Pani Poni Dash! Ep1

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Whoa new title tonight! LoL, i didn't type out any summaries for PPD ... yeah so everything will be probably based on my 'super' memory! LoL. Here's Pani Poni Dash! Ep1 screenshots~

Miyamoto Rebecca.3 Slices Of Pizza For Me!=O F All Of You!
BLEEEH!!'Bring Her Away To My Slave Chambers ... I'll Personally Discipline Her Later.Ahhh.

11 year old genius Miyamoto Rebecca aka Becky becomes the form teacher of Class 1-C of Momotsuki Gakuen ... however that class is ... uh full of weirdos? LoL! Actually only 6 of them. Ichijou-san, the self-proclaim class representative [She's the one that got hurlled [middle one la!] away in screenshot 5.] is a whacky one lol, she's pretty 'dense' and weird. Katagiri Himeko, the Ahoge lol, she's the one with the ahoge [A long strand of hair on her head in screenshot 5 [At the bottom]] She's the OMEGA hyper one lol, that is unless u pull out her ahoge then she goes mushy and restless LoL. Momose Kurumi, the plain one, [She's the one with light brown hair hurlling Ichijou-san away in screenshot 5] lol she's probably the only normal one ... but too normal lol.

Rokugo-san, uh the ... number 6-san? LoL, nothing much about her yet ... yeah. [She's the one with blue hair in screenshot 5] Uehara Miyako, the study bug, lol [She's the one with orange hair with red spects in screenshot 5] haha she got a really shiny forehead ... a deko-chan? ... XP. Lastly, Tachibana Rei, [WOOO MY FAVE! LOL, She's the one with long black hair, wears spects and making this 'HAIL HITLER' thingy LOL] wahhh she's the BEST lol, i like her alot [Cos she got red eyes XP] She likes to bully Becky hahaha then after bullying her tries to win her back by giving her sweets and saying sweet things lol. She's really funny and cool, one of my fave seiyuu's doing her voice, yeah Satsuki Yukino, seiyuu for Kaname of FMP, Kagome of Inuyasha and Mutsumi of Love Hina. Actually the seiyuu cast is rather good! Like Becky's seiyuu's Chiwa Saito, the one doing Hazuki from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase lol, i love it when she saying 'Baka!' hahaha so cute! Yui Horie as Miyako ... hm it don't really suit her at all hahaa, probably the previous characters i listen like she always play those cute cute, violent type girls [Naru? Eri?] lol, not this 'easily-bullied' characters XP, oh i never heard her voice as Torhu in Fruits Basket before so i don't have that 'feeling' LoL.

Yeah, so the main cast is pretty good, funny =) haha. But funny also no meaning de, juz laugh it through heh. Basically Ep1 is juz abt Becky late for her class, and the class welcoming her, Rei + class bullying her, Becky ran away. The 6 thought that Becky is quiting ... then actually Becky wasn't lol. Yeah around there. OH YES, I forgot one funny and important 'person'? LoL, it's the RABBIT aka Usagi, Mesousa! LOL, he or she dunno la i think he ... since he used boku. Dunno. Anyways lol Mesousa always kena the bullied lol, hahaha ... and he's always sobbing and stuff. Very funny rabbit. ahaha. Yeah that's abt all, it's a funny series. =) oh i put this new rating thingy at the end of every anime ep i watch. =)

Art: 7/10
Music: 8/10 [OP and ED are catchy]
Story: ... Does it even have a storyline in the first place?! LOL Ok, it's probably 6/10?
Characters: 8/10 [FOR REI! LOL]
Overall: 7/10

Yeah worth the watch for laughs!

AHHHHHHH, it's like 11:12 PM le ... luckily i went to watch le ... now advertisment ... uh ... ook went to our presentation today at the Singapore Post office at Payar
Lebar ... yea it was ok. Oh then it was raining so freaking hard on wednesday when i went to rehearse for our presentation ... manz, then everyone's late. Feeling a little pissed lor. Today also. Bleh. No point it's over le. Anyways cya!

Must watch POT ... no space le lappy ... going to download YanZi videos somemore LOL. And Tsukuyomi Moon Phase last 3 Eps subs are out for me to download ... so CyA CYA

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Scrapped Princess~~~

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 6

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... actually i wanted to blog last night lol, but i was kinda tired cos i updated both TCZomic and stefanie_yz ... and especially after scanning 45 covers, my fingers and right hand are damn tired ... lol. Oh, i'm blogging Pani Poni Dash! tomorrow, so stay tune! Lol, ok on with the screenshots of Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep6!

Tessa.LoL Lion King Sousuke!You Forgot To Zip Up.

Ep started with Kaname doing the test stuff ... yeah she got worried cos Sousuke's late but he came afterall. Scene changed to Sydney, a few guys are interrogating Vincent Blueno kinda forcing him to admit to his crimes ... and of course with some torture, he spoke lol, he said the person who gave him money was someone from Amalgam ... and blah. Then blah blah, then Tessa had a talk with some CEO [I really dunno his name!!! LOL] ... uh talk about Kaname ... saying the of the Whispereds, she is no longer important. [Meaning no need protection lorz] Tessa then brought up Sousuke's name then the guy said, he's a important officer ... for him to probably do 'big' stuff. Tessa got nothing to say to that and agreed.

While Sousuke, Kaname, Kyouko were walking home, Kyouko noticed that Sousuke's hair is getting long, so she suggested he going to the salon to get his hair cut lol and he actually agreed. [Probably cos of what Mao said to him in the earlier Ep ... about his future and stuff about him looking more like a high school student? Haha] Then when Sousuke sat on the salon seat ... he got worried and paranoid ... but he managed to keep in control until the barber used the scissors to cut his hair LOL. Then he went nutty again aha and was pointing his gun at everyone ... as usual Kaname whacked his head and they got kicked out of the salon lol. Back to Tessa and Mao, they were sitting this plane ... Mao said that it's a good change for him. [Sousuke]

Tessa was like, it's her fault and looked unhappy. Hahaha, while walking home with Sousuke, Kaname was like rambling about his bad habits haha. Sousuke was like, enemy is always here and attack Kaname and the most important thing is to protect Kaname. [Aww.. so sweet heh] But Sousuke can't help but agree that he can't seem to adapt anyways. Kaname then suggested Sousuke going to her place and she'll cut his hair. Then we got a 3-4mins of Kaname cutting Sousuke's hair and talking and stuff. [It's pretty nice, and sweet =)] Then got one scene, Kaname said that she only trust Sousuke ... yeah, so nice =) whee. LoL. Another scene when Sousuke fell asleep while Kaname was cutting his hair then Kaname was like looking at Sousuke's lips ... blushed ...

