[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 12

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FINALLY! Here comes Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 12 lol XD.


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Hatsu Koi Shimai 1. Hatsu Koi Shimai 2.

Recapturing from the previous Chapter, Kirika was hurt when she cushioned Miyu who slipped and fell ... Filled with guilt, Miyu took to herself to take care of Kirika everyday. Kirika told Miyu to go for her theater club but Miyu said it's alright and offered to take care of Kirika by helping her change her clothes for club lol.

Embarrassed, Kirika protested against that idea, saying that she's glad that she had protected Miyu. However Miyu mumbled that she wished that she was the one injured instead. Shocked, Kirika tried to ask for an explanation. However, Miyu left quickly saying she'll be back later when Kirika finished her club activities, leaving Kirika puzzled.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

After Kirika's club activity, she walked home together with Miyu and they started to reminisce the time when they were young, holding hands and walking like that together. Miyu revealed that along as she's with Kirika she wouldn't cry, no matter how far away they had been, lost or filled with worries. Kirika began to wonder why is that so ... not knowing that they had understood in their hearts that as long as they had each other, nothing else matters.

The next day, Miyu was glad that Kirika's injury was healing well and she might make it in time for the competition. Kirika thanked Miyu for taking care of her and hoped that Miyu will now concentrate on her theater club activities. As Miyu was about to explain something, someone yelled that she had finally found Miyu. It appeared that Miyu had not been going to her theater club activities and the members were getting rather frustrated. As one of the members was about to get Miyu to go back with her, Miyu grabbed Kirika's hand and took off LOL.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

At a safe place, Kirika questioned Miyu why didn't she went for her club practices ... she's the lead, the princess after all ... maybe Kirika thought, it's because of her injury? Miyu cried no and turned towards Kirika, showing her tear-stained face. Miyu explained that when it's time to assign the roles in the play, the others took for granted that Miyu's taking the role of the 'Princess' again. When Miyu tried to protest, saying that she wished to challenge herself by taking up other kinds of roles, however the members in the club insisted that she had the looks of a Princess so she should be the one.

Afterwords, some of the members were disgusted or rather jealous of Miyu taking up the role of the Princess, what more did she want when she already got the best role? In the end, Miyu felt she was been disliked by the club members. Miyu cried that she had wanted to take on different roles in the plays hence for that reason she had joined the theater club. She was frustrated that the people around stereotype her for roles just because of her physical appearance and it's not that she don't want to perform.

Meanwhile, Kirika was pretty shocked when Miyu cried, since she didn't even shed a tear when they were young and went missing. Before Kirika could say anything to comfort Miyu, Miyu threw herself against Kirika, telling her to keep quiet as she didn't want Kirika to unintentionally disregard her will. Miyu confessed that she want to be herself in front of Kirika, regardless of whether she's being stubborn or weak she could be honest to her feelings, no matter where because Kirika's her 'home' she can return to.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

Kissing Miyu on her forehead, Kirika promised that she will always protect Miyu, always. Miyu smiled and chuckled, saying she had been always protecting Kirika too and thanked Kirika for today. Kirika looked confused however Miyu was looking so happy and energetic, replying that she felt great after pouring all her feelings to Kirika lol. [Her change was so ... sudden that I couldn't believe she was just crying a while ago!]

Smiling and feeling somewhat optimistic, Miyu decided to take on the role of the wilful Princess instead and amazed the others that she could too, partake different characters. Kirika was relieved that Miyu looked happy now, giving a megawatt smile, she replied that she will support Miyu then. Miyu requested that after even when Kirika's hand healed, they will still continue to hold hands and walk together. On the other hand, the girls in Akiho's class were spreading news that Touko-sensei might be leaving Tsunokamizaka Girls' Academy as the teacher she's relieving might be returning soon.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

As the girls were bawling about not able to see Touko-sensei again, Akiho probably suffered the most shock, leaving the room in silence and surprising the other girls that Akiho seemed to be a Touko-sensei's fan too lol. Later, Sagara Rie came to see Chiori again and this time Chiori called Rie a stalker and that she's from the high school in the next town ... By this time Rie was in an orgasmic high that Chiori actually went to find out information about her lol. Rie went on explaining that she had always admired Tsunojo but because her grades were that good hence she couldn't enter the school.

