The Reasons Why I Don't Like To Talk.

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My LAM Reading notes [Note: 26 two sided freaking pages] have been lying on my desktop, around 1 foot beside me for around 30mins and ... i juz touched it once to write the date for tomorrow LOL!!! God, i feel so sick when i flipped through the little little wordings. I think it's font size 11 sia. I'm blind, next time use font size 14 or 18 ok? LoL.

Oh, i was readin the blogs of C and HQ in the last 30mins [Still readin now]. I wanna know more abt my classmates. So i asked those online in my MSN list for blog links, most said do not have. I guess blogging is not really popular huh. I think i'm hooked on blogging ha, even since this year Jan, i wanna prove to myself i can keep a diary, even online one counts oK! LoL. I realized i have alot to say.

Question: Do you know why i dun like to talk?

Answer: Cos i feel it's bothersome lol.

My brain thinks too fast. Allow me to explain how my brain works, first i think then a line of words went though from my right to my left brain then it goes to my 'Should i say this' brain, if yes, proceed to 'Mouth', if not proceed to 'Rubbish Bin' LOL! [Too much questionnaire!!! Still stuck in that era!!!] I guess i kinda think too much on the other party's feelings ba, especially those i'm not very familiar with, i'll think hard and think of the various ways how they will react IF i said what i wanna say LOL. So it's bothersome right? But i sound so ... pretentious, like i'm sucking up to people by saying things that make them look good. No. I am not. I guess i'm juz not good with dealing with people. Firstly, i dun live in HDB flats, i do not have neighbours that lives like 2-3 steps away from my house door. OK I LIVE IN A RURAL AREA! LOL I'M A KAMPONG GIRL! FINE! HAPPY?! LoL. So i guess i'm all up to myself and my parents and plants and aunts and uncles and workers till i'm around 5 and my second brother was born. But i still played by myself, -.-||| I dun go to kindergarden till i'm 5-6yrs old and it's not those full day one, it's like only 4-5hrs then go home le. Ah i remembered my uncle sent moi home riding motorbike whee and i tried riding a motorbike when i was 12. HAHAHA. SO FREAKING COOL!
I started 'driving' a golfcar when i was 8. Muaha. I started riding a bicycle when i was 3. So in my sad 5 lonely years, i was riding my bicycle around the big road in my home. Ha, tat's what u get for being a kampong girl MUAHAHA. I got tons of cuts cos i rode fast and fell, but i always go faster each time i fell LOL, and i even wear the motorbike helmet ahaha, like so darn cool. I'm pretty tomboyish when i was young, short haircut and people always mistaken me for a boy. Not like i care.

Ok i'm going off track ha. Where was i? Eh, ok oh my neighbours are like probably 10m away from me but i used to play with my neighbours' kids when i was in primary school, but now we dun le. They dun live there anymore. We used to adopt little kitten and puppies. I remembered we kept this puppy called 'Lucky' i love cute animals lol. Always play with her ... and we saw her gave birth and we saw the little puppies been given away and stuff. It's pretty sad, my dad dun like dogs. We used to have a big black dog, but he's not mine, his name's 'Lucky' too. [What's with the Lucky name?!] Yeah, he died cos a lorry ran over his legs and he died i guess, i was in pri4 then. I got home then i realized that Lucky's not around then mum told me he died. Did i cry? I think so.

This afternoon while waiting to go for IB lec [Which was freaking 1hr only lol god], me, XT and ZY were at the library doing our LAM project. I practically blanked out on the first 30mins. I dunno why. I guess i'm not in a mood. That's the second reason why i dun like to talk, by nature i'm not really a talkative person, i dun slip into people's shoes tat easily. I dun click with people easily. Juz like i dun click with Stefanie Sun at first, i juz clicked with her on her 'Kite' album. So, people will get tried of approaching me, probably thinking i'm dao, not interested or dislike them. But no. I jus. Can't trust people easily. Pretty insulting huh? But tat's the way i am. I dun have really best/good friends i could brag about. None. Zero. Nope. Sounds sad huh? Becos i dun like to tok, i have no friends haha. Cos friends need to keep in touch and keeping in touch either means chatting on the phone, which i hate cos of my sensitive ears. I think i got this trait from my mum. She doesn't have really good friends she could keep in touch with too. Going back to the project discussion, we didn't do much for LAM in the end cos i zoned out lol. I feel rather sleepy and sick, my brain wasn't functioning very well. So in the end XT and ZY talked about horoscopes lol. They're both Cancerians ... then they're talking abt themselves being moody, gets jealous easily ha and stuff. Then i realized i have nothing of a Libran. I do not have the charisma, looks, outspoken or watever a Libran should have. I think i'm born on the wrong month lol. Sometimes i think tat i shouldn't be born at all. I'm so fucked up.

This is my last sem, i realized i have no goals, i dunno wat to do when i graduate. My friends will say i could go help my dad. I could. But. Not tat i dun wanna but i feel it's not right. I dunno wat is not right but really recently, i feel tat life has no meaning for me. I dun look forward to anything ... OK EXCEPT STEFANIE SUN'S CONCERT ON 14TH JANUARY 2006 LOL. That's one thing i'm freaking looking forward to. After that? I dunno. I think i'm working ok in my group, i dunno how my groupmates think, they might think i'm a slacker, i'm too quiet, i dun contribute ideas, lazy, not creative? I dunno. Oh and i'm not confident when i talk. I can't express myself well, i tend to stammer. That's why i rather dun tok cos i'll lose control. I'm not a grateful person also hahaha, i'm baddddd with dates, numbers, names and faces. Once i even forgot my own home number LOL. Oh another reason why i dun like to talk, cos when u tok, u tend to blurt out secrets. Haha like wat i did recently. I blurted out something i shouldn't had said and i feel really responsible for it. But i'm not usually like tat.

I think i need to go back to my protective shield again, i dun wanna go near to anyone, i dun wanna feel responsible for anything anymore. I'm a selfish person, i hate being responsible for stuff that i shouldn't even been responsible for. Sometimes i hate myself. I'm getting so soft as i get older, i cry easily, reading manga, listening to songs, even as i'm typing now i feel my eyes brimming with tears. I guess my time is here. No. I'm not stressed up. I dunno. No. It's not tat time of the month. I dunno probably i'm going through what i had gone through when i was secondary one.

How many times have i typed 'I dunno'? LoL Count.

I dun have much friends when i was in primary school, i guess i'm the quiet one who the teacher always forgot. I dun really care. I got this gang in pri5/6, 6 of us, then we got like Da Jie, Er Jie, San Jie, Si Jie, Wu Mei, Xiao Mei. I'm Si Jie, then they call me Si Mei-Ahhh~ Hahaha. We go according to our birthdays. Then we play crocodile on the sit-up benches during breaks and after school. I miss those days. Then after PSLE, we spitted all into different schools. I alone went to NVSS. I dunno if i said this b4 somewhere but when i was in sec 1, my number was i think 8, then number 7 transferred out so i was alone during pair works. Juz then number 9 and number 10 student clicked with each other and i feel REALLY REALLY bad to like indirectly split them out when teachers ask me to pair up with number 9. I guess from then on i left even more ... let's say useless. I feel like i'm extra, i shouldn't be there, i'm a thorn in a bed of roses. I'm a mouse shit in a bowl of porridge. I got even more quiet till i'm used to it le. When i got sick, i guess noone realized too. From then on, i dun trust people easily or rather i feel scared of getting close to people. Cos i feel useless.

But thanks to Sivagami, Lili ha, friends i made in secondary 3, i guess i began to trust people again. They made the first step to tok to me i guess, i forgot actually hahaha. Then i think i got better, i sang during class with Sivagami haha, it was fun. And i think i got my first crush on a guy tat year too. [I'm not saying who, i got over him already] Tat was the year i began to enjoy music and 'fell in love' with Stefanie Sun. I love the last two years in NVSS, bitching about certain teachers and ahem ahem stuff haha. It's like i'm living an average secondary school student life again. Then i found myself to be very sarcastic if i want to. Hahaha. I realized i could make jokes too. Then i made more friends like Sock Wai through the wonders of animes/mangas~~~ Haha also the computer club and i made friends in the choir too. Joined NDP01 for the first time, had fun and tasted the joy of being in a group. I like.

