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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

GL Fes 20/21 and Japan Haul 2017

Hi there, it's been a while. I noticed that many pictures are broken due to photobucket's policies but eh I'm lazy to replace them all so I'll just update new content and change my template. I have a backup of most of my photos in my laptop so if you wanna see any of the pictures that were broken, just give me a comment and I'll replace it.

Other than that, I've been living in Japan for almost 9 months now and everyday is an adventure xD I've moved from the sharehouse to an apartment of my own after a month there lol. Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking then =D

Backlogs of Yurihime Wildrose #7 and #8, a random manga about the mangka's cats #1 and #2, a collection of Aoko's works, Yorita Miyuki's Kanojo no Kuchizuke series, Takano Saku (Waterfall)'s Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan #1, Tamamusi's Akarui Kioku Shoushitsu #1 and #2, Itou Hachi's Goshuujin-sama to Kemonomimi no Shoujo Meru #1, a yaoi book =P and a collection of Momono Moto's works.

A Ooshima Tomo original work, Takano Saku (Waterfall)'s Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan work, Junk-lab (Takemiya Jin)'s random works, 2 of Ooshima Tomo's NicoMaki doujinshi, a collaboration work between Hakamada Mera and Morinaga Miruku and Mira (peachpulsar)'s Earth Girls Tumugi and Yurufuwa Joshi ni Kiotsukete.

Stuff from Girlslove Fest 21, Yorita Miyuki's Sono Aka o Watashi ni and Kanojo no Kuchizuke #9, Takano Saku (Waterfall)'s Love Live! Nozomi x Eli doujinshi and Mari x Kanan short novel, Ooshima Tomo's NikoMaki doujinshi, a collection of a bunch of mangaka's works, Junk-lab (Takemiya Jin)'s original work and Mira (peachpulsar)'s Kemono Friends doujinshi and original work (nipples on every page lol).

Oh when I bought Takano Saku (Waterfall)'s Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan #1 and Tamamusi's Akarui Kioku Shoushitsu #2, I got some freebies.

Collection of Yorita Miyuki's Kanojo no Kuchizuke series #1-9 with 2 side stories (Neiru ga Kawaku made no Ichibu Shijyuu). The whole series including one of the side story, Anoko wa Watashi o Onna ni suru are scanlated and up on Dynasty Scans.

Of course, I cannot forget to get Doropanda Tours' stuff xD when I went to GLfes20 and 21 but there were no new works in 21 so I got another copy of Shunki Hatsudou Ki -Preview- so I could get the Panda Talks lol (Ah grown up Natsuki and Shizuru xD). The other is an original work, Hone Ori Shoujo. Oh btw I've uploaded phone scans of Shunki Hatsudou Ki -Preview- in the new Doropanda Tours page here! But please don't expect much quality tho.

What is Doropanda Tours without the negi reference LOL. Natsuki gets a cold again and told Shizuru to go home before she catches it as well. But Shizuru said that she'll worry if she leaves Natsuki like that and suggested that she's gonna take careNatsuki (with negi). Natsuki is like 'I TOLD YOU TO GO HOME AND STOP GIVING ME TRAUMAS!' lol

Well that's all for today and I need to add more to my ever growing collection muahaha.

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