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Saturday, June 14, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep10

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Episode 10 is not the last episode, there's one more!

Last Friends Ep10

Sousuke realized he's gay.

Nah, kidding. Recapturing from the previous episode ... Sousuke straddled Ruka who was on her back, delivered a blow to her stomach before grabbing Ruka's buttoned shirt and ripping it open exposing Ruka's black sports bra. After that, Sousuke leaned onto Ruka implying a vulnerable position for her. Groaning in horror, Ruka grabbed the lamp, smacked Sousuke, scrambled up to get on her feet before dashing out of the apartment. Clutching her torn shirt and arising a few stares from some people, Ruka brisk walked to a store to purchase a new button shirt. Quickly selecting a button shirt from the rack, Ruka rushed in the changing room hastily put on the button shirt. However, the experience from the earlier incident had taken a toll on her emotions as she broke down and cried.

Last Friends Ep10

At the Sharehouse, Takeru glued the handle of his cup back again and just then, Ruka came back. Michiru noticed that there's a slit on Ruka's face cheek and asked what happened. Ruka shrugged it off saying she got it when she fell off her bike and went to the kitchen. However Takeru doesn't look convinced at all. During dinner, the gang were indulging themselves with Thai cuisine [Looks yummy lol] prepared by Michiru. As they were happying eating, someone rang the doorbell and noone wanted/dared to open the door lol. Takeru started to get up but was stopped by Eri. In the end, Ruka opened the door, revealing the courier who had a parcel for Eri much to everyone's relief. Feeling guilty for terrifying the rest, Michiru offered to move out. Ruka managed to convince Michiru that it's dangerous for her to live outside alone with Sousuke 'prowling' the streets for her.

Takeru was shattered when his boss told him that he had gotten another person to replace him as makeup artist for the movie job. Michiru apologized but Takeru said that it's not her fault and told her not to give up and return back to Sousuke because of that as it will be a kind of betrayal to Ruka. Takeru added that Ruka had placed her life on the line to protect Michiru. Meanwhile, Sousuke went to visit the boy and he's glad that the boy got back with his mother. When the little boy asked Sousuke to play with him, he replied that he's going to try and get back his precious person back to him. Browsing around in a convenience store, Eri noticed that a magazine had published an article of Ruka's sexual orientation. At the Sharehouse, Eri had bought the magazine and told Takeru about it. Just then Ruka returned. Eri grabbed the magazine and threw it in the bin just as Ruka noticed the weird tension in Eri and Takeru and got suspicious.

Ruka then 'raided' the dustbin and amazingly, flipped to the article on the magazine lol. Ruka smiled and stated that whatever the article written were all lies and returned to her room. When she got in her room, Ruka tore the magazine and threw it on the floor in anger. A while later, Takeru knocked on Ruka's door for permission to enter. Takeru came to talk about the earlier incident and wondered if it's alright for Ruka not to tell Michiru about her feelings towards her. Takeru then persuaded Ruka to tell Michiru about her feelings for her since it's what Ruka really wanted. Michiru and Ogura returned from the laundry store and Michiru overheard Ruka and Takeru in conversation as she was about to return Ruka's clothings.

Ruka confessed that she definitely can't tell Michiru about it and it's especially to her. She added that Michiru and her had known each other in secondary school and they had longs of good memories together but during graduation, Michiru suddenly disappeared. Ruka thought her mind was a total black blank when she realized that she might never see Michiru again. However when they met in Ep1, she's so happy like as if it's a dream but she's afraid. Afraid because Michiru only treated her as a friend ... but Ruka don't see Michiru that way right from the very start. Ruka voiced that if she let Michiru know that fact, she will be hurt and the pure white memories of Michiru's heart will turn to dim and gloomy. Shocked by the confession, Michiru dropped the stuff and ran out of the Sharehouse. It was then Ruka realized that Michiru heard her.

