IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 15

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So, I prepared the info for this post yesterday cos I was bored. Ever since I came back, I've been doing nothing but eating, sleeping and reading lol. Occasionally doing some exercises ... but note, occasionally ;D.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Anyways, let's check out the Autumn/Winter 2009 Anime list!

Oh before that, let me say something about Summer 2009 Anime list. Hmm I've been watching/downloaded;
1. Aoi Hana
3. Kanamemo
4. Taishou Yakyou Musume
5. Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~

I've only watched Aoi Hana and Kanamemo though lol, I'm really lazy to sit down and watch the others ugh. Ah, I really like Aoi Hana's OP hehe. It's been a while since I had so many titles to watch cos usually it's just 1 or 2. Including titles from Spring 2009, Saki and Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood, I have 7 titles to catch up *_*

Bad news for my limited bandwidth :< at least I don't have to dl FMA. Oh well, I might have to drop titles as this is my last semester, I have to get at least a 7 this sem >:| or else ... I see no future for me any longer. Ughh, I'm going off-topic.

So. What to look out this fall?

Sasameki Koto.

1. Sasameki Koto [ささめきこと]

I've been waiting for this!! The official website has been updated with the seiyuu cast names and I can't wait for it xD. The art style looks pretty much similar to the manga, if not prettier lol. Speaking of the manga, C29's out and feels like yet another filter chapter ... :< not like I understood what they were saying but yeah.

Mahou Sensei Negima.

2. Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ [魔法先生ネギま!~もうひとつの世界~]

\O/ I'm hyped about Negima again ever since the awesome KonoSetsu Pactio in C252 xD but then there is no development after that except a rather dashing picture of Setsuna in a bodyguard suit in C258 =D.

Oh, take note of the placement of Konoka's hand in the DVD box picture above ;D That big bubble thing needs to go away :< lol


Shin Koihime†Musou.

3. Shin Koihime†Musou: Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi [真・恋姫†無双 ~乙女繚乱☆三国志演義~]

=O a Season 2! With a new character, if I'm not wrong, she's Ryuubi or something. Can't wait for more Kannu hair jokes lol.

Queen's Blade.

4. Queen's Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono [クイーンズブレイド 玉座を継ぐ者]

Double =O lol, my darkest fears have come true! I remembered saying, 'Hopefully there's no Season 2 or something' but ... after watching the finale, obviously there IS gonna be a Season 2, I was like =A=! But the finale ain't that bad, so I'll continue watching this hehe.


5. Kämpfer [けんぷファー]

Kämpfer = Fighter in German, so basically, the protagonist is a guy who magically transforms into a girl and fights with other girls I guess. I'm only up to C5, so I'm particularly interested in only this;


Haha yeah, one of the girls in the manga confessed to the protagonist in female form ;D and she has no idea the protagonist is actually a guy. Anyways, let's see how it goes, besides the art style looks pretty.

Seikon no Qwaser.

6. Seikon no Qwaser [聖痕のクェイサー]

Eh, breasts sucking. Enough said. lol. Art style looks familiar? Yep, it's the same guy that brought us the infamous Mai HiME manga. Well, I'm a sucker for nice art styles so ...

Manga to look out for;

Both Morishima Akiko [森島 明子]'s works, Hanjuku Joshi [半熟女子] Volume 2 and the second compilation of her works in Yuri Hime, Ruri Iro no Yume [瑠璃色の夢] 'Azure Dream', the first being Rakuen no Jouken [楽園の条件] will be out on 8/18 \O/. Well, I could order it but ... I won't be able to touch or read it lol. Seems like these will be the tentative covers for the titles I've mentioned above.

