[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep5 Out On NicoNico

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Just realized that Candy☆Boy Ep5's out on NicoNico on 29th December =A=

Seems like you have to pay 315 yen via Credit Card to watch Episode 5 on NicoNico ... Blah. Oh well, I'll just entertain myself by re-watching Ep1-4 on DVD Vol.1 =w= You can watch it on Niconico now XD!!!!!!!!


*Gasps* Have they brought the relationship to the next level in episode 5!?

Meanwhile, enjoy the below screenies of Ep5;
[Warning; Hot Finger Sucking Scenes]

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 1.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 2.

Enjoy. Remember to support the original =w=.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 12

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Goodies From Amazon Japan and US. I was really excited to receive them but some family matters unexpectedly happened ... so I'm not really in the mood to be happy about anything.

Goodies From Amazon Japan.

I've proved that you can import yuri books in Singapore ... XD LOL, well I've proved to myself I can import ... probably you already knew it but heck, I'm happy.

Goodies From Amazon US.

LoL, I bought Mai Otome Volume DVD just cos Shizuru's on the cover =P, oh yeah forgot to wish Shizuru-sama, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2 days ago ... =A=, I'm 2 days late.

Oh well, hope everyone good health and a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

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[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 2

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Here's Part 2 of the scripts and it's the end, hope I didn't miss out any words untranslated =w=

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: どろぱんだTOURS 南崎いく モコモコ73 HIME

Akayuki notes:
Nyan is basically the sound a cat makes so the title is kinda like ‘Big Kitty’.
Koneko is little kitty.
Ookini – ‘Thank you’ in Kyoto-ben.

- Page 9 -

*By Nanzaki Iku*
*Big Nyan-nyan*
*Is there-nyan?*

-Munch munch

Shizuru: This is what they call the ‘Face Only’ manga, hm?

Natsuki: Change it if you already knew about it.

Nao: You can’t expect much from a Panda.
--- Besides, the two of you are noisy.

[Panel Story]

Aoi: @Ah@
--- Nao-chan, there’s some sort of thin white fur on your hair---?

Nao: Nn?
--- Ah, thank you, Aoi.

Nao: Ah … it’s the fur from koneko behind the school building.
--- I’ve got to see it later.

-Squeeze …


Aoi: As long as it’s an animal one loves dearly, even one will think that its fur looks cute too---
--- @Ahaha@

Akayuki notes:
I’m putting ‘hair/fur’ because if I put as ‘hair’ it won’t sound funny, if I put as ‘fur’ it sounds weird and besides ‘毛’ could mean fur or hair, in this case, it’s used subtly as hair and fur so read it as you please =).

Haruka: @Wait@
--- Fujino, there’s some sort of long black hair/fur on your hair---?

Shizuru: … Eh?
--- Ah, Ookini, Suzushiro-san.

Shizuru: Aah … this is the hair/fur from my house’s koneko-chan.
--- I’ve got to stroke her later …



-Jyun …

Haruka: Is there even such a breed of cat with this kind of long hair/fur!?
--- Besides and what’s with that ‘Jyun’ sound!?

-For the whole of today, you will be ‘Koneko-chan’.-
-Tennou Haruka-san-

Akayuki notes:
Otome-don – ‘Otome’ means young lady, ‘Don’ is a bowl of rice’ like ‘Katsudon’ and stuff so in this case, ‘Otome-don’ probably means a bowl of young lady XD.
Okome – Grains of rice.
I like to keep ‘Otome and Okome’ together so that you can see the play of words there.
Neko – Cat/kitty.
Baka – Idiot/stupid.

- Page 10 -


-Otome and Okome are in love~~~
I want to give it to you.-


@I’m hungry.@

-Pat pat


Shizuru: It’s done~ Natsuki (heart).


-Crispy crispy


-Okaka (Finely chopped katsuobushi)
-TOro (Tuna Belly)
-MEzashi (Skewed Sardines)


Natsuki: … …

-Crispy crispy crispy

Natsuki: Somehow, it looks like a sumptuous meal for a cat.
--- The appearance of the dish is very appealing.