And she shook her head and dumped Sousuke's head down to wash LOL. HAHAHA that was funny lol. Next, we see the twins ... uh seducing the dumb ugly soldiers, killed them [YEAH! Cool scenes!] and left with a Codarl. LoL Blondie baddie's angry hahahaha that angry scene was LOL priceless hahaha he was naked and stuff hahaha. [See screenshot 5] Scene back to Kaname's place, Kaname made some dinner for Sousuke ... and Kaname asked if Sousuke had some safe weapons so that she could use it to probably protect herself. Then ... we got this nice scene where they said their goodbyes ... their relationship was kinda getting somewhere lol. Back in Sousuke's place, he opened his lappy and got this email ... ordering that he was to withdraw from his place.

Wraith will take over the guard of Chidori Kaname and any contact with Chidori Kaname is forbidden. Sousuke was so damn pissed [REALLY PISSED] that he smashed the lappy. [Ouch] ... Aw i feel kinda sad, just when their relationship before was getting so good and nice ... especially the hair cutting scene. Sigh. LoL.

Ook, i've been bottling this for two days lol, well almost, yeah this happened on Sunday, the day i where i went to Raffles City to meet up with JM from yanziunlimited for payment ... i sat da darn 171 there ... and guess what? The bus broke down!!! WHOA, SO COOL! LOL, the bus was jerking before the bus driver said, 'Alright little people, get off the freaking bus, it's down.' LOL. Ok, i made that line up. Any MORON will sense that the bus is nutty lol. It's really jerking pretty hard before it came to a complete stop lol. Well, it's not often i get such a situation lol, the last time was when i was in secondary 1/2? Not sure about that, but i knew i was sitting on 804 when it bammed to uh ... the side of the pavement? Duno how to describe it but u know when a car turns, the side of the pavement, if you're not careful, u'll bam to the sharp side yeah that's it lol.

Then i was standing at the alighting door there lol and saw the action first hand!! I jumped quite abit duh, then the side of the door dented in LOL, it was such a freaking cool accident! LoL, of course noone was hurt ... so the bus full of people got off the bus ... sigh and i was late that day lol. But it was fun LOL, i'm nuts aint i? Ha.

Ok, after meeting JM ... i sat 171 back home again, it was supposed to be happy trip but BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT! LoL, it took me 1hr and 45mins to get home! When it's supposed to take only 1hr and 15mins ... there was a traffic jam ... for 30mins ... i almost puked manz, lol it was really a horrible day ... bleh. Really. Although the breaking down of the bus was cool lol. Oh then i played chess on my cellphone lol. I lost duh. I'm never good at chess and it was set to easy mode somemore! LoL. Oooh yeah, i remember a Sec/JC girl who sat beside me, she looked like YanZi's sister sia LOL. Maybe cos i was dizzy from the bus ride or what i dunno wat ... but she looked like her. LOL. I dunno if she's sec/JC student or what ... YanZi's sister is like a University student le ... and she was reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events heh. Yeah that's all i guess then i went home slept like a log cos i was really feeling the dizziness ...

Ok, i gotta go watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep48 ... it's ending at Ep50 ... and Kids Central's airing it next sunday whee! LoL, heard that it's duel sound ... uh any subtitles? No? THEN WHAT THE HELL IS THE DUEL SOUND FOR?! LOL. I dunno la ... wait till then ba. Sigh 1.10GB left ... i still gotta go school tomorrow to rehearse for ... presentation ... LOL ... i kinda regret for doing such a good job on the EM part bleh. I should had acted stupid LOL. Ahhh, i sound so selfish here ... i hate to go to school and especially present again ... bleh *Slap own face* ... sigh

Ohh, long post. cya then. I dunno wat to expect. OH YES, i downloaded TRC OST2!!!!!! SO FREAKING GREAT!!! WHOA I LOVE KAJIURA YUKI!!! LOL! Must download! Or buy, watever.

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Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 5

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Whoa, long time no update le ... MIA for ... 4 days le haha. Was going to school from mon-wed for consolidation of our marketing plan ... 9-5 sia, almost died when i got home lol. Slept for 10hrs on thurs then went out with LC to search for a gift for WT who went to China on friday. Yeah. But didn't got anything lol. Ok continue it later, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep5 screenshots!

Fading~Sexy!~WHAT?! We Missed YanZi Live On TV?!
*Blush*Cool.Our Heads Are Almost The Same Size.

LoL, the ep started with Kanade whacking Sousuke's head cos he lol dismantled Kagurazaka-sensei's new car lol, cos he thought it looked suspicious ... and suspect to have bomb inside LOL. Then Sousuke got a call and said he had to leave and left with the car still dismantled LOL and Kagurazaka-sensei saw the car lol and was sobbing lol. Meanwhile at the special conference room ... they were talking about the traitor, Vincent Blueno [He was the one who was doing the communication stuff while the team was doing the rescue in the earlier eps ... yeah and he messed up the communications and almost had the team killed].

Then blah blah ... the people in the meeting were blaming here and stuff ... shessh, then talk about Chidori Kaname ... then said they're wasting resources to protect her and stuff ... Tessa broke in and said Kaname still needs protection. Then blah blah and ended. Then lol switch to this place, where the traitor Vincent Blueno was having a party and ... Mao was lol pretended to be one of the girls, hooked up to him, then stuck a gun in his mouth and gased him lol. The scene was funny. [Oh, Mao looks pretty hot with long hair anyways lol lol] Mao then looked at the fainted Vincent and wanted to pull the trigger at him.

But got stopped by Kurz, oh he looks hot in a tuxedo too LOL and tried to seduce Mao LOL, got rejected with a headbutt then they sneaked out of the place ... but got ... lol caught in the progress lol. Sousuke came as backup and they got into the car he was in. So they speeded off to the rendezvous point where a helicopter will pick them up. Baddies of course were chasing them lol then the baddie shot and stuff .. then cool scenes of them using the weapons at the back of the car [LOL Sousuke said that pretty much later lol] ... very cool lol. Ohh, then Blondie baddie [Oh his names is Mr. Gates LOL!] got some Savage AS to chase after them.

Back in the class 2-4 LOL, Kaname's pretty pissed cos Sousuke's not in school. Kyouko then asked if Kaname studied for her tests already lol then she said sort of then Kyouko talked about Sousuke not coming to school ... if asked if Kaname called him yet then she called him and gave the handphone to Kaname ... [LoL she was blushing when he got the phone from Kyouko] Then Kaname talked to Sousuke while he was driving lol then hahaha alot of funny stuff, Kaname was like it's test time and he haven't studied and stuff ... and Sousuke was like ... not really serious and pre-occupied with driving LOL and them cross-firing lol.