But after Os, i assumed i'm back to the secondary 1 flashback again, i dun adopt well to changing environments. Oh i forgot abt the 3 months JC thingy lol, i was forced to go in. I dun like JC abit. So ... stressing. Ha. I made some friends there too, but it was not lasting, no contact with each other le, except probably 1 or 2. Had some bad experiences there, i had my first taste of protecting a friend ahaha. I put my new sarcastic ability into use and my emotions shown up pretty well.

I developed a new character. If i dislike u, i will dislike u and i will say it in ur freaking face i dislike u. Till now, there is only one. So i'm wondering if another one is coming out? Hahaha. I guess my temper mellowed down a little le, i dun dislike a person so easily, i'm usually easy going. But if u anger me or piss me off, i'll make ur life a living hell. I might be quiet but doesn't mean i'm a pushover.

I dun like borrowing money from people, i rather starve and die. If people do a favour for me, i make it in my mind to pay back 5 times better to him/her. Cos i'll feel very very very bad if i dun do something for him/her.

I dunno why i feel like typing out my personal stuff tonight here but i guess there's no harm, i mean, i have nothing to hide. I dun kill, hurt or bribe people ha.

I juz got this feeling that i had when i was secondary 1 and 2 i guess so i had this mental break down these few weeks. Sorry my groupmates.

I juz dun wanna go back to my old me, i hate myself. I used to eat alone in canteen, i used to go home alone, i used to do my projects alone, i used to have no friends to talk to. Sometimes i'm afraid of myself. I think i'm mentally unstable.

I dun like bottling up my emotions, so i show them with my expressions i guess. I'm scared that people around me couldn't handle it and got scared. So i rather dun tok. Ah. I'm a complicated person and a very very depressed one.

I felt better after typing so much crap lol. Hope this post doesn't scare anyone off. =) Ok, i have to get in gear for future projects, i dun wanna burden my groupmates anymore. I'm sure my old self was torn away from me and i never want to see it again ever. ever. ever. ever.

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PS: Time to jump into the world of LAM ... lol

[Manga] The Celestial Zone II #35

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[Stares at IB Tutorial 7 & 8 for tomorrow ...] Why is this sem's modules so full of readings? I mean for the past sems, i never had read my notes till study week and exam weeks lol. God, i have to read LAM notes during LAM tutorials, but the good old me read before tutorials lol [I'm a good girl sometimes] so LAM tutorial at 9am is like silent reading for primary school kids lol. I like reading but this is getting wayyyy too ridiculous lol. Ok back to IB, i'm lazy to read but i'll read it anyways, it juz depends wat time i will touch it lol. I printed it today and got a shock, 6 freaking pages! Two sided! LoL, i mean tutorials are never this long for me. Hey, this opening is getting a little long, let's jump into today's main dish, The Celestial Zone II #35 cos i'm lazy to do others.

The Celestial Zone II #35.

Basically, cos the TCZ forum is hot on the topic of 'Cos Ziyan sacrificed her looks to save Wang Chan so she deserved Wang Chan more than Chi Xue or Xing Ling and blah' I juz wanna tok more here. [I mean, noone will read here, i'm such a lonely person. LoL] Ahh, finally TCZ II got some relationship thingy going on lol, i like the action but i like the romance too heh. Let's see, we have love vibes coming from Xue Wu and Red Phoenix, yay i'm kinda happy for them ha.

I'm truly shock when i got hints from pg16-19 in TCZ II #35 that Chi Xue might be in love with Wang Chan and vice versa. I mean, am i so dense?! LOL. I never got that 'feeling' when i read 'Adventures of Chi Xue' god, i even read that 3 times but i never got the hint? AHHHH. I must be getting old!!! LoL. TCZ II #35 also ended at a cliffhanger. Wang Chan vs Dancing Butterfly and Tian Mo vs Bai Bing. [I prefer Bai Bing than using White Frost] 5 more volumes to go, who will Wang Chan choose? Or will he choose noone and be a monk instead?! [LOL i posted tat on the TCZ forum XP] Stay tune for more next time ha. Or juz go to TCZ forum and debate with us about the zy X cx X xl X wc thingy lol. It's getting fun =D.

Going back to IB, i'm lazy. Tomorrow still need to present IB Culture tutorial ... sianz. I hope everything turns out well. Yeah, i guess. [Gets out IB tutorial again] AHHHHHHHH. [Throws on the ground]

[Signing off @ 10:20 PM]

PS: Off to do BB peer assessment lol. Sianz.

Pani Poni Dash! Ep8

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Pani Poni Dash! Ep8 screenshots tonight cos i feel like it lol.

HM, I Give 60.WOOOT! 100 100 100!Shiku Shiku.
Rei's An Evil Witch!Behoimi To The Rescue!Be-Be-Behoimi?!

- Behoimi tries to get away from magical girl aka mahou shoujo status and be a nurse! But failed cos lol a certian someone looks more sexy than her in a nurse costume.

- Rei used black magic to really make Behoimi into a magical girl ... but failed. Then i forgot. LoL Sorry.

Ah, i'm lazy, i wanted to type out Mai Otome Ep4's summary but ... got lazy. Blah. I was editing BB questionnaire too, but it juz took me 15mins la lol. Then i tried thinking LAM general questions but only thought of one little sad question. I tried researching though Yahoo, but failed. Oh this afternoon i was doing IB slides, lol i tried to be creative by putting bubbles and boxes so that it wouldn't look too chunky. But failed? I dunno LoL, took me quite a well to make juz 10 slides ... like 3hrs god. 1pm-4pm then i ran to watch D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload.

Oh then i downloaded D.N Angel OP [Instrumental] cos i dun like the singer's voice, a little too ... mono lol then also ED, which i kinda like. Ahhh what did i do today????!! Oh it's my mum's birthday. I juz realized! GOD NO! AH. *Runs to wish mum happy birthday* Manz, i'm a such a bad daughter. I was too busy with my projects and time flies and it's 27th le. God. So fast.

Soon it will be the month of december ... *shivers* ... ha Oh i didn't do any tutorial ... slacky slacky. Hm on saturday, i was sleeping all afternoon. LoL. Really. Woke up at around 6pm then mum said we're going to my uncle's house in Thomson as it's his son's birthday. Yeah, it's three stories high, kinda cool. Explored every single room there muahahaha then we played balloon in the baby's room LOL. 5 guys and 1 girl playing balloon in the baby's room! LoL, Oh and one spy lol. Haha. But it was fun, ate alot, it was a buffet, it was like meat feast, i didn't see any veges there lol, curry chicken, curry mutton, black pepper chicken slices, fried prawn, fried chicken wings, mee hoon, rice and stuff. We drank cups and cups of lemonade lol.

Then my cousins toked abt this guy called Gary lol, my first thought was Gary the SeaSnail LOL, from SpongeBobs SquarePants LOL. Then i went 'Meowww~' LOL LOL! Yeah then they described how he ate the wat duck noodle with chopsticks and stuff lol. My brothers said he came to my house b4, then i was asleep. Blah. Then they said he's short lol even though he's 16. Around 1.4m? Not sure. Ha.

Manz, i got to really think of LAM questions. But i dun wannnaaa. I juz printed the BB questionnaire, hope it turns out good. Well i think it kinda looks professional lol. Ah. I feel sleepy too. I'm off to watch PDD Ep11 ... i didn't watch last night lol. Lazy lazy. Lappy got 3.8 GB left and Mai Otome Ep8's sub is out!! NO! NO! NO! Ep9's preview is shocking!! AHHH LOL. Shizuru's applying lotion on Natsuki's backkkkkkkkkkk~ LoL. *THANK YOU SUNRISE!* I can sleep in peace tonight! LoL. I knew abt it like on friday afternoon le, but juz slip my mind blah. I'm not in a mood to blog this few weeks, start of projects, i have to get in gear yeah.

