[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep2

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Oh ho? Morning Kiss nano?

Candy☆Boy Ep2

Surprisingly this episode is not about the twins celebrating their birthdays or anything but something related anyways o_o ... *pouts*.

But the opening scene's pretty funny lol as Yukino recalled a fragment of her childhood memory. -Flashback- A young, perhaps 5 year old Yukino clutching a fox plushie looked on at Kanade who was rolling on the floor crying and protesting like a spoilt brat about not having the same ingredients in her lunch box [bento] as Yukino. It's inevitable that if a kid cries, the kids in the same room will start crying too lol.

-Back to Present- Kanade was like ... why do you still remember that scene, probably embarrassed by her childish actions back then and asked Yukino not to mention about that again. Yukino took the chance to get Kanade to buy the 'Not sure what super action' pillow [LOL Initially I thought Yukino was referring to the egg, but then thinking about it, why would she feel comfortable laying on an egg? o_o; Sorry for misleading you guys in Episode 1 lol] as her Christmas present. Kanade suggested washing eh the remains of the egg off. Yukino answered that she can't wash the whole pillow and even though she cleaned it off, the smell remains.

Kanade was like oh ... then she realized that Yukino seemed to be speaking from experience and threatened her with the hair dryer to speak the truth lol. Yukino meekly replied that it's the third one she bought LOL. Kanade recalled no wonder Yukino borrowed money from her a month ago ... aha and reprimanded her for wasting money. Yukino cheekily replied that then ... she wants Kanade's breasts ... Kanade interrupted saying that her breasts are smaller than Yukino ... however she added if Yukino wants her excess stomach 'meat' [lump/fats] she will give it to her LOL. Yukino replied, no thanks. Kanade started whining about Yukino's nonsense requests and wanted them to exchange christmas presents which are memorable.

Yukino laid her head against her own private 'pillow' aka Kanade's breasts and replied that as long as it's a present from Kanade, she won't make a fuss about it. Kanade seemed touched by Yukino's statement and asked what Yukino's eating. Yukino replied that she's eating the source of Kanade's excess stomach 'meat' [lump/fats] LOL. Pissed, Kanade whipped out the hair dryer and 'punished' Yukino for that remark and for eating her snack. Yukino protested saying she's helping Kanade 'eat' off her excess stomach 'meat' lol.

Candy☆Boy Ep2

In school during lunch, Yukino asked what Kanade want for christmas. Kanade thought for a moment before replying that she want that 21 figurines on bottlecaps box set which was on sale in the convenience store a while ago. Yukino had totally no idea what Kanade was referring to and told her to stop playing with toys LOL. Kanade defended herself by saying that those moulded 3D figurines will help her in her sketches. Unable to hold off any longer, Kanade asked what's Sakuya doing lying on the floor with her digital cam as she was having a conversation with Yukino lol. Sakuya got up and presented them with an invitation to her christmas party on the 25th December. Yukino reminded Kanade that they have to go back to their hometown on that day thus they're not able to attend the party. Sakuya was disappointed and added it can't be help ... Hokkaido huh.

Kanade questioned how Sakuya knew about it [Since she didn't say where they were going and lived before] ... Sakuya replied that it's all thanks to Yukino lol and Yukino thanked Sakuya for the yummy puddings LOL. Kanade pinched Yukino's face cheeks as punishment and before she could say anything, Sakuya dashed away, taking off with Kanade's Strawberry milk LOL. Later that day, the twins were walking home and passed the construction site of a new dormitory. They started complaining about the 'bad facilities' in their current dormitory compared to what they might bet getting in the new dorm. Yukino added if the dorm rooms had double deck beds they can place their stuff on the upper deck of the bed and save space.

Kanade noticed that Yukino don't wear stockings to bed and wondered if she should get a hot water bag for her. Yukino immediately protest, saying she can't sleep without Kanade with her and told Kanade to take responsibility for it LOL. She added she want to sleep 'leg to leg' with Kanade. Just then, Kanade realized that Sakuya's family's might be the building constructor of the new dormitory. She was right as scene cue to Sakuya who was happily sipping the Strawberry milk she stole from Kanade and gushing imaginary scenes she can have with Kanade.

Back in the dorm room, Kanade's busy with her homework while Yukino blogged. Kanade threatened Yukino not to write any weird stuff in her blog ... if not lol. Yukino quickly deleted the line about giving Kanade a morning kiss in her blog lol. The next day, the twins went on their separate ways to purchase christmas presents for each other. However both Kanade and Yukino were sidetracked by what they want LOL, especially Yukino who was caught red-handed by Kanade trying to buy the fourth 'Not sure what super action' pillow lol. Yukino started blurting that she's not trying to buy it for herself because it's on a 10% sale lol.

Kanade was guilty herself too who was also sidetracked earlier, suggested that since they're both 'no good' sisters, they should go shopping together. -Kyaah indirect kiss while having ice-cream- lol. Suddenly, Kanade saw a set of Pearl [June birthday gemstone] and Alexandrite earrings and demanded that they get it as their present LOL. Yukino said that it's ... expensive and they don't have money until Kanade in a brainwash trance ... took out the money for the tickets home LOL. In the end they used the money to buy the earrings. When Yukino asked what happened, Kanade replied that she remembered that they used to have the exact same things when they were young but was not sure when things started to change. She added that although she knew that Yukino and her were connected in heart and it might be the hindrance of material stuff but when she saw the gemstones for their birthdays, it's like an eureka moment.

Yukino apologized saying that she wanted and thought it will be better if they have different things as she don't like been stereotyped that twins have got to like and be the same things. Yukino then opened the present and told Kanade that she will forgive her if she put on the earring on her.

Yukino: *giggles* 'It tickles if you breathe like that~, Kana-chan.'
Kanade: 'Don't move. Mou~'
Yukino: *giggles*
Kanade: 'I can't help it when it's dark in here.'
Kanade: 'Okay, I'm done.'
Yukino: 'Un. How's it?'
Kanade: *smiles* 'Un. It suits you, very well.'
Yukino: 'Then, it's my turn to put yours own.'
Kanade: 'Ah, no, wait ...'
Yukino: *chomp*
Kanade: *squeal* 'Ah, e-e-e-ar, my ear, you're eating/biting my ear.'
Kanade: 'What? Why?'
Yukino: 'Hm, sterilizing?'
Kanade: 'No-no-no-no, there's no need for that, even so it's a bit too ...'
Yukino: *chomp~* 'Ah-mm~.'
Kanade: 'Haaah~'

LOL XD. Evil evil evil.

-End of Episode 02: Please give me ... that?

A friend of theirs named Shi-chan messaged, saying Kanade has a 'bad head' as ever huh lol, Kanade pinched Yukino's face cheek as punishment for writing whatever she wrote on her blog. They started worrying what to do since they had used up the money they're supposed to buy tickets home ... Yukino suggested that they ask their parents for more money. Kanade sighed, saying that she could see the flash of their father's iron fist for her dumb decision lol. Yukino proposed that they exchanged one of Kanade's stuff to Sakuya ... Kanade refused ... even though Sakuya might really want it lol. Speaking of the devil, Sakuya came in and presented them her christmas present to them. Three air plane tickets!~ ... wait, why are there three tickets? *grins*

Ah, a satisfying ending to episode 2 ... can't wait for episode 3 ... Hokkaido trip with parents and ... Sakuya lol.

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PS: Ah I forgot to update, to those who are interested in the ending song/theme song in Candy☆Boy Ep1, click here for more info on the release of Candy☆Boy主題歌 '恋のカタチ' [Candy☆Boy theme song 'Koi no Katachi' aka Shape of Love] and regarding the singer, Kana.

Oh I've also added the ripped mp3 version of the song I leeched from yamibo in the playlist ... enjoy!

Thank You For 500,000 Hits XD

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500,000+ hits!!! Σ(゜д゜;)

500k Hits!

