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Thursday, January 11, 2007

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 14

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I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, I got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 14 of Strawberry Panic!, 'The New Star', the students were delighted to receive Sapphire necklaces from Kusanagi Makoto over dinner at the Ichigo-sha. The fangirls were immediately taken by Makoto-sama's generosity and her loyal love for St Spica. The fangirls lined up to welcome Makoto's arrival, Makoto waved back at the fangirls, greeted them and even called out that she loves them, St Spcia's little stars. [LOL] The fangirls were shierking with joy and calling Makoto, St Spica's new star.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Suddenly, a fangirl walked out of the crowd and presented Makoto a gift as a return for the Sapphire necklaces she gave to everyone in Ichigo-sha. When the other girls protested, Makoto told them to quiet down and kissed the fangirl on the cheek as thanks for the gift. The others girls were flabbergasted over the display. Makoto then pampered the fangirls by stating that she wanted to give everyone a kiss but this was just the tip of the iceberg and told them to be patient. The fangirls were excited and some hoped that if only Amane-sama were as 'generous' as Makoto. Some fangirls protested that the cool expressions and slender feelings of Amane were her good points.

Other fangirls complained that Amane only had eyes for that girl [I'm reckoning it to be Hikari] and never seem to spare a thought for them. They started to agree and said that Makoto treated them better and concerned about them. They started to waver their loyalty in Amane to supporting Makoto. Makoto smirked as she heard them whispering, in her mind she was thinking that this is her way of declaring her battle to Amane and she wants Amane to remember that the person in control is her.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

News spread like wildfire as in St Miator, Rokujou-kaichou learnt the appearance of Makoto and the act of giving the Sapphire necklaces had been winning votes of many girls in St Spica. St Miator's Student Council Secretary, Marikoya Aiko told Rokujou-kaichou that Makoto seemed to be the 'missing one' of the Five Stars in St Spica. It appeared to be a thorny problem however Rokujou-sama was hopeful that the internal struggles in St Spica might be an opening for St Miator and prayed that Amane and Hikari would be disqualified during the Second Round of the Etoile Battle.

The notice board had pinned up the starting dates which is next week for the Second Round of the Etoile Battle, called, 'The Trial Of Love'. The 'Cadette' [Younger Sister] will be participating in the item, 'Faceless Devil' while the 'Ainee' [Older Sister] will be participating in 'The Temptation Of Return'. [Let me explain, basically the Second Round of the Etoile Battle is to test the 'Ainee' and 'Cadette''s love for each other, hence 'The Trail Of Love'. The 'Cadette' will have to resist the Faceless Devil's advances while the 'Ainee' will have to resist the temptation of meeting their 'Cadette'. If anyone of them failed in their items, they will be eliminated.]

Meanwhile, Nagisa and Shizuma were probably relishing their time together before the Second Round of the Etoile Battle starts. Shizuma teasingly told Nagisa not to fool around in the two weeks when they were apart lol. Nagisa doesn't seem to be listening as she's focused in the fact that she's apart from Shizuma for two weeks. Nagisa then leaned against Shizuma. Shizuma was probably stunned by the action of Nagisa and asked if she's lonely or anything? Smiling, Shizuma told Nagisa not to feel upset as it will too affect her. However Shizuma's happy over the fact that Nagisa likes Shizuma to feel that way.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

As Shizuma caressed Nagisa's cheeks, Nagisa closed her eyes instinctively and in her mind she's wishing for Shizuma to kiss her. Shizuma probably read her thoughts but decided to tease Nagisa by leaning over to whisper in Nagisa's ears to treat this 'refusal' as patience training for the two weeks when they will be apart. Nagisa blushed and protested that she doesn't have these thoughts ... Shizuma then turned Nagisa in front of her and said that during her 'absence', Tamao will be her bodyguard however if Nagisa should be in any danger, she would immediately be by her side. Taking advantage of her position, Shizuma leaned in and kissed Nagisa's neck after whispering that she too loath not seeing her cute Nagisa till the extent of dying from loneliness.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

However, Shizuma added that if she rushed to Nagisa's side, they will be eliminated from the Etoile Battle. Biting and blowing lightly in Nagisa's ear, Shizuma told Nagisa not to wander off alone if she doesn't want to bring any problems to students in St Miator. Nagisa could barely whimper out that she understood. Shizuma cruelly continued her assault on Nagisa's neck by licking it and asking if it's okay with Nagisa that she continues 'doing this' to her. Nagisa could only moan out with pleasure and whimpering, 'Shizuma Onee-sama' ...

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

Elsewhere, Yaya asked if Hikari's okay with the fact that Amane and her will be apart for two weeks. Hikari said that she's okay about it as it's normal for them not to see each other that easily so two weeks of apart is as expected. Yaya added that even so, currently Amane and Hikari were seeing each other everyday ... Hikari explained that it's not like they had promised to meet or anything, it's just by coincidence. Yaya snorted and said that it can't be by coincidence, the Amane who was always surrounded by fangirls and thus seldom walks out of her classroom without any apparent reason can't be loitering outside the Third Year Un* Class [One in French]. [LOL!] Yaya said that it doesn't seem to be problem to Hikari however, that couldn't be said same for Amane ... lol.

