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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Blood+ Ep5

[Posted @ 10:22 PM]
Damn tired tonight, lol, LC and JZ came my house this afternoon, then we were baking chocolate cake ... so ... tired now ha. Busy with BB Questionnaire the last two days so didn't blog. Yeah sorry ha. Here's Blood+ Ep5 screenshots.

Mr Hagi, Sorry To Inform You But You're Pregnant.Who's That Hiding Behind?Saya's Upset.
Ouch.Awww~ Touched.=O

- In this kinda like hospital room scene ... George is there la, i dunno how to describe lol. -OP Insert- Hagi and Saya in a hospital, Saya's sitting on this bed staring at her blade. Flashback to David telling Saya, Kai and Riku that George had been taken away by the US Military. Kai's pissed that David and company knew George's been taken away but didn't do anything to stop it. David explained that he didn't want to alert the enemies and will try to do everything they can. Looking at Saya, David said that there might be a Chiropteran where George is in. Saya's still traumatized from the way she rubbed the drops on blood that was on her lap. David told Saya to come with them cos only Saya could do it. Saya paused and thought for a moment, looking at Kai, Kai looked away and Saya replied, she will. Kai looks a little stunned, then said that he will go too, David agreed and so Kai got on his bike and left.

- Back in the hospital, Saya asked Hagi if he would help her. Hagi replied, if that's what you wish. Saya thanked Hagi and left saying she wanted to breath some fresh air. At the rooftop, Saya overhearded Kai and Riku talking if George would be alright as it had been 3 days. Riku suggested to ask David if he knew the whereabouts of George and they're go find him themselves along with Saya. Kai replied that Saya's different from them. Riku then noticed Saya had heard the whole conversation, Saya said she's sorry. Kai left saying he's going to the bathroom. Scene change to David reporting the news to HQ and blah blah blah. David found the whereabouts of George, Kai was overheard it and demanded why David won't let him go with them. David said he will only slow them down. To show that he really mean it, David brought Kai to the rooftop and fought with him in front of Saya and Riku. Kai got kicked pretty badly.

- After whacking Kai, David told Saya that they've found George and told Saya to inform Hagi and they'll head out at night. Saya followed David out, Kai called out to Saya to bring him too. Saya clenched her fist, told Kai not to go, wait for them as he can't do anything and will only slow them down, so don't come. Kai's devastated, murmured that he's useless cos he can't even protect what's important to him. Night time, David, Saya and Hagi set out. As Hagi got his stuff from the bunk of the car, Saya found a bundle of Onigiris [Rice balls] with Kai and Riku cheering on Saya. saya's touched and probably pumped up, told Hagi to get her blade. Three of them then set out to save George. Seems like the Military's gonna blow up Yanbaru, the place where George, the victims of Chiropteran attacks and Chiropterans were hiding. In Yanbaru, George's awaken by the crashing noises a Chiropteran was making.

- The place was pretty trashed up. Wah then the Chiropteran made a dent against the metal door that leads to the room George and the other victims were in.

Art: 7/10
Story: 6/10 [Nothing much, this Ep stopped at a really cliff hanger lol]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Manz, Kai and Riku are so sweet, making Onigiris for Saya and company]
Overall: 6.5/10

Really tired, i didn't even wanna open my eyes to read fanfics lol ... so i figured to blog to wake myself up but i guess it's not working. I juz wanna sleep after watching Kita e Diamond Dust Drops Ep12 [END] later and Godannar ha. I'll juz do the summary for Mai Otome Ep4 tomorrow, no time to do last two days, busy with BB ... sigh

Tomorrow maybe need to do BB questionnaire again, yeah rearrange and stuff. Then do BB and SMM tutorials heh, like i will do mah? Ha. I wanna pong BB tutorial le, then go to Bishan Sistic there and be one of the extra YanZi Fans queuing up lol. But need to ask questions abt project so i guess cannot ... manz, i really wanna goooooooooooooo de!!!!!~~~ Besides i need to get the cakes for LC, JZ, MyStamp class and my class lol. The cakes are in my hands so i HAVE to go to sch XP

So yeah, i'm sleepy, i guess i'll juz watch TV lol. Cya.

[Signing off @ 10:33 PM]

PS: Let's go, ahhh he's nuts, ah he's shooting at us ahh, hey he's a traitor ... lol <-- phrases from some game my bros were always playing. I guess i miss them, ahh they're coming home tonight lol.

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