Thanks to those who have been reading my summary/reviews on J-Drama, Last Friends lol ... yeah Ep11's the finale but there's a special episode coming up so yeah I'll be sure to blog about it.

Ah, Candy Boy Ep2 summary/review in the evening =), just got the subs.

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[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep11

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Episode 11, the finale!!! Episode 12 will be a Special Episode, no idea what it will be o_o.

Last Friends Ep11

Recapturing from the previous episode, Michiru left the bedroom and noticed Sousuke dead on the couch. She started crying while leaning against the dead body of Sousuke lol [A normal person probably would had called the ambulance first?]. After crying for a while, she noticed Sousuke had written a letter to her in her bag. Sousuke said his goodbyes and that he's giving Michiru her true freedom through his death as if he lives, he will be restraining her. He went on to say he wanted to be Michiru's everything and to be one with her. However, he realized that Michiru never found happiness in his world, that's why he's leaving while he still remembered/had Michiru's warmth on his hands and to be one with Michiru. Sousuke then apologized for not able to respond to Michiru's smile, his inability to know how to love a person and not able to give Michiru happiness. Goodbye, Michiru. You must gain happiness okay?

Last Friends Ep11

Meanwhile, Ruka gave a press conference when she won the race and the first question asked was a killer lol as it was regarding the rumours in the magazines about her sexual orientation. Ruka smartly avoided a straight on answer, concentrating on the topic Motorcross being an unisex sport and that she will not waver no matter what obstacles were thrown to her. Now, with the support of her family and friends, they continue to love her, not as a gender, but as a human being, as herself. Thus she's very happy and proud of that ... that's all. After the press conference, Ruka found acceptance with Eri too, with the encouragement of Takeru of course. The only regret Eri had was why didn't Ruka told her about it earlier ... she wouldn't be shocked or anything, because Ruka is Ruka. Ruka started crying as Eri rubbed her shoulders in comfort.

Perhaps a day later, in the Sharehouse, Takeru wondered how's Michiru and suggested to Ruka to contact her. Ruka refused, saying Michiru can't accept her, that's why she didn't attend the race and accepted the fact she won't be able to see her again. The phone rang and Takeru went in to answer the phone. It turned out to be Michiru's mother who asked if Michiru's with them ... Takeru replied no and thought she's with her mother instead. The gang then learnt of Sousuke's death from Michiru's mother. Eri started to feel guilty, thinking it was her fault because she said some bad words to him but Ogura interrupted her saying it's not her fault but Sousuke's. He added that suicide is not the solution to all problems. Despite the bad stuff Sousuke did, it was apparent that everyone felt sad for him. Although worried about the missing Michiru, they decided to leave some time alone for Michiru instead of bothering her.

The next day, Ruka went out to collect mails and noticed a postcard from Michiru, apologizing for not attending the race and that not to worry about her as she will continue living by herself. Eri entered the Sharehouse only to find Ogura packing his stuff and announcing that he's been posted to Milano. When Eri questioned about his wife, Ogura kept quiet and Eri assumed she's going with him then. Eri made a forced smile as if she's happy for them. Ogura started to apologize but Eri interrupted him in an anger tone. Eri forced herself to smile as she turned around to face Ogura saying that she felt insulted if Ogura apologized to her, instead she added, he should thank her. Ogura did as she said with reluctance. Obviously both of them were hurt by the 'breakup'.

During dinner, Ruka and Takeru were wondering where's Ogura. Eri told them he moved out because of his work to Milano with his wife. Ruka remarked she can't stand Ogura. Surprisingly, Eri came to his defence, saying he's a good man, according to her lol. Meanwhile, I presume, at Choushi, Michiru's thinking of suicide as well o_o but was kinda stopped by a holler from her mother's friend. Her mother's friend gave Michiru some onigira [Riceballs], a place to stay and a job to work. During work as Michiru was helping on the food preparations, she felt nauseous to the smell of the rice and her mother's friend reckoned that she's pregnant. Later, Michiru went to the doctor and she confirmed that Michiru's 5 weeks pregnant and warned that due to Michiru's high blood pressure, it might be a difficult delivery.

While in bed, Michiru recalled happier times with Sousuke, like her first meeting with Sousuke and at a dinner at a fancy restaurant where she found out about Sousuke's mother had abandoned him when he was ten. Sousuke went to say that he wanted to marry earlier and build a happy family with kids with Michiru. The next day when Michiru returned to her place, she saw her mother waiting for her. Her mother didn't cut her any slack, immediately questioned about Michiru's pregnancy if the baby's Sousuke and told her to abort it. Michiru looked at her mother in shock and replied that she will give birth and take care of it herself. Her mother told her that raising a kid's very troublesome, can't simply throw it away when it's born and it will cry, it will scream and on top of that it cost money. A nuisance. [Holy ... it's like her mother's referring to Michiru in a sense ... lol].

As expected, Michiru felt hurt by her mother's words and asked her mother if that's how she thought of her ... a nuisance? Michiru went on saying that she had always felt that her mother thought of her as a nuisance, that's why she wanted to grow up quickly, move out and not be a burden in her mother's life. Michiru yelled that she will not be like her mother, she will give all her love to the baby in her womb. All that yelling made her nauseous lol. While Michiru's washing her mouth, her mother looked on, asking why Michiru's keeping the baby despite the 'suffering'. Michiru replied she will live on with her baby together, the two of them. Michiru's mother confessed that she used to think that way too, even without a father, she want try her best to live together with Michiru. Smiling like a proud mother, Michiru's mother left, saying ah, do whatever you like [Kinda gives me a feeling that she's saying, like mother like daughter lol].

Fast forward to the present where Michiru's recalling her regrets of not noticing Ruka's feelings and stuff [See Episode 1]. As for Eri and Ogura, Ogura with a bouquet of roses finally made the right decision by declaring his 'love' [Technically, he just said, 'I can't forget you!'] for Eri in the airport lol. Oh well, the married couple in the preview was Eri and Ogura lol. Takeru and Ruka both looked good in suits XD. Like a good friend, Ruka pulled Eri aside and asked if Ogura's the one to give happiness? Eri remarked even though he's a hopeless guy, as long as he can love her forever, she's fine with it LOL. Now, with Eri married, Ruka and Takeru were the only ones left in the Sharehouse. Walking to the park, Ruka recalled the time she met Michiru who was crying under the rain. Knowing Ruka's still not over and worried about Michiru, Takeru drove by the Sharehouse on a motorbike he borrowed from Ruka's coach and suggested that they go meet Michiru lol.

Takeru's sooo sweet, saying he will help Ruka 'patch the hole' in her heart as they went to Michiru's mother's apartment. The landlady told them the Aida family moved out. Takeru asked Ruka if she had any idea where Michiru might had gone. Ruka mentioned probably she's at Choushi where she last lived before she 'disappeared' during high school. Ruka and Takeru went around asking people looking for Michiru. While having dinner, Ruka's feeling kinda discouraged and told Takeru that as long as Michiru's happy, she's fine with it. Probably Michiru already had a boyfriend, had already forgot about her and Takeru and living happily somewhere. Takeru replied that it might not be true ... probably Michiru's living alone somewhere and waiting for them to find her. After dinner, both of them camp out. Ruka told Takeru that she felt happy to be eating, living and having fun with Takeru, like a married couple [LOL]. Ruka added that it seemed like a long time married couple will act like friends and as such there's no gender boundaries [o_o!].

