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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep14

[Posted @ 5:10 PM]
This would probably be the longest 'time period' post ever lol. [I'm probably going to sign off at 9pm or wat] I'm juggling reading 1 english and 1 mandarin fanfic, reading 2 mandarin online scanlation, watching Gokujou Seitokai Ep14, trying to memorize 'Endless Story' lyrics while listening to it repeatedly and of course lastly, blogging LOL. Oh not to forget, downloading Bleach chapters too lol. So i got hm let's see ... 14 windows on my bar. LOL, i'm a very busy person when i go online lol. Oh yes, juz now i was even playing this 'Cursor' game LOL. Ah, gtg watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep14 ... hahaha i already missed a day, i'll going to blog Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep2 tomorrow.

FinallY! I have finished watching and screenshooting Gokujou Seitokai Ep14! So here it is now! Oh by the way, just now i saw YanZi's news on TV!!! About her Hong Kong concert ... WAH she's soo pretty! So ... cooL! [You pretty much figured out what time i typed this and how long i took to finish watching the ep already right lol]

Spare Us The 'Finger'.It's Getting Cold In Here, So Take Off All Your Clothes~ *Singing*At Least The Drawing's Better Than Rukia's From Bleach LOL!
Nanaho Attacks Kuon's Shoulder!Power Rangers!Pttf.

Minamo said that she's joining the Gokujou Seitokai cos it looks fun so it's decided! LoL, Nanaho was like ... 'Don't decide things by yourself ... i would not accept ...' But Kanade accepted lol. While the dorm's being fixed, they have to sleep in the main building lol. Brush their teeth in the science lab and have their breakfast there too lol. LOL Kuon's so evil, she actually went home with Cindy as her driver LOL! Then they arrived in the lab and Kuon asked Cindy how she feel about the French Full Course Cuisine they had for breakfast LOL! The rest [Rein, Sayuri and Mayura] were like 'WAH I WANNA STAY IN YA HOUSE TOO!' LoL. Rein said that she'll hold Kuon's bags. Sayuri said that she'll wash Kuon's back. Mayura said she'll manage Kuon's accounts. LoL Kuon rejected of course. Then the 3 went, [See screenshot 1] LoL.

Later, Kuon asked for Kanade and Rino ... Nanaho said that Kaori asked them out lol, actually Kaori made bentos for Kanade ... Rino's happily eating hers and Kanade's lol. Minamo then suggested that they do a play to generate money from entrance fees and eat some nice food LOL since the budget is spent on fixing the dorms. Minamo came up with the script and stuff already and Kanade agreed to it and thus Kaori agreed to it, then Rino, then Mayura for the budget, Rein for better food, Sayuri for main dish, Cindy ... me too lol. Nanho was torned ... when she looked into Kanade's pleading eyes LOL!!!! So she agreed too lol. And so the title of the script Minamo wrote was ... 'Space E.T Alien' LOL. [See screenshot 2] for the rest's reaction lol. So Minamo ... lol explained the whole story plot to the rest ... hahaha ...

Everyone's not really happy about the story lol but they're going to do it anyways, Cindy actually volunteered to be the Space Mambo [Baddie]. Rino ... lol was made the main character cos she's the one who destroyed the dorm. [The Alien LOL] Then Nanaho asked where's Minamo ... Rino volunteered to go search for her. LoL, while Rino's walking the hallway in the dark ... [Cos it's night time already] then Pucc-chan scared Rino with horror stories lol. Then a sound 'Uhhhh' came from a door ... lol then Seina came out of the door piggybacking Minamo ... she seems sick and in pain. LoL, Rino fainted of course. Then Seina rushed Minamo to the nurse's office. Rino then walked into the room, then asked Seina about Minamo ... Pucc-chan then said if it's Minamo's weak heart. Yep. Minamo actually had a reason to be selfish ... and stuff.

And we see Seina for the first time, abit sad and asked Rino to treat Minamo like any normal people ... then Rino said that she will be friends with Minamo like she would with anyone. Seina seemed glad. LOL. Then the rest were hiding outside the nurse's office listening to the conversation lol, then they're determined to make the play a success. LOL Cindy was so touched that she cried loudly ... and the rest had to shut her up XP. [Oooh, we see Nanaho's right hand on Kuon's shoulder!!!! LoL] Next day, Nanaho woke Minamo up lol. Ah, the day of the performance, Cindy as Space Mambo. [Her lines were juz Mambo lol] Rino was Space E.T Alien and the 6 brave earth heroes ... Nanaho as red ranger, Sayuri as green ranger, Rein as orange ranger, Mayura as purple ranger, Kaori as blue ranger and Minamo as pink ranger lol. So they attacked Space Mambo.