Michiru stood stunned in the park [I wonder how she ran that far] as she remembered what Ruka had said and Sousuke's statement of Ruka using a man's eyes to look at her. Finally, it all clicked in Michiru's mind. It was evening when Michiru got back and without looking at Ruka in the eye, she returned back to her room. The next morning, Michiru had packed her stuff with intentions to leave the Sharehouse. Takeru tried to convince Michiru to accept Ruka by telling her that Ruka really cherished her. Michiru replied that it's not it, just that she don't know what to do, how to face her since there's nothing she could do as she can't return Ruka's feelings. But Michiru felt hurt by the distance between them and in the end left. Unknown to them, Ruka heard everything [Damn, YOU BITCH! She left just like that, I was hoping Sousuke will mug her on the way to her mum's home! LOL].

At some bookstore, Ruka's dad read the article in the magazine and stunning realization expression on his face. Meanwhile, Ruka's doing well in her motorcross practices [You know, somehow the Coach reminded me of Benji, my cousin, probably cos of his curly hair LOL] and got a visit from her solemn faced father. The father and daughter had a one to one chat at the bar Takeru's working at. Takeru took the initiative to excuse himself in the corner, knowing that they're going to have a private chat. Ruka's father started out general, asking how's her motorcross condition. Ruka happily replied that she's feeling very calm and excitedly described her feelings. Silence. Ruka thanked her father for his encouragement and support. Father then asked if Ruka's happy and satisfied. Ruka answered that she is, since she's doing things that she likes. Father went on to question if there're anything Ruka wanted to tell him about. It was then Ruka realized that her father knew.

Ruka began to apologize for not being like other normal girls and not get the happiness her father wished for in her. She won't get married nor give birth to children and that she will never like men, she just can't. Ruka continued that she promised that she will try her best to find her own happiness in own ways and told her father not to worry about her. Ruka started to cry as she wanted her father to know the fact and to know the real her. Father assured Ruka that he will support her as it's the only way parents could do to help. Later, as Takeru's walking home, he noticed Ruka's father sitting on a bench looking crestfallen. Takeru offered a bottle of green tea to sober Ruka's father up. Ruka's father revealed that he told Ruka's going out with Takeru lol. Takeru apologized, saying that he had insufficient ability LOL, making Ruka's father laugh. Ruka's father started telling Takeru about Ruka's boyish ways since she was a child and despite of that, to him, she's cute. He started breaking down, saying that Ruka's his cute daughter.

The next morning as they were seeing Eri and Ogura off to work, Takeru assured that Michiru will definitely come and see Ruka's motorcross race, bringing a smile to Ruka's face. Eri and Ogura saw Sousuke sitting on a park bench near their place. Eri bravely walked towards Sousuke, lashed out at him for being despicable and demanded him to let the relationship off before storming off. Eri finally stood up to Ogura, telling him a man shouldn't always rely on someone else and told him to go back to his wife. As for Michiru, she answered a call from Sousuke who asked her to collect her luggage and return his key from his apartment. It seemed like Eri's words had convinced Sousuke to let the relationship off o_O. Michiru went to Sousuke's place alone and everything seemed fine until Michiru spotted the amulet she gave to Ruka lying under Sousuke's bed. Remembering Ruka's slit on the cheek of her face, Michiru then asked Sousuke if Ruka came by his place before. Sousuke replied that she had.

Sousuke assumed Michiru knew about Ruka's feelings by then and that he was right about Ruka interfering the relationship between them. Sousuke added that Ruka's an idiot, giving all her best to protect Michiru even though she doesn't have any 'physical' strength. Michiru then remembered Takeru had said about Ruka placing her life on the line to protect Michiru. She then asked what Ruka said. Sousuke replied, 'The one who truly loves Michiru is ... me. That's why I'll never leave Michiru to you.' [Refer to Ep9] It was then Michiru finally knew and was touched by the extent of Ruka's love for her as she tried to fight back her own tears, recalling the nice things Ruka did for her [Oh, now she felt it, dammit]. Sousuke was amused by the fact Ruka had protected Michiru in a way a man would, in the end, she's just a woman. Sousuke implied that he had forced Ruka down and immediately broke down. Michiru demanded what Sousuke did to Ruka, Sousuke smiled and replied that he didn't do anything, merely took down Ruka's pride.