It's like they can completely confide anything to each other, Ruka ended. It was then Takeru decided to tell Ruka about his childhood past ... about his elder sister who's older than him by ten years and not related to him by blood. It seemed like Takeru's father 'abuse' his sister in some sense and his sister will turn to Takeru in another sense lol. As Takeru about to reveal exactly what his elder sister did to him, Ruka interrupted saying he don't have to say it lol [Damn]. Anyways, it turned out to be Takeru been fearful of a woman's body and his fear of not able to love or make a woman happy. Ruka insisted that Takeru's a man who can make a woman happy ... and she added that she know that best. Ruka then moved closer and had her arm over Takeru's shoulders to console him. [Awwww~~~]

The next morning, both of them woke up and said good morning to each other ... ! [See image below];

Last Friends Ep11

Anyways, they managed to find Michiru and they hurried to the Inn Michiru's working at. However, they had an accident [Damn the producers!!!] but Ruka and Takeru were not seriously injuried. [Yeah it's like those what the hell moments, those darn producers trying to heighten and dramatize the tension and crap. A total fail for me ... *roll eyes* There's so many reasons the accident COULD had been avoided with NO injuries at all -_-] I was laughing when Takeru was asking if Ruka's alright, legs are fine? Ruka replied yeah, totally. Takeru was like totally no injuries!? tone as if he's in disbelief LOL [Can't blame him, me too]. The both of them started to leave the hospital but the motorbike had some problems, while Ruka's fixing the bike, Takeru saw the pregnant Michiru waiting to get on the shuttle minibus. Ruka turned around and called out Michiru's name. Michiru invited them to her place and poured them tea/water.

Michiru started to explain even with child, she's still living and working to support herself and that she wants to stay as she is. Ruka tried to convince Michiru to go back Tokyo and live with them in the Sharehouse. Michiru replied that she can't because the baby's Sousuke's. Michiru blamed herself for Sousuke's death and there's no way she can gain happiness. She added that she's not alone when she found out she's having a baby ... it's like Sousuke had forgiven her [WHAT THEEEE heeelll, lol Michiru sure had some twisted conclusion there. But then I think she's thinking that Sousuke's giving her a 'gift' so that she won't be lonely anymore ... or at least a reason for her to live and to stay in the world]. Ruka held Michiru's hand telling her that from then, it will all be Michiru's life not any other's. Ruka added that she still can't forgive Sousuke and that the way he died was selfish but the baby's Michiru's and that Michiru's free to be with whom and how she wanted to live her life.

Ruka continued that she want to live with Michiru even though she can't be the baby's father, probably she can be a senpai [senior] to it by her side. Takeru chipped in saying he too will help out as two is better than one, three is better than two lol. With the baby, there'll be four of them, Ruka added. Michiru's so touched and she started crying in a fake-ly manner and thanked them. Suddenly, Takeru saw that Michiru's in pain lol and it seemed like she's going in labour. Both Takeru and Ruka told Michiru to ehhh ganbatte ... [try her best] as she was sent into the delivery room. Blah blah, the producers tried to make as if Michiru's in a lot of pain and dying from child birth or something o_o. Instead, it's just Michiru closing her eyes in relief perhaps and the baby's a healthy girl XD.

Anyways, all's well, Michiru asked Ruka if she would like to hold the baby lol, Ruka was like ... kinda tense and expressionless ... [Seems like Ueno Juri's not really good with babies lol]. While holding the baby, Ruka told the child that the world's not bad and that from then on, there will be alot of fun stuff happening. Next up, Takeru also wanted to hold the baby [LoL Eita looked just like a proud father, smiling and the 'glow' he had on his face, very nice XD] and told the baby, 'It's papa here~' LOL. Michiru smiled and thanked both Ruka and Takeru.

Probably a few months later, they were at the beach, [Is it me or Ruka/Juri kept looking at Takeru/Eita's face while he's playing with the baby? ... I see some sparks there!!! LOL] As the two 'kids' playing in the water, Michiru had a soliloquy to Eri and Ogura, telling them that she had decided to name the baby 'Aida Rumi', Ruka's RU and Michiru's MI, not to forgot Takeru's RU too. The four of them will be staying in the Sharehouse. Family, Friends, Husband & Wife, Lovers ... their relationship seem to fall in one of each but they're not ... but it doesn't stop them from keeping this fragile happiness. It's fine if they stay friends and hopefully stay that way forever and if anything happened that they should separate, with any luck one day they will meet each other with smiles.

'My dear friends, you are my last friends.'

-End of Last Friends Ep11-

Whoa, that's the end. They completely ignored the relationship part except for Eri and Ogura ... they strengthen the relationship between Ruka and Takeru though ... with the camping scene ... sooo sweet~~! LoL. But then I realized I shouldn't be support RukaxTakeru right? I mean what strike me to watch Last Friends was the kiss between Ruka and Michiru ... wttthh, in the end, I became a RukaxTakeru fan! LOL. BOO!!! How can you mislead me!? I guess I was expecting too much ... ahh with the wedding preview and all ... sigh. Although it makes me happy that Ruka dropped the idea of the sex change because of acceptance from her family and friends which is a good thing. But darn that Michiru, she's still as straight as a hm pole. Oh well, true to the title, they ALL stayed as FRIENDS ... blah ... should had expected that right from the start. I can't expect them to break up with each other and go on each other's ways right lol.

Oh well, it's a realistic and peaceful ending I supposed despite all the angst built up slowly in each episodes ... love the background music, XD you guys should listen to the OST, think the torrent's at tokyo toshokan =).

... hm but then it kinda reminded me of Michiru, Haruka and Setsuna from Sailor Moon ... except Hotaru's not Michiru's child but nevertheless ... o_o Somehow I don't want Ruka to ended up with Michiru ... lol I would rather it be Takeru. So I'm happy with the realistic and practical, most importantly, 'SAFE' ending lol. I believe it will cause an uproar if it's not a conventional ending deshou?

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[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out On NicoNico

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The episode you have been waiting for. Appease your inner self by watching the RAWs first.

Candy☆Boy Ep2

I'll post up the summary/review after the Mandarin subs's out and Last Friends Ep11 summary/review in the evening XD.

PS: Sakuya's a pervert lol ... with her digital cam.
PPS: Yukino bit Kanade's ear! LoL. Candy Airline to ...

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[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 13 [END]

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Quite a bit of tears running in this last chapter of Hatsu Koi Shimai. If you haven't bought the first volume from Seven Seas, shame on you! LOL, go buy it, it's great ... too bad I've got to wait till November before I can get my hands on it *sob* ...


As this series is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC, please buy your own copy to show your support for the mangaka and Seven Seas so that they could licensed probably more shoujo-ai mangas for us =).

I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

'Our first love, starts now ...'
'From now on, I want to foster these feelings with you.'
'Thank you-'

Hatsu Koi Shimai 1. Hatsu Koi Shimai 2.

Recapturing from the previous chapter, Haruna's giggling to herself at how her touch energized Chika. A lady walked up from behind Haruna and commented that Haruna's with a cute girl [Chika]. She went on to add that it's been a long time since she's in Tsunojo ... and it's been a while she last saw Haruna too. Haruna turned back and muttered, 'Senpai!!'.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

Meanwhile, Touko's fangirls were pestering Touko regarding the rumours of her leaving the school in the next semester. Akiho walked up to Touko and grabbed her arm. Glancing at the forlorn expression Akiho had, Touko was stunned for a moment. Touko quickly made a excuse of Akiho having a question for her and made a swift escape with Akiho, leaving the fangirls bewildered on what's going on. When they're alone, Touko confessed she was both surprised and happy at the same time when Akiho grabbed her back in the classroom.

With a carefree tone, Touko confirmed that the teacher she's relieving is coming back next semester, that even though she had a short time with the students, she's very happy because the students of 1-3 were good kids and that she's happy to be teaching them. Unable to take it any longer, Akiho lashed out at Touko, asking how could she say that in 'happy' tone. Touko smiled and teased Akiho's flustered and distracted tone. Akiho blushed and told her to stop teasing her. Overwhelmed by the emotions, Akiho started sobbing, hating for not able to express herself well and after a few times, she got afraid and that she's been constraining herself ...