However, she couldn't help herself but sneak in the school and after meeting Chiori-chan made her feel like as if she's one of the students in Tsunojo too. Rie told Chiori not to focus on the different uniforms because on the day they met, she had always wanted to have a good friendship with Chiori. Rie continued that maybe Chiori will understand what she meant after saying it out ... but Chiori retorted that there might be a chance that she don't understand.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

Chiori lashed out that Rie, saying how happy Rie must had been and walked off. [Probably angry that Akiho's interested in Touko-sensei and she hadn't got the guts to confess to Akiho about her own feelings] As for our golden couple, Haruna's waiting for Chika to finish her classes and out walked Chika feeling darn unenthusiastic about her summer vacation studies lol.

Smiling, Haruna patted Chika's head for her hard work and Chika's feeling recharged now! [LOL!] Haruna suggested that they go get some cold drinks and met by their secret garden and go back home together after that. Chika volunteered to buy, taking note of Haruna's preferred drink and spinned off lol. Chika blissfully felt her head where Haruna had patted warm and couldn't wait to finish her task and go back to Haruna.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

Meanwhile, Haruna's giggling to herself at how her touch energized Chika. A lady walked up from behind Haruna and commented that Haruna's with a cute girl [Chika]. She went on to add that it's been a long time since she's in Tsunojo ... and it's been a while she last saw Haruna too. Haruna turned back and muttered, 'Senpai!!' - END of Chapter 12 -

Arrival of the Senpai whom Haruna had been pinning for when she was younger, how will Haruna face up to the Senpai? How will Chika feel if she saw Haruna with her ... well ex-lover? LoL. Sounds really scandalous XD.

Random rants;
Been doing nothing but assignments, tutorials, reading lecture notes to reading fanfics, watching ... coughmoviescough and sleeping lol. Sounds like alot but it's a week for me to catch up on the new 'datas' and refresh myself with them. I'm so gona score this sem ... I've never been this hardworking before lol.

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OH MY GODS, the ED of Mnemosyne -Mnemosyne no Musumetachi- [ムネモシュネの娘たち] is TOTALLY awesome, I've been replaying the track since last night till now lol. Link to cdjapan to purchase [I know you want to].


The OP was so-so, I mean we only heard the chorus of the whole song and I was busy looking at the images than thinking what the Engrish was lol.

Tracks in CD;


Anyways, here's the lyrics of the OP;

Title: Alsatia by GALNERYUS

We'll find the path of Alsatia
We'll lose if we don't fight now

Noone can play in the sculpture garden
Petrified faces are watching in the dark
Assimilate yourself in this mystical world
That's all you have to do

Day after day, you got tragic situation
Night after night, you tried to break the wall
Fortune is calling you in this mystical world
You'll find a way

Cloud in the mists of time
You must take aim and play your game
Emotional neglect is the price that you must pay to your desire
It's Alsatia
You just believe in the lie to forget the awful truth
You know the disturbance never ends

There is no reason to take this process
Resentment will change into sweet desire
You'll run for your life in this mystical world
Beware of the night

Crawl in the mists of time
You must face the wall of the hate
Eternal vigilance is the price that you must pay to your desire
It's Alsatia
You just go against the law, fall into delusion
You know the disturbance never ends

Cloud in the mists of time
You must take aim and play your game
Emotional neglect is the price that you must pay to your desire
It's Alsatia
You just go against the law, fall into delusion
You know the disturbance never ends
It's Alsatia
You just believe in the lie to forget the awful truth
You know the disturbance never ends

We'll find the path to Alsatia
We'll lose if we don't fight now

- END -

Let's not forget the ED!!!!;

