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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 3 - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA Drama CD Special

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TGIF! First things first, UFW has released/updated a DVD 480p version of the Hanabira 3 OVA, so go get it because it's a DVD rip and the resolution is better!! And for those who ordered the DVD, it comes with a special drama CD. I wanted to do the translation last night but I had a major headache so ... well it doesn't matter because I've finally finished it. Enjoy!

Thanks to a poster in yamibo called Ren who translated it in Mandarin. Using the Mandarin translations, I've translated it from Mandarin to English, correct me if there are any mistakes =D

If you have an account at yamibo with 20+ posts, you can get the Drama CD [mp3] along with the DVD cover jacket. If not ... well here's a mediafire link ;D but it's always nice to say where you get sauces from =^= Well if you have the file, click continue reading to read the script.

オリジナルドラマCD 「スキスキ麻衣さん……」 - Original Drama CD 'Doki Doki Mai-san ... ...'

Mai: Ah, Reo? Are you awake?
Reo: Ehhh? Why is Mai here ...?
Mai: What do you mean why? This is my home!
Reo: Fwa? Uuh ... Nyaaa!!!?
Mai: Wait, what's the matter, Reo!?
Reo: B-be-because, n-n-nak ...
Mai: Nak---?
Reo: Why am I naked!?
Mai: No ..., to realise that you're naked only now ...
Reo: Speaking of which, Mai's naked as well! Mai's stupid and a pervert!
Mai: Eh, wait a moment, that's a mean thing to say!
Reo: Stupid, stupid, stupid! Don't come near me!
Mai: Alright alright, Reo ... calm down for second will you?
Reo: Shut up! You pervert! You're an incarnation of a sex maniac!
Mai: Incarnation of a sex maniac!? Now, listen to what I have to say!
Reo: Grrr!!! (Growls)
Mai: There, there, it's alright, don't be afraid ...
Reo: Grrr! (Bites)
Mai: Ahhh! That hurts!!! Don't bite me!
Reo: Grrr!!! (Growls)
Mai: Mou~ Reo's the one who suggested visiting my home in the first place!
Reo: Grrr ... eh?
Mai: Having dinner at my home, doing our homework, then taking a bath and so forth.
Reo: Oh--- oh, I see ...
Mai: Don't me ... you forgot about all about it? Or are you still half-asleep?
Reo: Um--- both I guess ...
Mai: (Sigh)
Reo: I can't help it! That's because you weren't following the rules!
Mai: Even so, if you bite me everytime you wake up, it won't be long before (my finger) gets bitten off!
(In Japanese - 「腕がなくなっちゃうわよ」 Mai could also be referring to her fingering technique ;D)
Reo: Uuuhhh ...
Mai: On top of that, last night you were so ...
Reo: Aaahhh!!!~~~
Mai: Wha---? Reo? What's the matter now?
Reo: Y-y-yo-you don't have to say that kind of thing out loud!
Mai: That kind of thing? Ah, you mean H (sex)?
Reo: Aaahhhhhhhh!~~~
Mai: Auughh! Mou! You don't have to yell about it!
Reo: You too, Mai! Why can't you be more sensitive to my feelings!?
Mai: Sensitive? Reo, aren't you making too much of things?
Reo: It's you who is understating things!
Mai: To say that when we're already at this stage. I mean, we're practically in that kind of relationship.
Reo: That kind of relationship ...?
Mai: I meant we're lovers ...
Reo: Aaahhh!~~~
Mai: Why are you yelling!?
Reo: B-b-b-be ...
Mai: B-b-b-be?
Reo: Because Mai kept making strange statements!
Mai: It's not strange at all! Reo loves me, loves me that she can't help ---
Reo: Aaahhh!~~~
Mai: Uuugh ... I'm going to be deaf ...
