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Thursday, December 18, 2008

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi Scripts 2

[Posted @ 10:20 PM]
Here's Part 2 of the scripts and it's the end, hope I didn't miss out any words untranslated =w=

[Doropanda Tours] Mokomoko 73 by Nanzaki Iku & Hanamichi

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: どろぱんだTOURS 南崎いく モコモコ73 HIME

Akayuki notes:
Nyan is basically the sound a cat makes so the title is kinda like ‘Big Kitty’.
Koneko is little kitty.
Ookini – ‘Thank you’ in Kyoto-ben.

- Page 9 -

*By Nanzaki Iku*
*Big Nyan-nyan*
*Is there-nyan?*

-Munch munch

Shizuru: This is what they call the ‘Face Only’ manga, hm?

Natsuki: Change it if you already knew about it.

Nao: You can’t expect much from a Panda.
--- Besides, the two of you are noisy.

[Panel Story]

Aoi: @Ah@
--- Nao-chan, there’s some sort of thin white fur on your hair---?

Nao: Nn?
--- Ah, thank you, Aoi.

Nao: Ah … it’s the fur from koneko behind the school building.
--- I’ve got to see it later.

-Squeeze …


Aoi: As long as it’s an animal one loves dearly, even one will think that its fur looks cute too---
--- @Ahaha@

Akayuki notes:
I’m putting ‘hair/fur’ because if I put as ‘hair’ it won’t sound funny, if I put as ‘fur’ it sounds weird and besides ‘毛’ could mean fur or hair, in this case, it’s used subtly as hair and fur so read it as you please =).

Haruka: @Wait@
--- Fujino, there’s some sort of long black hair/fur on your hair---?

Shizuru: … Eh?
--- Ah, Ookini, Suzushiro-san.

Shizuru: Aah … this is the hair/fur from my house’s koneko-chan.
--- I’ve got to stroke her later …



-Jyun …

Haruka: Is there even such a breed of cat with this kind of long hair/fur!?
--- Besides and what’s with that ‘Jyun’ sound!?

-For the whole of today, you will be ‘Koneko-chan’.-
-Tennou Haruka-san-

Akayuki notes:
Otome-don – ‘Otome’ means young lady, ‘Don’ is a bowl of rice’ like ‘Katsudon’ and stuff so in this case, ‘Otome-don’ probably means a bowl of young lady XD.
Okome – Grains of rice.
I like to keep ‘Otome and Okome’ together so that you can see the play of words there.
Neko – Cat/kitty.
Baka – Idiot/stupid.

- Page 10 -


-Otome and Okome are in love~~~
I want to give it to you.-


@I’m hungry.@

-Pat pat


Shizuru: It’s done~ Natsuki (heart).


-Crispy crispy


-Okaka (Finely chopped katsuobushi)
-TOro (Tuna Belly)
-MEzashi (Skewed Sardines)


Natsuki: … …

-Crispy crispy crispy

Natsuki: Somehow, it looks like a sumptuous meal for a cat.
--- The appearance of the dish is very appealing.

Shizuru: That’s because Natsuki’s my house’s most important and most special neko-san … (heart)
--- (The main point is the ‘sexual’ meaning.)


Natsuki: ?
--- Neko?

-Munch munch munch

@However I’m been referred to being a dog more often …@

*Otome-don … The word is quoted from a certain comedy artiste’s scene lyrics.*
*A high-speed sketch of a Baka.*

Akayuki notes:
Chu – Kiss.

- Page 11 -

*Shizuru. A secret ability under the blue sky.*

-Chu chu chu chu
-Slurp slurp


Natsuki: Ah … wa-wait a m-moment.


Shizuru: !! … …

Natsuki: Shi- Shizuru actually stopped!!?

-Stands …

Natsuki: ?

Shizuru: … … My actions earlier are simply too …



- Page 12 -

*The strongest take-along hand towel.*
*Clean, clean, clean.*
*Please pull here.*
*Eliminate indomitable bacteria.*
*The main point is to use it either outdoors or before *beep* *beep* with one’s most important person.*

-Wipe wipe

-Squeeze squeeze




Natsuki: … …

Shizuru: Right.

Shizuru: Now we may continue without any reserve (heart).

-Shiny shiny shiny

-Shiny shiny shiny shiny

-Natsuki ~~~ (heart)-


Akayuki notes:
Chu – Kiss.

- Page 13 -


-Rustle rustle rustle …



@Ha …@



*Night Food - Yoru no Sakana - Nanzaki Iku*

-Tap tap tap tap …




Natsuki: … … !?

Natsuki: @Ah@
--- Shizu … ru … ? @You reek of beer …@


Shizuru: Good night, Natsuki … (heart)
--- @I’ve already brushed my teeth and washed my hands already---@

Akayuki notes:
Kanni na – I’m sorry.
Baka – Stupid/idiot.
Yopparai – Drunkard.

- Page 14 -

Natsuki: Welcome back …you’re back late tonight.



Shizuru: Nn …
--- Kanni na.
--- I just couldn’t get out of the lecture cocktail party earlier.

