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Friday, November 18, 2005

No Mai Otome Tonight Gomen.

[Posted @ 10:04 PM]
I wanted to do Mai Otome Ep3 highlights after my dinner which is 8pm but ... the workers are unloading the ... uh bamboo plants and stuff from the containers so they're using up all the freaking power source ... so my lappy blanked out twice lol. So ... do u think i got time to type Mai Otome Ep3 highlights out? Apparently not.

So i'm doing it tomorrow instead and go watch Prince of Tennis now hahahaa. Watching eh Ep122 now, so cya. Oh yes, i read Mai Otome Ep7 spoilers this morning ... ahhhhhhhhh it's so exciting!! LoL. It's a Mashiro X Arika bonding Ep ... well gtg then till tomorrow.

[Signing off @ 10:08 PM]

PS: Ryoma-sama~~~ Kakkoii~ Haha.

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