Kaname kept talking about lol Sousuke failing and stuff lol stuff ... lol Kaname then got pissed, said 'Baka' and hung up LOL. Ah then the Savage AS came and attacked him ... lol then the lousy car can't even go pass 90 km/h ... juz when the AS was about to shoot them, a mysterious black M9 came, saved them and left. Then lol a funny scene of the Blondie baddie abusing a guy while in the swimming pool LOL. Now, the three of them were safely in the helicopter ... and lol Sousuke still gotta study and stuff. Mao was worried Sousuke is having too much stuff to do and might get tired out. Mao then got angry that Sousuke thought nothing about his future but obey orders and stuff. Sousuke then began to think about his future too.

Hmm ok, on to wat happened lol, ok we went to send WT & S off at Changi Airport on friday, yeah we didn't cry ... 'Just 6 months what.' - WT said lol. 6 months in China ... i'll die! LoL. After sending them off and hugged and said our goodbyes, we went to Popeyes and had our dinner. LOL, it was fun lor, joked around and stuff. Hah. We gossiped around also muahahaha. LoL. But i'm not going to say wat here heh, anyways i already probably forgotten what we said le LOL.

Anyways, yeah then juz now for dinner we went to Ang Mo Kio's Seoul Garden to eat ... wah eat so much meat sia, can last for a month ba ahahhaa. Almost died there ... but only ate a cup of ice-cream ... cos gonna close le lol. But nevertheless, we ate alot alot alot ... 8 people go le ... then $190+ ... sia not i pay, my aunt did lol. Yeah that's probably all, didn't managed to watch animes these two days ... sigh.

Oh tomorrow going to meet JM from Yanziunlimited to pay for my pre-ordered 'A Perfect Day' Taiwan version YanZi album! Whee~ of course i'll purchase the Singapore version too! Haha, support both! Heh ... after that, i'll probably go Kino to drool at the mangas lol. Not sure la, or juz go home, i'm tired ... next next week got roadshow le ... damn. Simei ITE ... sigh ... uh but C forwarded an email saying NUS and an ITE can't let us have our booth there cos our dates are near their exams ... but dunno which ITE ... wah ... dunno la lol. Wait for them to contact us XP.

Ok, off to watch School Rumble Ep22, Pani Poni Dash! Ep4 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep7 ... right now i'm downloading TRC OST 2~ wheee, i like ~ hahaha cya

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PS: Long time no see socky le ... i missed her alot, sockyyyy where are uuu?!!!!

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 4

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A fast post tonight, oh before i go on, i'm stating that i'm not blogging Pani Poni Dash! afterall. LoL, cos i watched Ep1 last night and it basically has no 'understandable' storyline nor plot at all ... everything to be is pure humour ... lol, juz watch for laughs ... if you ask me to do up a summary ... i can't do it. I really can't. The most i can put up screenshots yeah. But nope, cos i deleted Ep1 le LOL! Anyways dun cry, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep4 screenshots.

Welcoming Commitee.Clash Of The Titans.Twincest LoL.

Recap to last ep's Yanlan attacked the rescue team ... and Mao ... Just as Yanlan is about to slash Mao, Mao blocked and they fought. [Yanlan looks so cool sia lol nice fighting scene] While Kurz fought with Yanfan. Sousuke with the blondie baddie [I still dunno his name LOL maybe i missed it or watz] Whoa, that blondie baddie knows Lambda driver too. Whoa, Tessa's pissed lol if the machine's no reliable ... use manual lol. Meanwhile Mao and Yanlan engaged in a cool battle, then Mao noticed the despair in YanLan's eyes and stuff.

Then suddenly backup came and Yanlan retreated. Back to Kurz and Yanfan action ... Kurz's having trouble with Yanfan so he ran away lol rather, retreated cos it's not his cup of tea. Yanfan's after him ... Tessa is having troubles too, every step they made, the enemy seem to know. Yanlan ... whoa ... lol she's playing with the knife ... while talking to blondie baddie [See screenshot 2] The enemy's blocking all the escape routes and Tessa's pissed lol, information is being leaked. Then Tessa suggested to leave everything to them.

Then they kinda bluffed out orders while the teams know the code and do the other way ba, not sure but it's cool lol. LoL, Kurz meets Yanfan again. LoL, the enemy is pissed cos the points were wrong and they can't find the people. Tessa lured the Venom to a enclosed place and everyone's there waiting for him LOL. But the Venom is pretty strong ... Sousuke lost to him in terms of using the Lambda driver! Then the Venom got overheated so he flooded the place and retreated. LoL, a little sisterly-love by Yanlan and Yanfan in the end, they're such poor things actually.

Come to think of it, i think i'll juz put up screenshots for Pani Poni Dash! LoL, i'm feeling kind tonight LoL, ok off to watch Pani Poni Dash! Ep2 ... Ep1's weird but it made me laughed anyways LOL! Especially Ichijo-san LOL! She's so damn freaking cool ahahaha i love the way she said 'Are~' when she got hooked away LOL. Anyways the seiyuu for Ichijo-san's the seiyuu for Konoka of Mahou Sensei Negima yeah so it's pretty easy to know her voice.

Kkk cya i still need to do up my roles and responsiblities for my school stuff lol. cya.

Oh yes, the OP and ED for Pani Poni Dash! is pretty good and catchy, worth the download =). FMP - TSR Ep8 and Tsubasa Chronicle Ep22 are out ... time to download ... and Pani Poni Dash! Ep6 ... sigh. LoL no spacey!

[Signing off @ 11:40 PM]

PS: Bam Bam Bam Bam~

Damn Desk Light's Spoilt

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I dun feel like blogging today cos the light on my lappy desk is spoilt ... so i'm typing and reading stuff in a pretty dim light, i'm going blind.

Oh by the way, i didn't blog last night cos i was in my dad's 'Pioneer Landscape' in Choa Chu Kang having BBQ lol ... Pre-Moon Cake Festival Celebration they say. Tonight we had BBQ again at home with last night's leftovers lol. It was fun, yummy, the chicken wings are more well-marinated so it's more yummy and juicy and tender and YUM! lol. I had quite a few ... uh several ... uh quite a lot of them lol. HMMMM, i had Tiramisu ice-cream too, it's ... like ice-cream lor lol.

Anyways, my eyes is kinda ... weird, need to go school tomorrow somemore ... combine the marketing plan as a class yeah ... but my hair haven't dry ... so i'll juz so re-watch and screenshoot Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep6 again. Cya.

Oh yeah, i download finished 5 Eps of Pani Poni Dash! .... so can look forward to them after i post up fmp - tsr ep6 screenshots or ep7 if ep8 sub is out by this week. Yeah. That's all i guess cya.

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Oh i downloaded YanZi's HongKong Concert Audio MP3!!! So nice, listening to her new songs~ Wo Yao Yi Zhuo Da Fang Zi~ Hahaha.

