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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 1

[Posted @ 8:53 PM]
Woots, the Mandarin version is out ... and I'm lazy to do any editing so here's the scripts instead.

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: どろぱんだTOURS 南崎いく モコモコ73 HIME

I'll do the rest of the pages tomorrow I think ... as much as I love Nanzaki Iku's art, there are quite a bit of words to translate o_o so be patient hm?

Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 1;

- Cover -

Mokomoko ☆ 73
My-Hime ShizuNatsu Only Book

- Page 3 -

Mokomoko ☆ 73
ShizuNatsu Book

Bar Kemonomichi

Akayuki notes: (Taken from Wikipedia)
Yakitori - is a Japanese type of skewered chicken.
‘Mokomoko’ probably means fluffy or something lol, I have no idea.
‘Division’ refers to Natsuki’s parting of her hairstyle.
CPR - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest.

- Page 4 -

*Foreword - A meeting between animals*
*In charge - Doropanda Tours, Nanzaki Iku*

[Box 1]

*A certain day in September*
*Having a conversation in a drunkard mindset.*

Doro Panda: @Anyways@
We have to come out with a title for our joined doujinshi.

*This is not the time to be gorging yourself with chicken!*


-Munch munch

@A carnivore Panda@

(Yonayona Beer)


(Kirin Beer)

(Tonsoku no Mori, Hanamichi)

Hana: Yes.

@Garlic Chicken@

[Box 2]

Hana: A wording that will enable readers to associate them together sounds good ...

-Purple x Navy Blue-

-Naginata vs Pistol-

-Snake & Dog-

-Crimson Eyed + Emerald Eyed-

-Lone Wolf (Pff) vs Student Council President-

-Munch munch


Doro Panda: ShizNat ... Association ...

-Straight Hair & Natural Curly Hair-

[Box 3]

Doro Panda: How about 'Mokomoko Head' and '73 Division' ... What do you think?

-Mokomoko 73?-

*Seven Three?*

*Seventy Three?*


[Box 4]

Hana: It’s decided then!


(Kirin Beer)




Doro Panda: Decided, just like that!?

@Of all things!!@

Akayuki notes: I’m not translating what the mangaka are saying *lazy*.

- Page 5 -

*Shizuru. Fruitless Attempt.*



Shizuru: Natsuki!!?

Shizuru: Natsuki!


Shizuru: Natsuki! Natsuki!


-Rub rub rub


Shizuru: It’s bad if you hurt yourself in any place!
--- I’ll ... I’ll immediately ... !

- Page 6 -

Shizuru: Give you CPR!

Natsuki: EH!!?

Natsuki: C-c-calm down! Shizuru!

Shizuru: You should be calming down.

Natsuki: St- ... STOP!!




Natsuki: Ah ... S- ... sorry.

Natsuki: I’m alright!

Natsuki: Come on, let’s go.


Shizuru: ... Where did ... I go wrong ... ?

Shizuru: Naa ...
--- Kiyohime.

-Sob sob

- Page 7 -

*Shizuru. A few days after Episode 9*

Natsuki: Shizuru.

-Let me hitchhike~-



Shizuru: !!

Shizuru ! ... ... ...

-Get up

Shizuru: ... ...

-Bu ...

- Page 8 -

-Chirp chirp

Natsuki: Shizuru~~~

-Wobbly wobbly wobbly

Natsuki: Shizuru~~~

Natsuki: Shizuru---

-Trot trot

-Let me get on~-

Natsuki: Shizuru!


-Flow flow flow

Natsuki: What happened!? Hang in there! I’ll send you to the hospital immediately!

Shizuru: I ... I ... am alright.

Shizuru: Natsu ... ki ... Although I am horrible ... like this, please ... don’t ... dislike me ...

Natsuki: Eh?

Natsuki: Shizuru---


- END Scripts 1 -

I'll translate the rest tomorrow ... tired~~~ although I didn't do anything today except reading manga, drinking coffee and eating snacks =A= lol.

Uh yeah, *dashes*

[Signing off @ 11:31 PM]


  1. Yay!!! Finally there's new manga on shiznat! woots thanks akayuuki!!! =D I'm looking forward to it =D

  2. cool.. anyhow just curious.. how did u learn ur jap? self-learn or through some courses.. i tried learning, haha.. can't even fully understand the raw anime.. lol.. money goes down the drain

  3. Awesome, I didn't expect this Chrismas gift at all. Thanks a lot for it, Akayuki =3.

  4. to Yumiko, XD Part 2's out.

    to anon1, eh yeah self-learnt ... but not much. I'm translating this doujinshi from Mandarin to English though, I do refer to the Japanese version to double check =).

    to Rinu, =) no problems, good stuff are meant to be shared XD.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a great x'mas gift!
    *runs off to yamibo*

  6. where can i read this manga? I clicked on the source link but i can't understand a word...^^;

  7. I can't find the link... me neither...
    anyway thanks a lot for sharing the translation!! (i just need to find the manga)

  8. You have to register on the forum to read the manga.
    By the way, thanks Akayuki!