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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 20

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates is not TGIF anymore ... like that's unusual hah. I haven't been posting on Fridays since the time I can remember ... hmmm I think I was busy chilling out during fridays but that's not the point of this post. Aaaaand now I'm being distracted by debit cards ... thinking of applying OCBC's YES card now hmmm then I don't have to use dad's credit card to purchase stuff--- WHAT AM I SAYING!? I MUST USE HIS! *laughs hysterically* I must be going insane in this room.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Oh yeah, as I was saying, busy, fridays ... yes, remember that Updates 19 nearly two months ago? I still haven't order anything from amazon yet so I've decided to order stuff this afternoon but my mum whisked me off to malaysia with uncle so my plan was dashed. Now I'm sitting comfortably in front the computer doing my stuff [US dollar is all time low against the Singapore dollar too!] then I realized that my shopping cart has only TWO pathetic books in amazon US. TWO, I would save more time and money going to Kinokuniya and purchasing Hayate x Blade #6 and Venus Versus Virus #8 [END] there ... if they have it UGHHH.

So nevermind, I added Line in too since I like the art style, I also added Loveless #3 and #4 just because I like Kouya x Yamato so that's 5. I looked at Amazon's recommendations and oh, Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4 DVD collection is out too! Added, 6. Still cracking my head what's missing, I looked up to my SAY [Shoujo-Ai/Yuri] shelf and ah, Your & My Secret #6 is in stock with #7 coming out this November and that's 7. Thinking to myself that maybe there might be more Hayate x Blade volumes after 6 coming out since Seven Seas have been on a 4 months release interval and they said that they were discussing on #7-8 licenses last year. So I checked SS's site and guess what? They have Hayate x Blade Omnibus Collections lined up on their Release Schedule instead! My first thought was 'Wha---?' Second thoughts were 'WHAT THE FUCK! NOOOO! IS THIS GOING TO BE A STRAWBERRY LINE DRAMA HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN!?'

Despite the assurance, one can't help but feel a little uneasy over this. So what if the omnibus marketing campaign fails? Are they going to scrape HxB out of their line? Yeah despite them claiming HxB's not part of the failed Strawberry Line. I do understand, come on, would anyone want to associate a product to a failed marketing strategy? Don't get me wrong here, I still like Strawberry Panic! [I have a strawberry as my mascot for god's sake!] even though the anime was chessy [after re-watching it a while ago haha], the manga was on hold and the novel was completed but SS dropped it because of reasons I don't want to know, really, does it matter now? It's either licensing rights or money and both. So I've got #1 and #2 of the novel with no idea how SP ended in the novel. Guess I have to go pick up Japanese to read the last novel by myself.

I really enjoyed reading the English translated novels but I don't see them changing their minds since the SP fad was already over = no feasibility to continue any longer. But hey, at least they're releasing a Strawberry Panic! manga Omnibus with Chapter 13 and 14. *Feels a lot better now* So, with rants aside, we can't do anything but let them solve the licensing issues between themselves, all we can do is to hope or just learn Japanese. Meh, I'm purchasing more Japanese manga than English-translated already \O/

If you're a regular stalker/lurker at this blog, you might have noticed I've changed the template and it took me ... almost two days to perfect it. Hey, I need to eat, sleep, poo too =^= Here are the changes to make your life better navigating around IchigoYuri;

1. Awesome drop-down menu, hugeass RSS and tweet icons, tweetable link on every post and real-time twitter updates;

2. Scrolly Ferris Wheel Amazon widget, nicer related posts with picture thumbnails, linkys are moved to the right side and commenting system changed;

3. Using Disqus as commenting system so that you can subscribe, like and expand/hide a thread in a post. Latest comments, popular posts and followers located at the bottom of every page;

4. At each Menu Page, for example the new Morinaga Miruku Menu Page, I've changed the javascript to enable a new window to pop out when you click for easy assess. Yeah, I've been putting this off for ages haha, my apologies to those who had difficulties with this;

Guess this is it. I'll try to blog more, I've been a huge ass lately but that's me, cya until then ... ah probably when I get my purchases lol.

[Signing off @ 3:27 AM]

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