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 3

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Right now i'm in my study room lol, cos our room's air-con is FREAKING NUTS, we moved over to the study room for the night. Yeah so not going to blog much. Enjoy Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep3 screenshots!

Spiderman ...I Love Ladies In Suit XP ...Yanfan.

Started with some samurai show then a baddie was threatening a lady, spider ... detective? [The Amazing Spider Detective LOL as Kaname said] LOL to the rescue!!! LOL, it's quite funny then till the exciting part, the news flash cut in and Kaname was like 'What the hell! News can wait! Bring back the show!' LoL. Sousuke was like saying hm, the news [About some terrorist attacks in Northern China] is important, said he's going, told Kaname to go directly home then he left the room. Scene cue to China, the big baddie's running away on a jeep, GOD and the chinese police were there like telling the baddie to stop in this LOL i can't freaking understand at first Mandarin accent! LOL. The baddie also replied in some funny Mandarin accent lol hahaha ... yeah then he blasted his way through the police.

LoL, i still dunno the baddie's name lol. Scene back to submarine uh ... i dunno how to explain lol, how to type it out too? Hahaha, juz alot of information about the operation in ... China to freed the hostages taken by the baddie? Ha. I think so. Then Sousuke was worried about Kaname and stuff cos he can't be there to protect her yeah. Woo then the police in China were like retreat, leave it to da experts lol. Ha. Nice battle scenes. Then they were going through this Yang Tze tunnel and stuff ... hahaa.

Things were going very smoothly ... too smoothly that Tessa's worried. Oh Yufan's the older twin's name, Yulan's the younger twin's name. Yulan's currently now acting as one of the hostages. Then the teams went in and rescued the hostages ... with no enemies around. The rest were getting suspicious of everything going too smoothly. Mao's with the hostages ... then Yulan attacked her wooo, the scene's too violent for me!!! LOL But i like sia. Hahahahhaa. The communication lines were suddenly cut off and stuff.

They have fallen into a trap ... Oh the baddie's on a red AS ... then Sousuke muttered ... 'Venom.' Wooo nice ep! MaooooO~ LoL dun die on me!

Ook, did nothing much today ... quite a slacky and boring day but i like lol. Read fanfics all day and scanlations ... didn't managed to watch fmp- tsr eps last night lol, i went to bed early LOL, too tired ... dunno why. Then i slept till 1pm ... 1am-1pm lol ... i even dreamt of Kuon from Gokujou Seitokai!!!! Whoa, she looks even better in person ... as for details of the dream ... lol as if i'll type here LOL XP. And no you perverts, it's not a wet dream lol. Purely ... hmmm normal dream, just dreamt of Kuon and Nanaho ... hmmm and i forgot i guess lol.

Lol, juz now my brother did a damn 'Qian Bian' face lol. [Qian Bian kinda mean he made an expression that made me wanna wipe that smirk/smile off his bloody roti prata flat face lol]

Oh, as i was saying about my Kuon and Nanaho dream ... hmmm ook i juz dreamt of them talking and stuff ... yeah, that's all i guess till ... 3-4mins later things get alittle hot. LOL!!!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! .... yeah
-end- LOL! [Guess if i'm joking or not]

HEH HEH HEH, anyways, hmm ook OH YEAH, YanZi's new album is coming out soon! Whee 7 Oct 2005 ... and i already pre-order the taiwan version in yanziunlimited forum le hehehehe. Got some freebies and stuff yeah. Heh. $29 ... but worth every single cent. Heh.

Ok, gotta go get our freaking mattress ... cya

[Signing off @ 10:23 PM]

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep2

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Ok, a fast 15mins post tonight lol, i finally finished my exams WHEE! I'm so happy lol. Anyways, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep2 screenshots!

Tessa Nibbling Her Fingers ... *Hot* LoL.Onee-Chan ...Thou Shall Not See Scary Faces.
Ugly.Yes Chidori Kanade Fans! This Is Not Tempered In Anyway! It's The Truth!Get Me A Hotel Room And Fast, My Imouto Can't Wait. LOL!

In Kaname's room ... the chicken alarm clock rings ... Kaname awakes and stuff and kinda saw someone looking at her through the window ... then scene switch to a rather serious conversation about the Lambda driver stuff and Sousuke being the only one knowing how to use it and stuff. Then switch over to Tessa thinking about Kaname and herself as Whispereds and if they don't have da powers, they could had been normal schoolgirls ... LoL, back in school, Sousuke's up to his weird stuff again and got whacked by Kaname as usual lol. Later, Kazuma showed Sousuke a web with quite a lot of Kaname's pictures [It's some BBS website of Hot Female High School Girls lol] and stuff so we know someone's stalking Kaname and Sousuke was like ... this is not good, it's like revealing to the enemy! LoL. Whoa, now to the best part!

LOL LOL LOL LOL!! In Hong Kong, the twin sisters are having a bath and cleaning each other and stuff, talking about this sensei guy ... yeah and got this eh job, wore their clothes and left the room. Meanwhile back in school, Sousuke was like being panicky again LOL [Cos of the stalker and BBS stuff] hahaha then a guy gave Kaname's a CD, Sousuke smacked the CD off his hands [The CD broke] and was inspecting the CD when Kaname kicked his head LOL, great kick there hahaha. Next, a teacher came along and asked Kaname about this report thingy then Sousuke lol tackled him and pinned him on the ground haha then Kaname kicked him again lol. Later, they were in front of the girls' toilet lol, Kaname was like, you are going to follow me everywhere huh, then Sousuke was like cannot ah? Hahahah.

Then added that if not, he will check the toilet first and after she used it LOL, Kaname was like you ... hentai! Hahaha and slamed the door against his face and stomped on his head repeatedly. LOL so funny. Lastly, Kaname and company were walking in the female changing room then Sousuke was inside inspecting lol with this round bubble blowing ring radar thing hahah then he kinda used his knife and stabbed the light bulb stuff on the ceiling and triggered the fire alarm + sprinkler [I dunno wat you call that lol] It's funny anyways lol. Hmm, a group of baddies were analyzing the battle place where Sousuke and company fought in Ep1 and stuff. Back in school, Kaname was questioning about Sousuke's actions lol and Kazuma kinda told her about it instead.

Hm, back to the Ep1's baddie lol, he got killed by the this Ep's baddie. WHOA NICE BATTLE SCENES! Lots of stabbing! Killing! Blood! Whoa, one of the twin sisters [The short hair one] was so cool! LoL. Back to school, Kaname was like WHAT THE! about the BBS website. LoL. Then Sousuke kinda had a clue on catching the culprit and then started on the tracing and got this guy at the next class lol. Back to the cool battle scene lol haha that blonde baddie is sooo ... evil LOL and so freaky and so ... hahaha funny. [See screenshot 4] Then one of the twin sisters called that blondie baddie baka ... switch scene to Kaname and Sousuke chasing after the stalker guy lol, then stalker guy was like, don't come any closer! If not i'll reveal the picture of Kaname digging her nose picture to everyone!! LOLLLLL!!!!

