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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep12

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LOL!!!!!!!!!! I realized something juz now. LoL, i'm having my Sales Management paper this friday and i haven't even touched nor smell my notes yet LOL. LOL GOD! I really forgot all about my exams!!! LoL.

Anyways here's my timetable to remind myself;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

LoL, it's really terrible of me to juz realized it juz now manz. LoL. I was playing so hard lol, i even told myself to start studying on monday last friday lol. But no. I forgot ALL about it XP. Anyways, Gokujou Seitokai Ep12 screenshots!

Kaori: 'I Command Nanaho To Propose To Kanade.'Nanaho: 'Please Marry Me!'Kanade: '?! But We've Only Just Met ...'
Kanade: 'Well, Ok I'll Marry You!' *Blush*Nanaho: 'Noone's Taking My Bride Away!'Nanaho & Kanade: 'This Is Our Child.' LOL!!!!

Firstly, if you read the 'AlT' on the screenshots, please don't take it as real lol, just a joke ... i would really prefer Nanaho with Kuon LoL. Rino can have Kanade. Muahahaha. Anyways ...

Woo, a Nanaho X Kanade Ep~~ LoL. It's a rainy sunday ... and Kanade has to go back to her home cos something came up then Nanaho also went with her ... oh it's Jinguuji family conference. Ok, lol Kanade's home is big~ so ojou-sama-like. Oh then we see Nanaho's 4th brother ... i think the whole Kinjou family's protecting the Jinguuji family ... and seems that 4th brother's not attached to his 'protected one' ha. Then blah blah, they talked for a while, then flashback to 5 years ago the first time Nanaho met Kanade.

That time Nanaho said that she hated Kanade cos the whole existence of her was to purely devote herself to Jinguuji family. Then blah blah about her sad childhood, abt her having no dreams, no friends ... no choice in life. Later, the first and last order Kanade gave to Nanaho is freedom ... Kanade said that there's no need to protect her and stuff. And so, Nanaho became a normal child, playing with friends, enjoying a normal life. That is until while her friends and her were hiding from the rain then she saw this poor puppy.

The puppy was drenched ... its expression reminded her of Kanade. It's a face that had given up on life. So she ran to Jinguuji house in the rain and waited outside. Then suddenly Kanade ran out of the house screaming and yelling at the maid not to follow her. Nanaho chased after her. [Whoa Kanade sure can run lol] LoL, Kanade was like yelling no, she doesn't want to use her powers anymore. Kanade was puzzled why Nanaho came after her and stuff ... then Nanaho said cos she's worried about her and didn't do it cos she was ordered but out of her own will.

Then Kanade kept crying that she doesn't wanna go back and stuff, lol Nanaho then suggested that they run away together. Then they were in some wooden hut ... eating Anpan [Sweet red bean bread] lol. Then Nanaho thanked Kanade for setting her free. Then Nanaho said that she might have found her dream, that is to set Kanade free ... then Nanaho was saying where they should run to when suddenly Nanaho's 1st brother arrived to bring em' back. Blah blah then 1st brother told Kanade stuff and told her not to run away and change the situation instead.

When 1st brother told Kanade what she wanna do then Kanade said that she wanna go to school ... So Miyagami Gakuen was built. Nanaho was then brought back to the present by 4th brother's calling lol. Yeah, then Kanade finished her meeting ... then they start to head back. 'This is where i belong, this is my dream, this school.' LoL, when they arrived back, the whole ... place was a freaking mess ... like some twister just came by and kicked the school's butt. Oh, new character, Katsura Minamo, she's the cause of the whole mess lol. And SPOILER! She's Seina's sister. LOL. Next ep's gonna be fun! Nanaho's fetish with soft toys! LOL.

LoL manz, i'm still abit stunned that i actually forgotten that i got exams this friday ... SM somemore wah sianz. uh SM as in Sales Management lol. LoL. Ahhh, i finally read Fruits Basket #12 this afternoon! Rin's as cool as ever ... Haru ... go for it! LoL. Ritsu's the cover ... guy[girl] LoL. Manz, he looks really girlish sia lol in a kimono no less! LoL. This volume's really cool, i got this 'WHOA, SO BLOODY DARK!' feeling after i learnt that Kagura's love for Kyou is not that pure and innocent afterall. LoL. Not pure and innocent doesn't mean indecent ok lol, it's just that it's really unexpected, never thought that Kagura will harbour those feelings for Kyou before she really fell hard for Kyou. It's ... a really dark side of human beings but how true and realistic.

Every volume of Fruits Basket always gave me something to ponder about ... makes me reflect on the things i've done and how selfish human beings are. LoL. And how poor and touching the characters in Fruits Basket were. Love, Hate, Envy, Ignorance and Sacrifice. Ahh, so nice lol. Makes me a better thinking person. That's why i fell in love with animes and mangas~ Cos they're not only picture picture ok lol, they have stories, so deep that with the visuals, it's even better, touching.

Oh by the way, Tohru has a really cute moment on page 22 lol. Even Kyou blushed when he saw her like that and even said 'Too Cute.' LOL. I find it really cute too, hahaha she's like blushing so hard ... haha almost crying haha. I'm lazy to scan the pic in, go buy the book if u wanna see it lol. ~~~ But i still think Rin's the best muaha. muahaha. muahahaha. lol.

Oh yeah, i read Mai-Otome Chapter 6 juz now lol. No comments, it's pretty mild, Arika won the match. Yeah. LOL, i'm juz browsing through the seiyuu lists ... i found out that the seiyuu for Michiru in Sailor Moon is the same for Tsunade in Naruto ... lol. Quite cool. Wah then got this new anime title, Blood+ ... sounds cool, about vampires~ LoL. But it's 52eps?! LoL. It's a prequel of Blood: The Last Vampire Movie. Hmm never watch it before. LoL. Manz, quite happening on October 2005 for me sia. Shanghai trip, new anime titles and YanZi's releasing her new album ... wah why don't release on 10/10? Why 7/10? LoL.

You know, i've been itching to download Bleach these days ... but no space lol and probably lazy too. Ah, after my exams i'll probably download them ba, then transfer my KnM 2+GB to my bro's lappy. AHHHH, i wanna buy a hard drive!!! LoL. External and portable one. Sigh, any good recommendations? Or you can buy one for my birthday present. I want at least 300-400GB one LOL.

[Signing off @ 11:06 PM]

PS: Hard Drive Hard Drive Hard Drive ... 400GB 400GB 400 GB LOLLL!

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