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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep13 [END]

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Whoops. LoL, i promised to finish up FMP - TSR two days ago ... but i forgot again haha. Blogging isn't in my 'To Do' List anymore hahaha. Blah, i'll make an effort to blog on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays more cos i got only 2hrs of LAM on Weds, no IS classes on Thurs and slacking day for Sats. LoL. But that might change a month or so cos roadshows come pouring in ... Ahhhhh. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep13 [END] screenshots~

Ouch.Angel.Goodbye Yufan.
You're Next Punk.Tessa's Cute Confused Expression LoL.Awwwww.

Last Ep! Straight into the Ep, no opening, Sousuke got up after the blast, feeling pointless and meaningless cos Kaname's dead. Manz, the tension's really great, Sousuke didn't even flinch even when a blade of glass grazed his left cheek. Then two guys from the Mithril rushed up to Sousuke, one of the guys wanted to shoot Sousuke cos Sousuke's acting like a terrorist ... he doesn't care what happens anymore. Just then, Arbalast crashed into the scene lol. Sousuke didn't intend to operate Arbalest and walked off. Suddenly Kaname's voice was heard lol, Sousuke's expression was priceless LOL!!! Kaname whacked Sousuke into a little furball lol. At the same time Kaname tried to confess to Sousuke but failed lol.

Hahaha anyways Kaname's morning call woke Sousuke up then Kaname yelled at Sousuke to operate the Arbalest and get it over with. Scene change to Belfangan Grouseaux fighting Yufan and was kinda losing. Suddenly the 5 Vemons of the Amalgam Execution Squad arrived at the scene ... Gates ... god, used Yulan's dead body and dangled like a Barbie doll while playing his sick drama all the while taunting Yufan. Yufan's so pissed that she bit her lips till it bled and snapped when Gates broke one of Yulan's arms. Yufan attacked Gates but was no match for him at all, Gates used the Lambda Driver turning Yufan and Yulan into little dusts. [God, the scene's so ... *speechless* Yufan reaching out to Yulan's body beside her was ... so sad.]

After that, Gates turned to Belfangan Grouseaux and prepared to turn him into dust too ... just then Sousuke arrived with great timing in Arbalest stopped Gates from firing. LoL. Then cool scenes of Sousuke taking down the first 4 Vemons ... so freaking cool! Then leaving Gates damn freaking scared lol, held Belfangan Grouseaux as hostage and yelled at Sousuke to back off. When Gates yelled who the hell is Sousuke. Sousuke replied, he doesn't care about Mithril, he's from Tokyo Jindai Public High School, Second Year, Class Four, Seat Number 41, In charge of garbage disposal and separation, [WTH?! LOL] Sagara Sousuke ... !!! Then he issued a final attack using the Lambda Driver. SO COOL!!!

Belfangan Grouseaux was standing in front of Gates' Vemon, Sousuke punched straight in front of Belfangan Grouseaux's AS without touching him but the effect of the Lambda Driver spread to Gates turning him into dust. WOOOT SO COOOOOOLLL!!! LoL. Gates lol as usual acted cool before he died. Everyone's shocked at the power of the Lambda Driver Sousuke could play out. After that, Sousuke got down Arbalest and said that Kaname's waiting for him and left. Then blah blah, Tessa's in a meeting in TDD HQ again with the officers there rather pissed with Sousuke. Sousuke ... lol finally had his own thoughts, doesn't take orders anymore, ain't a good little doggy taking orders anymore.

One of the officers [Probably a high ranking one] there was pleased with Sousuke's spunk. Tessa apologized for her behaviour from before ... [Kawaii~ Hahaha ...] and said that they're still friends right? Sousuke breathed in ... and called Tessa, Tessa lol and thanked her for everything and she's very important person to him and if anything happens, he will help her ... lol then he looked at Tessa's shocked expression, got scared and ran out lol. Tessa did a kinda 'victory' dance lol. Scene change to Tokyo Jindai Public High School, Kagurazaka-sensei was lecturing Sousuke for being a bother and seems like Sousuke back as a student again. =) Just then, a red ... laser dot was moving up Kagurazaka-sensei's face lol.