Slacking is a past now ...

[Signing off @ 11:07 PM]

PS: ... SIAN ...

Cos I Dun Feel Like It ...

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Not blogging any animes tonight cos i dun feel like it lol. My brain's overloaded from thinking too much from today. Thinking stupid general BB questionnaire questions ... then uh yeah reading the textbook, chapter 12 on values, lifestyles and blah blah blah blah blah. Wateverrrr.

Yeah so feel like sleeping after i watch Godannar later, not ever going to watch the anime that goes after it, yucks, gross, i need to clean myself ha.

Yeah, but i had fun today ba, besides doing BB, having BB tut, SMM tut ... we were joking and slacking around at the same time. =)

Well cya, off to watch Pani Poni Dash Ep11 ... heh.

[Signing off @ 10:32 PM]

PS: Lalalalalalalala~

Blood+ Ep5

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Damn tired tonight, lol, LC and JZ came my house this afternoon, then we were baking chocolate cake ... so ... tired now ha. Busy with BB Questionnaire the last two days so didn't blog. Yeah sorry ha. Here's Blood+ Ep5 screenshots.

Mr Hagi, Sorry To Inform You But You're Pregnant.Who's That Hiding Behind?Saya's Upset.
Ouch.Awww~ Touched.=O

- In this kinda like hospital room scene ... George is there la, i dunno how to describe lol. -OP Insert- Hagi and Saya in a hospital, Saya's sitting on this bed staring at her blade. Flashback to David telling Saya, Kai and Riku that George had been taken away by the US Military. Kai's pissed that David and company knew George's been taken away but didn't do anything to stop it. David explained that he didn't want to alert the enemies and will try to do everything they can. Looking at Saya, David said that there might be a Chiropteran where George is in. Saya's still traumatized from the way she rubbed the drops on blood that was on her lap. David told Saya to come with them cos only Saya could do it. Saya paused and thought for a moment, looking at Kai, Kai looked away and Saya replied, she will. Kai looks a little stunned, then said that he will go too, David agreed and so Kai got on his bike and left.

- Back in the hospital, Saya asked Hagi if he would help her. Hagi replied, if that's what you wish. Saya thanked Hagi and left saying she wanted to breath some fresh air. At the rooftop, Saya overhearded Kai and Riku talking if George would be alright as it had been 3 days. Riku suggested to ask David if he knew the whereabouts of George and they're go find him themselves along with Saya. Kai replied that Saya's different from them. Riku then noticed Saya had heard the whole conversation, Saya said she's sorry. Kai left saying he's going to the bathroom. Scene change to David reporting the news to HQ and blah blah blah. David found the whereabouts of George, Kai was overheard it and demanded why David won't let him go with them. David said he will only slow them down. To show that he really mean it, David brought Kai to the rooftop and fought with him in front of Saya and Riku. Kai got kicked pretty badly.

- After whacking Kai, David told Saya that they've found George and told Saya to inform Hagi and they'll head out at night. Saya followed David out, Kai called out to Saya to bring him too. Saya clenched her fist, told Kai not to go, wait for them as he can't do anything and will only slow them down, so don't come. Kai's devastated, murmured that he's useless cos he can't even protect what's important to him. Night time, David, Saya and Hagi set out. As Hagi got his stuff from the bunk of the car, Saya found a bundle of Onigiris [Rice balls] with Kai and Riku cheering on Saya. saya's touched and probably pumped up, told Hagi to get her blade. Three of them then set out to save George. Seems like the Military's gonna blow up Yanbaru, the place where George, the victims of Chiropteran attacks and Chiropterans were hiding. In Yanbaru, George's awaken by the crashing noises a Chiropteran was making.

- The place was pretty trashed up. Wah then the Chiropteran made a dent against the metal door that leads to the room George and the other victims were in.

Art: 7/10
Story: 6/10 [Nothing much, this Ep stopped at a really cliff hanger lol]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Manz, Kai and Riku are so sweet, making Onigiris for Saya and company]
Overall: 6.5/10

Really tired, i didn't even wanna open my eyes to read fanfics lol ... so i figured to blog to wake myself up but i guess it's not working. I juz wanna sleep after watching Kita e Diamond Dust Drops Ep12 [END] later and Godannar ha. I'll juz do the summary for Mai Otome Ep4 tomorrow, no time to do last two days, busy with BB ... sigh

Tomorrow maybe need to do BB questionnaire again, yeah rearrange and stuff. Then do BB and SMM tutorials heh, like i will do mah? Ha. I wanna pong BB tutorial le, then go to Bishan Sistic there and be one of the extra YanZi Fans queuing up lol. But need to ask questions abt project so i guess cannot ... manz, i really wanna goooooooooooooo de!!!!!~~~ Besides i need to get the cakes for LC, JZ, MyStamp class and my class lol. The cakes are in my hands so i HAVE to go to sch XP

So yeah, i'm sleepy, i guess i'll juz watch TV lol. Cya.

[Signing off @ 10:33 PM]

PS: Let's go, ahhh he's nuts, ah he's shooting at us ahh, hey he's a traitor ... lol <-- phrases from some game my bros were always playing. I guess i miss them, ahh they're coming home tonight lol.

Blood+ Ep4

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Manz, i'm so proud of myself today lol, i typed out both Blood+ Ep4 and Ep5 summaries in 2hrs~ [Puffs out chest] LoL. Well i can't stop myself cos Ep4 ended in such a situation that i HAD to watch Ep5 lol. Here's Blood+ Ep4 screenshots =)

George Lying In Da Bed.Kai's Girlfriend, Mao.Forrest Sucking Blood Outta Remy.
Saya + Blood = Sexy LoL.*Stare*Forrest VS Hagi.

- George's being rushed into the Emergency Room and he's bleeding pretty badly. Kai's pissed and bammed his fist against the wall probably cos he can't do anything. Saya waited outside the room for George to wake up and blamed herself for what had happened to George. Julia, Saya's doctor was also a member of the Red Shield and she had a little chat with David. Suddenly Riku rushed in and called for Saya. David got a call that Kai had took George's Colt and left to kill Forrest. Riku and Saya then left the hospital in a taxi. Riku and Saya asked the whereabouts from Kai's friends and they said Kai had left on his bike to find this girl, Remy, that Forrest used to date. While walking with Kai's friends to Remy's work place, Saya could hear the voices of people even though they're far away. Staring at the crescent moon above, Saya could hear the moaning voice of Forrest.

- One of Kai's friend shook Saya out of her thoughts. Scene change to the Military people losing track of the Mouse. Saya, Riku and company reached Remy's work place to find Kai's bike not there. While there, Kai's girlfriend, Mao was looking for Forrest for Kai. When Mao asked what happened, Riku said Kai's going to kill Forrest and had ran off with a gun. Seems like Mao's a pretty rich girl or her dad's in the military, cos she called her dad then told her dad they're looking for Remy and probably asked her daddy to find Remy for her. Mao, Saya and Riku then left in Mao's car. Scene change to Remy, after buying stuff from the store, hailed a taxi with Kai following closely behind her. Remy stopped at some ... uh abandoned store buildings and stuff. Kai stopped too and took out his gun, suddenly Remy's screaming voice was heard and Kai rushed in.