Title: Cause Disarray by GALNERYUS

止まる事ない / 久遠求める足掻き
tomaru koto na i / kuon motomeru agaki
さんざめく街 / 冷めた目で見つめてる
sanze meku machi / same tame de mitsumeteru

終わる事ない / 無邪気で無残な日々
owaru koto na i / mujaki de muzan na hibi
諦める事 / それさえも諦める / トキの果て
akirameru koto / sore sae mo akirameru / toki no hate

祈りは / 届かない
inori wa / todokana i

Cause disarray
刻む記憶は / 切なく未来へ重なる
kizamu kioku wa / setsu naku mirai he kasanaru
懐かしい / 過去から続く / 歪んだ酩酊
natsukashii / kako kara tsuzuku / yuganda meitei

Search for the truth
刻む傷跡 / それは未来へ戒め
kizamu kizuato / sore wa mirai he no imashime
狂おしい / 過去がもたらす / 甘美な酩酊
kuruoshii / kako ga mo tarasu / kanbi na meitei

戻る事ない / 終焉に続く道
modoru koto na i / syuuen ni tsuzuku michi
差し出す命 / その明日と引き換えに
sashidasu inochi / sono asu to hikikae ni

後悔はない / 気高く重ねた罪
koukai wa na i / ketakaku kasaneta tsumi
囚われる者 / それさえも絡め捕る / トキの果て
torawareru mono / sore sae mo karame toru / toki no hate

祈りは / 届かない
inori wa / todokana i

Cause disarray
刻む記憶は / 切なく未来へ重なる
kizamu kioku wa / setsu naku mirai he kasanaru
懐かしい / 過去から続く / 歪んだ酩酊
natsukashii / kako kara tsuzuku / yuganda meitei

Search for the truth
刻む傷跡 / それは未来へ戒め
kizamu kizuato / sore wa mirai he no imashime
狂おしい / 過去がもたらす / 甘美な酩酊
kuruoshii / kako ga mo tarasu / kanbi na meitei

Best line from Episode 2 by Mimi when Rin asked her what's up the [maid] getup, 'I think it'll be popular soon.' LOL. Aaahh, 2 more weeks and Ep3 will be out ... looks interesting heh, April's a good month =).

Randon rants;
Yeah, worrying myself with the darn research article critique assignment, I'm getting more and more confusing with each sentence I wrote lol. Hopefully I'm able to get a draft done by tonight and start on the Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 12 summary tomorrow.

I think I've been working too hard sigh, gotta relax, I've never been this hardworking in my poly days lol. Maybe after this crap, I'll ... well there's nothing to do except watch tv ... ah, gotta ask my friends what they're doing this mid-sem break and explore around or something.

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PS: Happy Easter Day! LoL.
PPS: Happy 17th Birthday to Chuz, its sad that I can't have the cake ... 17 ... wow.

ONA, Candy☆Boy and Anime, Penguin Musume ♥ Haato (ペンギン娘♥はぁと) Airing Dates

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Holy crap? Okay ... Be still, my thumping heart ... good news one after another ...

Taken From the Offical Candyboy.jp website.

The offical site of ONA, Candy☆Boy announced that the first of the seven episodes is gonna be aired on May 2nd 2008 via Nico Nico Douga, an online video sharing website like youtube except it's not English-friendly lol.

Similarly for anime, Penguin Musume ♥ Haato (ペンギン娘♥はぁと) which is gonna aired on April 19th 2008 and I believe the trailer is going online via Nico Nico Douga too.

In addition, Nozomi/Rightstuf has licensed the three seasons of Maria-sama ga Miteru, ZOMG! I'm so gotta buy the DVD Box Sets when its out! LoL.

Random rants;

Paid a visit to the Borders at Brisbane's City yesterday and saw quite a number of ChuangYi's titles there licensed by Madman Entertainment lol. I was like floating on mid-air when I saw my 'familiars' there hahahaha. The sad thing is that each manga costed AUD$14.95, hey I paid S$8.50 back in Singapore!!! At least my family's been purchasing the latest releases for me lol, sigh, I'm so happy.