Hahhaha, quite funny. Then Sousuke activated his big radar thingy again ahaha and 'destoryed' all eh computer-related stuff? That includes handphones too yeah hahaha, then back to the twins, the blonde baddie was like twisting and turned his gun at the short-haired twin's mouth till it bled ... then he got bored and left cos her face never changed at all like she wasn't afraid at all. Later her handphone rang and her Onee-chan answered the phone ... and talked to this guy lol, whom i know from spoilers is Tessa's brother =) hahahaha. Then back to the stalker guy, Sousuke was torturing the stalker guy hahaha then Kaname was asking if he was watching her at room earlier too? Then the guy was like no, Sousuke was like don't lie and wanted to ... till Kaname kicked Sousuke then stalker guy ran off lol.

So ended with Kaname wondering who is the person who was watching her in her apartment ...

Oook, only 6mins left lol, okok! What i wanna say tonight is i finally finished my exams! WHEE i can go play hard lol, but still gotta go back to school to ... consolidate our marketing proposal as a class ... sigh ...

Oh yes, i had cheese sandwiches this morning and 4 Shio Mais WHOA! So yummy!!! LoL, [Shio Mai aka 烧卖 is a kinda lump of meat? LoL I dunno if it has an english name ... bleh] I was studying the websites and eating the cheese sandwich with gusto sia lol, then i was looking at the mangas ... section and got carried away lol. I wasn't surposed to be window shopping!!!! lol. Anyways, it's a nice day. Cya 3mins more lol.

Oh yes, i downloaded Pani Poni Dash Ep2/3 today, so i'm probably going to watch it tomorrow whee then tonight i'll watch FMP - TSR Ep5 and Ep6 ... so that i can download Gundam Seed Destiny Ep47 and Naruto Ep151 ... whee.

Oh yes, i'm going to blog Pani Poni Dash! So yeah, wait for it! AHHH 1min more! CYA.

[Signing off @ 10:59 PM]

PS: Whee.

Need to study for EM paper

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Becos today i wanna be a good girl tonight and study for EM ... need to study the 3 websites sia ..., and sigh. Wish me luck, hope i can answer the questions lol cya.

oh yes, i'll post Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep2 screenshots tomorrow then k? I watched Ep4 last night ... probaby watching Ep5 tonight to give myself a rest ... so yeah cya.

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PS: off ta study websites~

Gokujou Seitokai Ep14

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This would probably be the longest 'time period' post ever lol. [I'm probably going to sign off at 9pm or wat] I'm juggling reading 1 english and 1 mandarin fanfic, reading 2 mandarin online scanlation, watching Gokujou Seitokai Ep14, trying to memorize 'Endless Story' lyrics while listening to it repeatedly and of course lastly, blogging LOL. Oh not to forget, downloading Bleach chapters too lol. So i got hm let's see ... 14 windows on my bar. LOL, i'm a very busy person when i go online lol. Oh yes, juz now i was even playing this 'Cursor' game LOL. Ah, gtg watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep14 ... hahaha i already missed a day, i'll going to blog Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep2 tomorrow.

FinallY! I have finished watching and screenshooting Gokujou Seitokai Ep14! So here it is now! Oh by the way, just now i saw YanZi's news on TV!!! About her Hong Kong concert ... WAH she's soo pretty! So ... cooL! [You pretty much figured out what time i typed this and how long i took to finish watching the ep already right lol]

Spare Us The 'Finger'.It's Getting Cold In Here, So Take Off All Your Clothes~ *Singing*At Least The Drawing's Better Than Rukia's From Bleach LOL!
Nanaho Attacks Kuon's Shoulder!Power Rangers!Pttf.

Minamo said that she's joining the Gokujou Seitokai cos it looks fun so it's decided! LoL, Nanaho was like ... 'Don't decide things by yourself ... i would not accept ...' But Kanade accepted lol. While the dorm's being fixed, they have to sleep in the main building lol. Brush their teeth in the science lab and have their breakfast there too lol. LOL Kuon's so evil, she actually went home with Cindy as her driver LOL! Then they arrived in the lab and Kuon asked Cindy how she feel about the French Full Course Cuisine they had for breakfast LOL! The rest [Rein, Sayuri and Mayura] were like 'WAH I WANNA STAY IN YA HOUSE TOO!' LoL. Rein said that she'll hold Kuon's bags. Sayuri said that she'll wash Kuon's back. Mayura said she'll manage Kuon's accounts. LoL Kuon rejected of course. Then the 3 went, [See screenshot 1] LoL.

Later, Kuon asked for Kanade and Rino ... Nanaho said that Kaori asked them out lol, actually Kaori made bentos for Kanade ... Rino's happily eating hers and Kanade's lol. Minamo then suggested that they do a play to generate money from entrance fees and eat some nice food LOL since the budget is spent on fixing the dorms. Minamo came up with the script and stuff already and Kanade agreed to it and thus Kaori agreed to it, then Rino, then Mayura for the budget, Rein for better food, Sayuri for main dish, Cindy ... me too lol. Nanho was torned ... when she looked into Kanade's pleading eyes LOL!!!! So she agreed too lol. And so the title of the script Minamo wrote was ... 'Space E.T Alien' LOL. [See screenshot 2] for the rest's reaction lol. So Minamo ... lol explained the whole story plot to the rest ... hahaha ...

Everyone's not really happy about the story lol but they're going to do it anyways, Cindy actually volunteered to be the Space Mambo [Baddie]. Rino ... lol was made the main character cos she's the one who destroyed the dorm. [The Alien LOL] Then Nanaho asked where's Minamo ... Rino volunteered to go search for her. LoL, while Rino's walking the hallway in the dark ... [Cos it's night time already] then Pucc-chan scared Rino with horror stories lol. Then a sound 'Uhhhh' came from a door ... lol then Seina came out of the door piggybacking Minamo ... she seems sick and in pain. LoL, Rino fainted of course. Then Seina rushed Minamo to the nurse's office. Rino then walked into the room, then asked Seina about Minamo ... Pucc-chan then said if it's Minamo's weak heart. Yep. Minamo actually had a reason to be selfish ... and stuff.

And we see Seina for the first time, abit sad and asked Rino to treat Minamo like any normal people ... then Rino said that she will be friends with Minamo like she would with anyone. Seina seemed glad. LOL. Then the rest were hiding outside the nurse's office listening to the conversation lol, then they're determined to make the play a success. LOL Cindy was so touched that she cried loudly ... and the rest had to shut her up XP. [Oooh, we see Nanaho's right hand on Kuon's shoulder!!!! LoL] Next day, Nanaho woke Minamo up lol. Ah, the day of the performance, Cindy as Space Mambo. [Her lines were juz Mambo lol] Rino was Space E.T Alien and the 6 brave earth heroes ... Nanaho as red ranger, Sayuri as green ranger, Rein as orange ranger, Mayura as purple ranger, Kaori as blue ranger and Minamo as pink ranger lol. So they attacked Space Mambo.