- Kai crashed open the door and saw Forrest sucking the blood of Remy. Kai yelled Forrest's name, Forrest attacked him and Kai shot him with his gun. Scene change to Saya feeling the shot and asking Mao to stop the car. Saya alighted the car and ran off, along with Riku. David noticed Riku running and also left his car to chase after him. Saya ran to this alley, suddenly Hagi hopped in front of Saya, kneeling down. A howling voice was heard in the background. Hagi told Saya that she could hear the voices right. Saya asked Hagi to tell her, what she need to do. Hagi told Saya to call him Hagi and command him. Saya paused for a moment and commanded Hagi to save Kai cos she doesn't want anyone to be hurt anymore. Hagi took out his monster claw again, used a blade to cut open a wound with the blood dripping from the monster claw. Saya's eyes turned red as the blood continued dripping.

- Riku ran in the scene and saw Saya with blood stains around her lips, Hagi then carried Saya and took off. David ran into the scene and saw Riku covering his ears, scared of out his wits from the howling sounds. Scene change to Kai still shooting Forrest with his gun, but there doesn't seem to an effect, Forrest proceeds to attack Kai but was stopped by Saya's presence from above. Forrest stared at Saya, making 'hey hey' sounds LOL, Saya took out her blade, Forrest actually grinned, enlarged his bat wings and flew towards Saya. Hagi stomped on Forrest sending both of them tumbling down. Hagi fought Forrest, manz, Hagi's a strong one, he could actually stop one of Forrest's attacks. Forrest noticed Saya again and rushed towards Saya. By that time, Saya had smeared the blade with her blood and sliced off Forrest's left arm.

- Forrest tried to get up but was solidified. [By probably Saya's blood] Hagi replaced the covering of the blade and Saya's eyes turned to normal. Saya kneeled down and cried. The Red Shield staff then arrived to collect the bodies ... as Kai and Riku looked on. Kai said that, he still can't do anything. David asked Hagi if Saya has awoken completely. Hagi replied not yet. David got a call from Julia and Julia told him that George had been kidnapped by them. [Them refers to the Military people] -END-

- Manz, i'm falling in love with the ending, at the first Ep when i heard it, i wasn't liking it much, but after listening it for a few more times, manz, i feel this heart-wrenching feeling boiling inside me. It really has an effect sia, especially after the Ep3 where Saya's crying Otou-san ... then the ED slots in ... manz, i almost cried, i even had to bite my lips to fight back the tears lol. Manz, the chrous is the best, cos when the chrous starts, the picture's Saya with her hand like reaching out ... so ... touching and the smiling faces of Kai, George, Riku and Saya made it even more ... touching. Manz, i'm so weak with family ties. LoL. Manz, when i read the lyrics, it's even worse lol, 'I'm moved by my beloved's smile; And even when i'm stuck shaken by the storm; I want to protect him, for even if it means sacrificing everything; My love will turn into strength.' GOD SO TOUCHING!!!

God, i cried.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Great tension, manz, i love the battle between Hagi/Saya and Forrest so ... heart-pounding~ Gotta love the BGM]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Kai's a really really good kid, i'm beginning to like him]
Overall: 7/10

Actually i wanted to go cut my hair this afternoon, but ... i bathed lol so i decided not to go then. Blah. I think i'll juz cut my hair another time. No worries.

Now i'm feeling a little tired, oh i watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Channel 5 juz now ha, ook, brings back memories and i was 'predicting' most of the scenes lol hahahaha, feels so good to had read the book. [Grins] Speaking of HP, HP - Goblet of Fire is out in cinemas now lol, on November 17th actually yeah, i ... couldn't find the suitable time to go watch blah, i dun like watching movies ... makes me dizzy haha. Dun ask me why. I get dizzy easily ... sit bus, dizzy, sit car, dizzy, walk across smelly pathway, dizzy lol.

Oh my mum, aunt and bros are going to Genting Highlands tomorrow for 3 days and so, the house is me and me alone for 3 days~ well till night time when my dad comes home of course. Oh i forgot abt the maid too lol. Ha. But still, house will be darn quiet yay, i love it then i blast my songs on the loud speaker and no one in hell cares! Whee! LOL. Actually i wanna go but tutorial la, sigh, i wanna ride the roller coasters and play games too ... sigh.

I'm getttting pretty sleepy, i haven't done anything for BPC peer assessment yet ... ah, tomorrow morning ba, blah out craps lol. I forgot what i did for the last two weeks le, did i even do anything? Oh, i think i did something but forgot lol. I didn't take note de la. Now waiting for my hair to dry ... hm, then i'll go to bed and wake up 6.30am to scribble BPC stuff then read fanfics then eat Fish's birthday chocolate cake as breakfast. Ah perfecto. Heh.

I wanted to do Mai Otome Ep4 after i finished Blood+ Ep5 but got a little tired, so i went out to play with my african greys, Zick and Shadow. Heh. Manz, they're getting cranky and bit me ... damn i feed them everyday and what do they do to me. Bite me. Kaoz. I dun feed u all then u know lol. Nah, juz empty threats ... i love my greys lol, i might grumble and complain and whine but i love them all the same =)

Well, i wanna go read fanfics, then off to bed, so cya tomorrow for more Blood+ then it's Mai Otome time. Heh. Ta ta.

[Signing off @ 10:51 PM]

PS: Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, everyday~

Happy Birthday Fish Ball! + Blood+ Ep3

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Who's Fish Ball i hear you exclaim lol, Fish Ball or Fish or Fish Cake or Crab Fish or Crab Meat are nicknames for my youngest brother hahahaha. Cos his chinese name got 'Han' we call him 'Luo Han', 'Luo Han' is a kinda of fish, so slowly we call him fish then become fish ball, then fish cake and now to crab lolllll. Anyways, here's Blood+ Ep3 screenshots whee! I'm on a bloody spree.

Saya With Long Hair.Saya With Short Hair.Saya, You're ...
Let's Go.DIE!Saya: 'Otou-san!!!!'

- Ep started with ... George finding a naked girl with very long hair lying on the grounds of some ruins place then George was like scared and pointing his gun at her. Suddenly the girl grabbed George's ankle, George pointed the gun straight at the girl's head as the girl slowly got up and lifted her head up. It was Saya. -OP slots in- Saya probably still worried about the George and David conversation and told George that could stay here right then left for school. In Shougyou High school, the principal's talking about the dead sensei and blah blah. Saya's feeling a little uncomfortable over it as she was reminded of the scenes from Ep1. Saya went in the Chem lab and found everything was the same as before. Everyone is forgetting whatever happened. The miltary side is getting pretty tense up too. Oh then second Mouse appears, calling George's name.

- David comes back to talk to George again, pressuring George to tell Saya about her past. David said there's no time as the second Mouse is coming in and gave George till sunset to tell Saya. After school, Kaori invited Saya to go have Okonomiyaki, [Japanese Pancake] as they're walking, George arrived in his van and told Saya that he had something to let her see. As Saya and George went out, Riku stayed in Kaori's house and Kaori's wondering where they're going and stuff. As George drove Saya to the place, none of them spoke. George brought Saya to the place where George first found Saya lying on the ground. George said it's the place where all Miyagusuku ancestors rest along with his wife and daughter. George then said that he was in the Vietnam War and was asked by his savior to watch over Saya until she awaken.

- When his wife and daughter died in an accident, George wanted to die too, but Saya's sleeping self told him to 'Live' and so he did. George adopted Kai and Riku and live life to the fullest. As time past, Saya continued sleeping ... then and a year ago, Saya awoke and seeing Saya's face, George swore to raise Saya as his own daughter. Suddenly, George's handphone rang, David told George that the time's up. George told Saya that they should go as there's people waiting for them back home. Scene change to Kai in a petrol station fixing up his bike so that he could bring Saya to the northern tip of the island. A car then stopped in front of them, a man who's a reporter got out of the car and was talking stuff about the dead sensei who was killed by the bat beast. Kai then noticed a man in a cloak + hood walking.