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

Touko embraced Akiho, consoling with words of praise that she know Akiho's trying her best and she likes her as she is. However if Akiho's more straightforward, it will be even better. Unable to control herself any longer, Touko kissed Akiho. A while later, Akiho finally confessed that she don't want to be apart from Touko-sensei. Touko smiled, patted Akiho for finally admitting and started chuckling lol [I think it's more of her own joy that Akiho is truly concern/jealous about her than merely teasing Akiho =)]. Akiho got a little pissed, remarking Touko-sensei's indeed sneaky. Touko announced that since summer pass very quickly and suggested that they should make alot of summer memories together.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

As for Chiori even though she had this depressed expression on, she unconsciously went to the usual place to meet up with Rie. Rie doesn't look good herself too as she told Chiori that she's saying goodbye to her that day. Rie explained that her parents weren't in good terms with each other and it was decided that Rie will follow her mother back to her hometown where they will live there. Rie added that because she's feeling bored staying at home and in school so she came over to Tsunojo to tease Chiori lol and she was darn happy over it. Rie went on to confess that in the process, she had fallen in love with Chiori however, Rie added that Chiori has someone she liked already isn't it? Chiori replied that it doesn't matter already and started crying.

[Looks like Chiori realized that Akiho's with Touko-sensei, awww.] Rie tried to console Chiori by saying that she's really happy that she's able to meet her and talk to her. Even though her love's unrequited, she's still happy that she had fallen in love with Chiori. Chiori cried even harder, calling Rie an idiot lol. Rie smiled. Chiori got angry, yelling at her that how can she laugh and cry at the same time LOL. Rie replied laughing that Chiori herself's angry and crying at the same time too lol. [LoL, very comical dual.]

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

Back to Haruna and senpai, the senpai recalled that the younger Haruna used to wait at the same spot for her to finish her classes before going home together. -Flashback- Facing the senpai, Haruna questioned how the senpai felt about her, is it merely an innocent kouhai [junior]? But Haruna's feelings for her senpai's ... The senpai interrupted her by stating if Haruna really liked her that much then they should kiss. Haruna blushed. Senpai pushed on, asking if they could kiss right here and right now. Haruna’s visibly hesitating and trembling by the request. Senpai bluntly told Haruna to understand the love between two females and that it's just a moment of folly [Perhaps just a phase].

She added that after Haruna graduated from the school and step out into society, it will be like waking up from a dream. With that the senpai said her goodbyes and left, leaving the flustered Haruna trying to convince her [and herself] that she really likes her senpai. However, if Haruna had really liked her senpai, why didn't she kiss her? -End of Flashback- The senpai asked if Chika's Haruna's lover. Haruna smiled and replied yes. Haruna explained that she thought that what the senpai had mentioned on that day in the flashback were right in to a certain extent. However, now, she has found something much more important. Haruna expressed that it's a desire to cherish the feelings, it's not a moment of folly nor a blind love but as a person, Chika's very important to her.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

A moment later, the senpai commented that Haruna changed ... no ... rather it was the appearance of Haruna's real most important person and it wasn't her at all. The senpai wondered what will happen if the person Haruna really liked was her back then ... but then shrugged if off, saying that she had to leave. After the senpai left, Haruna called Chika who was eavesdropping behind the pillar LOL. Haruna wasn't angry, instead she hugged Chika and expressed her love for Chika. 'I like you, Chika. From the bottom of my heart, I like you.' [Awwwww~~~] Chika happily replied that she likes Haruna too =).

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

Fast forward to happy moments, Kirika peeked into the theater club and Miyu's in her 'Princess' dress. When Miyu saw Kirika, she got an idea which made Kirika pale with bad feelings lol. Miyu got Kirika to dress up as a 'Prince'? get-up XD lol.

Chiori gave a note to Rie [Too bad it's not love letter yet! LOL] which had her home address and handphone/email address in it. Rie's so happy that she hugged Chiori saying she will mail and write letters to her everyday lol. Chiori blushed and protested that it will affect their studies lol. [How tsundere~~ XD]

The fangirls were still pestering Touko over the rumours lol as she haven't really gave a definite answer. Touko replied that yes, the teacher she was relieving will be back but it doesn't mean she's quitting lol. She will just fall back to being an assistant teacher again, of course Akiho's pissed when she realized that she had 'cried' over nothing LOL.

As for Chika and Haruna, Chika came running towards Haruna apologizing that she had overslept because her parents went on vacation. Haruna teasingly asked if she could stay for a night at Chika's home then? [Bad Haruna lol] Chika of course welcomed the idea heh.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 15. Hatsu Koi Shimai 16.

'The warmth of summer embraces us'
'Under the bright and white sun light'
'There's no way, no way we will lose sight of each other'
'That's because we will never let go of each other's hands'
'That's right'
'The first love of the girls in Tsunokamizaka Girls' Academy ...'
'Has only started-'

-Thank you for your support!-

-End of Hatsu Koi Shimai and Chapter 13-

Woohoo, the end of Hatsu Koi Shimai, well it was a satisfying ending XD. The senpai's not such a bad person after all ... haha if she had accepted Haruna, Chika and Haruna might not had met. I need more development between Akiho and Touko and of course Kirika and Miyu~! LoL.

Random rants;
Saw the spoilers for Last Friends Ep11, there's one more to go, yep, 12 episodes. Seems like Episode 12 is a Special. However, if you're interested in the script of Ep11, here it is. Thanks to the staff in jdrama.cc =).

"My dear friends, you are my last friends".

!? I'll post up my summary and review tomorrow after I get my paws on the Mandarin subs ... it's still not out XD. I kinda liked the idea of Michiru naming her baby, 'Rumi' after Ruka, Takeru and her own name Michiru.

It's a realistic ending I supposed ... avoiding the issue of Michiru x Ruka as more than friends lol. I sensed quite a bit of Ruka x Takeru scenes too, somehow I think this series became Ruka x Takeru in the end. I mean, I remembered and liked more RukaTake scenes than MichiRuka ... wait were there even MichiRuka scenes in the first place!? LOL. Oh yeah I love the scene in Ep1 where Ruka kissed Michiru in the sleep, that's all. Nothing about Michiru at all. Sorry.

[Signing off @ 6:43 PM]

[Game] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Aishisa no Photograph

[Posted @ 5:27 PM]

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Aishisa no Photograph.

Yes, my life is complete now, exams are over and I'm playing Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o [Mandarin Version]. Life is great. Btw, the picture above is from 'その花びらにくちづけを 愛しさのフォトグラフ' [Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Aishisa no Photograph]. Scroll down for CG Link =).

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o.

Ha, it's more fun this way when I can actually understand what they're saying.

Anyways, here are some updates to look out for this June/July;

1. Yuri Hime S Volume 5 out on 19 June 2008.
2. Candy Boy Ep2 out on 21 June 2008 via Niconico.
3. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musumetachi Episode 6 out on 6 July 2008.
4. Yuri Hime Wildrose Volume 2 out on 18 July 2008.
5. Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1 out on 25 July 2008.
6. My-Otome 0~S.ifr~ Volume 2 out on 25 July 2008.

And Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 13 [END] Summary/Review coming up ... as soon as I feel like it lol.

Oh yeah, here's the WARNING: NSFW [Mature, 18+ and whatever] link to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Aishisa no Photograph's CGs lol almost forgot. The quality's not good but ... better than nothing.

Maid, Miko and Nekomimi cosplay XD! And phone ... you know, actually that scene's the best hahaha.

[Signing off @ 6:32 PM]

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep10

[Posted @ 6:12 PM]
Episode 10 is not the last episode, there's one more!

Last Friends Ep10

Sousuke realized he's gay.

