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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fourth Anniversary of IchigoYuri

[Posted @ 9:28 PM]
Wow. It's been f-o-u-r years, I have my ups and downs but I guess this is pretty good that I lasted this long. I've made wonderful friends online and experienced cool stuff (but somehow I can't list any).

Fourth Anniversary of IchigoYuri.

However, I have no motivation to translate, blog or even watch any anime these days ... I've been catching on Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4 episodes but I just can't bring myself to watch them ... why I wonder. Is this ... a symptom of growing up?


Hmm, I wonder if everything is foreordain ... I'm really moody and emo these days ... due to family matters and despite that I still have to go back and finish my studies at Australia. I won't let anything stop me from graduating there and wearing that 'Square Hat', well unless the airplane I'm on crashes or something haha (Watched too much Air Crash Investigation and Seconds from Disaster).

Anyways, I'll probably continue blogging when I'm back in Australia, somehow I've learned to let everything go, there WILL be heartache and tears at first, but I'll come out stronger than ever, I will make her proud and be a person who lives her life with no regrets. I will fight, fight and fight to keep her going, like what happened in my dream, I'll never let go and never give up until it happened. At least, she will be happy and will never see the tears and blood I suffered from holding on.

Wanted to write a little story but my tears just keep flowing down. Perhaps I'll pen it down and share next time.

[Signing off @ 10:42 PM]


  1. awww i'm sorry to hear that you're still going through some rough times. i think i can safely say that we would all rather help and see that you get through your problems first of all. i started reading your blog just last year, and continued to visit regularly not just for your translations and summaries, but because i've enjoyed the honest and cheery personality behind the posts. we've all been there, and i also find it hard to enjoy the things i love whenever times are tough. this probably wont mean much coming from some random person on the net, but i hope things will work out and that you succeed in fulfilling all your ambitions. whether you choose to share those personal stories with us is up to you, but we're willing to listen as always. best of luck!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through rough times. Good luck, and congratulations on blogging for 4 years! I only started reading this blog in the past year, but it's really enjoyable and your perspective is fun to read. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that :( Cheer up alrightz?! u know we are here for u, in times of sad, happy moments etc.. hope u'll feel better soon~ Good Luck in your studies in Australia :D & btw, gratz on 4 years anniversary =)
    I'll always be your regular customer :D take care!

  4. Be strong, Fluffy-nee. We're always supporting you. :) *hugs*

  5. I hope everything goes well for you :> Please cheer up, because you definitely deserve to be happy^^

    (And I can sympathize with the interest-thing: I've downloaded all the Marimite 4th episodes but haven't watched a single one yet @___@;)

  6. I'm sorry to hear that u'r going through a rough time, but u seem to be dealing with it n fighting whatever it is that is going on! I found your blog maybe 2 years ago n even though I hardly leave a comment I have been following it regularly. Your posts r of high interest for me, n I usually take your opinions on stuff to check out! Nevertheless, many people do that, but yours r very entertaining, which I why I faved ur blog, I find ur writting n views interesting!
    On a different note, I'm following Marimite 4, I expect a very bad end... But it's still very amusing to watch. That stuff just has something that pulls u, maybe it's the drilling/gigantic/magicalgirl/pizzahut thing... Oh yes, u read it right! Growing up is fine, but giving ur innerchild room to indulge in considered childish pleasures is fine also!
    ... no cool last line... I tried though!

  7. life has its ups and downs! just JIA YOU!!! and may all go well for your studies in australia~!!!! XD

  8. yeah i'm having the same symptom too. I dun catch anime anymore well can say less than before. i guess we are growing up or there's not much of happy ending yuri lately since strawberry panic.

  9. Thats a shame you've run into a bit of tough times. I've enjoyed your blog for around 2 years, but supposing its time to move on I'll understand. Though I can't see why your not watching the new Maria sama with the YumixTouko goodness.

    Perhaps this song will cheer up alittle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo

  10. hi this is Danny Im sorry to hear that you have problems I hope you get better soon and I also found your blog like 2 and a half years ago Im a huge strawberry panic fan and your blog is by far the best Ive found for yuri I also think that now maybe there is no new yuri with the greatness of strawberry panic and kannazuki no miko now but good things dont go away like that and thats why I think you will get better soon and we will all enjoy your great posts again hope to read more from you soon and remember that there is no bad that last 100 years but yuri is forever

  11. Hey, just to say congratulations on 4 years of blogging, for the last few years I sometimes randomly visited your blog to catch up with the anime/yuri world that I missed and was always grateful for your your amusing, cheerful updates.
    I apologise if these sound like empty words from someone on the Internet, however, I wish you all the best, ask that you keep fighting and striving for what you want out of life.
    And as we say in Japan, "Ganbatte, gudasai!"

  12. Thanks for the encouragement XD, I'm really touched =). I was feeling really down and somehow when I re-read what I wrote, I felt I was getting really whiny -.- lol.

    I got pissed at myself a few days after that and got myself to watch Marimite 4th Season =w= and ... 5 episodes at one go lol. (About to watch Ep6 now XD) I guess yuri does make me feel better lol, go yuri!

    Anyways, thanks for reading lol, uh I'll try to blog more soon I guess. =).

  13. Hey akayuki, I think it's a really nice of you to take your own spare time to blog the things that you do. I'm always excited to see what you will write next in your next blog ^_^ I hope your feeling better, as said by the others, I'm sorry to hear your having problems back home, try and see the positive in things, and usually that helps to make life a *little* but easier lol.

    By the way, this is totally random, but what anyone here know where I could find a track from 'Devilman Lady' anime? its called 'Rebirth' I know there are plenty of tracks on sites, but what I'm looking for is the track WITHOUT vocals, basically the karaoke version. Trust me when I say I've looked/searched EVERYWHERE! online, and still no luck lol. if anyone has any idea, please let me know!

    Anywhooo, wishing everyone a great year ahead, and since its 14/02/09 HAPPY Valentines Day! i know its usually for couples, but hey! its a day to show extra love for the ones you care about..lol..so show some love to the world ^_^

  14. Hi i enjoyed your blog thoroughly.

    i hope you can light up our days with your cheerful personality.

    Be optimistic.

    everything is going to be all right!!

    We believe in you.