- Kai remembered him as Forrest, a cry-baby who was a regular at George's pub. When one of Kai's friend called out to Forrest, Forrest turned around and Kai noticed his pale face and red eyes. Kai ran after Forrest, telling his friends to look after his bike. Meanwhile, the miltary got signs of the second Mouse. George stopped his van in front of the pub ... and David's waiting for them in the pub. David introduced himself as a member of the Red Shield, a defense against certain entities, like what happened in school and the monsters aka Chiropterans. David said that he need Saya on their side to kill the monsters, as she's the only one with the blood that can kill them without fail. Suddenly, Forrest walked in and cried for help. Forrest walked in and sat on one of the chair, George told Saya to pour a glass of water for him.

- As Saya placed the glass of water beside Forrest, Forrest's eyes suddenly turned red again and his left hand turned into some monster claw and moved towards Saya. David sensed the beast, took out his gun, yelled at Saya to back off and shot at Forrest. When George asked why David shot Forrest, David replied that cos he's a Chiropteran. David then told George and Saya to run outside as he continued to shoot at Forrest. Forrest grabbed David by the shoulders and pushed him against the van outside. David fainted. Forrest walked towards George and Saya, especially Saya and attacked them. Hagi came to the rescue, using his violin case to block the attack and kicked Forrest away. Hagi then held the sword to Saya and told Saya to fight. Saya grabbed hold of the sword, remembering what she had done to the Mouse 1, cried that she couldn't fight.

- George took the sword from Saya, walked towards Forrest, yelled that Saya's his daughter, will not let Forrest hurt her then attacked him. Saya wanted to stop her father but Hagi stopped her from moving forwards. George slashed down on Forrest, but Forrest's left arm blocked him and he used his right claws to wound George on his stomach. George was thrown back, as he laid on the ground, he asked Forrest why ... Forrest was suddenly awaken, his eyes turned back to normal, shocked and ran away. George was left bleeding on the ground with Saya crying out, Otou-san. -END-

Art: 7/10
Story: 6/10 [Saya's past is finally revealed to Saya. Hm. Nothing much]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Kai makes a really good older brother ha]
Overall: 6.5/10

Here's the birthday cake of Fish;

Fish Ball's Birthday Cake.

I took it just now lol. Oh for dinner we went to Jalan Kayu and had ice-cream prata~~~ Whee. So yummy, i shared with my bro then my bro ate halfway said that he's sick of ice-cream and wanted to puke lol so i ate the rest. Then my mum said she can't finish hers, so i had hers, wah she ate like only 1/4 of it then i finished up all lol. Ice-cream's my fave~ i could never get sick of it. Ahh, too bad i didn't bring my handphone or cam with me lol or i'll take photos XP. Our family got this habit of not bringing handphones when we go out and eat lol, dun want anyone to bother us when we eat heh. I like. =)

Oh, besides Ice-cream roti prata, we had Kum Meng soup aka Mutton Soup, Mutarbak aka Egg Prata + Chicken/Mutton Fillings, Pratas, Egg Pratas, Satays and Indian Rojak. Wooot, so yummy and i'm stuffed lol. [I dunno if the spellings are right lol, i juz anyhow spell out XP.] I think 10 of us went then the whole meal was like around $80, quite cheap la, i mean we had quite alot really, 4 sets of Ice-cream pratas, 4 Mutarbak, 10 Pratas and Egg Pratas, a whole plate of Indian Rojak, 4 bowls of Kum Meng Soup and i think around 30-40 sticks of Satays lol. We eat alot huh. Food is good =)

Even though we took pictures and blew the candles on the cake juz now, we didn't eat lol, too full so we're saving it for tomorrow's breakfast ha. Tomorrow need to do tutorials le ... sigh IB, LAM oh, IB need to presentation somemore, kaoz and BPC, do what peer assessment, sigh. Lazy sia. Oh but i dun think i'm lazy today, i typed out Mai Otome Ep3 and Blood+ Ep3 summaries whee later going to probably watch POT or type out Blood+ Ep4's summary. Ah i wanna do Blood+ to Ep5 since i got Ep6 in my folder le ... Mai Otome ... gotta wait till tues/wed ba haha, but i think i'm handling it pretty well this time heh. No rush. I juz type when i want to.

Ook, i still got Pani Poni Dash! Ep8/9 ... sigh, i've been rewatching the first 10mins since like last two weeks, lol cos i watch halfway then i need to take a break then i forgot abt it till 3-4 days later then i rewatch and forgot all abt it again lol. Ahhh, i'll go watch TV, then watch POT or Blood+ ba cya.

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PS: Jump Jump~ LoL.

No Mai Otome Tonight Gomen.

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I wanted to do Mai Otome Ep3 highlights after my dinner which is 8pm but ... the workers are unloading the ... uh bamboo plants and stuff from the containers so they're using up all the freaking power source ... so my lappy blanked out twice lol. So ... do u think i got time to type Mai Otome Ep3 highlights out? Apparently not.

So i'm doing it tomorrow instead and go watch Prince of Tennis now hahahaa. Watching eh Ep122 now, so cya. Oh yes, i read Mai Otome Ep7 spoilers this morning ... ahhhhhhhhh it's so exciting!! LoL. It's a Mashiro X Arika bonding Ep ... well gtg then till tomorrow.

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PS: Ryoma-sama~~~ Kakkoii~ Haha.

Mai Otome Ep2

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... Here's Mai Otome Ep2 i painshakingly typed out LoL for two hours ...

Ookini.Shocku.My Castle?!
MAKI MAKI! LOLKaiwaii Ojou-san.Nagi.

- Continued from previous Ep, Shizuru's wayyyyyyyyyy cool descend from the sky and Arika going 'wow'. Sergay cut in to tell Arika to keep her pendant. Arika told Sergay off and said her granny already told her about it. Mashiro's identity as the princess was revealed when Aoi came running the scene with Mikoto. When Natsuki asked Sergay if Arika's an acquaintance of him, Sergay tried to probably cook up a lie or something however Arika cut in, introduced herself and asked Natsuki to enroll her in Galderobe. Arika started babbling how cool Shizuru is and wanted to be like her, in the meantime, she's also searching for her mother who is an Otome. Sergay and Natsuki asked Arika for her mother's name at the same time lol, then they stared at each other, Sergay, like a gentleman, gave in LOL. [Seems like Natsuki and Sergay's not in good terms =D LoL]

- Arika replied that she don't know her mother's name cos her granny [probably] died before she could tell Arika. LoL then Natsuki and Sergay continued their glares at each other ... hahaha. Shizuru probably saw the tension between them so decided to loosen it up, so she walked towards Arika and said she's happy that Arika likes her performance so much. Arika went 'star-stucked' lol, Shizuru then commented that Arika's a cute girl, advanced towards Arika, her left hand tilting Arika's chin upwards, said 'Ookini', [Thank You] leaded in closely towards Arika's lips [?!] with Arika blushed pretty hard. As Shizuru went in for the lips, she had one eye opened looking at probably Natsuki LoL. Then scene changed to Natsuki catching Shizuru's wink, looking a little stunned LOL.

- Shizuru went passed Arika's lips and blowed softly in Arika's sensitive ear. LOL Arika apparently got probably so hypered up that she fainted from the sensation [Ahhhh~~~ lucky~ LoL] Shizuru went 'Ara Ara' said that Arika must be really tired to faint all of a sudden, [LOL It's all your fault Shizuru-sama~~~~] turned towards Natsuki and asked her what should they do. Natsuki awoke from her little shock, stammered that it can't be help then and will keep Arika in their custody. Sergay voiced out that he didn't want that and considering the events, many people would like to hear the story. Natsuki smoothly ended the conversation by stating that he's on her territory and has probably no say in anything. LOL. Cool~~~

- Scene change to the girls gossiping and stuff then if Nina gets expelled cos she used the robe without proper permission, Tomoe [The girl with green hair] will be number one. Tomoe humbly dismissed that thought and said that Nina will be alright, cos Nina's excellent so she can't be number one. [When Tomoe said 'Daijoubu yo kitto' <- my brain's screaming Lacus when she said that LoL, Rie Tanaka voices both Lacus from GS/GSD and Tomoe from Mai Otome] Scene change to Nina in a prison cell, feeling depressed cos [she thinks that] her father will hate her for the incident. Arika awoke, knocked her head against the uh scanning thingy lol then was shocked to find herself naked lol. Youko, the doctor walked towards and greeted her. Scene change to Aoi awaking Mashiro and Mashiro being treated like a princess indeed. LoL. Mashiro then complained that the room's small, opened up the window curtains ... and screamed in agony at the state of her castle lol.