Nah, kidding. Recapturing from the previous episode ... Sousuke straddled Ruka who was on her back, delivered a blow to her stomach before grabbing Ruka's buttoned shirt and ripping it open exposing Ruka's black sports bra. After that, Sousuke leaned onto Ruka implying a vulnerable position for her. Groaning in horror, Ruka grabbed the lamp, smacked Sousuke, scrambled up to get on her feet before dashing out of the apartment. Clutching her torn shirt and arising a few stares from some people, Ruka brisk walked to a store to purchase a new button shirt. Quickly selecting a button shirt from the rack, Ruka rushed in the changing room hastily put on the button shirt. However, the experience from the earlier incident had taken a toll on her emotions as she broke down and cried.

Last Friends Ep10

At the Sharehouse, Takeru glued the handle of his cup back again and just then, Ruka came back. Michiru noticed that there's a slit on Ruka's face cheek and asked what happened. Ruka shrugged it off saying she got it when she fell off her bike and went to the kitchen. However Takeru doesn't look convinced at all. During dinner, the gang were indulging themselves with Thai cuisine [Looks yummy lol] prepared by Michiru. As they were happying eating, someone rang the doorbell and noone wanted/dared to open the door lol. Takeru started to get up but was stopped by Eri. In the end, Ruka opened the door, revealing the courier who had a parcel for Eri much to everyone's relief. Feeling guilty for terrifying the rest, Michiru offered to move out. Ruka managed to convince Michiru that it's dangerous for her to live outside alone with Sousuke 'prowling' the streets for her.

Takeru was shattered when his boss told him that he had gotten another person to replace him as makeup artist for the movie job. Michiru apologized but Takeru said that it's not her fault and told her not to give up and return back to Sousuke because of that as it will be a kind of betrayal to Ruka. Takeru added that Ruka had placed her life on the line to protect Michiru. Meanwhile, Sousuke went to visit the boy and he's glad that the boy got back with his mother. When the little boy asked Sousuke to play with him, he replied that he's going to try and get back his precious person back to him. Browsing around in a convenience store, Eri noticed that a magazine had published an article of Ruka's sexual orientation. At the Sharehouse, Eri had bought the magazine and told Takeru about it. Just then Ruka returned. Eri grabbed the magazine and threw it in the bin just as Ruka noticed the weird tension in Eri and Takeru and got suspicious.

Ruka then 'raided' the dustbin and amazingly, flipped to the article on the magazine lol. Ruka smiled and stated that whatever the article written were all lies and returned to her room. When she got in her room, Ruka tore the magazine and threw it on the floor in anger. A while later, Takeru knocked on Ruka's door for permission to enter. Takeru came to talk about the earlier incident and wondered if it's alright for Ruka not to tell Michiru about her feelings towards her. Takeru then persuaded Ruka to tell Michiru about her feelings for her since it's what Ruka really wanted. Michiru and Ogura returned from the laundry store and Michiru overheard Ruka and Takeru in conversation as she was about to return Ruka's clothings.

Ruka confessed that she definitely can't tell Michiru about it and it's especially to her. She added that Michiru and her had known each other in secondary school and they had longs of good memories together but during graduation, Michiru suddenly disappeared. Ruka thought her mind was a total black blank when she realized that she might never see Michiru again. However when they met in Ep1, she's so happy like as if it's a dream but she's afraid. Afraid because Michiru only treated her as a friend ... but Ruka don't see Michiru that way right from the very start. Ruka voiced that if she let Michiru know that fact, she will be hurt and the pure white memories of Michiru's heart will turn to dim and gloomy. Shocked by the confession, Michiru dropped the stuff and ran out of the Sharehouse. It was then Ruka realized that Michiru heard her.

Michiru stood stunned in the park [I wonder how she ran that far] as she remembered what Ruka had said and Sousuke's statement of Ruka using a man's eyes to look at her. Finally, it all clicked in Michiru's mind. It was evening when Michiru got back and without looking at Ruka in the eye, she returned back to her room. The next morning, Michiru had packed her stuff with intentions to leave the Sharehouse. Takeru tried to convince Michiru to accept Ruka by telling her that Ruka really cherished her. Michiru replied that it's not it, just that she don't know what to do, how to face her since there's nothing she could do as she can't return Ruka's feelings. But Michiru felt hurt by the distance between them and in the end left. Unknown to them, Ruka heard everything [Damn, YOU BITCH! She left just like that, I was hoping Sousuke will mug her on the way to her mum's home! LOL].

At some bookstore, Ruka's dad read the article in the magazine and stunning realization expression on his face. Meanwhile, Ruka's doing well in her motorcross practices [You know, somehow the Coach reminded me of Benji, my cousin, probably cos of his curly hair LOL] and got a visit from her solemn faced father. The father and daughter had a one to one chat at the bar Takeru's working at. Takeru took the initiative to excuse himself in the corner, knowing that they're going to have a private chat. Ruka's father started out general, asking how's her motorcross condition. Ruka happily replied that she's feeling very calm and excitedly described her feelings. Silence. Ruka thanked her father for his encouragement and support. Father then asked if Ruka's happy and satisfied. Ruka answered that she is, since she's doing things that she likes. Father went on to question if there're anything Ruka wanted to tell him about. It was then Ruka realized that her father knew.

Ruka began to apologize for not being like other normal girls and not get the happiness her father wished for in her. She won't get married nor give birth to children and that she will never like men, she just can't. Ruka continued that she promised that she will try her best to find her own happiness in own ways and told her father not to worry about her. Ruka started to cry as she wanted her father to know the fact and to know the real her. Father assured Ruka that he will support her as it's the only way parents could do to help. Later, as Takeru's walking home, he noticed Ruka's father sitting on a bench looking crestfallen. Takeru offered a bottle of green tea to sober Ruka's father up. Ruka's father revealed that he told Ruka's going out with Takeru lol. Takeru apologized, saying that he had insufficient ability LOL, making Ruka's father laugh. Ruka's father started telling Takeru about Ruka's boyish ways since she was a child and despite of that, to him, she's cute. He started breaking down, saying that Ruka's his cute daughter.

The next morning as they were seeing Eri and Ogura off to work, Takeru assured that Michiru will definitely come and see Ruka's motorcross race, bringing a smile to Ruka's face. Eri and Ogura saw Sousuke sitting on a park bench near their place. Eri bravely walked towards Sousuke, lashed out at him for being despicable and demanded him to let the relationship off before storming off. Eri finally stood up to Ogura, telling him a man shouldn't always rely on someone else and told him to go back to his wife. As for Michiru, she answered a call from Sousuke who asked her to collect her luggage and return his key from his apartment. It seemed like Eri's words had convinced Sousuke to let the relationship off o_O. Michiru went to Sousuke's place alone and everything seemed fine until Michiru spotted the amulet she gave to Ruka lying under Sousuke's bed. Remembering Ruka's slit on the cheek of her face, Michiru then asked Sousuke if Ruka came by his place before. Sousuke replied that she had.

Sousuke assumed Michiru knew about Ruka's feelings by then and that he was right about Ruka interfering the relationship between them. Sousuke added that Ruka's an idiot, giving all her best to protect Michiru even though she doesn't have any 'physical' strength. Michiru then remembered Takeru had said about Ruka placing her life on the line to protect Michiru. She then asked what Ruka said. Sousuke replied, 'The one who truly loves Michiru is ... me. That's why I'll never leave Michiru to you.' [Refer to Ep9] It was then Michiru finally knew and was touched by the extent of Ruka's love for her as she tried to fight back her own tears, recalling the nice things Ruka did for her [Oh, now she felt it, dammit]. Sousuke was amused by the fact Ruka had protected Michiru in a way a man would, in the end, she's just a woman. Sousuke implied that he had forced Ruka down and immediately broke down. Michiru demanded what Sousuke did to Ruka, Sousuke smiled and replied that he didn't do anything, merely took down Ruka's pride.