Akayuki notes:
Thanks Demel

Shizuru: You finally used the house keys I gave to you (heart).

Natsuki: @Fu@
--- Fu~~n


Shizuru: … Don’t get jealous, okay …?

Natsuki: I … I’m not …

Shizuru: Although I don’t really dislike that sort of occasion …but it’s gets pretty tiring.

Shizuru: The place I like the most, as I’ve expect is still …


Natsuki: Nn.

Natsuki: @Tickles …@

Shizuru: HERE~ (heart)

Natsuki: PYA!?


-Pulls off

Natsuki: WAH--!?

@What are you trying to do, you yopparai!!@




Shizuru: Aan~ Don’t try to escape!?
--- Let me recharge--- (heart)

- Page 15 -

Natsuki: Recharge …
--- @What are you talking about?@

@Are you a hand phone?@

Shizuru: Natsuki, do you know that you’re my charger?

Shizuru: Right now, the battery in my body is flat.


Shizuru: I’ve already said …
--- that just like this …
--- my body and mind will be satisfied …?

Natsuki: … …

Natsuki: Shizuru …


Shizuru: Look, it’s in (heart).
--- @ufu@


Natsuki: Aan!


-Slip in

Natsuki: WAH---!?
--- N-no …
--- Let … go …
--- @Ah@



Shizuru: I don’t want to.

-Creak creak

- Page 16 -

Shizuru: I am …

Shizuru: Right now,
--- fully charged …

-Uto uto


Shizuru: … …

-Snore snore

Natsuki: … …. Eh? Wh-at?


-Snuggle snuggle

Natsuki: Ya …

Natsuki: W-wait.
--- You’ve got to be … kidding me, right?
--- @To come this far already …?@

Natsuki: Furthermore … can’t get …. finger out?

Natsuki: @Eh?@
--- To stay … like this till … morning?
--- @Eh?@

-Chirp chirp

*I don’t really remember what happened last night …*

Natsuki: … …

*But since this morning, Natsuki’s face is flushing red and she ignores me.*

-Sob sob


@Aah …@

*Also, I can’t remember why my fingers feel like they had been soaked for a long time.*
*(Although I can vaguely guess the reason for that.)*
*@What a pity@*


- Page 17 -


[Box 1]

--- Animal Street*

[Box 2]

Doro Panda: Master--- A glass of freshly made bamboo sour.

Hana: Beer.

[Box 3]

Master: We don’t have such things~~

-Munch munch munch

Master: Just eat this one then.


[Box 4]

-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape
-Scrape scrape

Akayuki notes: I’m not translating what the mangaka are saying *lazy*.

Random rants;
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Await my post about my purchases soon.

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  1. thank you, when will the pages come out?

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  3. Hey! Thank you so much for the translation!!
    I'm think about trying to edit it, my editing skills suck but I'd still like to edit at least Nanzaki's part. I'd do it with due credit of course, hope you don't mind! By the way in page 14 you missed the text beside their heads.

  4. I finally read it and I can say one thing - My feeling about this untranstaled doujinshi was right, it's a suspicious issue :D. Anyway, thanks a lot for translation *shy hug*. That part with finger was O__o;;.

  5. to Demel, no problems, woo, thanks for spotting the missing text, I've updated the post XD.

    And no problems, awaiting your edited version.

    to Rinu, XD haha, what suspicious issue? *hugs* XD. LoL I think its pretty funny for the drunk Shizuru to leave the aroused Natsuki hanging hahaha.

  6. First of all, the issue has the different art, so I was afraid for the moment, Nanzaki-sensei decided to experiment with other styles of drawing, lol. Scary, scary :D. It simply feel different.

    And I believed in a "further progress" when Natsuki was more active in last issue *still shocked*... Um, but she kind of is, heh. I guess I just needs more Shiznat fluffiness in Nanzaki's typical style *searches her HDD* :D

  7. Thank you, I'm posting it on 4chan
    And if I remember my password, in my LJ which has been dormant since... uh.. I created it!
    The editing is bad, but at least now I know what to do to make it better.

  8. Hey there,

    Just a big thanks from me! You, my friend, are awesome XD.

  9. lol! the scripts were awesome but would be better if there would be manga to go along with it. how come i can't view the pages at yamibo??? help akayuki-sama!

  10. Thank you for yours strives this translation :D
    You have thereby saved me a few hours at which I torment myself by Japanese grammar ^^'
    Does it seem with only thus or do Shizuru and Natsuki slide here something from their characters?Best of all I had still liked tour 9 (pure Doropanda).
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    Please, do you know of any other links or anything rthat could allow me to view the pages without having to sign up there? It's driving me mad! o_o

    ~ Komakode

  13. No problems, good stuff are meant to be shared. Ah, I've uploaded the RAW pages WinRAR format in MF;


    If you can, try to register in yamibo, its an awesome forum XD. Otherwise, Enjoy.

    And ah, Demel, if you've edited the pages, could you please zip the pages and post the link here? Not many people goes to 4chan and old threads get deleted, so yep =).

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