When it's Minamo's turn, she suddenly collapsed, holding her chest. Then everyone cheered her on and Minamo gave a Space Mambo a small whack lol. LOL Then Cindy made a quite dramatic death lol. And so, thanks to Space E.T Alien and the six earth heroes, THE END LOL!!!! [Oh btw, Kanade narrated the ending.] So the cast waved their hands and stuff LOL then Pucc-chan said, 'There's no applause.' LOL!!! Everyone was stunned ... the whole place was quiet ... till Ayumu said 'B-b-b-b-b-' and everyone said 'BORING! Give us back our money!!' LOL!!! Ending. WAH NEW ED!!!! WHEE, it's not bad!!! We see Rein, Kaori, Sayuri, Cindy and Rino. [1 ED's Kuon, Nanaho, Kanade, Mayura and Rino] Hey the manga art, it's not bad. I like. Hope some kind soul would scan and translate the manga ... ha. Wah i like ED2 ... 'Koi suru miracle' ... ah wonder when is the single coming out ...

Oh, if you're STILL wondering about the plot ... lol Space E.T Alien is looking for her long lost sister, so she came to Earth. However, a huge spaceship called Space Mambo closed upon Earth. So to protect the earth, Space E.T Alien and six Earth heroes who were childhood friends of hers .. [?!] lol, stand up and fight against Space Mambo. That's all ... LOL Is there even a plot in the first place ... are you regreting even wondering about the plot 10 seconds ago? LOL. Muahahaha. I'm evil. lol. Next ep's a Kuon ep!!! Whee~

Oh, brb i go feed parrots. Ok back, oh it's 7pm le ... sigh, so fast lol, tomorrow gotta study for E-Marketing paper le ... 3 websites to study huh ... sigh. LoL. 1. 2. 3. lol. Tomorrow then worry ba now it's animes times! Whee. *Throws EM notes away from desk*

Ok, i'm taking on two series this week, Bleach ... i'm currently hooked on the manga ... and i won't be downloading the past anime eps cos no time lol. Wait till i got time ba then i download the RM versions. But basically the manga and anime's pretty similar ba based on the summaries ... Next would be Pani Poni Dash! It's a pretty 'new' anime, was out on July 2005 but that time i was not interested in 'Cute Cute' characters then, but i saw a review that said that this title's funny and stuff ... and the seiyuu of Becky [The main character] is the same for Hazuki of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, i truly believe it would be funny LOL. Cos i love Chiwa Saito's cute and husky voice!!! LoL, especially when she said 'Baka' Ahh, so cute! LoL, i can imagine her pouting when she said Baaaka. LoL.

Oh brb, dinner ... noodles! LoL.
Backu. LoL. Hm, ahhh i'm listening to Yui Makino's Amrita ... so nice~ Toshitte~ Lalalala ... Hmm juz now i got alot of stuff i wanna say le, but i forgot. LoL, nvm. Oh yes, this afternoon, i was watching the news and cos Singapore is currently plagued with the Dengue Fever ... yeah so it's pretty dangerous. Then my uncle was saying who said that people living in high places are safe, mosquitoes can also take the lift and go up watz. LOL!!! I was stunned for a moment, then i agreed with what he said. It is a possiblity. They kept spraying at the drains and ground and stuff but not high places LOL. Take lift LOL, that NEVER crossed my mind before lol.

Anyways, here's my timetable to remind myself heh before i forget;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Sigh, my lappy no space again, [Eating watermelon] ... ... ...
Done, lol mum forced me.

Oh as i was typing, my lappy no space le ... i juz downloaded FMP - TSR Ep6 ... and it's 200+MB Whoa, + Ep5's 200+MB also ... and i downloaded Pani Poni Dash! Ep1 also ... Tsubasa Chronicle Ep21 also ... so i'm going to watch TRC Ep20, Gakuen Alice Ep11, [Cos Gakuen Alice Ep12's out long time ago but i forgot to download, i didn't write it down on my notepad] FMP - TSR Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 [Cos Ep7's out already!!! AHHH] all by tonight. And Bleach scanlations ~~~ Ahhh Ishida's fighting the crazy mad scientist aka 12th Division Captain, Kurotsuch. Me stopped at Chapter 126 ... sigh. Later ba or i'll juz screenshoot FMP - TSR Ep4 tonight first. Ook. CYA THEN!

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PS: I juz read Mai Otome Chapter 6 ... i like that chapter pretty much, cos it's probaby the most NORMAL chapter i had read ... except for one ecchi scene LOL. Oh i read this scanlation over ... titled 'Cotton' wahhh it's so nice, i like the art style alot, very nice, clean, clear ... and pleasing to the eye. The story's pretty cool and interesting too ... i'll tok abt it more tomorrow ... and probably after chapter 4 [end] is posted, i'll review abt it! Whee.

Out For Wedding Dinner ...

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Whoo, i'm going for a wedding dinner tonight, so not really blogging any animes tonight lol. I tried to watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep14 juz now but no mood to type out ...
15mins and just two lines. Sigh. Tomorrow ba. Cya then. I'm going to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep46 and read Bleach manga scanlations~ wheeeee ...

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PS: ~

[Manga] Love Celeb

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Exams Timetable;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Two down, one more to go! LoL. Oh, because i'm lazy to watch animes tonight i'll do a manga review muahahaha.