Pissed, Michiru slapped Sousuke. Michiru then started to leave, saying she's going back to the Sharehouse. Sousuke tried to stop her but was loss for words when Michiru said that she thought he wanted to end the relationship. It was then Michiru realized Sousuke lied once again. Sousuke went into 'DV' mode, laid a few numbers on Michiru and this time Michiru fought back. But in the end, the stronger Sousuke won the fight and the next scene implying he had raped her. Michiru laid exhausted and defeated, only covered by the bed sheet she made a pact with Sousuke to promise not to lay a hand on her friends and in return she will stay by Sousuke and give him all the 'times' he wants [It's very obvious here that Michiru's selling her body to Sousuke here by the way she had explicitly stated how many 'times' he wants]. Sousuke was ridded with guilt when he saw Michiru weeping silently and yelled in frustration for Michiru not to cry. He got up, close the door to the bedroom and leaned against the door. Looking at the photos of happy moments of Michiru and her friends. As he looked at the photos, he started crying and regretted what he did and perhaps envious because he had no friends.

The next morning, Michiru finally woke up and dressed herself. It was also the day of Ruka's motorcross race and her family despite looking quite uncomfortable were supportive when Ruka's father smiled and stayed encouraging. At the starting point, Ruka was given supports from Eri, Ogura and Takeru but no signs of Michiru. Like any start of her race, Ruka's hand went out to caress the amulet Michiru gave but it's not there anymore. However, Ruka sent a mental prayer to Michiru before taking off.
Meanwhile, Michiru left the bedroom and noticed Sousuke sleeping on the couch. As she moved nearer, she found Sousuke holding on to a wedding dress [Not cosplay! LOL. Probably he got it for Michiru] and covered in blood. Most likely he had slit his wrist judging by the blood flow starting from his right hand. - End of Episode 10 -

Last Friends Ep11 Preview.

So. Sousuke's dead. Man. I can't help but feel sorry instead of feeling anger or happiness when he died. Probably because of the last lines in the preview;

Sousuke: 'Goodbye Michiru. I give you freedom.'

We felt the Sousuke's loneliness here, rejected by the woman he loved, no friends, a stalker to boot, he's all alone. Somehow, Sousuke really loved Michiru and the only way he can abandon or give up that love was through his death, this way he won't be breaking any promises? However, it's kinda selfish for him to do this way, knowing Michiru will feel guilty for the rest of her life.

Last Friends Ep11 Preview.

Now, I'm interested ... who's getting married in Ep11!?

I'm reckoning that Ruka won the race then she will announced her plans to go abroad and probably confess her sexual orientation to the press and public. -Back to Present- Ruka visits [As there's a bike riding scene] the pregnant Michiru and got her to marry her. The end. LOL.

Judging from the picture, the bride and groom are about the same height. Can't be Eri and Ogura since Ogura's shorter than Eri. Can't be Takeru since he's tall and his hands aint that petite. Bride and groom have the same build ... but then it could be all a dream or Michiru just passing by a church and happened to see a wedding taking place. ARGHH!

Best yet, Ruka really went for a sex change, became a man and married Michiru lol.

[Signing off @ 10:15 PM]

First Releases of Tranquil Spring

[Posted @ 2:17 PM]
Hey all, I joined a new all-yuri scanlation group, Tranquil Spring three months ago.

Our first two releases are;
1. Little Little [Chapter 1] by Rokuko
2. Passionate Electric Waves [Part 1] by Morinaga Miruku

So please visit Tranquil Spring and bookmark http://tranquil-spring.elarai.com/blog/ =).

Please direct all comments there, thanks!

[Signing off @ 2:27 PM]

Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out on 21 June 2008

[Posted @ 5:04 PM]
Rejoice. It's Candy Boy time soon.


Source; candyboy.jp

Candy☆Boy Ep2.

So ... they've been holding the release so as to celebrate the birthdays of the Sakurai twins huh. Awesome, I'm expecting birthday 'presents' to be unwrapped!

Now ... just to play the waiting game =).

... just a quick update post before I scurry back to ... study T_T.

[Signing off @ 5:10 PM]

[PV] Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1

EDIT on July 29th 2008:
I've noticed alot of people came to this post looking for the Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1, but this is ONLY the Promotional aka Trailer post, click here instead to go to the ACTUAL OVA post where I've posted up the screenshots of the OVA and kind souls posting up the direct link to the OVA.

[Posted @ 6:59 PM]
Oh. Moi. God. I'm glad to be alive!

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1.

Japanese Title: 少女セクト ~Innocent Lovers~
English Title: Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~

Yes, you've read the manga.

Yes, you've heard of it being animated.

No, you've not seen the PV screenshots.

... ... ... ...


Duh, it's NSFW [Not safe for work] well, just two ... of them I think.

Anyways, the animation look good ... basically the screenshots are from [NSFW!] getchu.com except this time I get to see it play it out with voices lol so if you haven't seen it, just go there.

Be warn, what you are about to view contains mature themes and it may not be suitable for minors [Those below 18] so if you're weak in the heart, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED. I will NOT be liable for any damages - be them physical, emotional, or blood loss from viewing. =)

If you agree, please click on the 'SHOW' button to see the link.

See Screenshots:

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA.

... looks kinda romantic haha.

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 2.

Thoughts; I'm really surprised/stunned by Shinobu's girlish voice since she's the first one that spoke when I played the PV ... but then I have no idea what to expect hahaha. Well I mean it's a 18x OVA ... so be prepared, they had recuited seiyuus who have sultry pitches, can moan/groan really well with the typical squeaky-borderline-irritating-nearing-hotness voices LOL. Ahh ahhh.

Lurk these sites! uh Sources;
Mangaka: Kenn Kurogane.
Wikipedia: Wiki.
百合な日々: 百合な日々

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA.

Until then, await and see you on July 25th.

[Signing off @ 7:37 PM]

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep9

[Posted @ 1:37 PM]
LoL, the first thing my eyeball targeted on was the table lamp ... kinda represents Michiru's presence in the confrontation between Ruka and Sousuke doesn't it?

Last Friends Ep9

It's very obvious that Michiru gave 'colour' and 'light' to Sousuke's 'dark' black, white and blue life. But then, black, white and blue are kinda a guy's colours isn't it lol.

Oh well, recapturing from the previous episode ... well not really because it seemed that quite some time had passed after the previous episode. The gang were sulking and listless over the fact that they're not able to watch Ruka's race on TV lol [As Eri said, bleh there's 45 channels and none of them are useful lol] and that Ruka's not with them. Michiru's handphone rang and then she announced that Ruka won the race. The rest were overjoyed and planned to open a champagne to celebrate but Ruka hanged up after telling Michiru that she will visit them the next day. Nevertheless the rest went on to open the champagne to celebrate in advance [I think they're celebrating that it will be the 2nd last episode of the series instead LOL, OMEDETOU! KANPAI!].

Last Friends Ep9

Later, Takeru wandered in Ruka's room and was reminded of the emotional scene back in Ep8. It seemed like he had failed to get Ruka to stay in the Sharehouse but nevertheless the tight friendship bond between then was still there. Michiru cameby and they chatted, Michiru who misunderstood the scene in Ep8 assumed that Ruka and Takeru were a couple. Takeru insisted that they're merely friends ... friends forever even at their deaths [This might sound creepy but that statement by Takeru's sooo touching!! Especially if you recall the scene in Ep8 ... just so suiting! Yet it's so sorrow because it's an unrequited love]. The next day, Ruka came by the Sharehouse, much to her surprise, the door wasn't locked [LOL!] and much to her surprise once again, the gang welcomed her back by ... singing 'Zip-a-dee-do-dah' cosplaying in cowboy suits LOL [Seriously, I bet Ueno Juri had quite a few takes before she could had that cool 'wtf' expression on her face!? I was laughing and repeating the scene over and over again lol].