Reo: W-who would make that embarrassing statement! I love Mai? I-I never said that!
Mai: Wait a moment! That's really mean of you! I mean, last night, you were ...
Reo: Aaah---! I told you before to stop saying those things out loud!
Mai: That's nothing to be embarrassing about ...
Reo: Shut up! Enough about that, hurry up and put some clothes on!
Mai: Ehhh, I don't wanna.
Reo: Why?!
Mai: Well, because Reo's not being forthright.
Reo: What's that going to do with this?
Mai: You were saying how much you love me and just one night later, you turned so cold towards me!
That's why until Reo becomes more honest with her feelings, I will not put any clothes on!
Reo: I don't understand what you're talking about ... hmph do whatever makes you happy!
You can stay naked for all I care. Don't regret it if you catch a cold for that.
Mai: Wait a moment.
Reo: What are you doing?! Give me back my panties!
Mai: I refuse to!
Reo: Why?!
Mai: Heh heh heh, if I'm naked, how can I let you put your clothes on?
Reo: Are you stupid? Return it back to me right now!
Mai: Heh heh, I'm going to ... (Throws)
Reo: Aaahhh!!!~~~
Mai: I've exterminated the evil thing.
Reo: Mai's an idiot!!! Why did you do that for?!
Mai: It's all Reo's fault. It was you who forced me to turn to such drastic measures.
Reo: Even so, you don't have to throw my panties out!
Mai: I was just joking, look, your panties are right here~
Reo: (Sighs in relief) Even if it's just a joke, it's bad for the heart. Alright, give it back.
Mai: No.
Reo: Why not?!
Mai: Well, that's because if I give you back, you'll wear it on right?
Reo: Of course!
Mai: Then I can't give it back.
Reo: Again, why not?!
Mai: Because Reo dislikes the fact that we're lovers and will never admit that you love me.
Reo: Uhhh ...
Mai: So, if you say that you love me, I'll return the panties to you.
Reo: To force me to say that, isn't it embarrassing?!
Mai: If you don't say it, I will not give it back.
Reo: Uuuhhh~~~
Mai: Come on, come on~ if you don't have your panties back, you won't feel right about it~?
Don't be shy, try saying out loud, "Mai~ I love you~ Love you a lot!" okay?
Reo: Uuuhhh ... Hmph! You don't have to give it back to me now, I'll just stay naked this way!
Mai: Eh? Did my plan backfire ...?
Reo: Regardless of whether you're going to wear the panties, on your head or smell it while panting hard, I don't care anymore!
Mai: Reo, how pervertic do you think I am?
Reo: Alright, Mai, get out of bed! You can't laze around just because it's Sunday or else you'll turn into a sloth!
Mai: Yes, yes.
Reo: Wait, why are you not wearing clothes, Mai?!
Mai: Eh? That's because you're still not saying that you love me right?
Reo: But, that's ...
Mai: If you pay too much attention to this, you're going to lose~
Reo: Uuughhh ... Hmph! Do whatever makes you happy! Speaking of which, I'm hungry. Mai, I want rice.
Mai: Hm, it's a little troublesome to make rice, how about toast? If it's salad, bacon and sunny side up, it'll be ready in a few moments.
Reo: That sounds alright.
Mai: Got it, I'll go prepare it.
Reo: Hurry up!
Mai: Yes~ yes~
Reo: Heh heh heh, she's falling for it. While Mai's busy preparing breakfast, I'll take advantage of that moment to grab my panties back.
Mai: Ah, before I go, your panties is not there.
Reo: Ahhh?!
Mai: You were thinking of getting your panties back behind my back are you? Hah, don't belittle the ingenuity of Mai-san!
Reo: Kuuu, Mai's an idiot!

