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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep8

[Posted @ 10:45 PM]
Pani Poni Dash! Ep8 screenshots tonight cos i feel like it lol.

HM, I Give 60.WOOOT! 100 100 100!Shiku Shiku.
Rei's An Evil Witch!Behoimi To The Rescue!Be-Be-Behoimi?!

- Behoimi tries to get away from magical girl aka mahou shoujo status and be a nurse! But failed cos lol a certian someone looks more sexy than her in a nurse costume.

- Rei used black magic to really make Behoimi into a magical girl ... but failed. Then i forgot. LoL Sorry.

Ah, i'm lazy, i wanted to type out Mai Otome Ep4's summary but ... got lazy. Blah. I was editing BB questionnaire too, but it juz took me 15mins la lol. Then i tried thinking LAM general questions but only thought of one little sad question. I tried researching though Yahoo, but failed. Oh this afternoon i was doing IB slides, lol i tried to be creative by putting bubbles and boxes so that it wouldn't look too chunky. But failed? I dunno LoL, took me quite a well to make juz 10 slides ... like 3hrs god. 1pm-4pm then i ran to watch D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload.

Oh then i downloaded D.N Angel OP [Instrumental] cos i dun like the singer's voice, a little too ... mono lol then also ED, which i kinda like. Ahhh what did i do today????!! Oh it's my mum's birthday. I juz realized! GOD NO! AH. *Runs to wish mum happy birthday* Manz, i'm a such a bad daughter. I was too busy with my projects and time flies and it's 27th le. God. So fast.

Soon it will be the month of december ... *shivers* ... ha Oh i didn't do any tutorial ... slacky slacky. Hm on saturday, i was sleeping all afternoon. LoL. Really. Woke up at around 6pm then mum said we're going to my uncle's house in Thomson as it's his son's birthday. Yeah, it's three stories high, kinda cool. Explored every single room there muahahaha then we played balloon in the baby's room LOL. 5 guys and 1 girl playing balloon in the baby's room! LoL, Oh and one spy lol. Haha. But it was fun, ate alot, it was a buffet, it was like meat feast, i didn't see any veges there lol, curry chicken, curry mutton, black pepper chicken slices, fried prawn, fried chicken wings, mee hoon, rice and stuff. We drank cups and cups of lemonade lol.

Then my cousins toked abt this guy called Gary lol, my first thought was Gary the SeaSnail LOL, from SpongeBobs SquarePants LOL. Then i went 'Meowww~' LOL LOL! Yeah then they described how he ate the wat duck noodle with chopsticks and stuff lol. My brothers said he came to my house b4, then i was asleep. Blah. Then they said he's short lol even though he's 16. Around 1.4m? Not sure. Ha.

Manz, i got to really think of LAM questions. But i dun wannnaaa. I juz printed the BB questionnaire, hope it turns out good. Well i think it kinda looks professional lol. Ah. I feel sleepy too. I'm off to watch PDD Ep11 ... i didn't watch last night lol. Lazy lazy. Lappy got 3.8 GB left and Mai Otome Ep8's sub is out!! NO! NO! NO! Ep9's preview is shocking!! AHHH LOL. Shizuru's applying lotion on Natsuki's backkkkkkkkkkk~ LoL. *THANK YOU SUNRISE!* I can sleep in peace tonight! LoL. I knew abt it like on friday afternoon le, but juz slip my mind blah. I'm not in a mood to blog this few weeks, start of projects, i have to get in gear yeah.

Slacking is a past now ...

[Signing off @ 11:07 PM]

PS: ... SIAN ...

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