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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Candy☆Boy Ep6 Out On 6 March 2009

[Posted @ 5:50 PM]
A short update, remember to watch Candy☆Boy Ep6 on 6 March 2009 via Niconico =w=

Candy☆Boy Ep6 Out On 6 March 2009.

Ah I just opened my Candy☆Boy DVD lol and I found some kinda code to this year's Animelo Concert 2009 lol ... Oh well, not like I can use it or something o_o

That's all I guess xD.

[Signing off @ 6:14 PM]


  1. Haha I love you Panda! xD

  2. wow^^ the cover of that dvd is so cute^^
    i like it^^
    oh and thanks for the info^^

  3. rawr eheh. sweat dvd cover. wish i could buy anime,mangas, but err. no money ):

  4. to Natsuki, MY PANDA xD lol.

    to Demon, welcome =).

    to Anon, lol well I saved up =X