Oh, I Fell in Love For the First Time [初めて恋をした] by Asagi Ryu [あさぎ龍] was given a 4 outta 5 stars rating in 百合な日々, reckon it must have some straight hentai going on :< judging from the cover as well -.-||| Anyways, it seems like Lililicious is planning to continue with C2, C3 and probably the side-story in the volume after scanlating C1. So, wait for it \O/

Hmm what else ... oh yeah Octave Volume 3 will be out soon as well \O/ 8/21! TS has just released Chapter 15 and I love the sneak peak of C16 by our editor, kite lol. I had a great laugh and we demanded it be posted on our site ;D and /u/ to spite the ever PMS-ing Anonymous whoever you are.

Credits to 百合な日々 for the information above =D.

Btw, I was browsing around gel/danbooru for SAKI pictures and I stumbled upon this;

SAKI - Hisa x Mihoko Fanbook!?

OZMG, anyone knows the author of this fanbook!? Better yet, SCANS!? ANYONE!?

Well I picked up a two page sample, from the same author in /u/ and that's all.

That's all for tonight, I'm tired. I foresee an even more tiring week ahead. Good luck to me, LAST SEMESTER DASH! \O/

Oh, happy birthday guro-hime lol.

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PS: I got a new phone lol, I saw this is my 'Blog' folder and realized I forgot to upload it hm. Oh well, here goes;

Touch screen <3

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo by Morinaga Miruku GET!

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Initially I had placed Amai Kuchibiru in my shopping cart as well but I got scared lol, so I took it out =D. Besides, I don't think it's worth my money heh.

I got Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo froma Third Party Amazon seller, and it's 'Used and in Good Condition' and indeed it is, except it smells ... well woody lol.

Hitomi x Nana!!!

Random rants;

This afternoon, I packed all my manga in boxes ... :< we're gonna renovate our house soon and since I won't be in Singapore, I had to keep my collection in advance. I don't really like to keep them in boxes ... since the heat and humidity in Singapore will definitely kill my precious manga and turn them yellow :<

I don't want my baby Japanese manga to turn yelllllllllllllow =A=!

Anyways, I sealed my Candy Boy DVDs in plastic =D, so they're safe ... I paid a limb for those =[ Hmmm, the last few days I have been wallowing at home doing nothing =D and I love it heh.

Oh, I've been playing L4D as well xD if you play it, COME PLAY WITH ME hahaha. I'm not the best player, I shoot my own allies all the time and sometimes 'stares' at allies while their nipples are being ripped out by hunters =P just because I like it but I can promise you, it'll be FUN!

Here are some screenshots I screenied when I last played with TS members back in January lol.

Of course, everyone loves using cheats =D

Sometimes we see lags and bugs lol.

It's a pity I can't use my laptop to play L4D :< because it becomes Lag 4 Dead, my graphic card sucksssssssssssssssss. So I can only play when I'm in Singapore, using my desktop ... less than 10 days left =A= I don't wanna go back.

A few days ago or more, I don't remember lol, roro posted some links to songs by vocaloids but I was distracted by my cousins to listen to the songs properly. Last night I was bored so I went back to listen to the songs =O and I liked this particular song a lot because it has ... YURI LOL.

"I wonder if you'll make more noises if I do this ...?"
"Onee-sama ... it feels ... wonderful ..."

There are yaoi versions etc, but I like the female version more =P

This is nice as well. A combi of yuri and yaoi xD. Right, back to playing =D cya!

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Stefanie Sun's The Answer Is ... Singapore Concert 2009

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Last night ... was a phenomenal 3 hours! Time flies so fast when you're having fun :<

I've uploaded the nicest photos I could take from my seat lol, PA-1 Row 11, without zooming too much. If you're interested, go to my photobucket album =D. Somehow I'm not interested in taking photos, I just wanna enjoy YanZi's live voice and well sing along \O/ My eardrums are still blocked from last night's loud music lol.

There are a lot of props in this concert and YanZi looks really relaxed and open in the performance, making cute gestures and jokes along the way xD. I really like how she went '哈?你们还不要走啊?' [Har? You guys are still here?']

Thanks to the YanziUnlimited Fanclub, they got my ticket signed =D.

Taiwan Concert T-Shirt and the Concert Poster.