Just went to ChuangYi's site and saw that Vampire Knight #6 is out this week, CRAP, I WANNA READ, I WANNA READ!!!!!!! Along with my Ouran High Host Club #11!! ARGHHHH. I can't expect my family to send me anything anymore stuff, they had just sent a package ... which costed a bomb and it makes me feel guilty to spend even more money so I'm sucking this up till November or something sigh.

Anyways, I saw Last Uniform aka Saigo no Seifuku #1 and Venus Versus Virus #1 there lol ... seriously I'll flip if I saw Strawberry Panic #1 there but thankfully or ... unthankfully lol there's none. I was thinking of purchasing some titles from Seven Seas directly from Amazon since Kinokuniya Singapore is rather slow and stuff.

Grrr, I need some ads from Nuffnang or Advertlets soon ... and Google Adsense's really slow, it's been 7 months and I've only racked in S$50 lol. Maybe I should get a part time job here ...

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PS: I've been watching Mnemosyne too lol. Bloody hell.

[CD] 小坂りゆ, Kosaka Riyu - every struggle

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I'm a fan of Kosaka Riyu [小坂りゆ] after listening to Claymore's ED, 'Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~' [断罪の花 ~Guilty Sky~].

Kosaka Riyu - every struggle

It was totally awesome, Chuz likes it so I've no doubt anyone else out there will love it too lol. Grab it from amazon japan if you like it too!

Tracks in CD;
1. m.o.n.s.t.e.r
2. 断罪の花 ~Guilty Sky~ [Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~]
3. 白紙 [Hakushi]
4. Dober Man
5. Memory
7. Platinum Smile
8. ココロの跡 (Kokoro no Ato]
9. the eastern sky
10. Sunny the Ride
11. every struggle

DVD sides;
1. 断罪の花 ~Guilty Sky~ [Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~]
2. Dober Man
3. Platinum Smile

Personal recommended tracks; m.o.n.s.t.e.r, 断罪の花 ~Guilty Sky~, Platinum Smile, Sunny the Ride [I was going THUG FOR LIFE! LOL kinda rhymes] and every struggle [Some of the tunes sound RATHER familiar].

She was rather 'manly' sounding in 'Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~' that Chuz thought she was a male singer lol. I was like, 'Are you tone-deaf, it's a girl, dork!' Haha. '3D♥HEART' is 'cutsy', don't like it ... I'll make an exception if you told me Berryz Koubou's singing it lol.

Anime-related Random rants;

If you have been reading up on Mahou Sensei Negi aka Magister Negi Magi, you should know why I'm doing this happy dance now as I post this spoiler pic lol.


Awww, so cute ahaha, it's been getting too 'dark' and serious lately. I'm looking forward for more fluff of KonoSetsu, heard that Ken-san? LoL.

Random rants;

Phew, it's finally Friday!!!! Starting to think about assignments ... especially for bloody-hell module/course called 'Business Research Methods'. Smells like there's ALOT of researching, writing and thinking to do. I'm hoping to do well in all my courses this semester so I'm not letting this crap piss me off.

It's been like a year since I last studied, I'm not sure if I can stay up late into the night, like 2-3am to finish up projects and wake up at 7am to head down to school in great condition. I think I'm getting old haha. Basically I'm doing okay for the moment for my courses, maybe I haven't really started anything yet ... well I don't know.

Met a friend from Singapore this afternoon who studied in UQ's Gatton campus in a 'dead town' as she putted nicely lol. Really happy to talk to another fellow Singaporean lol, now I finally felt how 'International Students' felt when they see their own people. Even though there's Nic here, it's always like better to talk to a girl I reckon? LOL, ahh no offense lol!

This is to Huiqi, food pics! Here's proof!;


FYI, of course I didn't finish the Biggest Burger I've Ever Eaten lol. I still miss Singapore food like the spicy smelly beans ... sigh.

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