IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 6

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Woohoo an update! Yeah, I was getting lazy. Just came back from the Brisbane River Festival 2008 XD. Fireworks were awesome.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

There were so many freaking people that I had to wait for 30mins to get on the CityCat and then walked around Southbanks for 45mins to get the perfect spot. That spot was well worth it LOL.


1. Koihime†Musou Ep8
2. Strike Witches Ep8

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1. [Lililicious] Strawberry Shake Sweet Chapter 11
2. [Lililicious] Strawberry Shake Sweet Chapter 12
3. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime Vol 2 - Minus Literacy Chapter 2
4. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime Vol 3 - Gretel Chapter 3
5. [百合會][百合姬Vol.13][水野透子+千手ちゆ]Sweet Peach!-スイートピー!03话
6. [百合會][百合姬Vol.13][森島明子]琉璃色的夢
7. [秋山はる] オクターヴ 第07話 「約束」
8. [森永みるく] GIRLFRIENDS 第14話 - OZMG! MUST READ!
9. 百合姫 Wildrose Vol.02
10. [Wings of Yuri][Petit Wildrose][三国ハヂメ]極上♥ドロップス第1 & 2話
11. [Wings of Yuri][Petit Wildrose][森島明子]半熟女子 第1 & 2話
12. [Wings of Yuri] GirlxGirlxBoy Chapter 3 and 4
13. [Wings of Yuri] ES Volume 2 - P.E Storage
14. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime Vol 3 - PIERCE

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1. [Ala-Alba] Mahou Sensei Negima! - Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba Ep1

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [2% Done]

Random rants;
I'm having a presentation on monday, not really a major one but enough for me to work pretty hard for the past 2 weeks lol. Kinda worried about this module as we heard from the tutors and the students that alot of them failed last semester lol. So I'm taking extra precautions in this module. Hopefully I can post something about Yurihime Wildrose Volume 2 soon or at least post up a review or something. Depends on how well my presentation went lol. After that, I'll probably be much doing research and report writing stuff.

Hmmm, it was a really busy week for me lol, went to Lone Pine, Gold Coast - Whale Watching, Surfer's Paradise and Movie World XD. Batwing Spaceshot wasn't as scary as I've expected ... probably due to us sitting the Superman Escape before then LOL. Escape was pretty intense, the sudden gush of speed and the almost 90 degrees slop drop ... ozmg, lol. I was probably screaming my arse off with my eyes wide open. Didn't managed to sit the Lethal Weapon, which was a pity but nevertheless, it was a fun day ... lol. Oh yes, we watched Shrek in 4D too lol, it was pretty good.

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[ONA] Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

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Went to EKKA this morning/afternoon ... well it was fun, a good experience but not worth the AUD$16 lol. Blah, I'm just stingy XD. However, I took alot of photos of the farm animals there.

Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

Seducing their younger sister lol.
Nanda nya~o

Hmmm, it seems like Candy☆Boy has another theme song? Bring up ... LOVE by nayuta. Well all I can say this song will take a while to seep in ... lol.

Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

The Mandarin sub is not out yet ... I update a summary until then.

Meanwhile, watch the RAW, it's relatively easy to understand, basically it's a flashback episode where Kanade and Yukino first came to Tokyo. It seemed like Kanade wasn't happy with her dorm room lol and practically zoned out while Yukino unpacked their belongings. Yukino tried to cheer Kanade up by buying her ice-cream but Kanade's still gloomy about their room lol. In the end, Kanade was touched when Yukino told her that as long as she's with Kana-chan, she's fine with it. The episode ended with Yukino managing to get Kanade to agree to sleep together on the same bed lol.

Yukino: 'Ne, Kana-chan.'
Kanade: 'What?'
Yukino: 'Let's sleep together, Kana-chan, this way, it'll be alot warmer, surely.'
Kanade: 'Wha-? Uumm.'
Yukino: 'Ka-na-chan~.'
Kanade: 'Maa, mou, can't help it then.'
Yukino: 'Yay! Yatta!'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan, daisuki~! [I like you~!]'
Kanade: 'Yes, I know, I know.'
Yukino: 'Ehh? You don't feel that way too, Kana-chan?'
Kanade: 'Uh, su-ki desu [I like it].'