Pissed, Michiru slapped Sousuke. Michiru then started to leave, saying she's going back to the Sharehouse. Sousuke tried to stop her but was loss for words when Michiru said that she thought he wanted to end the relationship. It was then Michiru realized Sousuke lied once again. Sousuke went into 'DV' mode, laid a few numbers on Michiru and this time Michiru fought back. But in the end, the stronger Sousuke won the fight and the next scene implying he had raped her. Michiru laid exhausted and defeated, only covered by the bed sheet she made a pact with Sousuke to promise not to lay a hand on her friends and in return she will stay by Sousuke and give him all the 'times' he wants [It's very obvious here that Michiru's selling her body to Sousuke here by the way she had explicitly stated how many 'times' he wants]. Sousuke was ridded with guilt when he saw Michiru weeping silently and yelled in frustration for Michiru not to cry. He got up, close the door to the bedroom and leaned against the door. Looking at the photos of happy moments of Michiru and her friends. As he looked at the photos, he started crying and regretted what he did and perhaps envious because he had no friends.

The next morning, Michiru finally woke up and dressed herself. It was also the day of Ruka's motorcross race and her family despite looking quite uncomfortable were supportive when Ruka's father smiled and stayed encouraging. At the starting point, Ruka was given supports from Eri, Ogura and Takeru but no signs of Michiru. Like any start of her race, Ruka's hand went out to caress the amulet Michiru gave but it's not there anymore. However, Ruka sent a mental prayer to Michiru before taking off.
Meanwhile, Michiru left the bedroom and noticed Sousuke sleeping on the couch. As she moved nearer, she found Sousuke holding on to a wedding dress [Not cosplay! LOL. Probably he got it for Michiru] and covered in blood. Most likely he had slit his wrist judging by the blood flow starting from his right hand. - End of Episode 10 -

Last Friends Ep11 Preview.

So. Sousuke's dead. Man. I can't help but feel sorry instead of feeling anger or happiness when he died. Probably because of the last lines in the preview;

Sousuke: 'Goodbye Michiru. I give you freedom.'

We felt the Sousuke's loneliness here, rejected by the woman he loved, no friends, a stalker to boot, he's all alone. Somehow, Sousuke really loved Michiru and the only way he can abandon or give up that love was through his death, this way he won't be breaking any promises? However, it's kinda selfish for him to do this way, knowing Michiru will feel guilty for the rest of her life.

Last Friends Ep11 Preview.

Now, I'm interested ... who's getting married in Ep11!?

I'm reckoning that Ruka won the race then she will announced her plans to go abroad and probably confess her sexual orientation to the press and public. -Back to Present- Ruka visits [As there's a bike riding scene] the pregnant Michiru and got her to marry her. The end. LOL.

Judging from the picture, the bride and groom are about the same height. Can't be Eri and Ogura since Ogura's shorter than Eri. Can't be Takeru since he's tall and his hands aint that petite. Bride and groom have the same build ... but then it could be all a dream or Michiru just passing by a church and happened to see a wedding taking place. ARGHH!

Best yet, Ruka really went for a sex change, became a man and married Michiru lol.

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  1. lol, ya i was wonderin how Michi got so far in soo little time :3 , but really whats up with the blood its soo unrealistic and sooo read and the way it was drippin u know blood isnt that runny even if he was bleedin to death it wouldnt drip that way its was rather pourin...^_^()
    Figured he'd rape her (Michi) cuz if she got pregnant from the time before she would have shown the signs of pregnancy .
    Takeru is way too sweet for him to be cheerin for Ruka like dat ...
    really some actresses get better the more they act but Masami has actually managed to get worse she was better in "Proposal Daisuksen" alongside Yamapi.

  2. to lulu-chan, haha I burst out laughing when I saw Sousuke dapped with the wedding dress and yeah well blood's supposed to look fake on TV heh. Yeah I think this rape got Michiru pregnant ha.

    Yeah, I really like Takeru~~~ more than Michiru, I'm starting to dislike her hahaha. At first I thought, oh, Michiru x Ruka!! Slowly I'm turning to Ruka x Takeru~~! Haha.

    I've never watched any other drama shows by Masami-san o_o probably she wasn't suitable as Michiru ... gotta get someone who can cry and emo well hahaha.

  3. It looks like the wedding picture of a window display. Anyway, can't wait until this episode gets subbed so I can watch it. Thanks again for the blogs!