Hi! I'm revamping the site! Most photos might not appear because of Photobucket *rolls eyes*. Might try to host them in another place but eh.

My List

I know this doesn't concern you but I just want to thank the loyal readers [even lurkers!] out there, as you guys have helped me alot in the past three years by visiting, clicking the ads, commenting and sharing valuable anime tips/spoilers.

It's all thanks to you that I'm able to make wonderful purchases from Amazon, ADVFilms, Kinokuniya and Playasia ... see the collection and my rants here.

Not forgetting my recent purchases of several Seven Seas' titles ... so don't you dare give up SS!!! I've also placed the light novel of Strawberry Panic! Volume 2 in my shopping cart ... soon ... I will be holding the book in my hands the moment I return back home XD.

Please continue to help me rake in money by clicking the advertisement banners [Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Amazon] around. As I'm just a poor International student studying in Australia lol, trying my best to get a good education and hopefully a well-paid job when I graduate muahaha.

In order to shorten the main page, I've moved the list to a page of its own for my own purpose ... gotta remember and keep track what I'm buying or intending to purchase o_o.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the titles, feel free [very free] to click the links below lol, it will be a tremendous help =) as I get referral fees lol!

My Wishlist in Amazon Japan

I don't believe in donations, it makes me feel bad and ... commercialized but then with the ad banners around ... it's like I'm contradicting myself lol. Oh well, be assured that I'll be spending those moolah on manga ... it's one of the few things I'm passionate about ... the others being Stefanie Sun, my idol lol and my family =).

Anyways, ta!

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