Shizuru: That’s because Natsuki’s my house’s most important and most special neko-san … (heart)
--- (The main point is the ‘sexual’ meaning.)


Natsuki: ?
--- Neko?

-Munch munch munch

@However I’m been referred to being a dog more often …@

*Otome-don … The word is quoted from a certain comedy artiste’s scene lyrics.*
*A high-speed sketch of a Baka.*

Akayuki notes:
Chu – Kiss.

- Page 11 -

*Shizuru. A secret ability under the blue sky.*

-Chu chu chu chu
-Slurp slurp


Natsuki: Ah … wa-wait a m-moment.


Shizuru: !! … …

Natsuki: Shi- Shizuru actually stopped!!?

-Stands …

Natsuki: ?

Shizuru: … … My actions earlier are simply too …



- Page 12 -

*The strongest take-along hand towel.*
*Clean, clean, clean.*
*Please pull here.*
*Eliminate indomitable bacteria.*
*The main point is to use it either outdoors or before *beep* *beep* with one’s most important person.*

-Wipe wipe

-Squeeze squeeze




Natsuki: … …

Shizuru: Right.

Shizuru: Now we may continue without any reserve (heart).

-Shiny shiny shiny

-Shiny shiny shiny shiny

-Natsuki ~~~ (heart)-


Akayuki notes:
Chu – Kiss.

- Page 13 -


-Rustle rustle rustle …



@Ha …@



*Night Food - Yoru no Sakana - Nanzaki Iku*

-Tap tap tap tap …




Natsuki: … … !?

Natsuki: @Ah@
--- Shizu … ru … ? @You reek of beer …@


Shizuru: Good night, Natsuki … (heart)
--- @I’ve already brushed my teeth and washed my hands already---@

Akayuki notes:
Kanni na – I’m sorry.
Baka – Stupid/idiot.
Yopparai – Drunkard.

- Page 14 -

Natsuki: Welcome back …you’re back late tonight.



Shizuru: Nn …
--- Kanni na.
--- I just couldn’t get out of the lecture cocktail party earlier.

Akayuki notes:
Thanks Demel

Shizuru: You finally used the house keys I gave to you (heart).

Natsuki: @Fu@
--- Fu~~n


Shizuru: … Don’t get jealous, okay …?

Natsuki: I … I’m not …

Shizuru: Although I don’t really dislike that sort of occasion …but it’s gets pretty tiring.

Shizuru: The place I like the most, as I’ve expect is still …


Natsuki: Nn.

Natsuki: @Tickles …@

Shizuru: HERE~ (heart)

Natsuki: PYA!?


-Pulls off

Natsuki: WAH--!?

@What are you trying to do, you yopparai!!@




Shizuru: Aan~ Don’t try to escape!?
--- Let me recharge--- (heart)

- Page 15 -

Natsuki: Recharge …
--- @What are you talking about?@

@Are you a hand phone?@

Shizuru: Natsuki, do you know that you’re my charger?

Shizuru: Right now, the battery in my body is flat.


Shizuru: I’ve already said …
--- that just like this …
--- my body and mind will be satisfied …?

Natsuki: … …

Natsuki: Shizuru …


Shizuru: Look, it’s in (heart).
--- @ufu@


Natsuki: Aan!


-Slip in

Natsuki: WAH---!?
--- N-no …
--- Let … go …
--- @Ah@



Shizuru: I don’t want to.

-Creak creak

- Page 16 -

Shizuru: I am …

Shizuru: Right now,
--- fully charged …

-Uto uto


Shizuru: … …

-Snore snore

Natsuki: … …. Eh? Wh-at?


-Snuggle snuggle

Natsuki: Ya …

Natsuki: W-wait.
--- You’ve got to be … kidding me, right?
--- @To come this far already …?@

Natsuki: Furthermore … can’t get …. finger out?

Natsuki: @Eh?@
--- To stay … like this till … morning?
--- @Eh?@

-Chirp chirp

*I don’t really remember what happened last night …*

Natsuki: … …

*But since this morning, Natsuki’s face is flushing red and she ignores me.*

-Sob sob


@Aah …@

*Also, I can’t remember why my fingers feel like they had been soaked for a long time.*
*(Although I can vaguely guess the reason for that.)*
*@What a pity@*


- Page 17 -


[Box 1]

--- Animal Street*

[Box 2]

Doro Panda: Master--- A glass of freshly made bamboo sour.