- Sergay was at the castle ... then he flashed back to spying on Rena Sayers, the Blue Jewel of Heaven Otome at the castle, carrying a baby and the baby's playing her her 'Blue Jewel of Heaven' pendent. Scene changed to Mashiro pissed and Natsuki 'pushing' the blame to Mashiro that if Mashiro had stayed in the castle, the incidents will never had happened. Even more pissed, Mashiro stormed out of the gakuen. As Natsuki see Mashiro stompping away, she said 'Legal heir huh, what a bluff we are making ...' [Does this mean that Mashiro's not the real princess afterall?! =O] Arika drank up whatever Youko-sensei gave her and said that she could become an Otome already right. Youko-sensei then said well, it's up to the council. Mashiro cut in the scene and said that it's impossible, then made Aoi introduced Mashiro as the future queen of Wind Bloom Kingdom.

- Arika lol then said ... princess huh, not what i imagined LOL. Mashiro continued taunting Arika that being an Otome is an honourable occupation, sharing the life with a noble hence it's impossible for a midget like Arika lol. Mashiro then made a face, Arika got pissed and tried to probably whack Mashiro but her legs got caught on the bed sheets and she fell flat on her face LoL. As Youko left to answer a call, Arika had sneaked away after ripping off the bed sheets to cover herself. Scene change to Shiho acting like an angel in front of the kouhais when they said Nina deserved to be punished then turning 360 degrees to an evil devil after the kouhais left LOL!!!! She's doing the Maki Maki [Spin spin] thingy, kinda like a voodoo doll that curses people on the number of times she spins it? LoL hahaha, seems like Nina stepped on Shiho's nerves by refusing to room with her lol. Suddenly, Arika appeared while Shiho's doing the Maki Maki thingy lol and asked Shiho for directions.

- Shiho sweat dropped lol and asked if Arika saw that ... Arika nodded her head. Then when Shiho realized that Arika's not a student in Garderobe, turned 360 degrees again, made a really evil face and chased after Arika. LOL!!! Freaking funny chasing scene starts!!! LOL!!! [I think i re-watched that scene around 10 times LOL] While running, Arika knocked into Chie, wwoot the Chie in Mai Otome's cool~ [See screenshot 5 for the position Chie caught Arika in] At the Garderobe Council, Sergay's making a scene about Arika's absence, making Natsuki really pissed. Natsuki then said that she would like to admit Arika in Garderobe. As Arika's running whining why is this happening, Nao disturbed by Arika's yelling lol sticked out her legs, making Arika fell. Arika then asked Nao for directions to the Council which is in the Admin Building. Nao, as playful as ever lol, noticed Arika without the ear stud and decided to probably play with her.

- Shiho arrived in the scene and asked Nao if she saw Arika, [Seems like Shiho and Nao are enemies LoL] Nao evil as ever, said no lol leaving Shiho pissed and noting a Maki Maki on her notebook. Then after Shiho left, Nao pointed to her right and said that if Arika want the the Admin Building, it is ... Arika cut in, said thank you and sprinted off lol. Nao grinned and said not over there LOL!!!! EVIL EVIL! LoL. Back at the Garderobe Council, the council people were pissed over Natsuki's wanting to admit Arika. Natsuki said that Arika has great potential to becoming an Otome, just like Nina so she also intend not to punish Nina cos Nina had broken the rules due to trying to save Mashiro-hime's life. Mashiro barged in the council door and yelled that Nina and Arika have no rights to becoming Otomes. outside, the girls and Shiho are still chasing Arika lol. Natsuki said that even so the decision is for the council to decide ... someone disgreed and said it's as Mashiro-hime says.

- Then council was disturbed when the voice of Shiho yelling at Arika to stop LOL, Sergay offered to go out and take a look. The council door opened for the second time with Arika announcing to the council to enroll her in Garderobe. The running girls + Shiho behind her apparently couldn't stop in time and smashed against Arika, making a din. LOL. Suddenly a laughter was heard, Nagi strolled inside and commented that Arika's interesting. Seems like Nagi in Mai Otome's the Grand Duke of Artair and he said simply why don't just let Arika enroll in Garderobe? LoL. The council people got defensive. Nagi sighed and proposed that why don't they have a Otome fight, Nina VS Arika, whoever wins gets to stay in Garderobe. At the same time, this will be a great performance for Mashiro's coronation ceremony. Natsuki tried to stop the whole thing but Nina got up from her chair and said 'Let Me ... allow me to fight her.' -End-

... Sighes from the highlights above ... lol what's the freaking difference in mi highlights and review?! LOL, both so long XP. But i had a great time watching this Ep lol, especially the chasing scene ahahaha. Funny Shiho XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 6.5/10 [Nothing much]
Characters: 7/10 [Shiho's evil as ever LoL]
Overall: 7/10

Ahhh, finally, i'll do up Mai Otome Ep3 highlights tomorrow. Oh i juz wanna say last night Kita e Diamond Dust Drops rocks! Manz, the story about Shouko is ... so matured and ... interesting haha. I like i like i like =). Ok gtg cya tomorrow.

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PS: ...

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep13 [END]

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Whoops. LoL, i promised to finish up FMP - TSR two days ago ... but i forgot again haha. Blogging isn't in my 'To Do' List anymore hahaha. Blah, i'll make an effort to blog on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays more cos i got only 2hrs of LAM on Weds, no IS classes on Thurs and slacking day for Sats. LoL. But that might change a month or so cos roadshows come pouring in ... Ahhhhh. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep13 [END] screenshots~

Ouch.Angel.Goodbye Yufan.
You're Next Punk.Tessa's Cute Confused Expression LoL.Awwwww.

Last Ep! Straight into the Ep, no opening, Sousuke got up after the blast, feeling pointless and meaningless cos Kaname's dead. Manz, the tension's really great, Sousuke didn't even flinch even when a blade of glass grazed his left cheek. Then two guys from the Mithril rushed up to Sousuke, one of the guys wanted to shoot Sousuke cos Sousuke's acting like a terrorist ... he doesn't care what happens anymore. Just then, Arbalast crashed into the scene lol. Sousuke didn't intend to operate Arbalest and walked off. Suddenly Kaname's voice was heard lol, Sousuke's expression was priceless LOL!!! Kaname whacked Sousuke into a little furball lol. At the same time Kaname tried to confess to Sousuke but failed lol.

Hahaha anyways Kaname's morning call woke Sousuke up then Kaname yelled at Sousuke to operate the Arbalest and get it over with. Scene change to Belfangan Grouseaux fighting Yufan and was kinda losing. Suddenly the 5 Vemons of the Amalgam Execution Squad arrived at the scene ... Gates ... god, used Yulan's dead body and dangled like a Barbie doll while playing his sick drama all the while taunting Yufan. Yufan's so pissed that she bit her lips till it bled and snapped when Gates broke one of Yulan's arms. Yufan attacked Gates but was no match for him at all, Gates used the Lambda Driver turning Yufan and Yulan into little dusts. [God, the scene's so ... *speechless* Yufan reaching out to Yulan's body beside her was ... so sad.]