While the rest were preparing dinner, Eri pushed Ruka out as she was the guest and wasn't supposed to do anything lol. Takeru joined her later and he once again congratulated Ruka for winning the race. Ruka smiled and said that it's all thanks to Takeru who gave her the confidence and overwhelmed by feeling of a dark cloud off her head when she realized that there's someone who understood her. Takeru then persuaded Ruka to return back to the Sharehouse but Ruka just kept quiet. Michiru volunteered to call Ruka when dinner's ready but was stunned by the scene between Ruka and Takeru who were chatting quite happily. At that moment, Michiru realized that it's the first time she saw Ruka smiling and truly enjoying herself that much and thought to herself that she had saw true happiness she's been searching for between Ruka and Takeru [Probably she's envious and jealous?].

The next morning, the gang had fallen asleep in the living room. Michiru woke up first and saw ... the innocently intimate position Ruka and Takeru were in and probably had doubts on Takeru's claims of them being only friends.

Last Friends Ep9

Anyways, someone rang the door and guess who ... *gasp*! It's Takeru's older sister! Onee-san then made some reasons which I'm not interested in [lol] and rushed in when Michiru confirmed that Takeru's in. When Onee-san saw Takeru, she had this small Mona Lisa-like smirk on her face lol but then got darker as she stared on [Probably thinking 'Who's that hussy lying so close to my Takeru-chan!!']. Michiru looked on with this weird wth expression on her face and offered to wake Takeru up but Onee-san said that it's okay, left a bag of Banana bread on the table and left. [Seriously ... that's not how a normal older sister should act ... I would had kicked my brother awake and yelled, 'Oi, get up ya bloody lazy arse!' Lol.] Takeru dropped the bag when Michiru told him that his older sister came by, Takeru then asked Michiru not to tell anyone about his sister and left after throwing the bag.

[Did you guys see a circle here? Ruka's the one who noticed Michiru's problems, Takeru's the one who noticed Ruka's problems and now Michiru's the one who noticed Takeru's problems. LoL] Anyways, Eri told Michiru that she will need a guarantor to sign the house lease since she's kinda 'unemployed'. Michiru awkwardly replied that she hasn't seen her mum for quite some time and ... then Takeru offered to go with Michiru to get her mum to sign it. -Cue Sousuke's theme song- as he stalked around the Sharehouse. Michiru's mum was skeptical about the whole issue and brought Michiru to a corner and bluntly questioned Michiru's relationship with Takeru LOL. Mum even went as far as calling Takeru a 'male host' and that he doesn't look decent [It's so ironic that the indecent person who looks decent is not decent and yet the decent person who doesn't look decent is decent ... lol].

Pissed, Takeru interrupted their conversation and went down formally to Michiru's mum not to let Sousuke know Michiru's whereabouts. The reason why Mum's so chummy with Sousuke was that she had borrowed money from him. Takeru told mum that Sousuke had abused Michiru physically and sincerely requested mum to protect Michiru from Sousuke. Meanwhile, Eri went to the hospital to pay Sousuke a visit and was surprised that he wasn't there and that he had 'escaped' from the hospital. [I believe Eri's repeat visit to Sousuke was that she's ... fascinated by Sousuke's apparent 'love' for Michiru and probably she wanted that 'love' herself. Remember she told Ruka that she had been with alot of men before and had never believe in eternal love and ... Sousuke's actions seemed to have touched her in some way]. As Eri's leaving the hospital she witness yet another DV incident, this time, the victim's Michiru's senpai in the hair salon o_o. [Well some might say the senpai deserves it but probably that's the reason she treated Michiru that way so that she can vent her frustrations on someone weaker?]

As for Takeru and Michiru's mum, they had became great buddies LOL and were drinking sake and having fun lol [At least we know Michiru's mum's not a fan of violence and truly cared and believed her daughter]. Walking home, Michiru wondered that if only she had met Takeru before Sousuke and that way she will like Takeru more [Does this mean she still liked Sousuke? ... And speaking of like, Michiru's pretty vocal about confessing that stuff huh ... lol]. Anyways Takeru told Michiru that he had a heart problem and that his heart's as small as a mouse's LOL, but then he said he was joking about half he was saying. It started raining and luckily Takeru got an umbrella however, Michiru's quite uncomfortabled that they were standing that close to each other and bumped arms each step they walked. She then told Takeru that she's got something she want to purchase and ran off.

While Michiru's browsing for umbrellas, Sousuke appeared and scared ten years off Michiru's life lol. Sousuke plead with Michiru to go home with him since he's injured. Michiru repeated that she had broken up with him. Sousuke was taken aback for a moment before asking Michiru if she saw his letters. Filled with fear, Michiru dashed out but stopped when Sousuke yelled her name. Sousuke plead with Michiru to go home with him again but when Michiru apologized and told him that she's in love with someone else, he was left stunned. Takeru was informed by his boss that he was requested to be the make-up artist for a movie and the first person he told was Ruka [Aww~]. The next day as Takeru was going to work, he was ambushed by Sousuke who clouted him with his crutch as he was going up the stairs. Takeru tumbled down the stairs and hit his head against the sidebar railing, surprisingly, the bike didn't tumble down with him LOL. As Sousuke slowly made his way down, Takeru was probably too stunned to make any movement except to glare at each other.

However, when Takeru tried to get away, Sousuke blocked him using his crutch, warned him not to have any ideas with Michiru before smacking him with his crutch again. All the time, Sousuke was whacking the back of Takeru with his crutch and stomped on his hand, breaking a few bones I believe. [The scene was interestingly realistic, Nishikido Ryo really gave Eita's bag a wallop of its life lol and of course the bag was there to cushion the impact of the swing XD.] Still fearful from the impromptu visit from Sousuke from the other day, Michiru was hesitant to open the door when the bell rang [Get a spy cam like Sousuke did next time!]. Anyways, she was alarmed when she saw the badly injured Takeru against the side of door and of course shifted away when Takeru was falling towards her LOL. Poor Takeru hit the door right hard lol. Michiru called Ruka and by the time she returned to the Sharehouse, Takeru was in bed, conscious and all wrapped up.

Michiru blamed herself for Takeru's attack because she had thought that if she told Sousuke that she has someone she likes, he would avoid her. Ruka told Michiru that it's not her fault and rather it's Sousuke's fault [Kinda reminded me of how Takeru convinced Michiru that it's not her fault in Ep6]. When Ruka asked if Michiru likes Takeru, she shooked her head and replied she don't know and besides Takeru likes Ruka and Ruka ... Ruka answered that they're just friends. Overwhelmed by the tense emotion in the Sharehouse, Ruka lashed out at the wimpy Ogura who seemed to imply that it's Michiru's fault. Ruka announced that she will return to the Sharehouse and protect Michiru. The next morning, Michiru's still feeling bad over Takeru's attack and went to the hospital with him later for his examination [It's very apparent that Takeru's fingers on his right hand were broken? and this will probably cost his hairstyling career].

CLIMAX: Ruka returned to the Sharehouse and picked up a call ... most likely from Sousuke since the next scene we see was Ruka waiting at the door of the apartment of Sousuke. Sousuke made a show of him throwing a magazine article of Ruka's win in the trash kind symbolizing he doesn't give a damn. He went on to threaten and admit that the letters he sent to Ruka's parents were from him. He added that he will also send consultation information which were supposed to be confidential to them too and went on to sarcastically say that he had simplified the situation and this time, Ruka's parents will definitely understand the whole thing. Before Sousuke could state out his conditions if Ruka doesn't want that to happen ... Ruka interrupted him, telling him to do whatever he likes and added that she no longer fear anything [LOL it's like an innocently simplified 'Do whatever the fuck you like, I don't give a flying fuck anymore, loser!'] .