A freebie keychain, lanyard and a handphone strap made with Swarovski crystals.

PRAWN MEE!!! It's been more than a year :< The soup is heavenly, you can drink three bowls and won't feel thirsty at all =D

Right, time to play L4D with bros, cya!

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[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep8 aka EX02

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\O/ I'm back in Singapore and guess what, Candy☆Boy Ep8 aka EX02 is outtttt!

Summary Updated In Post @ 10th July 2009;

O_O! *nose bleeds* Tissue... TISSUE!!!

Man, I'm so glad I got the DVDs lol, it looks like a mind-less fluffy episode =D

Sorry for the wait, kinda sick the last few days ... I NEED TO RECOVER BEFORE TOMORROW *RAGES*

Going back to the topic, if you've seen the raw, you should know EX02 is a swimsuit episode \O/ The girls were in the indoor swimming pool while it's snowing outside. While Kanade's sipping whatever she's drinking, Sakuya's taking photos of her with Yukino as her assistant. When Kanade asked what they're doing, Yukino replied that they were going to use the photos and print it on bolsters and use it as 'hug pillows' lol. As usual, Kanade got pissed, grabbed the memory card out from the camera and pinched Yukino's cheek lol. While Yukino's flapping around in pain, Sakuya's whining that she won't put the photos on any weird places lol. Kanade was like what weird places!?

Meanwhile, Shii-chan appeared compete with a banana float she's carrying =D. Just then, Sakuya stopped her whining and noticed that Shii-chan's wearing Kanade's old school swimsuit. Sakuya was like, *takes photo*, *takes out laptop*, *turns on photoshop application* and ta-da! A photoshopped Kanade head on Shii-chan's school swimsuit body lol. Shii-chan commented that Sakuya seemed quite skilled in this and Sakuya didn't even deny it xD even adding that it's because she practiced everyday haha. Unable to take Sakuya's eccentric ways, they did something to her to make her sleep and tied her up with towels lol.

While Shii-chan relaxing on her banana float, the twins fell into a casual chat with Yukino saying that the happiest moment was that she got to see Kanade in a swimsuit. Kanade agreed that because a lot of stuff had happened last year, even though they bought a lot of swimsuits they never got the chance to wear them. Yukino pointed out it's unfair that Kanade seen at her clad in a swimsuit far too often than she does. Kanade turned away and pretended to wonder what Yukino's talking about. Yukino pouted and continued that she clearly saw Kanade visiting the school swimming pool in 4 days of last week even though she had forbid her to do so.

Kanade tried to worm her way out of this by making a feeble excuse about finding a perfect spot for her sketch but when Yukino said her name 'sweetly', she knew she's in trouble and promptly apologized. Yukino chastised Kanade for sneaking peeks at her and that it's embarrassing. Yukino ordered that Kanade's not to come to the swimming pool unless she's there to fetch her.

Kanade: 'If Yuki-chan dislikes it, then I'll follow her orders but occasionally, is it okay if I go see you?'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan ...'
Yukino: 'If so, you must make a proper greeting and that will be allowed.'
Kanade: 'Un, I'll make sure not to disturb you much while I make a proper greeting.'


After that, Yukino recalled a memory from their childhood that Kanade almost drowned while she's swimming in the mini pool. Kanade added that she remembered that even though the pool's shallow, she still had a cramped leg. Yukino continued that the day before, she saw this program on TV about first aid or something and the program had something about treating a drowned person with CPR.

Kanade: 'W-wait a moment, Yuki-chan?'
Yukino: 'Want to know how I did it, Kana-chan?'
Kanade: 'Hmmm ... Un.'
Yukino: 'Ehehe.'
Yukino: 'It's a secret~.'
Kanade: 'Mou~ You're such a tease, Yuki-chan!'