Hana: Beer.

[Box 3]

Master: We don’t have such things~~

-Munch munch munch

Master: Just eat this one then.


[Box 4]

-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape

Akayuki notes: I’m not translating what the mangaka are saying *lazy*.

Random rants;
Woots, the Mai Otome Volume 2 DVD I bought from amazon is here =w=, along with a few parcels/letters sent by TS members XD. Thanks. I'm expecting more parcels to arrive tomorrow ... my parcel from amazon Japan and amazon US =w= woots, it's going to be an awesome christmas XD.

Await my post about my purchases soon.

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[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 1

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Woots, the Mandarin version is out ... and I'm lazy to do any editing so here's the scripts instead.

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: どろぱんだTOURS 南崎いく モコモコ73 HIME

I'll do the rest of the pages tomorrow I think ... as much as I love Nanzaki Iku's art, there are quite a bit of words to translate o_o so be patient hm?

Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 1;

- Cover -

Mokomoko ☆ 73
My-Hime ShizuNatsu Only Book

- Page 3 -

Mokomoko ☆ 73
ShizuNatsu Book

Bar Kemonomichi

Akayuki notes: (Taken from Wikipedia)
Yakitori - is a Japanese type of skewered chicken.
‘Mokomoko’ probably means fluffy or something lol, I have no idea.
‘Division’ refers to Natsuki’s parting of her hairstyle.
CPR - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest.

- Page 4 -

*Foreword - A meeting between animals*
*In charge - Doropanda Tours, Nanzaki Iku*

[Box 1]

*A certain day in September*
*Having a conversation in a drunkard mindset.*

Doro Panda: @Anyways@
We have to come out with a title for our joined doujinshi.

*This is not the time to be gorging yourself with chicken!*


-Munch munch

@A carnivore Panda@

(Yonayona Beer)


(Kirin Beer)

(Tonsoku no Mori, Hanamichi)

Hana: Yes.

@Garlic Chicken@

[Box 2]

Hana: A wording that will enable readers to associate them together sounds good ...

-Purple x Navy Blue-

-Naginata vs Pistol-

-Snake & Dog-

-Crimson Eyed + Emerald Eyed-

-Lone Wolf (Pff) vs Student Council President-

-Munch munch


Doro Panda: ShizNat ... Association ...

-Straight Hair & Natural Curly Hair-

[Box 3]

Doro Panda: How about 'Mokomoko Head' and '73 Division' ... What do you think?

-Mokomoko 73?-

*Seven Three?*

*Seventy Three?*


[Box 4]

Hana: It’s decided then!


(Kirin Beer)




Doro Panda: Decided, just like that!?

@Of all things!!@

Akayuki notes: I’m not translating what the mangaka are saying *lazy*.

- Page 5 -

*Shizuru. Fruitless Attempt.*



Shizuru: Natsuki!!?

Shizuru: Natsuki!


Shizuru: Natsuki! Natsuki!


-Rub rub rub


Shizuru: It’s bad if you hurt yourself in any place!
--- I’ll ... I’ll immediately ... !

- Page 6 -

Shizuru: Give you CPR!

Natsuki: EH!!?

Natsuki: C-c-calm down! Shizuru!

Shizuru: You should be calming down.

Natsuki: St- ... STOP!!




Natsuki: Ah ... S- ... sorry.

Natsuki: I’m alright!

Natsuki: Come on, let’s go.


Shizuru: ... Where did ... I go wrong ... ?

Shizuru: Naa ...
--- Kiyohime.

-Sob sob

- Page 7 -

*Shizuru. A few days after Episode 9*

Natsuki: Shizuru.

-Let me hitchhike~-



Shizuru: !!

Shizuru ! ... ... ...

-Get up

Shizuru: ... ...

-Bu ...