Sousuke dived in, bringing Kagurazaka-sensei down and Kaname coming in the office staring at the misunderstood scene lol. Ah, then we see unknown character [I think it's Wraith] looking through her binoculars at the scene lol. Meanwhile, Kaname's about to whack Sousuke again ... but didn't ... and lead against Sousuke's chest crying and told Sousuke she was scared, not to leave her again and she will not forgive him for it. Kyouko and company walked into the scene and blamed Sousuke for making Kaname cry lol. [Nice to see a girly side of Kaname =)] Scene change to inside the train, Sousuke asked Kaname what she was trying to tell him back at Hong Kong. Kaname ... just said nothing. -END- AhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL.

WHERE IS THE LOVE CONFESSION?! LoL, well i wasn't really hoping for one ... blah hahaha, hope there's FMP Season 4~ =) Great Ep, my heart was pounding so hard at the scenes of Sousuke fighting the 4 Venoms LOL. SoOO DAMN COOL! Great series, nice art, nice songs and great characters yay, into my brother's lappy it goes lol. I must buy hard disk to storge them!

Art: 8/10 [The same as always even in the end]
Story: 9/10 [All hail to the fighting scenes!]
Characters: 8/10 [Everyone grew up, especially Sousuke. He's a better man now, with his own thoughts and ways. Kaname's such a softie LoL]
Overall: 8.5/10

Ah, i juz wanna i'm sorry i couldn't find time to really go into details of Mai Otome Eps. I know i know, i would like to too!!! So i'm just probably highlighting the funny and important stuffs in each Ep. Yeah sorry i went off tracked juz now LoL, i was reading reviews in other anime blogs ... yeah if u really like a detailed review of Mai Otome Eps, try Memento's blog. =)

Yeah, ok i'll do up Mai Otome Ep2-6 highlights probably tomorrow since i dun have classes ... hmm how abt tutorials? BB ... no need to do la ... and SMM wah ... do during the 2hrs break la lol. I'm watching Pani Poni Dash later and Blood+ ... yeah i'm going to catch up on Mai Otome soon, i'm going way too slow. Guess i'll blog Mai Otome Ep2-6 for the next 5 days ... then wait patiently for Ep7 yay then i guess i'll put wed/thurs aside to do a good review for Mai Otome Eps ... lol

Oh hmmm oh i wanna tok abt this incident that happened on Monday LoL, i was sitting van to school cos i asked my Dad's Thai worker to send the prizes to Singapore Post Center at Paya Lebar so shun bian send me to school lor hahaha, then while waiting to U-Turn to the right side of the road, a taxi wanted to cut into the queue mah. The queue was really long, we waited for around 10mins before it reached our turn. Anyways the taxi didn't cut our queue but the car in front of us's queue. Of course the car dun allow the taxi to cut in la and they almost collide with each other with the taxi trying to cut in and the car not letting the taxi cut in LoL. Hahaha, i was staring first hand at the incident in front. It was early in the morning so my mind is pretty blank so i was like '...' LoL, but later when i thought abt it, it was pretty cool LOL.

After a while of cutting in and couldn't cut in, the taxi cut in front of us, well i would too, cos it ... is not really worth it. The taxi driver apparently got mad, kept honking and call the driver of the car to get out. I was like, what the fuck, u cut in the queue and u're acting all high and mighty? And besides, that place is not the right place to settle ur little fight, it's not ur father's road sia. I'm a little late for classes already freaking damn it! LoL. The car driver knew that was not the place to get down and didn't get down, so i was thankful for it. So when both cars did the U-turn, LOL they were like trying to collide with each other again, the taxi wanted to 'taunt' or hint the car to stop somewhere and settle probably. The car turned into my school's road and of course we turned in also then LOL guess what! The car driver stopped his car, ran out, and chased after the taxi who already drove away cos maybe the taxi driver saw the car driver turn into my school's road and thought he didn't wanna settle or what.

LOL, my Dad's worker was like wah laoz lol, hahaha, it was a funny morning. Yeah, that's all i wanna say i guess. oh and the project grouping ... hm, no comments really. I dun mind sticking nor changing group. Ahhhh, i need to do data entries for our vPOST registration forms ... awww manz, got 76 of them. I'll do 26 tonight then the rest tomorrow ba hahaha. Cya then time to watch Godannar and Kita e Diamond Dust Drops.

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PS: Lalalalala.

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