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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Fish Ball! + Blood+ Ep3

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Who's Fish Ball i hear you exclaim lol, Fish Ball or Fish or Fish Cake or Crab Fish or Crab Meat are nicknames for my youngest brother hahahaha. Cos his chinese name got 'Han' we call him 'Luo Han', 'Luo Han' is a kinda of fish, so slowly we call him fish then become fish ball, then fish cake and now to crab lolllll. Anyways, here's Blood+ Ep3 screenshots whee! I'm on a bloody spree.

Saya With Long Hair.Saya With Short Hair.Saya, You're ...
Let's Go.DIE!Saya: 'Otou-san!!!!'

- Ep started with ... George finding a naked girl with very long hair lying on the grounds of some ruins place then George was like scared and pointing his gun at her. Suddenly the girl grabbed George's ankle, George pointed the gun straight at the girl's head as the girl slowly got up and lifted her head up. It was Saya. -OP slots in- Saya probably still worried about the George and David conversation and told George that could stay here right then left for school. In Shougyou High school, the principal's talking about the dead sensei and blah blah. Saya's feeling a little uncomfortable over it as she was reminded of the scenes from Ep1. Saya went in the Chem lab and found everything was the same as before. Everyone is forgetting whatever happened. The miltary side is getting pretty tense up too. Oh then second Mouse appears, calling George's name.

- David comes back to talk to George again, pressuring George to tell Saya about her past. David said there's no time as the second Mouse is coming in and gave George till sunset to tell Saya. After school, Kaori invited Saya to go have Okonomiyaki, [Japanese Pancake] as they're walking, George arrived in his van and told Saya that he had something to let her see. As Saya and George went out, Riku stayed in Kaori's house and Kaori's wondering where they're going and stuff. As George drove Saya to the place, none of them spoke. George brought Saya to the place where George first found Saya lying on the ground. George said it's the place where all Miyagusuku ancestors rest along with his wife and daughter. George then said that he was in the Vietnam War and was asked by his savior to watch over Saya until she awaken.

- When his wife and daughter died in an accident, George wanted to die too, but Saya's sleeping self told him to 'Live' and so he did. George adopted Kai and Riku and live life to the fullest. As time past, Saya continued sleeping ... then and a year ago, Saya awoke and seeing Saya's face, George swore to raise Saya as his own daughter. Suddenly, George's handphone rang, David told George that the time's up. George told Saya that they should go as there's people waiting for them back home. Scene change to Kai in a petrol station fixing up his bike so that he could bring Saya to the northern tip of the island. A car then stopped in front of them, a man who's a reporter got out of the car and was talking stuff about the dead sensei who was killed by the bat beast. Kai then noticed a man in a cloak + hood walking.

- Kai remembered him as Forrest, a cry-baby who was a regular at George's pub. When one of Kai's friend called out to Forrest, Forrest turned around and Kai noticed his pale face and red eyes. Kai ran after Forrest, telling his friends to look after his bike. Meanwhile, the miltary got signs of the second Mouse. George stopped his van in front of the pub ... and David's waiting for them in the pub. David introduced himself as a member of the Red Shield, a defense against certain entities, like what happened in school and the monsters aka Chiropterans. David said that he need Saya on their side to kill the monsters, as she's the only one with the blood that can kill them without fail. Suddenly, Forrest walked in and cried for help. Forrest walked in and sat on one of the chair, George told Saya to pour a glass of water for him.

- As Saya placed the glass of water beside Forrest, Forrest's eyes suddenly turned red again and his left hand turned into some monster claw and moved towards Saya. David sensed the beast, took out his gun, yelled at Saya to back off and shot at Forrest. When George asked why David shot Forrest, David replied that cos he's a Chiropteran. David then told George and Saya to run outside as he continued to shoot at Forrest. Forrest grabbed David by the shoulders and pushed him against the van outside. David fainted. Forrest walked towards George and Saya, especially Saya and attacked them. Hagi came to the rescue, using his violin case to block the attack and kicked Forrest away. Hagi then held the sword to Saya and told Saya to fight. Saya grabbed hold of the sword, remembering what she had done to the Mouse 1, cried that she couldn't fight.

- George took the sword from Saya, walked towards Forrest, yelled that Saya's his daughter, will not let Forrest hurt her then attacked him. Saya wanted to stop her father but Hagi stopped her from moving forwards. George slashed down on Forrest, but Forrest's left arm blocked him and he used his right claws to wound George on his stomach. George was thrown back, as he laid on the ground, he asked Forrest why ... Forrest was suddenly awaken, his eyes turned back to normal, shocked and ran away. George was left bleeding on the ground with Saya crying out, Otou-san. -END-

Art: 7/10
Story: 6/10 [Saya's past is finally revealed to Saya. Hm. Nothing much]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Kai makes a really good older brother ha]
Overall: 6.5/10

Here's the birthday cake of Fish;

Fish Ball's Birthday Cake.

I took it just now lol. Oh for dinner we went to Jalan Kayu and had ice-cream prata~~~ Whee. So yummy, i shared with my bro then my bro ate halfway said that he's sick of ice-cream and wanted to puke lol so i ate the rest. Then my mum said she can't finish hers, so i had hers, wah she ate like only 1/4 of it then i finished up all lol. Ice-cream's my fave~ i could never get sick of it. Ahh, too bad i didn't bring my handphone or cam with me lol or i'll take photos XP. Our family got this habit of not bringing handphones when we go out and eat lol, dun want anyone to bother us when we eat heh. I like. =)

Oh, besides Ice-cream roti prata, we had Kum Meng soup aka Mutton Soup, Mutarbak aka Egg Prata + Chicken/Mutton Fillings, Pratas, Egg Pratas, Satays and Indian Rojak. Wooot, so yummy and i'm stuffed lol. [I dunno if the spellings are right lol, i juz anyhow spell out XP.] I think 10 of us went then the whole meal was like around $80, quite cheap la, i mean we had quite alot really, 4 sets of Ice-cream pratas, 4 Mutarbak, 10 Pratas and Egg Pratas, a whole plate of Indian Rojak, 4 bowls of Kum Meng Soup and i think around 30-40 sticks of Satays lol. We eat alot huh. Food is good =)

Even though we took pictures and blew the candles on the cake juz now, we didn't eat lol, too full so we're saving it for tomorrow's breakfast ha. Tomorrow need to do tutorials le ... sigh IB, LAM oh, IB need to presentation somemore, kaoz and BPC, do what peer assessment, sigh. Lazy sia. Oh but i dun think i'm lazy today, i typed out Mai Otome Ep3 and Blood+ Ep3 summaries whee later going to probably watch POT or type out Blood+ Ep4's summary. Ah i wanna do Blood+ to Ep5 since i got Ep6 in my folder le ... Mai Otome ... gotta wait till tues/wed ba haha, but i think i'm handling it pretty well this time heh. No rush. I juz type when i want to.

Ook, i still got Pani Poni Dash! Ep8/9 ... sigh, i've been rewatching the first 10mins since like last two weeks, lol cos i watch halfway then i need to take a break then i forgot abt it till 3-4 days later then i rewatch and forgot all abt it again lol. Ahhh, i'll go watch TV, then watch POT or Blood+ ba cya.

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Jump Jump~ LoL.

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