- Page 8 -

-Chirp chirp

Natsuki: Shizuru~~~

-Wobbly wobbly wobbly

Natsuki: Shizuru~~~

Natsuki: Shizuru---

-Trot trot

-Let me get on~-

Natsuki: Shizuru!


-Flow flow flow

Natsuki: What happened!? Hang in there! I’ll send you to the hospital immediately!

Shizuru: I ... I ... am alright.

Shizuru: Natsu ... ki ... Although I am horrible ... like this, please ... don’t ... dislike me ...

Natsuki: Eh?

Natsuki: Shizuru---


- END Scripts 1 -

I'll translate the rest tomorrow ... tired~~~ although I didn't do anything today except reading manga, drinking coffee and eating snacks =A= lol.

Uh yeah, *dashes*

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[Game] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite

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LoL, the names just keeps getting longer.

その花びらにくちづけを 唇とキスで呟いて
[Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite]

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 1.

Onee-sama wa ERO-OTOME~! XD.

Hmm, tried listening to the conversations at the beginning about our two main characters, Nanami and Yuuna having a raburabu pinic in their school backyard. Nanami's worried about being seen looking chummy with Yuuna and (random) Yuuna wondered if it's because of her groping that Nanami's breasts got bigger in size ahaha. It seems that Yuuna's as ero as ever lol. Hmm then they were having the cake Yuuna made (if I'm not wrong), resulting in the scene as shown below;

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 2.

After that Nanami kept thinking about her Onee-sama and dreaming of Yuuna suggesting that they do ecchi stuff hahaha. *Rapid clicking* LoL, it's amusing to see Yuuna suddenly turn into this whiny and clingy Onee-sama once everyone's gone. Whoa, then they did it in the classroom on the desk ... *not surprising there* haha. After that, they went back to Yuuna's house and did it again =A= LOL.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 3.

(Selects 'Embrace Me' option.) Ah, it's good to be young.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 4.

*Rapid clicking* LoL, Nanami's off to dreamland again ... a date with Onee-sama~!

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 5.

LoL, Nanami has quite a few of her own ecchi dreams of Yuuna, hahaa, looks who's the ero otome this time XD. Well there're many more ecchi scenes and I'm lazy to screenshoot all of them.

There's a bit of angst in the end, a little misunderstanding between Nanami and Yuuna, it's pretty cute lol XD. Not forgetting the make-up sex in the end LOL.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Kuchibiru to Kisu de Tsubuyaite 6.

I've uploaded the CG set on MF, so yeah, enjoy it. The PNG files are not named according to the scenes order though, (I didn't make it o_o, don't blame me) XD.

Hmmm, some parts are nice, some parts I don't understand, some parts I'm not into it o_o so I can't comment much, lol as usual, I was merely rapidly clicking my way through the game to the end.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 11

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Well it's not friday but I feel like blogging my awesome days after returning back to Singapore lol.

My Babies.

26th November 2008
At Fortitude Valley aka Chinatown in Brisbane waiting to get on the airtrain to the International Airport;


At the Brisbane International Aiport;

After Checking In My Luggage.

Had a box of noodles at Noodle Box;


My Ride, Airbus 320, Qantas QF51;

That's My Ride.

On-flight Meal;

Airplane Meal.

Touch down at Singapore, Changi Airport at around 7.40 PM;

First stop, dinner at Serangoon Gardens, Chomp Chomp Food Centre XD, Satay Beehoon and Prawn Mee!!!

Dinner At Serangoon Gardens - Chomp Chomp Food Centre 1.

Hokkien Mee!!!!

Dinner At Serangoon Gardens - Chomp Chomp Food Centre 2.

My favourite dishes, BBQ Sambal Stingray, Satay and Stir-fried Sambal Kangkong.

Dinner At Serangoon Gardens - Chomp Chomp Food Centre 3.

27th November 2008

Mum's birthday, went out to Outram Park, Health Promotion Board to collect my tickets I won to the World AIDS Day Concert at Fort Canning Park. After that, went to Choa Chu Kang, bought mangas at the Comics Connection at Lot 1 and then made a trip down to Woodlands' Causeway Point to purchase this lovely Tuffles Cake at Prima Deli before going home lol.

