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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blood+ Ep4

[Posted @ 10:28 PM]
Manz, i'm so proud of myself today lol, i typed out both Blood+ Ep4 and Ep5 summaries in 2hrs~ [Puffs out chest] LoL. Well i can't stop myself cos Ep4 ended in such a situation that i HAD to watch Ep5 lol. Here's Blood+ Ep4 screenshots =)

George Lying In Da Bed.Kai's Girlfriend, Mao.Forrest Sucking Blood Outta Remy.
Saya + Blood = Sexy LoL.*Stare*Forrest VS Hagi.

- George's being rushed into the Emergency Room and he's bleeding pretty badly. Kai's pissed and bammed his fist against the wall probably cos he can't do anything. Saya waited outside the room for George to wake up and blamed herself for what had happened to George. Julia, Saya's doctor was also a member of the Red Shield and she had a little chat with David. Suddenly Riku rushed in and called for Saya. David got a call that Kai had took George's Colt and left to kill Forrest. Riku and Saya then left the hospital in a taxi. Riku and Saya asked the whereabouts from Kai's friends and they said Kai had left on his bike to find this girl, Remy, that Forrest used to date. While walking with Kai's friends to Remy's work place, Saya could hear the voices of people even though they're far away. Staring at the crescent moon above, Saya could hear the moaning voice of Forrest.

- One of Kai's friend shook Saya out of her thoughts. Scene change to the Military people losing track of the Mouse. Saya, Riku and company reached Remy's work place to find Kai's bike not there. While there, Kai's girlfriend, Mao was looking for Forrest for Kai. When Mao asked what happened, Riku said Kai's going to kill Forrest and had ran off with a gun. Seems like Mao's a pretty rich girl or her dad's in the military, cos she called her dad then told her dad they're looking for Remy and probably asked her daddy to find Remy for her. Mao, Saya and Riku then left in Mao's car. Scene change to Remy, after buying stuff from the store, hailed a taxi with Kai following closely behind her. Remy stopped at some ... uh abandoned store buildings and stuff. Kai stopped too and took out his gun, suddenly Remy's screaming voice was heard and Kai rushed in.

- Kai crashed open the door and saw Forrest sucking the blood of Remy. Kai yelled Forrest's name, Forrest attacked him and Kai shot him with his gun. Scene change to Saya feeling the shot and asking Mao to stop the car. Saya alighted the car and ran off, along with Riku. David noticed Riku running and also left his car to chase after him. Saya ran to this alley, suddenly Hagi hopped in front of Saya, kneeling down. A howling voice was heard in the background. Hagi told Saya that she could hear the voices right. Saya asked Hagi to tell her, what she need to do. Hagi told Saya to call him Hagi and command him. Saya paused for a moment and commanded Hagi to save Kai cos she doesn't want anyone to be hurt anymore. Hagi took out his monster claw again, used a blade to cut open a wound with the blood dripping from the monster claw. Saya's eyes turned red as the blood continued dripping.

- Riku ran in the scene and saw Saya with blood stains around her lips, Hagi then carried Saya and took off. David ran into the scene and saw Riku covering his ears, scared of out his wits from the howling sounds. Scene change to Kai still shooting Forrest with his gun, but there doesn't seem to an effect, Forrest proceeds to attack Kai but was stopped by Saya's presence from above. Forrest stared at Saya, making 'hey hey' sounds LOL, Saya took out her blade, Forrest actually grinned, enlarged his bat wings and flew towards Saya. Hagi stomped on Forrest sending both of them tumbling down. Hagi fought Forrest, manz, Hagi's a strong one, he could actually stop one of Forrest's attacks. Forrest noticed Saya again and rushed towards Saya. By that time, Saya had smeared the blade with her blood and sliced off Forrest's left arm.

- Forrest tried to get up but was solidified. [By probably Saya's blood] Hagi replaced the covering of the blade and Saya's eyes turned to normal. Saya kneeled down and cried. The Red Shield staff then arrived to collect the bodies ... as Kai and Riku looked on. Kai said that, he still can't do anything. David asked Hagi if Saya has awoken completely. Hagi replied not yet. David got a call from Julia and Julia told him that George had been kidnapped by them. [Them refers to the Military people] -END-

- Manz, i'm falling in love with the ending, at the first Ep when i heard it, i wasn't liking it much, but after listening it for a few more times, manz, i feel this heart-wrenching feeling boiling inside me. It really has an effect sia, especially after the Ep3 where Saya's crying Otou-san ... then the ED slots in ... manz, i almost cried, i even had to bite my lips to fight back the tears lol. Manz, the chrous is the best, cos when the chrous starts, the picture's Saya with her hand like reaching out ... so ... touching and the smiling faces of Kai, George, Riku and Saya made it even more ... touching. Manz, i'm so weak with family ties. LoL. Manz, when i read the lyrics, it's even worse lol, 'I'm moved by my beloved's smile; And even when i'm stuck shaken by the storm; I want to protect him, for even if it means sacrificing everything; My love will turn into strength.' GOD SO TOUCHING!!!

God, i cried.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Great tension, manz, i love the battle between Hagi/Saya and Forrest so ... heart-pounding~ Gotta love the BGM]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Kai's a really really good kid, i'm beginning to like him]
Overall: 7/10

Actually i wanted to go cut my hair this afternoon, but ... i bathed lol so i decided not to go then. Blah. I think i'll juz cut my hair another time. No worries.

Now i'm feeling a little tired, oh i watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Channel 5 juz now ha, ook, brings back memories and i was 'predicting' most of the scenes lol hahahaha, feels so good to had read the book. [Grins] Speaking of HP, HP - Goblet of Fire is out in cinemas now lol, on November 17th actually yeah, i ... couldn't find the suitable time to go watch blah, i dun like watching movies ... makes me dizzy haha. Dun ask me why. I get dizzy easily ... sit bus, dizzy, sit car, dizzy, walk across smelly pathway, dizzy lol.

Oh my mum, aunt and bros are going to Genting Highlands tomorrow for 3 days and so, the house is me and me alone for 3 days~ well till night time when my dad comes home of course. Oh i forgot abt the maid too lol. Ha. But still, house will be darn quiet yay, i love it then i blast my songs on the loud speaker and no one in hell cares! Whee! LOL. Actually i wanna go but tutorial la, sigh, i wanna ride the roller coasters and play games too ... sigh.

I'm getttting pretty sleepy, i haven't done anything for BPC peer assessment yet ... ah, tomorrow morning ba, blah out craps lol. I forgot what i did for the last two weeks le, did i even do anything? Oh, i think i did something but forgot lol. I didn't take note de la. Now waiting for my hair to dry ... hm, then i'll go to bed and wake up 6.30am to scribble BPC stuff then read fanfics then eat Fish's birthday chocolate cake as breakfast. Ah perfecto. Heh.

I wanted to do Mai Otome Ep4 after i finished Blood+ Ep5 but got a little tired, so i went out to play with my african greys, Zick and Shadow. Heh. Manz, they're getting cranky and bit me ... damn i feed them everyday and what do they do to me. Bite me. Kaoz. I dun feed u all then u know lol. Nah, juz empty threats ... i love my greys lol, i might grumble and complain and whine but i love them all the same =)

Well, i wanna go read fanfics, then off to bed, so cya tomorrow for more Blood+ then it's Mai Otome time. Heh. Ta ta.

[Signing off @ 10:51 PM]

PS: Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, everyday~

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