it to disappear as the memories were part of her. The memories had created the Hanazono Shizuma of now. Placing her hands on Nagisa's shoulders, Shizuma said that she don't want to compare but the only thing she wants to confess to Nagisa now is that the person she likes and whole heartedly wished to own is Nagisa. Touched, Nagisa could only whisper, 'Shizuma Onee-sama ...'.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

Shizuma cupped Nagisa's cheeks and her fingers lingered around Nagisa's lips, she said 'My cute Nagisa ...' and moved closer. Before Shizuma moved even closer, Shizuma asked Nagisa for permission [Is that okay/Can I, Nagisa?]. In Nagisa's mind, she thought to herself that even though she couldn't do much, but if this is what Shizuma wished ... Even if this would only give Shizuma a little happiness, it's okay if she does this ... Hugging Shizuma in response, 'I want to do this ...', Nagisa thought. Both of them kissed.

The last scene was thoughtful, Nagisa had wanted to kiss Shizuma ... and was okay with it.

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  1. First of all, thank you for your time to spare it on the summary :D

    Well, I can't believe Nagisa just let Shizuma kiss her because she wants to do something for Shizuma. I don't think this fair. I thought Nagisa kissing Shizuma because she loved her. But for Shizuma's happiness she kisses her instead, it'll might bring us angst moment in the later chapter I guess. What Shizuma said to Nagisa almost to the end actually quite meaningful. When she express she's not gonna forget those sad memories cause that made Hanazono Shizuma, I was blast! Then she continues that she want Nagisa. That was damn hawt!

    Hhehehe my baka child..hehe Shizuma is romantic when she said that XD..

    Before Nagisa fell off the tower, she thought of not meeting Shizuma, she'd probably won't felt so much pain. I'm touched by it. Great work script writer.

    Amane and Hikari won. I hope next round Nagisa and Shizuma would

  2. I can't wait for the english translation. I'm so happy for the little kiss. I hope next chapter which is on December would be a kickass.

  3. Whoa Shizuma in that suit is hot *orgasm*

  4. Eh? It didn't follow the novel ^^;. If I could remember properly, Amane originally was the one who caught Nagisa and Shizuma yelled at her "Don't touch other people's possessions!!" LOL. Ah well, this is a nice outcome too. It shows how much Shizuma actually cares for Nagisa. The end was really sweet.

    Thank you for your great review on this! ^__^

  5. Man why does the manga, anime and novel different? Want to sell more? I see Strawberry Panic alone sells lots of item. Are they really good at it?

  6. It follow the novel dav, Amane tried to caught Nagisa but Shizuma yell her before she did.
    And when Nagisa let Shizuma kiss her about that scene when i read the novel it because nagisa now know about Kaori but Shizuma still didn't talk about it yet. Shizuma just said that now she love Nagisa so Nagisa thought if Shizuma ok with this and happy so she don't mind. when I read the novel I don't think Nagisa let Shizuma kiss her because Shizuma happy with it but she also mean all the things she can do for Shizuma even it's just a little thing not just the kiss she also mean enter the contest with Shizuma coz in former chapter she's not sure why Shizuma choose her. However in novel vol.2 when hitomi told Nagisa about Shizuma and kaori, Nagisa broke the contest rule to meet Shizuma at the libraly and aske her about Kaori and Shizuma think Nagisa didn't believe her words and decide to tell Nagisa about Kaori. In that time Nagisa will get jealous and want to be the only one for Shizuma, she realize that she love Shizuma but she didn't dare to said it out and decide to withdraw from contest without Shizuma's permission.

  7. IN the novel the story was told that way? Man I can't wait for volume 3. I hate waiting for manga...like every two month from now. I can't believe this!!

  8. Hey thankyou very much for blogging first of all ^^
    you mentioned that dynasty scans had translated SP manga.. but i only managed to find chapter 9-11... any ideas how can i get the links to 1-8 >.<

    thanks again!!

  9. try here,

    great site for yuri mangas.

  10. @ Anonymous No.2

    *Checks back the novel* Oh ya, you're right. Guess my memory is horrible. I should have read it again before commenting. ^^;;;

  11. akayuki san ^^

    thankyou for the summary^^
    just wondering if you know where i can get the slow version of aki misato's uh.. shinjto xxxx...

    like the one played when nagisa kissed shizuma last episode?

    ^^ ty if you know ^^

  12. to xrenovatio, I can't find it too, if I could, be sure that I'll share it here =).

  13. akayuki san~

    here i come agn ^^ im still trying to find it too.. but no luck.. so at the moment im downloading all the episodes of sp, n hopefully later on i'd crop that song out and convert into mp3 for all you guys ^^

    i swear to god i'd do anything for season2 or an OVA of sp :P

    ty akayuki san agn! dont ever delete SP blogs >.<


  14. welcome, xrenovatio, that will be great if you can do that lol, i have no idea how to rip a music out of a avi. ehh i dun i'll delete this blog, well that is if someone hacks in and stuff ...

  15. Is their an english translation of the novel already? Or is it just all of you guys are Japanese experts? Becos i'm interested in the novel as well.