Tuffles Cake at Prima Deli.

28th November 2008

Hmm, I went to Bishan Junction 8 with mum, uncle's girlfriend, maria and fish. It was fun, lol fish and I were at Popular Bookstore reading books and paid a visit to the Best Denki there for a while. Hmmm, ah went to the NTUC Fairprice there and bought some snacks and stuff ...

Upon returning home, I started opening my packages from Amazon XD;

My Purchases for April and August 2008.

Made these purchases on April and August 2008 and here they are, 'fresh' out from the boxes lol.

Girls High #1-9 [END], Family Complex #1 [END], S.S Astro #1, Voiceful #1, Venus Versus Virus #3-4, Tetragrammaton Labyrinth #3, Novel Strawberry Panic! #1-2, Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ #4-5 [END], Kannazuki no Miko #1-2 [END], First Love Sisters aka Hatsukoi Shimai #1 and last but not least Manga Strawberry Panic! #1-2.

Kinda pissed that I got the 'Old' versions of Girls High and new version of #3 ... Oh well, that's what I get for buying cheap stuff lol. At least I have Momoka on #7's cover and SayakaxNao on #8's cover XD. Other than that, I'm very pleased with my purchases.

Awesome View.

29th November 2008

Today is the day! YanZi's performing on the World AIDS Day Concert at Fort Canning Park~ Went early to 'queue' up but found out that only there YanZi Unlimited Fanclub people were queuing up and me lol! I wasn't even with them =A=, arrived there at around 2.30-45 PM, and they were just 1-2 hours earlier than me haha. Waited there for 4-5 hours and of course I spent those time fruitfully by reading manga LOL.

I'm happy that I went early cos we managed to see YanZi doing a rehearsal before walking out of the compound, resulting in this snapshot~;


YanZi never fails to amaze me with her awesome vocals and live performance and of course seductive looks casted at us LOL.

Seductive Expression~.

She sung a combi of 'Zhi Lai Zhi Wang + Shen Qi + Lu Guang' and then 'Ni Guang'~

Ending Pose~.

YanZi's awesome smile and wave to fans~;

Awesome Smile and Wave to Fans!

YanZi opening the Ending Group Song which brings us to the finale of the concert, awwww~ She even gave us a flying kiss at the end LOL XD \o/.

Awesome Smile and Wave to Fans!

30th November 2008

Did nothing but slack at home reading manga, playing with my parrots, eating and stickam-ing with TS mates lol.

1st December 2008

Hmmmm, same as what I did on Sunday lol, oh went to the studyroom with the air-con on and watched Mendoru ~Ikemen Idol~ Ep7 XD.

Oh yes, Tranquil Spring has picked up Mendol (Mendoru / ヒァトミナシマ) ~Ikemen Idol~ as our maiden softsub project. It wasn't until Episode 4 or 5 was aired before I started translating the scripts, it was a totally fun experience, very different from translating manga. I really admire those Mandarin subbers who can translate merely by listening to the conversations [Sometimes when the actors don't pronounce the words properly, it's hard to grasp the meaning].

We have released the softsub of Episode 1 and Episode 2 already, check it out at TS site or D-addicts Forums. As for Episode 3, it is still in the PR-QC stage, we're trying our very best to catch up with at least just 2-3 episodes behind, as there are currently 8 aired episodes with Episode 9 coming up this week. I would like to take this chance to thank Amaya, Chiri, Hayashi, Hayate, Jo and Kai who are with me in Project M. Thank you all for triggering my 'fighting spirit' with your enthusiasm in Skype XD.

Subbing is not an easy job, especially when you have to double check the translated meanings over and over again so that we release the most accurate and quality enjoyment to fans of the series out there. You know, I just dislike subbers who vaguely translate the lines, yes, it might be smooth reading but it just destroys the beauty and meaning of the Japanese Language. Not like I'm profound in Japanese or what but have you ever wondered about the few words subtitle and yet the actor kept rambling a while on leaving you feeling like you're missing out some meanings? Well, that's how I feel so nothing beats learning the language and making the translations yourself XD.

Anyways, that's the end of my random rants, hope you enjoyed it or something lol.

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