-Insert ED-

The ever amazing Sakuya managed to untangle herself from the towel wraps and eyed at the drink Kanade had left on the table. While giggling manically to herself, Shii-chan grabbed the glass and emptied it lol. Meanwhile, Kanade called and told Sakuya that she had deleted the photos in the memory card and warned Sakuya not to do anything weird again. Yukino was whining about the loss of a Kana-chan hug pillow lol. Sakuya wallowed in her strings of failz in this outing. Still sipping on the straw of Kanade's drink [I wonder if she's trying to suck the flavour out or something xD], Shii-chan took pity on Sakuya and offered to send the photo data on her camera to her.

Do I sense the start of a beautiful friendship here? xD That's all for Candy☆Boy, thank you for accompanying me through this awesome twincest series =D.

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Amazon Japan June Purchases

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It's finally here! I have one more parcel, a piece by Morinaga Miruku ... and it's not Girlfriends since I got them already lol. Wanna guess what?

Junsui Adolescence by Kowo Kazuma, Sweet Peach! by Mizuno Touko & Senju Chiyu, Gokujou Drops #2 by Mikuni Hazime, Yuri Hime Wildrose #3, Octave #1 & #2 by Akiyama Haru, Butterfly Kiss Blade by Shinonome Taro and finally [I thought its a manga =A=! But it's a novel lol] Cattleya Private Gakuen - Otome wa Hana ni Koi o Suru by Sawaki Riho & Tsutae Yuzu.

Btw, Cattleya's a type of Orchid. More pictures in this post, click READ MOAR!

I've only opened the Friendly version ... xD LOVEEEEEEEEE IT! <3

Spoilers for Gokujou Drops #2 =D LOL.

From the looks of the end of book 2, I'm expecting a volume 3 xD can't wait for it and Hanjuku Joshi #2 too!!

Oh I'll update Candy☆Boy EX02 aka Episode 8 soon =D.

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Doropanda Tours Loot Scans and Amazon June Purchases

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Wheee~ I'm free from H1N1 virus =D


Along with Bakuretsu Tenshi Manga #2, #3 [END], Venus Versus Virus #6, Suzunari #2, Hayate x Blade #2, #3 and Tetragrammaton Labryinth #5. I love July lol. I have another parcel from Amazon Japan =O which will come coming perhaps next week? \O/

July is Durian Season!

I've yet to eat one though lol.

Taken from the durian tree at my place xD. Oh yeah, I just remembered the purpose of this post lol, here's the MF download link for the Doropanda Tours scans as requested =D. I've asked Kai and Kite in Tranquil Spring to translate and edit the one-shot page for me [Scans 1 - Left] I'll post up the translated page soon. The rest are author's comments and stuff, well if you're interested in translating it, feel free.

Edit: It's up, thanks to Kai, Kite and Monkey =D

They are all just one page specials or brochures, there ain't anymore so don't ask for moar lol.

Random rants;

My Seagate of 3 years died on me ;_; I was being whiny on Skype and all lol but today I managed to pull all of my anime folders out along with my Stefanie Sun clips I've dutifully collected for 9 years =D out.

Oh how did I revived my 'dead hdd'? I froze it. Yes, I sealed the HDD in a plastic bag, placed it in the freezer and waited for 2-3 hours. At first, it wasn't working well and I was getting really pissed. So I left it to 'dry' [After several attempts to get it to work] and then I put it in the freezer for 2 hours and it worked! [I even dreamed that I was clicking and dragging my files out lol] Well it worked for a mere 10 minutes before it died again. So I let it out to dry again [Condensation] and then shoved it in the freezer for another 3-4 hours. It was then that I managed to copy all my anime folders out [I saved my Stefanie Sun clips first lol], half of my movie folders, manga and live-action drama clips. I think it lasted around 2 hours [The HDD was getting hot as well, it clicked loudly a few times in between] before the light went out. It was good though =D A whooping 300GB+ worth of data out lol.

Anyways, got me a new HDD, 1TB this time muahahaha and it's only S$159~~~ This will last me for a few more years.

Moral of the story? BACK UP YOUR GOD DAMN FILES lol.

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