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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mai Otome Ep2

[Posted @ 11:22 PM]
... Here's Mai Otome Ep2 i painshakingly typed out LoL for two hours ...

Ookini.Shocku.My Castle?!
MAKI MAKI! LOLKaiwaii Ojou-san.Nagi.

- Continued from previous Ep, Shizuru's wayyyyyyyyyy cool descend from the sky and Arika going 'wow'. Sergay cut in to tell Arika to keep her pendant. Arika told Sergay off and said her granny already told her about it. Mashiro's identity as the princess was revealed when Aoi came running the scene with Mikoto. When Natsuki asked Sergay if Arika's an acquaintance of him, Sergay tried to probably cook up a lie or something however Arika cut in, introduced herself and asked Natsuki to enroll her in Galderobe. Arika started babbling how cool Shizuru is and wanted to be like her, in the meantime, she's also searching for her mother who is an Otome. Sergay and Natsuki asked Arika for her mother's name at the same time lol, then they stared at each other, Sergay, like a gentleman, gave in LOL. [Seems like Natsuki and Sergay's not in good terms =D LoL]

- Arika replied that she don't know her mother's name cos her granny [probably] died before she could tell Arika. LoL then Natsuki and Sergay continued their glares at each other ... hahaha. Shizuru probably saw the tension between them so decided to loosen it up, so she walked towards Arika and said she's happy that Arika likes her performance so much. Arika went 'star-stucked' lol, Shizuru then commented that Arika's a cute girl, advanced towards Arika, her left hand tilting Arika's chin upwards, said 'Ookini', [Thank You] leaded in closely towards Arika's lips [?!] with Arika blushed pretty hard. As Shizuru went in for the lips, she had one eye opened looking at probably Natsuki LoL. Then scene changed to Natsuki catching Shizuru's wink, looking a little stunned LOL.

- Shizuru went passed Arika's lips and blowed softly in Arika's sensitive ear. LOL Arika apparently got probably so hypered up that she fainted from the sensation [Ahhhh~~~ lucky~ LoL] Shizuru went 'Ara Ara' said that Arika must be really tired to faint all of a sudden, [LOL It's all your fault Shizuru-sama~~~~] turned towards Natsuki and asked her what should they do. Natsuki awoke from her little shock, stammered that it can't be help then and will keep Arika in their custody. Sergay voiced out that he didn't want that and considering the events, many people would like to hear the story. Natsuki smoothly ended the conversation by stating that he's on her territory and has probably no say in anything. LOL. Cool~~~

- Scene change to the girls gossiping and stuff then if Nina gets expelled cos she used the robe without proper permission, Tomoe [The girl with green hair] will be number one. Tomoe humbly dismissed that thought and said that Nina will be alright, cos Nina's excellent so she can't be number one. [When Tomoe said 'Daijoubu yo kitto' <- my brain's screaming Lacus when she said that LoL, Rie Tanaka voices both Lacus from GS/GSD and Tomoe from Mai Otome] Scene change to Nina in a prison cell, feeling depressed cos [she thinks that] her father will hate her for the incident. Arika awoke, knocked her head against the uh scanning thingy lol then was shocked to find herself naked lol. Youko, the doctor walked towards and greeted her. Scene change to Aoi awaking Mashiro and Mashiro being treated like a princess indeed. LoL. Mashiro then complained that the room's small, opened up the window curtains ... and screamed in agony at the state of her castle lol.

- Sergay was at the castle ... then he flashed back to spying on Rena Sayers, the Blue Jewel of Heaven Otome at the castle, carrying a baby and the baby's playing her her 'Blue Jewel of Heaven' pendent. Scene changed to Mashiro pissed and Natsuki 'pushing' the blame to Mashiro that if Mashiro had stayed in the castle, the incidents will never had happened. Even more pissed, Mashiro stormed out of the gakuen. As Natsuki see Mashiro stompping away, she said 'Legal heir huh, what a bluff we are making ...' [Does this mean that Mashiro's not the real princess afterall?! =O] Arika drank up whatever Youko-sensei gave her and said that she could become an Otome already right. Youko-sensei then said well, it's up to the council. Mashiro cut in the scene and said that it's impossible, then made Aoi introduced Mashiro as the future queen of Wind Bloom Kingdom.