After that, Gates turned to Belfangan Grouseaux and prepared to turn him into dust too ... just then Sousuke arrived with great timing in Arbalest stopped Gates from firing. LoL. Then cool scenes of Sousuke taking down the first 4 Vemons ... so freaking cool! Then leaving Gates damn freaking scared lol, held Belfangan Grouseaux as hostage and yelled at Sousuke to back off. When Gates yelled who the hell is Sousuke. Sousuke replied, he doesn't care about Mithril, he's from Tokyo Jindai Public High School, Second Year, Class Four, Seat Number 41, In charge of garbage disposal and separation, [WTH?! LOL] Sagara Sousuke ... !!! Then he issued a final attack using the Lambda Driver. SO COOL!!!

Belfangan Grouseaux was standing in front of Gates' Vemon, Sousuke punched straight in front of Belfangan Grouseaux's AS without touching him but the effect of the Lambda Driver spread to Gates turning him into dust. WOOOT SO COOOOOOLLL!!! LoL. Gates lol as usual acted cool before he died. Everyone's shocked at the power of the Lambda Driver Sousuke could play out. After that, Sousuke got down Arbalest and said that Kaname's waiting for him and left. Then blah blah, Tessa's in a meeting in TDD HQ again with the officers there rather pissed with Sousuke. Sousuke ... lol finally had his own thoughts, doesn't take orders anymore, ain't a good little doggy taking orders anymore.

One of the officers [Probably a high ranking one] there was pleased with Sousuke's spunk. Tessa apologized for her behaviour from before ... [Kawaii~ Hahaha ...] and said that they're still friends right? Sousuke breathed in ... and called Tessa, Tessa lol and thanked her for everything and she's very important person to him and if anything happens, he will help her ... lol then he looked at Tessa's shocked expression, got scared and ran out lol. Tessa did a kinda 'victory' dance lol. Scene change to Tokyo Jindai Public High School, Kagurazaka-sensei was lecturing Sousuke for being a bother and seems like Sousuke back as a student again. =) Just then, a red ... laser dot was moving up Kagurazaka-sensei's face lol.

Sousuke dived in, bringing Kagurazaka-sensei down and Kaname coming in the office staring at the misunderstood scene lol. Ah, then we see unknown character [I think it's Wraith] looking through her binoculars at the scene lol. Meanwhile, Kaname's about to whack Sousuke again ... but didn't ... and lead against Sousuke's chest crying and told Sousuke she was scared, not to leave her again and she will not forgive him for it. Kyouko and company walked into the scene and blamed Sousuke for making Kaname cry lol. [Nice to see a girly side of Kaname =)] Scene change to inside the train, Sousuke asked Kaname what she was trying to tell him back at Hong Kong. Kaname ... just said nothing. -END- AhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL.

WHERE IS THE LOVE CONFESSION?! LoL, well i wasn't really hoping for one ... blah hahaha, hope there's FMP Season 4~ =) Great Ep, my heart was pounding so hard at the scenes of Sousuke fighting the 4 Venoms LOL. SoOO DAMN COOL! Great series, nice art, nice songs and great characters yay, into my brother's lappy it goes lol. I must buy hard disk to storge them!

Art: 8/10 [The same as always even in the end]
Story: 9/10 [All hail to the fighting scenes!]
Characters: 8/10 [Everyone grew up, especially Sousuke. He's a better man now, with his own thoughts and ways. Kaname's such a softie LoL]
Overall: 8.5/10

Ah, i juz wanna i'm sorry i couldn't find time to really go into details of Mai Otome Eps. I know i know, i would like to too!!! So i'm just probably highlighting the funny and important stuffs in each Ep. Yeah sorry i went off tracked juz now LoL, i was reading reviews in other anime blogs ... yeah if u really like a detailed review of Mai Otome Eps, try Memento's blog. =)

Yeah, ok i'll do up Mai Otome Ep2-6 highlights probably tomorrow since i dun have classes ... hmm how abt tutorials? BB ... no need to do la ... and SMM wah ... do during the 2hrs break la lol. I'm watching Pani Poni Dash later and Blood+ ... yeah i'm going to catch up on Mai Otome soon, i'm going way too slow. Guess i'll blog Mai Otome Ep2-6 for the next 5 days ... then wait patiently for Ep7 yay then i guess i'll put wed/thurs aside to do a good review for Mai Otome Eps ... lol

Oh hmmm oh i wanna tok abt this incident that happened on Monday LoL, i was sitting van to school cos i asked my Dad's Thai worker to send the prizes to Singapore Post Center at Paya Lebar so shun bian send me to school lor hahaha, then while waiting to U-Turn to the right side of the road, a taxi wanted to cut into the queue mah. The queue was really long, we waited for around 10mins before it reached our turn. Anyways the taxi didn't cut our queue but the car in front of us's queue. Of course the car dun allow the taxi to cut in la and they almost collide with each other with the taxi trying to cut in and the car not letting the taxi cut in LoL. Hahaha, i was staring first hand at the incident in front. It was early in the morning so my mind is pretty blank so i was like '...' LoL, but later when i thought abt it, it was pretty cool LOL.

After a while of cutting in and couldn't cut in, the taxi cut in front of us, well i would too, cos it ... is not really worth it. The taxi driver apparently got mad, kept honking and call the driver of the car to get out. I was like, what the fuck, u cut in the queue and u're acting all high and mighty? And besides, that place is not the right place to settle ur little fight, it's not ur father's road sia. I'm a little late for classes already freaking damn it! LoL. The car driver knew that was not the place to get down and didn't get down, so i was thankful for it. So when both cars did the U-turn, LOL they were like trying to collide with each other again, the taxi wanted to 'taunt' or hint the car to stop somewhere and settle probably. The car turned into my school's road and of course we turned in also then LOL guess what! The car driver stopped his car, ran out, and chased after the taxi who already drove away cos maybe the taxi driver saw the car driver turn into my school's road and thought he didn't wanna settle or what.

LOL, my Dad's worker was like wah laoz lol, hahaha, it was a funny morning. Yeah, that's all i wanna say i guess. oh and the project grouping ... hm, no comments really. I dun mind sticking nor changing group. Ahhhh, i need to do data entries for our vPOST registration forms ... awww manz, got 76 of them. I'll do 26 tonight then the rest tomorrow ba hahaha. Cya then time to watch Godannar and Kita e Diamond Dust Drops.

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PS: Lalalalala.

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep12

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Dun wanna tok more, on with Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep12 screenshots.

Yufan.=O~Kawaii Chibi Sousuke.
Tessa.Chidori's Dead?!Gaulun's Dead Expression.

Continued from Ep11 ... Sousuke saw the message on the newspaper, 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' Obviously the message is for Sousuke. Then blah blah, the situation between North and South China gets bad to worse and if it's not settled by 6am, Hong Kong will get it lol. Scene change to Gates lol doing a drama casting himself as Yulan in a call to Yufan. LoL Gates's never never fails to amuse me lol. Scene to the office of the Hunter guy from before, talking to himself before someone knocked the door and said someone wanted to see Hunter. Then we hear Kaname's voice saying she wanna see Hunter. Sousuke went to the place as stated in the message, got a scolding from the old man there and took a map from him.

The map leaded him to this park, Sousuke sat one the benches. Suddenly there was this vibrating sound ... coming from the dustbin beside him. Sousuke retreived a handphone from there and answered it. The voice of Yufan telling Sousuke to get on a taxi she had prepared for him. In the taxi, Sousuke tried to get the driver to say something but failed lol. When Sousuke got off the taxi, Yufan was there hiding in a dark corner telling Sousuke to go to the second floor of the building in front of him as 'He' was waiting for him. Sousuke got out his gun, went into the room and saw Gaulun alive and kicking on a bed LOL. [SHOCKU!] Sousuke couldn't believe it ... he thought he had killed him. LoL. Gaulun began to taunt Souske with his nutty words lol.

