Candy☆Boy Ep6 Out On 6 March 2009

[Posted @ 5:50 PM]
A short update, remember to watch Candy☆Boy Ep6 on 6 March 2009 via Niconico =w=

Candy☆Boy Ep6 Out On 6 March 2009.

Ah I just opened my Candy☆Boy DVD lol and I found some kinda code to this year's Animelo Concert 2009 lol ... Oh well, not like I can use it or something o_o

That's all I guess xD.

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Fourth Anniversary of IchigoYuri

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Wow. It's been f-o-u-r years, I have my ups and downs but I guess this is pretty good that I lasted this long. I've made wonderful friends online and experienced cool stuff (but somehow I can't list any).

Fourth Anniversary of IchigoYuri.

However, I have no motivation to translate, blog or even watch any anime these days ... I've been catching on Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4 episodes but I just can't bring myself to watch them ... why I wonder. Is this ... a symptom of growing up?


Hmm, I wonder if everything is foreordain ... I'm really moody and emo these days ... due to family matters and despite that I still have to go back and finish my studies at Australia. I won't let anything stop me from graduating there and wearing that 'Square Hat', well unless the airplane I'm on crashes or something haha (Watched too much Air Crash Investigation and Seconds from Disaster).

Anyways, I'll probably continue blogging when I'm back in Australia, somehow I've learned to let everything go, there WILL be heartache and tears at first, but I'll come out stronger than ever, I will make her proud and be a person who lives her life with no regrets. I will fight, fight and fight to keep her going, like what happened in my dream, I'll never let go and never give up until it happened. At least, she will be happy and will never see the tears and blood I suffered from holding on.

Wanted to write a little story but my tears just keep flowing down. Perhaps I'll pen it down and share next time.

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