Random rants;

EKKA 2008.

I'm really really tired, walking for like 2-3 hours before having a vegetables-filled lunch I prepared last night lol. It's a great day to walk around, getting into the excitable spirit and the rides at the theme park section looks really scary and fun XD.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 5

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Connection was down. It's finally up now.

Meanwhile, enjoy Candy Boy theme song 'Koi no Katachi'「恋のカタチ」PV by KΛNΛ. The PV consist of scenes from ONA Ep1 and Ep2.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. Koihime†Musou Ep5

I just glanced through the episode looking for 'yummy' scenes lol.

2. Strike Witches Ep5/6

Still dl-ing.

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1. [Lililicious] Maria-sama ga Miteru Chapter 27
2. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime Vol 2 - Gretel Chapter 2
3. [Anon] Nanzaki Iku - Hide & Seek Chapter 2
4. [Anon] Nanzaki Iku - Hide & Seek Chapter 3
5. [百合會][百合姫 Vol.13][かずまこを]噓つきエンゲージ(謊言訂婚)
6. [百合會][百合姫Vol.13][タカハシマコ]名稱未設定

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1. Penguin Musume Haato - ED

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [2% Done]

Random rants;
Sigh, I'm just tired.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 4

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Not much this week.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

However, I've made fully use of my time by printing 'Motivation Posters' and pasting them in my room LOL. I'll post up the photos if you guys are interested?


1. Koihime†Musou Ep4

... quota. Saw some screenies of Ep4 lol, Kannu gets 'lucky'.

2. Strike Witches Ep4/5

quota!!!!!!!!!!! *Sob*

3. Mai Otome 0~S.ifr Ep2

... *Sob Sob*

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1. [Lililicious] Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol1 - Sweet Little Devil
2. [Lililicious] Strawberry Sweet Shake Chapter 1.5
3. [Lililicious] Yuri Hime Vol4 - YurixYuri Observation Diary Chapter 4
4. [Lililicious] Yuri Hime Vol4 - I Want To Become Her!
5. [Lililicious] The Secret Stairs Chapter 1
6. [Lililicious] P=NP
7. [Lililicious] Community News
8. [Lililicious] Maria-sama ga Miteru Chapter 26
9. [Lililicious] Crystal Planet Chapter 12
10. [MakiMaki] Girlfriends Chapter 13
11. [百合會][百合姬S Vol.4][倉田噓] 碎片
12. [百合會][百合姬Vol.13][藤枝雅] 飴色紅茶館歡談 Chapter 7

Btw, shijima is translating stories from ES (Eternal Sisters) Vol 1, has translated Himegami - Vol 1 and Aoishiro - Kaeishou [Manga Vol 1 and Vol 2. I think she's also excerpting passages from some novels in Yuri Hime or something and seemed like the list is growing. So if you guys are interested, check out her blog XD, it's great.

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1. Claymore
[I haven't got the chance to watch it before, now I've got it!]

[Sauces from dorm network HD, how awesome is that!?]

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [2% Done]

[Yes yes, I'm lazy]

Random rants;
I've been doing nothing but reading journal articles this afternoon and yesterday... sigh. Imagine reading journal articles then going online to read fanfics?! o_o I feel so wordy.

It's a sad semester and it's sadder to see two reports along with presentations due on the week of my birthday lol. Then it upsets me to see four reports along with presentations due on the month as well! ... I wanna go home! I think I'm feeling home sick.

... TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Just four months. I can do it. I've got a feeling that I'll cry my eyes out when I see my family o_o.

On to happier tones, Oh yeah, I'm going to my friend's place in Gatton again next week lol. They're having a celebration for her friends' birthday as well as Singapore's birthday! Me gonna get some yummy food! Sigh, so I'm trying to finish everything before that day so that I can party my arse off.

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