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Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Releases of Tranquil Spring

[Posted @ 2:17 PM]
Hey all, I joined a new all-yuri scanlation group, Tranquil Spring three months ago.

Our first two releases are;
1. Little Little [Chapter 1] by Rokuko
2. Passionate Electric Waves [Part 1] by Morinaga Miruku

So please visit Tranquil Spring and bookmark http://tranquil-spring.elarai.com/blog/ =).

Please direct all comments there, thanks!

[Signing off @ 2:27 PM]


  1. cooooool , thanks but i wish you would create an IRC channel in rizon's server , go to #leech , it's my channel and i can make you a second admin :D

  2. YAY!! a new yuri scanlation group!! Sweet! Good luck ^^

  3. OMG
    The first one was so cute.
    Due to the mature content warning, I didn't dare to read to second one :P
    Thank you for the scanlation.
    You guys are awesome.

  4. to anon1, that's very kind of you =), I gotta ask my groupmates first and visit your IRC channel soon.

    to gottoluvanime, thanks =).

    to kitsune, sure, will do =).

    to kagomeki, lol welcome =).

  5. Keep up the gd work oh~