Ah, i love this #1 cover of Gin~ so kawaii~ blushing and hugging the little bunny wanny LOL. The latest title by Shinjou Mayu~ Whee, actually it's out pretty long le, latest up to #5 le, i don't really like the cover for #4 though, looks a little weird to me. Heh. Ahhh but the latest #5 looks veryyyyyy nice! Kirara and Gin look like such a perfect couple in the cover lol. See cover i've taken from below!

~~~ SO Kawaii~!

Uh, is that Gin? Dunno, but he got black hair le ... ahhh i only read till #2 only lol how the heck do i know what happened in #5?! LoL. I think it's really him ba lol. Kirara looks really pretty ... lol really. Like a princess ... and a little like an idol heh. Ahhh Gin in grey or black hair also looks so cool~~~ LoL. But i prefer black though ... muahahaha. Looks so ... soft. Heh.

Uhhh, i forgot to do a review of Love Celeb LOL, i kept ... ogling ehem, staring at #1 and #5 cover XP. Haha, ok basically uh Nakazono Kirara is a [virgin] girl who dreams of being a top idol and she doesn't care about playing a minor or even an unpleasant role. [Yes, even acting as a high school girl who gets killed in the first 5 minutes of the show LoL] However, attempts have been unsuccessful so far. And so one fine day, she was told by her manager, Hanamaki to sleep with an important person to get a job. She was kicked into some 'weird' place where the dark reality of the celebrity world of money and sex.

Later, some guy comes around and tried to rape her but was saved by Fujiwara Ginzou who is a top celebrity + politician + the most powerful man in Japan?! However, he is also a ... perverted guy lol who think Kirara is one of the girls who think that they could get into the celebrity world by using their bodies.

'In this world, there is nothing that cannot be bought by money.'

Pissed, Kirara slapped him?! And kinda said that her heart could not be bought by money. [Ha. Chessy lol] Gin was like 'Heh, i can.' then he deep kissed Kirara and wrote his number with her lip stick on her neck. [Whoa] LoL. After that day, Kirara was surrounded by the press with many job offers by famous people in the media. LoL, Kirara was darn shocked and couldn't believe it was true and thought she's on candid camera. [LOL] Ah then Gin comes along and said that he had bought her by giving a hickey on her neck. [=O]

Ah eh, then alot of ecchi/smut stuff in later chapters and #2 lol. Basically Gin became interested in Kirara till the point he even imagined girls he had sex with as Kirara. LoL. Then he was like 'Damn that stupid virgin.' LoL. Kirara also fell in love with Gin ... but was insecured because she thinks that after Gin takes away her virginity, she would be discarded away like the girls Gin had in the past. But Gin won her over with his ... actions and words lol, ahhh so sweet haha. I think they did it on #4 lol. I saw the preview somewhere before ... ahhh but i lost the URL ... nooooooo! LoL.

Yeah, it's quite cool, the art's getting better no doubt, Gin's really cool~ handsome and sooo ... demanding lol. Hahaha, i love his chibi form, soooo cute!!!! The way he blushed and he likes strawberries and bunnies~ LoL. Oh by the way, Kirara cosplayed as a bunny girl in #1 i think lol, Gin got so hypered up that he was blushing the whole thing thinking how he's going to take her lol. I think Gin's the cutest of all Shinjou Mayu's male characters =D, hahaha cos he blushes ... haha. Well, try imagining Hakuron from Haou Airen blushing ... can you imagine? LoL. Ah, overall Love Celeb is a good read, funny and ... exciting at the same time. Heh, Gin-samaaaaaaaaaa~ LoL.
It's rather light so far ... so evil plots and twists so far ... lol unlike ... some titles. LoL.

Anyways, yeah i finally two papers WHEE!!! LoL hey, i still got 1 more to go lol, but who cares. Like JZ said, 'What is E-Marketing? Nothing!' LOL. Ah, i feel so sad for my SM paper ... i made alot of careless mistakes, no time to finish and of course no time to even check lol. Damn tutor was beside me and took the paper from me first ... and i can't even check or watz. Kaoz. For Marketing Communications paper this morning also ... took the paper away from me second. Sigh i can't finish sia ... i think 10 marks gone le. Sianz. I hate life. I rather i can't do than not finish. LoL, cos if i can't do, at least i won't feel so bad cos i can't do what, nothing i can do about it. But if i can't finish, I CAN DO but I have no time to write it down, so i feel MOREEEEEE BAD about it lol. Sigh such a pity, such a waste. I was still scribbling after the tutor said pens down LOL. As i said, 'Write 1 more line means 1 more hope.' LOL.

Sianz, i sat 171 home as usual and fell asleep ... then when i woke up i'm already at the North Point there le LOL, i was kinda stunned then i got down and went to have KFC to take away home muahahaha since i'm there anyways lol. Cheese fries~ Zinger burger and Pepsi~ LoL. After eating my lunch, i bathe and went to bed LOL at 2pm. I slept till 6.30pm ... woke up and feed my parrots ... watch tv for a while then go out for dinner~ ... then come home at around 9.45pm? Then yeah i'm in front of the lappy and blogging. Heh. Ook, off to read Love Monster V7 C43 i juz downloaded wheee LOL.

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PS: ... read read read

Gokujou Seitokai ep13

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Feeling EVILLLL! Here's my timetable to remind myself again;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Gokujou Seitokai Ep13 screenshots coming up!

Sexy.Nanaho's Room LOL!'My Pirotto-Chan ...
Rein: 'I'm Not Sitting The RollarCoaster With You Anymore If You Don't Hug Me!'I Like This Cos Kuon Looks Cute Here LoL.Rino: 'You're Kanade-sama And Nanaho's Child?!' LOL.

Ok ... recapturing last ep's happenings, Kanade and Nanaho returned home and see Miyagami Gakuen in a mess, when they went in, they saw a rather blurish Rino and asked her what happened. LOL, Rino was like 'If i tell you what happened, it would take forever but not.' LOL!!! LoL!!! Pucc-chan then pointed at this girl in front of the staircase. So Rino flashbacked to what happened. ... Kanade and Nanaho went to the Jinguuji house. Kaori came over. Seina and Kuon went out on Cindy's car. Then left Sayuri, Rein, Rino, Mayura and Kaori playing games? LoL. And as usual lol Rino lost the game and had to go out and buy snacks for the rest i guess.

So while walking home, Rino saw ... the girl. While the three of them were talking, the girl disappeared from the top of the staircase. Then Kanade asked what happened and Rino continued her story ... LoL, the girl called out to Rino [Cos of the girl is at the bus stop] if the bus in the bus stop will get her to Miyagami Gakuen. Rino said yes then Pucc-chan said that the bus doesn't operate on Sundays, so you have to walk. LoL. The girl came over and said that Pucc-chan's a strange pet LOL. Then Rino said he's not a pet. And Pucc-chan introduced himself. LoL. The girl then asked Rino for her name lol. Then later asked Rino to give Pucc-chan to her.

Rino was like noo, then the girl was saying, we're friends, give it to me lol. Rino was like we have only just met. And they went on for two hours LOL. Nanaho commented that that's too long lol. LoL, so back, Rino and the girl were panting hard, lol then the girl said that Rino's the first person to ignore her selfish ways for this long and Rino replied that it's the first time she have rejected someone's pleas for this long LOLLLLLLL!!! And then they smiled at each other. Hence, they developed a FRIENDSHIP. LOL!!!!!!!!! Suddenly, the girl fainted. So Rino had no choice but to bring her back to Miyagami Gakuen's dorm. The rest were waiting for Rino ... lol.