When it's Minamo's turn, she suddenly collapsed, holding her chest. Then everyone cheered her on and Minamo gave a Space Mambo a small whack lol. LOL Then Cindy made a quite dramatic death lol. And so, thanks to Space E.T Alien and the six earth heroes, THE END LOL!!!! [Oh btw, Kanade narrated the ending.] So the cast waved their hands and stuff LOL then Pucc-chan said, 'There's no applause.' LOL!!! Everyone was stunned ... the whole place was quiet ... till Ayumu said 'B-b-b-b-b-' and everyone said 'BORING! Give us back our money!!' LOL!!! Ending. WAH NEW ED!!!! WHEE, it's not bad!!! We see Rein, Kaori, Sayuri, Cindy and Rino. [1 ED's Kuon, Nanaho, Kanade, Mayura and Rino] Hey the manga art, it's not bad. I like. Hope some kind soul would scan and translate the manga ... ha. Wah i like ED2 ... 'Koi suru miracle' ... ah wonder when is the single coming out ...

Oh, if you're STILL wondering about the plot ... lol Space E.T Alien is looking for her long lost sister, so she came to Earth. However, a huge spaceship called Space Mambo closed upon Earth. So to protect the earth, Space E.T Alien and six Earth heroes who were childhood friends of hers .. [?!] lol, stand up and fight against Space Mambo. That's all ... LOL Is there even a plot in the first place ... are you regreting even wondering about the plot 10 seconds ago? LOL. Muahahaha. I'm evil. lol. Next ep's a Kuon ep!!! Whee~

Oh, brb i go feed parrots. Ok back, oh it's 7pm le ... sigh, so fast lol, tomorrow gotta study for E-Marketing paper le ... 3 websites to study huh ... sigh. LoL. 1. Amazon.com 2. ebay.com 3. alibaba.com lol. Tomorrow then worry ba now it's animes times! Whee. *Throws EM notes away from desk*

Ok, i'm taking on two series this week, Bleach ... i'm currently hooked on the manga ... and i won't be downloading the past anime eps cos no time lol. Wait till i got time ba then i download the RM versions. But basically the manga and anime's pretty similar ba based on the summaries ... Next would be Pani Poni Dash! It's a pretty 'new' anime, was out on July 2005 but that time i was not interested in 'Cute Cute' characters then, but i saw a review that said that this title's funny and stuff ... and the seiyuu of Becky [The main character] is the same for Hazuki of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, i truly believe it would be funny LOL. Cos i love Chiwa Saito's cute and husky voice!!! LoL, especially when she said 'Baka' Ahh, so cute! LoL, i can imagine her pouting when she said Baaaka. LoL.

Oh brb, dinner ... noodles! LoL.
Backu. LoL. Hm, ahhh i'm listening to Yui Makino's Amrita ... so nice~ Toshitte~ Lalalala ... Hmm juz now i got alot of stuff i wanna say le, but i forgot. LoL, nvm. Oh yes, this afternoon, i was watching the news and cos Singapore is currently plagued with the Dengue Fever ... yeah so it's pretty dangerous. Then my uncle was saying who said that people living in high places are safe, mosquitoes can also take the lift and go up watz. LOL!!! I was stunned for a moment, then i agreed with what he said. It is a possiblity. They kept spraying at the drains and ground and stuff but not high places LOL. Take lift LOL, that NEVER crossed my mind before lol.

Anyways, here's my timetable to remind myself heh before i forget;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Sigh, my lappy no space again, [Eating watermelon] ... ... ...
Done, lol mum forced me.

Oh as i was typing, my lappy no space le ... i juz downloaded FMP - TSR Ep6 ... and it's 200+MB Whoa, + Ep5's 200+MB also ... and i downloaded Pani Poni Dash! Ep1 also ... Tsubasa Chronicle Ep21 also ... so i'm going to watch TRC Ep20, Gakuen Alice Ep11, [Cos Gakuen Alice Ep12's out long time ago but i forgot to download, i didn't write it down on my notepad] FMP - TSR Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 [Cos Ep7's out already!!! AHHH] all by tonight. And Bleach scanlations ~~~ Ahhh Ishida's fighting the crazy mad scientist aka 12th Division Captain, Kurotsuch. Me stopped at Chapter 126 ... sigh. Later ba or i'll juz screenshoot FMP - TSR Ep4 tonight first. Ook. CYA THEN!

[Signing off @ 8:20 PM]

PS: I juz read Mai Otome Chapter 6 ... i like that chapter pretty much, cos it's probaby the most NORMAL chapter i had read ... except for one ecchi scene LOL. Oh i read this scanlation over yamibo.com ... titled 'Cotton' wahhh it's so nice, i like the art style alot, very nice, clean, clear ... and pleasing to the eye. The story's pretty cool and interesting too ... i'll tok abt it more tomorrow ... and probably after chapter 4 [end] is posted, i'll review abt it! Whee.

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