Sousuke went to ask if Michiru's with Takeru. Ruka replied, even so, so what? And continued that Michiru's not Sousuke's girlfriend nor any person to him now. Sousuke accused Ruka for scheming against him. Ruka said no, it's because Michiru changed, now she want to stand on her own two feet and depend on her own strength to live on. In addition to that, the person Michiru liked currently was a hundred times kinder and better than Sousuke ever was, a man who can truly love Michiru. Michiru's life will be filled with happiness and Ruka promised that she will not allow Sousuke to interfere that happiness. Sousuke looked down and had the cheek to smile and asked Ruka why would she say that. Ruka stared at him and declared that, 'Because the one who truly loves Michiru is ... me.' -Cue OP- [Kyaaahh!! Ruka confessed! But, in front of the wrongggg persoN!!!! LOL] Ruka went on to mock the pseudo 'love' Sousuke had for Michiru.

VIOLENCE: Sousuke went into 'DV mode' again as he lashed out at Ruka and tried to push her down or something but Ruka stood on her ground and headbutted him on the floor. She went on to kick him once [Should had kick him in the family jewels or something but nooo~] before Sousuke grabbed her leg and twisted it against her. He went on to give her a punch on the face before attempting to strangle her with his bare hands. Thankfully, Ruka used her legs to push him off her, making him slam against the table and knock down the poor lamp lol. Ruka grabbed her damn heavy sling bag and swinged at him, slamming him successfully once before he stopped the second blow and flung her on the bed. Ruka tried to use the bag again but Sousuke deflected the blow, grabbed her by the collars of her t-shirt and threw her against the shattered remainings of the lamp. He went on to straddle her back, trying to poke her eye on a sharp piece of the lamp. Ruka managed to move on her back but not before Sousuke delivered a blow to her stomach. Grabbing Ruka's buttoned shirt, Sousuke ripped the shirt open, exposing Ruka's black sports bra O_O! [NO! I don't think Sousuke will rape Ruka or something, probably trying to ... show that he's the man and she's a woman no matter what she does, HE will be stronger and on top of her].

Meanwhile, Takeru and Michiru returned to the Sharehouse and the handle of Takeru's cup broke and the cup fell on the ground [Instead of shattering into little pieces! It will be more spectacular that way though lol] foreshadowing a certain disaster ahead of them! - End of Episode 9 -

Basically, in the preview of Episode 10 [Finale];
Sousuke: 'The only place you should be is here.'
Sousuke: 'I will never abandon you, even in death.'

Creepy. LoL.

Preview of Last Friends Ep10

Next episode: Finale - Love and Death.

Anyone want to guess who will die?

I love to hear your comments and justifications on who will die since the title of Ep10 [Finale] clearly implied that there's death and also in Michiru's statement in Ep1. Btw, I thought there're 11 episodes ... how come Ep10 is the finale? I was shocked to see that too but ... probably Ep11 is a kinda wrap up special like a reunion or something?

One thing for sure, there will be a confession by Ruka to Michiru in the last episode since the present pregnant Michiru kept repeating that she doesn't know Ruka's feelings before. And we all know Michiru will NEVER know unless it's SPELLED out in front of her.

I highly recommend you guys to re-watch Ep1 again as you can see Michiru had kept some of the items and memories along the episodes =) and I think you'll go, 'Hey! I never noticed she had that when I first watched Ep1 before.'

It's amazing to see Ruka change from wimpy, scared to confident and determined in a matter of ONE episode lol. Reckon Takeru's acceptance really mattered to her and she felt alive again even though everyone might abandon her but at least she knows that Takeru won't. Glad to see Ruka not angst-y anymore but she's really in a pinch now. Will Sousuke rape Ruka? I doubt so. I mean, I dunno, maybe a woman's instinct. One possibility is that Ruka managed to run away from Sousuke after the adrenaline of the likelihood of being raped. I believe some people might really get the rush and boost if the seriousness of the situation is laid in front of them. But then I can't think of HOW Ruka can run away from him or what. But then, Sousuke could just proclaim, 'HA, you're a woman, how can you satisfy Michiru, she's straight! You're weak, I'm strong. She needs me!' and lets her off whimpering with her tail between her legs.

Ahhh ... I dunno lol can't wait!!!

So cast your votes and not to forget to comment on why you think that person will be the one to die lol.

Btw, my vote's on Sousuke, cos there will be some form of struggle and Sousuke will try to drive his 'love' for Michiru by doing something stupid.

[Signing off @ 5:14 PM]

[PV] Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

[Posted @ 6:23 PM]
Woohoo, the PV for Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~ OVA is out in the offical site! However you can click here to go directly to view it online.


YES! There's still KonoSetsu ... and the seiyuus for both of them are still the same XD, well basically the whole cast remained I think. The Animation Production is by SHAFT [YEAH!] that did Negima!? Second Season after the butchered First Season [Don't get me going]. SHAFT also did the Haru and Natsu OVA of Negima and well for this OVA, they seemed to mellow down the 'distinctive' SHAFT-ish character designs. Probably due to the fact that Akamatsu Ken-sensei's playing a major part in production after the fiasco of the First Season lol.

Somehow, I think this OVA is going to surpass the high standards set by the Haru and Natsu OVAs since they're following closely to the manga ... and if you saw the info in Wiki;

The first OVA will cover chapters 176 and 177 while the second one will cover chapters 178 to 180 and lastly, the third one will show chapters 182 and 183.

So basically, the first OVA will revolve around former 'Club Negima', then 'Ala Alba' protecting their badges from their other classmates lol. I really liked the fact that they called themselves 'Ala Alba' aka 'White Wing' partly due to the relations between Negi's father 'Ala Rubra' aka 'Crimson Wing' and Setsuna's snowy white wings XD.

Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

Hopefully, some KonoSetsu fluff and loving in between XD, can't wait for August!

[Signing off @ 7:06 PM]

PS: If you're wondering what's the OP for the PV, it's actually the first season's OP, 'Happy Material'.

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Honey Crush Chapter 3

[Posted @ 9:13 PM]
o_o, Chapter 3 of Honey Crush has been sitting in my folder since ... February lol.

Yuri Hime S Volume 3 Cover.


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Honey Crush C3 1. Honey Crush C3 2.

Continuing from the previous chapter, Madoka had 'rejected' Kyouko, leaving her 'heart-broken'. However, it doesn't stop Mitsu from continuing to pursue Madoka and think of plans to break Madoka and her boyfriend up [Serious I forgot her boyfriend's name already lol, is it Yamada-kun? LOL]. Anyways, Kyouko advised Mitsu to give it up while Mitsu protested, saying the reason Kyouko stated that was because Madoka dumped her lol. Kyouko replied that the percentage of a relationship between Madoka and Mitsu was even slimmer than hers lol.

Kyouko then asked why Mitsu fell in love with Madoka. Mitsu answered that it's because they were matchmade by a stinkbug lol. Mitsu recalled that a stinkbug fell on her shoulder one fine day and she can't get it off her clothing. While Mitsu was pleading for help, the people around her were like going 'Ewww, a stinkbug!! Too smelly for me!' lol.

Honey Crush C3 3. Honey Crush C3 4.

Along came Madoka who picked up the stinkbug off Mitsu's shirt and said that she got the scarab beetle off instead of calling it a stinkbug. Mitsu was mesmerised by Madoka's smile and cuteness thus fell in love with her. Mitsu added that by Madoka's mistake of a stinkbug for scarab beetle left a deep impression in her mind and increase her cuteness lol.

Kyouko then had a flashback of her and Madoka when they were younger. When Madoka pointed at the stinkbug and asked her what it was, Kyouko had replied that it's a scarab beetle LOL. Come to think of it, Kyouko was the one who said and told Madoka that a stinkbug's a scarab beetle ... o_o. - END of Chapter 3 -

A really fast chapter, mere four pages, wth. Anyways, all I can say that it seems to be moving to Mitsu x Kyouko ... XD.

Random rants;
... reading IMC textbook ... sleepy. I'm actually studying ... o_o

[Signing off @ 9:59 PM]