While Rino creeped into her room quietly. [They were not supposed to bring any outsiders into the dorms] So Rino laid the girl on her bed, then Rino went to get the school's nurse, Hirata Wakana-sensei. LoL, at that moment, Wakana-sensei's drunk lol. [See screenshot 1 LoL sexy~] LoL, so Rino slammed back the door when Wakana-sensei got ... too drunk? LoL. Rino went back and found the girl gone lol. So she went in search of the girl and saw Nanaho's room's door open ... LOL. Nanaho was like '?!' 'Did you go in?!' 'You saw it?!' LoLLLLLLLLLL. Nanaho's room's so girlish~ Pinkish and full of soft toys LOL. Pucc-chan was like 'Yeah, we saw it so clearly.' LOLLLLLLLLL!!!

Yes, the girl was in Nanaho's room and she picked up this soft toy. LoL. Nanaho cut in and said that what kind of toy is that. Rino replied that it was a pinky teddy bear. [Awwwww~ LoL!] Nanaho was like '?! That's Pirotto-chan the teddy bear!' LOLLLL It even has a name!!! LOL So kawaii!!!! LoL. Then Nanaho paced up and down worrying about Pirotto-chan LOL then asked Rino what happened to Pirotto-chan?! [Flashback] The girl was playing it for a while then she got bored of it and threw it out of the window LOL! Thus, it's now in the rain LOL! Nanaho actually ... broke a world record by speeding out of the lobby lol. Hahahahahaa, so funny. LOL.

Then she shrieked ... 'NOooOoOoooo~ Pirotto-chan!!!~~~~~' LOL SO CUTE AHAHHAA, should download and listen to Nanaho scream shriek LOL. Nanaho then returned and was growling like a tiger that she will not forgive the girl and give her what she deserve!!! LOL. Then back to the story, the girl then ran away ... and Rino chased after her but later lost her and saw the rest. Then Rino told the rest what happened. The rest then splited and went up the levels to look for her. LoL. But how the girl could open the doors of the room? She broke into the landlady's room's safe and stole the cardkey that opens all the doors in the dorm lol. Later Rein and Sayuri found her.

The girl ran duh and they chased after her. Lol. Then the girl opened this door, Rein and Sayuri rushed in [Actually it's Sayuri who rushed in and bumped into Rein lol] and fell on the Emergency thingy that Rino used to sat on when she was late for school LOL! So the girl pressed on the red button and ... off they went LOLLLLLL! [see screenshot 4] Meanwhile, Mayura was searching high and low for the Seitokai's account book. Kaori then deduced that it must be the girl. Then Mayura was like saying it's terrible if the girl enters the secret room ... where the dorm's central control and self-destruct system are there LOL. Kaori was like '?!' LoL. So they went to find the girl.

Kaori and Mayura then found the girl, chased after her, lol got tricked again like Rein and Sayuri LOL. Later Rino and Pucc-chan went in search of the girl after telling the landlady to go to the school's building to call Seina. Then they found a secret door to the basement ... LoL the landlady called Seina LOL and kept saying 'EHE' LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Seina was like, 'I don't know what you meant if you just say 'ehe'' LOLLLLL!!! Rino and Pucc-chan opened the door ... and saw the girl there ... she's ... playing with the controls and stuff lol. Rino tried to stop her and got angry when the girl said something selfish. [Rino actually raised her hand to hit the girl] Lol.

Pucc-chan was like 'HIT! HIT! HIT!' LoL. Rino was like ... i can't do it ... i rather us to be friends. So Rino's hand hit the self-destruction button instead LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Then the girl was like 'Whoa cool! So fun!' LoL. And so ... the dorm went kaaaaaaboom. LoL. The landlady saw it 'LIVE' on TV and fainted lol. The rain stopped ... a rainbow came out ... and that's what happened said Rino, cos she pressed the self-destruction button LOL. Kanade then said that the girls looks familiar somehow ... Ah, Nanaho then found the girl ... went in through a door lol, got strapped to the Emergency thingy again lol and went off~ LoL. Kuon, Seina and Cindy returned and were shocked to see the school in such a state.

Rino went like 'If i tell you it would take forever but not ...' again LOL, Pucc-chan cut it short but saying that the girl is the cause and Minamo-chan appears! Seina was like 'Minamo-chan?' Minamo went like 'Onee-chan!' LoL, yes that girl is Seina's sister and she's transferring into Miyagami Gakuen and joining the Gokujou Seitokai. LoL. [See screenshot 6] for shocked faces lol.

Waaaaahhh this summary of this ep sure is long LOL. I'm in a typing mood i guess XP.

Ah i didn't study today LoL, no freaking mood sia, at least i TOUCHED my notes ok LOL. Wheee, i'm listening to Tsubasa Chronicle Movie's OP and ED right now. I like Yui Makino's voice, she's the seiyuu of Sakura in TRC ... then in the ED single, she sung the 'You are my love' track in japanese. It's not bad too. I like 'Amrita' alot too. Her voice is pretty calming ... sweet ... nice. Hehehe. Whoa she's same age as me ... older than me though. January Kid. LoL. Ah but in Japan, i'm older than her right? Cos school starts on April ... ah i'm not sure how there systems work also lol. Ah, i got 3 tracks in the single, the last being 'Jasmine' it's pretty nice too, upbeat and ... catchy.

Another nice song! Endless Story by Yuna Ito! Here's the lyrics;


If you haven't changed your mind
そばにいてほしいよ Tonight / soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

強がることに疲れたの / tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
幼すぎたの Everytime I think about you baby / osanasugi ta no Everytime I think about you baby
今なら言える I miss you / ima nara ieru I miss you
It's so hard to say I'm sorry / It's so hard to say I'm sorry

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために / tatoeba dareka no tame janaku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに / owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に / Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
消さないで このまま don't go away / kesanai de kono mama don't go away

あたたかく溶けだして 確かめるの / atatakaku tokedashite tashikameru no
優しさのしずく この胸にひろがってく / yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
切ないほどに I'm missin' you / setsunai hodo ni I'm missin' you
重ねた手 離さないで / kasaneta te hanasanaide

たとえば 叶うなら もう一度あなたのために / tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 絶え間ない愛しさで / owaranai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why 教えてよ ずっと永遠に / tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために / tatoeba dareka no tame janaku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに / owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

たとえば 叶うなら もう一度あなたのために / tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story _ 愛しさで / owaranai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why 教えてよ ずっと永遠に / tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

Credits: ; Hanako

Yep, it's really nice lol. Ok long post le gtg cya. Oh yes, wait my parents returned home le!!! YAY suddenly lost for words when i saw my mummy *sob sob sob* lol. They bought China chewy gums! I took picture of them, i'll upload them this weekend ba. I need to study my Sales Management and abit of Marketing Communication tomorrow ... which i doubt i will study anyways LOL.

[Signing off @ 9:56 PM]

PS: If you can't view the Japanese words, right click, encoding and select 'Japanese (Auto-Select)' yeah should be able to see them. If not, nvm, there's translated japanese to english words beside, you still can sing to the song LOL.