Mai: Reo, toast is ready, please put it on the plate.
Reo: Ehhh~
Mai: Just help me out for this okay?
Reo: I got it already.
Mai: Ah, it's hot, so please be careful ...
Reo: It's hot!!! ...
Mai: Uwaah, I was too late ...
Reo: Uuuuhhh, why is this so hot?!
Mai: It was just toasted, of course it's hot. Come on, let me see your hand.
Reo: Uuh, okay.
Mai: Hmm, looks like you didn't burn it. But just in case, we'll run your hand under the water.
Reo: Un~ Fuu, it's cold and it feels good.
Mai: Keep it there for a while okay?
Reo: Yes~ Hey, Mai.
Mai: If you're thinking of asking your panties back, I won't give it back.
Reo: How do you know that?!
Mai: I can see what you're going to ask before you say anything.
Reo: Mou~ Give me back my panties!
Mai: I already said that if you say that you love me, I'll give it back to you.
Reo: No way!
Mai: Why must you keep harping on that?
Reo: You're the one to say Mai! To steal someone's panties, you pervert, sex maniac!
Mai: Hohoho! Whatever you say~
Reo: Grrr! (Growls)
Mai: Alright, breakfast's ready~ Are you going to eat?
Reo: Hmph, of course I am!
Mai: How's it? Is it yummy?
Reo: Hmph! It was so-so.
Mai: Really, not honest at all.
Reo: If Mai gives my panties back, I'll say it properly!
Mai: Oh my~ for Reo to say that, that's a really mean answer.
Reo: Hmph!
Mai: See, it's the Mai-san who's so good in cooking. Can't you at least say you love me just this once?
Reo: No way!
Mai: My, my.
Reo: How about Mai? What do you feel towards me?
Mai: Eh? Me?
Reo: Yeah, before expecting me to say it, Mai should say ... how she feels about me first!
Mai: Ehh, that ... umm ...
Reo: What's that~ You too!
Mai: Hehehe. That's because to say it again feels embarrassing.
Reo: Even so, I still want to hear Mai say it to me!
Mai: Reo ...
Reo: If Mai says it to me, I will too ...
Mai: I got it, I will say it properly.
Reo: Un.
Mai: I love Reo, the one I love the most is you! I want to be with you forever.
Reo: R-really?
Mai: Of course. Well, how about you, Reo?
Reo: Uuhh ...
Mai: Come on, if you still can't say it, it won't do.
Reo: I know it! Uh ... um ...
Mai: Hehe.
Reo: I-I li--- Uwaahhh!~ I can't do it!
Mai: Uweehhh? I was so expectant and to stop like that, you can't do that to me!
Reo: It was embarrassing!
Mai: So it has come to this, I won't stop until Reo says that she loves me by hook or by crook!
Reo: By hook or by crook?
Mai: That's right! For example, with this panties ...
Reo: Aaahhh!!! Don't do any strange things with it!
Mai: Heh heh heh~ Usually I'm a model student in Mikajou (School) but doing these things makes my heart run wild ...
Reo: Stop, stop, stoppp!!!
Mai: Then, do what you have to do!
Reo: Uuuhh ... ... I love you ...
Mai: I can't hear you~
Reo: ... Uuh ... I love you! I love you!! I love Mai the most! Will that do?!
Mai: Un, I can finally hear it. I love Reo the most too!
Reo: (Sobs) It's so embarrassing that I could die.
Mai: Really, you're exaggerating.
Reo: I'm not exaggerating! Give me back my panties!
Mai: Yes, yes. I've already used my body warmth to warm it up to a good impression.
Reo: Because of the statements you make (above), as a result, you're called a pervert or a sex maniac!
Mai: Only you, Reo will call me that. Ah, speaking of which. Can you say it again?
Reo: Eh? Say what?
Mai: Well, that~ "I love you~ I love you a lot, Mai!" I want to record it down to commemorate it!
Reo: Ma-ma-ma ...
Mai: Ma-ma-ma?
Reo: Mai's an idiot!!!!!~

- The End -

Uuwwwaaahhh, I forgot that this word by word translating stuff is exhausting ... *is reminded of Mendol translating days* ... ORZ anyways, hope you enjoyed it! I did ;D and yes the 480p ver gave me an excuse to re-watch Hanabira OVA for the ... idk 6th time? LOL xD

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  4. Glad you like it =D Uh I assume the Drama CDs you're referring to are in Japanese? I can only translate Mandarin to English. If there are Mandarin translations, I would gladly summarize it.

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