- Arika lol then said ... princess huh, not what i imagined LOL. Mashiro continued taunting Arika that being an Otome is an honourable occupation, sharing the life with a noble hence it's impossible for a midget like Arika lol. Mashiro then made a face, Arika got pissed and tried to probably whack Mashiro but her legs got caught on the bed sheets and she fell flat on her face LoL. As Youko left to answer a call, Arika had sneaked away after ripping off the bed sheets to cover herself. Scene change to Shiho acting like an angel in front of the kouhais when they said Nina deserved to be punished then turning 360 degrees to an evil devil after the kouhais left LOL!!!! She's doing the Maki Maki [Spin spin] thingy, kinda like a voodoo doll that curses people on the number of times she spins it? LoL hahaha, seems like Nina stepped on Shiho's nerves by refusing to room with her lol. Suddenly, Arika appeared while Shiho's doing the Maki Maki thingy lol and asked Shiho for directions.

- Shiho sweat dropped lol and asked if Arika saw that ... Arika nodded her head. Then when Shiho realized that Arika's not a student in Garderobe, turned 360 degrees again, made a really evil face and chased after Arika. LOL!!! Freaking funny chasing scene starts!!! LOL!!! [I think i re-watched that scene around 10 times LOL] While running, Arika knocked into Chie, wwoot the Chie in Mai Otome's cool~ [See screenshot 5 for the position Chie caught Arika in] At the Garderobe Council, Sergay's making a scene about Arika's absence, making Natsuki really pissed. Natsuki then said that she would like to admit Arika in Garderobe. As Arika's running whining why is this happening, Nao disturbed by Arika's yelling lol sticked out her legs, making Arika fell. Arika then asked Nao for directions to the Council which is in the Admin Building. Nao, as playful as ever lol, noticed Arika without the ear stud and decided to probably play with her.

- Shiho arrived in the scene and asked Nao if she saw Arika, [Seems like Shiho and Nao are enemies LoL] Nao evil as ever, said no lol leaving Shiho pissed and noting a Maki Maki on her notebook. Then after Shiho left, Nao pointed to her right and said that if Arika want the the Admin Building, it is ... Arika cut in, said thank you and sprinted off lol. Nao grinned and said not over there LOL!!!! EVIL EVIL! LoL. Back at the Garderobe Council, the council people were pissed over Natsuki's wanting to admit Arika. Natsuki said that Arika has great potential to becoming an Otome, just like Nina so she also intend not to punish Nina cos Nina had broken the rules due to trying to save Mashiro-hime's life. Mashiro barged in the council door and yelled that Nina and Arika have no rights to becoming Otomes. outside, the girls and Shiho are still chasing Arika lol. Natsuki said that even so the decision is for the council to decide ... someone disgreed and said it's as Mashiro-hime says.

- Then council was disturbed when the voice of Shiho yelling at Arika to stop LOL, Sergay offered to go out and take a look. The council door opened for the second time with Arika announcing to the council to enroll her in Garderobe. The running girls + Shiho behind her apparently couldn't stop in time and smashed against Arika, making a din. LOL. Suddenly a laughter was heard, Nagi strolled inside and commented that Arika's interesting. Seems like Nagi in Mai Otome's the Grand Duke of Artair and he said simply why don't just let Arika enroll in Garderobe? LoL. The council people got defensive. Nagi sighed and proposed that why don't they have a Otome fight, Nina VS Arika, whoever wins gets to stay in Garderobe. At the same time, this will be a great performance for Mashiro's coronation ceremony. Natsuki tried to stop the whole thing but Nina got up from her chair and said 'Let Me ... allow me to fight her.' -End-

... Sighes from the highlights above ... lol what's the freaking difference in mi highlights and review?! LOL, both so long XP. But i had a great time watching this Ep lol, especially the chasing scene ahahaha. Funny Shiho XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 6.5/10 [Nothing much]
Characters: 7/10 [Shiho's evil as ever LoL]
Overall: 7/10

Ahhh, finally, i'll do up Mai Otome Ep3 highlights tomorrow. Oh i juz wanna say last night Kita e Diamond Dust Drops rocks! Manz, the story about Shouko is ... so matured and ... interesting haha. I like i like i like =). Ok gtg cya tomorrow.

[Signing off @ 11:43 PM]

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