Then blah blah, Gaulun's the one who pasted the message around the papers ... and then Gaulun told Sousuke the organization he was working for, Amalgam. Their objective is to research and develop new military technologies and test them in combat and they will go as far as to causing wars just to test it. Sousuke asked Gaulun if the happenings in Hong Kong is Amalgam's doing too? Gaulun said it's his and Amalgam's looking high and low for them. Suddenly Yufan arrived outside the building in Venom, called Gaulun ... Sensei, said Goodbye and left. Gaulun then said he raised the twins, Yufan and Yulan and the destruction around here was caused by them on Gaulun's acting orders ...

Gaulun added that Yufan will probably died under the hands of either Mithril or Amalgam's Execution Squad. Amalgam's Execution Squad's strong and even Sousuke's comrades might not win against them said Gaulun. Scene change to Yufan in vemon attacking the Mithril people and stuff. Then at the same time, Amalgam people [Gates's the leader of the Amalgam Execution Squad] were also hunting her down. Sousuke began booming Gaulun with questions regarding 'Whispered's and said that if Amalgam had already got a 'Whispered' why would they attack Kaname?! Scene in the background, Leonard as the Amalgam's 'Whispered'. [Ohh so both Tessa and Leon are 'Whispered' ... runs in the family huh]

Gaulun simply replied that cos Leonard's not complete, different 'Whispered's got different knowledge/abilities. Sousuke got agitated and demanded Gaulun to tell him Amalgam's base and stuff. Gaulun was like i'm bored of this subject. Sousuke ... left with no choice, begged Gaulun to tell him. Gaulun's disappointed at Sousuke and wondered if this is the Kashim he knew ... and flashed back to five years ago where he first saw Sousuke and complimented Sousuke's 'pure, innocent, beautiful, saintly' eyes, that gives out no weaknesses and stuff. Gaulun then turned the subject around and said but now, what the hell happened to your face. LOL. [Gaulun's expression's so priceless when he mocked Sousuke LOL!]

Scene change to TDD HQ, Tessa ordered the use of Arbalest as a decoy to ensure the safety of everyone and besides Sousuke hasn't come back yet ... Vice-captain, Richard Mardukas ain't happy about Tessa worrying for Sousuke who had abandoned his mission and they had a little quarrel lol. [You go girl~] Tessa won the quarrel lol, that scene was really cool, Tessa's all grown up now ... [Sniffs] LOL. Tessa even admitted her love for Sousuke in front of everyone! LOL! Meanwhile Kurz was commenting whether if the communication line was opened on purpose so that everyone could hear it or what? LoL. Everyone really pumped up of not disappointing their 'hime-sama' [Princess] and on with their mission.

Scene change to Gaulun taunting and insulting Sousuke and his comrades ... and how Sousuke's becoming a 'human'. Sousuke fired a shot at the pillow Gaulun's lying on. Gaulun added that he's dying and he wants to drag people with him ... So he ordered Yufan to send Hong Kong into a Sea of Fire and Yulan to kill Kaname. Sousuke got so pissed off that he shot Gaulun. [The tension of Gaulun taunting Souske with Kaname's death is pretty cool!!!] Then a ticking sound was heard, i supposed a bomb was set if Sousuke should kill Gaulun. LoL, that's so Gaulun-like. Sousuke jumped out of the window in the nick of time when the bomb exploded. -End-

Art: 8/10 [The same as always]
Story: 8/10 [Really great Ep! I like this Ep best aha LoL I really like how Gaulun taunted Sousuke and the story began to unfold! Whee!]
Characters: 8/10 [All hail to Tessa!]
Overall: 8/10

I'm busy reading Bleach lol, no time, so i'm making this a fast post. Heh. I'm finishing FMP - TSR tomorrow, yeah posting last Ep tomorrow yep. So cya.

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PS: Bleach Bleach Bleach~ Ichigo's so damn cool~ LoL.

Blood+ Ep2

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... Sorry i promised to blog Blood+ Ep2 last night but it slipped my mind lol, i was happily reading fanfics ... sleeping at 9pm hahaha then woke up at exactly 11pm to watch Godannar ... haha. Here's Blood+ Ep2 screenshots!

Red Eyes!She's Not Dead Yet Right?Evillll.
I'm Not Putting Up With You Anymore.=OKai.

Ok, the evil in Saya awoke lol and fought the bat beast ... slicing it into half. [SO FREAKING COOL LOL The blood gushing out like water fountain. LOL Then the lifeless bat beast upper part twitching and stuff LOL So bloooody wicked!] After killing the bat beast, Saya fainted from shock. Hagi carried Saya, grabbed Kai and took off lol when the military people came. Hagi left them on the roof of some building and took off again lol by himself. Kai bought Saya to a hospital. Saya's dad, George came to visit. Kai tried to explain but George juz patted him on the head and asked him to go home and get some sleep. Kai's pissed cos he can't do anything to help. Back home, it's morning already, Kai switched on the TV and heard abt the news regarding his school. Then blah blah, the military's hiding the fact abt the beast and blaming on some guy killing the teacher.

Saya awoke and couldn't remember what happened. David appeared at the hospital and wanted to talk to George. Scene change to Kai and his girlfriend, Mao. Mao's trying to get Kai to go shopping and stuff with her. Mao got pissed when Kai refused and blah blah abt Kai not being the Kai she fell in love with lol. Kai got up and agreed, lol i think was enlighted, thanked Mao, rode his bike and went off. David told George about the monster and stuff, the posibility of Saya recovering her memories back and asked George to return Saya back to them in case she turn into some killing machine. Back in the hospital room, Saya had her fill, got up and changed into casual wear and was looking into the mirror when she was suddenly reminded of the scenes where she killed the bat beast and her hands stained with blood.

Saya walked down the stairs and out the room ... and overheard David and George talking. George said he wanted to bring Saya happiness and stuff and David juz said that Saya's the only weapon in the world designed to fight them ... and that's all. David continued to say Saya is meant for fighting and fighting and fighting ... George, leaving with no choice, agreed to discuss it with Saya. David saying that there's no time and left. George heard a noise ... ran to Saya's room and found her gone. Kai seemed to know where Saya will go ... Scene change to Saya sitting on the sand in the beach. Hagi appeared, playing his bass violin. Saya got up and asked Hagi if he knew who she really is. Hagi replied, only if she's prepared to go down that path once again. Kai arrived in his bike and called for Saya. Kai saw Hagi, got pissed and tried to punched him.

But failed. Hagi's pretty strong. Saya yelled for Hagi to stop. Hagi said ... if that's what you want ... and disappeared. LOL. Saya's confused and Kai told Saya that he will always be there for her, Riku and George will be there too, cos they're family. Saya and Kai returned home ... and a feast was waiting for them. Suddenly there was a call, George answered it ... and there's some barking sound + some growling beasty sounds in the background lol. Scene change to some guy in this public phone booth ... i think he's turning into a beast then a dog's barking at him ... scene ended with the guy reaching out for the dog and blood splatting the glasses of the public phone booth. [Poor dog got eaten.]

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Oohh More Monsters PLZ! LoL. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!]
Characters: 7/10 [Kai's a pretty good kid]
Overall: 7/10

Hm, a pretty short review, lol i already warned you hahaha, i wanna put more effort in Mai Otome! YAY LoL. Ahhh i downloaded Doremi's version ... i couldn't stand it hahaha ... so in my folders are Mai Otome Ep1/2/3/4/5 ... yeah i only reviewed Ep1 ... haven't start on Ep2 yet sigh ... not tonight, i juz typed out Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11 and Ep12's summaries ... so feeling a little tired.

I'll probably start on Mai Otome Ep2 tomorrow ... or dunno if i can finish my tutorials ... sigh and probably Blood+ Ep3? ... Hmmm see ba, i might juz sleep through the afternoon and wake up at 4pm to watch D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload LOL. Ah i dunno, probably watch Pani Poni Dash! later ha depends anyways i'm tired i wanna go watch TV cya.

Song of the Day:
Do The A-Side - Yesterday & Today by Do As Infinity

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PS: Woot, long time no song of the day, so there it is.