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Friday, July 10, 2009

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep8 aka EX02

[Posted @ 6:15 PM]
\O/ I'm back in Singapore and guess what, Candy☆Boy Ep8 aka EX02 is outtttt!

Summary Updated In Post @ 10th July 2009;

O_O! *nose bleeds* Tissue... TISSUE!!!

Man, I'm so glad I got the DVDs lol, it looks like a mind-less fluffy episode =D

Sorry for the wait, kinda sick the last few days ... I NEED TO RECOVER BEFORE TOMORROW *RAGES*

Going back to the topic, if you've seen the raw, you should know EX02 is a swimsuit episode \O/ The girls were in the indoor swimming pool while it's snowing outside. While Kanade's sipping whatever she's drinking, Sakuya's taking photos of her with Yukino as her assistant. When Kanade asked what they're doing, Yukino replied that they were going to use the photos and print it on bolsters and use it as 'hug pillows' lol. As usual, Kanade got pissed, grabbed the memory card out from the camera and pinched Yukino's cheek lol. While Yukino's flapping around in pain, Sakuya's whining that she won't put the photos on any weird places lol. Kanade was like what weird places!?

Meanwhile, Shii-chan appeared compete with a banana float she's carrying =D. Just then, Sakuya stopped her whining and noticed that Shii-chan's wearing Kanade's old school swimsuit. Sakuya was like, *takes photo*, *takes out laptop*, *turns on photoshop application* and ta-da! A photoshopped Kanade head on Shii-chan's school swimsuit body lol. Shii-chan commented that Sakuya seemed quite skilled in this and Sakuya didn't even deny it xD even adding that it's because she practiced everyday haha. Unable to take Sakuya's eccentric ways, they did something to her to make her sleep and tied her up with towels lol.

While Shii-chan relaxing on her banana float, the twins fell into a casual chat with Yukino saying that the happiest moment was that she got to see Kanade in a swimsuit. Kanade agreed that because a lot of stuff had happened last year, even though they bought a lot of swimsuits they never got the chance to wear them. Yukino pointed out it's unfair that Kanade seen at her clad in a swimsuit far too often than she does. Kanade turned away and pretended to wonder what Yukino's talking about. Yukino pouted and continued that she clearly saw Kanade visiting the school swimming pool in 4 days of last week even though she had forbid her to do so.

Kanade tried to worm her way out of this by making a feeble excuse about finding a perfect spot for her sketch but when Yukino said her name 'sweetly', she knew she's in trouble and promptly apologized. Yukino chastised Kanade for sneaking peeks at her and that it's embarrassing. Yukino ordered that Kanade's not to come to the swimming pool unless she's there to fetch her.

Kanade: 'If Yuki-chan dislikes it, then I'll follow her orders but occasionally, is it okay if I go see you?'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan ...'
Yukino: 'If so, you must make a proper greeting and that will be allowed.'
Kanade: 'Un, I'll make sure not to disturb you much while I make a proper greeting.'


After that, Yukino recalled a memory from their childhood that Kanade almost drowned while she's swimming in the mini pool. Kanade added that she remembered that even though the pool's shallow, she still had a cramped leg. Yukino continued that the day before, she saw this program on TV about first aid or something and the program had something about treating a drowned person with CPR.

Kanade: 'W-wait a moment, Yuki-chan?'
Yukino: 'Want to know how I did it, Kana-chan?'
Kanade: 'Hmmm ... Un.'
Yukino: 'Ehehe.'
Yukino: 'It's a secret~.'
Kanade: 'Mou~ You're such a tease, Yuki-chan!'

-Insert ED-

The ever amazing Sakuya managed to untangle herself from the towel wraps and eyed at the drink Kanade had left on the table. While giggling manically to herself, Shii-chan grabbed the glass and emptied it lol. Meanwhile, Kanade called and told Sakuya that she had deleted the photos in the memory card and warned Sakuya not to do anything weird again. Yukino was whining about the loss of a Kana-chan hug pillow lol. Sakuya wallowed in her strings of failz in this outing. Still sipping on the straw of Kanade's drink [I wonder if she's trying to suck the flavour out or something xD], Shii-chan took pity on Sakuya and offered to send the photo data on her camera to her.

Do I sense the start of a beautiful friendship here? xD That's all for Candy☆Boy, thank you for accompanying me through this awesome twincest series =D.

[Signing off @ 8:27 PM]


  1. Kawaii, this is the best. This series is the only pure yuri left, until we get the new 100% yuri series Aoi Hana, Let's hope it can be as good as this one

  2. Agreed though I'm not looking forward to Aoi Hana... The manga is rather boring in my opinion

  3. to knmotoko, =D yeah, I'm looking forward to Sasameki Koto as well.

    to Kano, lol I couldn't quite follow the manga, the relationships are kinda complicated xD.

  4. holy....! kanade is lookin hot, sakuya mustve been in heaven during that episode lol. i too hope aoi hana differs a bit from the manga, overall i like it, and the story is finally starting to pick up for akira. for like the first few volumes, she was just so happy-go-lucky, haha but now its like "what are these feelings im feeling?.."

  5. lol! at first when I was looking at kanade's flotation-device thing on the screen-caps I thought it was a giant banana...

  6. to tsuyo_puyo, lol yeah she nose bled xD. As for Aoi Hana, yeah suddenly the cast changed in Volume 4 and I lost interest after Yasuko left =P a feeling similar in Marimite after the Roses graduated. Perhaps watching the anime will light my interest back again =D.

    to Greenneutron, eh? The person on the banana-float is Shii-chan and yes it's a giant banana =D.

  7. aah I had a hard time knowin' for sure, cause my eyes aren't quite good enough with the tiny pictures hehe.

  8. hey hey wanna link our blogs??


  9. OMG o.o
    where could I find the raw
    to dl?!

  10. Hi!

    Um, I wanted to ask whether there is someone who lives in Tokyo now. I bought a lot of yuri manga and havent an apportunity to take it home. So i want to give it to someone. ^^

  11. Of course i am! >_<

    Do u want it? ^^

  12. Of course I want but I'm not even in Japan ._.

  13. Where do u live? Singapore?

    If the delievering is chiep, i'll ask for your adress and send this week. ^^

  14. Eh, I'm currently in Australia right now ._. what books do you have?