Yaya told Hikari that she wouldn't let Amane and Hikari be eliminated from the Etoile Battle, but currently there's this person called Kusanagi Makoto who's bribing the fangirls with Sapphire necklaces and stirring some unrest. Yaya exclaimed that Makoto must be the 'Devil' in disguise trying to get in the Etoile Battle with the 'Faceless Devil' item. Yaya then told Hikari to win the Second Round in order not to let Makoto get what she wants and ... Yaya turned away and added that it's NOT like she wants Hikari to be even closer to Amane. Yaya turned back and grasped Hikari's shoulders telling her not to forget that ... she likes her. Hikari merely smiled and said that she likes Yaya too.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

Yaya displayed a sorrow expression and murmured that it's not the same ... Hugging Hikari, Yaya yelled out, 'It's not the same, my feelings, what I need is not friendship, and not that pure innocent sisterly love ... what I want is something stronger, a more passionate desire! ...' Hikari was stunned and could only called out in confusion, 'Yaya-chan? ...'

At the St Lulim side, the Transformation club members were having fun dressing up as Angels, picnicking and picking flowers outside. The girls were praising how Kagome suit the Angel dress she's in. Looking at the three cute girls having fun and stuff, Chikaru couldn't help but hope that if only through them that they could bring glory to St Lulim. Chikaru added in her mind that she was right to bring Makoto back from Russia as she had already stirred such a commotion in St Spica. With this, this will go according as planned with the unrest going in the Etoile Battle in time to come. Chuckling in her mind, Chikaru thought to herself that everything's going according to what's she expecting ... given the current situation ... even though she never thought her dream could come true ... but now ... there's a high chance ... - END -

Compared to her counterpart in the anime, manga Chikaru seemed to be a schemer in this conspiracy in the Etoile Battle. What is Chikaru's purpose for bring Makoto in to trouble the St Spica's side, lastly, what is Chikaru's dream? ...

Anyways, have you been searching for the Slow OP1, 少女迷路でつかまえて (Mellow Berry Ballad) of Strawberry Panic? Fear not, it's included in this album, titled, '麻衣&愛の電撃G’s ラジオストロベリー・パニック! お姉様といちごそうどう the CD ~卒業 ~舞散る桜は百合の香り' which will be released on 12/01/2007. Woohooo~!

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  1. Woo...it's quick from chapter 13. And I love those sweet moments between NagisaxShizuma and HikarixYaya. But I hate Makoto. Thank my god she's not even in the manga or else I'll explode in anger. I mean what she wants?! what she needs?! what she wants to do to the school?! she's very annoying. look I agree with yuri fanservice but her service was eww..annoys me. But if shizuma,tamao,yaya,hikari,amane,nagisa,miyuki,chikaru,kuzuna,lemon,kagome I'll definately feel the service and I'm very happy. So why she exist?! Sorry her fans. This is just my two cents.

    Erm I can't wait for all of them to be apart. I really what to see Nagisa reaction and shizuma's too. Hikari's and amane's too. I really want them to miss each other deeply and the "i can't breathe" moments. I really looking forward to this. Also hahahah I would love to see what nagisa's "BODYGUARD" do for two weeks. Tamao is funny in manga. I like her but prefer Shizugisa relation better.

    Thank you for updates akayuki-sama.

  2. That CD is it nice to listen too? I don't understand Japanese. Issit that's the only song and the rest is like speech? I hope akayuki-san could enlighten me.

  3. to anonymous1, lol she just want to get back her glory like she had before. Maybe she's jealous of Amane's popularity even though she's not even interested or putting any effort to be liked.

    anonymous2, eh, not sure, I haven't got a chance to listen to the cd ... cos the speed is damn slow, the connection is still lagging ... three weeks ... -.-

  4. Wow Singapore still lagging too? Here in Hong Kong too. I can't believe this. About the download yeah it's very slow I'm downloading at only 8KBs <.< At least I could connect to the internet. Before this its impossible >.>

    Actually before this both seiyuu released an album and now erm drama??? Hmm they are popular now? Or sells as well? Or only sells when combine and making "fake" yuri? Or an accident yuri star.

    I'm depressed learning that Nabatame Hitomi isn't voicing Ruchia VVV. Anyone knows why this happen? before this I download VVV Special Drama CD it was her. And all of sudden......

  5. wait shuen, you found the link to download the vvv drama CD?

  6. if anyone has the last episode song like akayuki chan please upload it so i can download it please thanks.

    and akayuki chan is the song only has these last line. don't they have the whole version in slow way. cause if there is i really want to listen and if there isn't can u upload the one now so i can download it . arigatou thanks

    the mellow berry ballad song . thanks

  7. to shuen, yeah i'm like only 13 kb/s lol. Well I'm sure abt the seiyuus ... haha. I'm just interested in the track 31 ... *sparkling eyes*. As for Nabatame Hitomi not voicing Rucia in VVV, it's not confirmed that the seiyuu cast for drama cd will be the same for the anime ... well we juz have to wait and see =).

    to ryu, go yamibo, someone uploaded a whole bunch of anime drama cds ... and VVV special drama cd is included.

    to anonymous, yes the whole song had only the last few lines ... which is too the same for the Ep26 ... haha. As for uploading ... go http://www.yamibo.com/thread-42557-1-1.html as I've uploaded the WHOLE thing in sendspace and mediafire =). The speed should be good and they are the only two places I could ul and dl stuff haha.

  8. Yes ryu, akayuki has answered. I was about to say the same thing. Go to yamibo, if you could read chinese, it's heaven.

  9. aww chinese?! then I need some guidence to the exact url.

  10. Do you have the actual sendspace/mediafire links? It seems the link is requiring something (like a username?) to access the thread... can't read Chinese etc. =(


  11. hey akayuki thanks for the web but i don't know how to read chinese or whatever that language is so can u give me the link that i can direct download from it .

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  12. http://www.sendspace.com/file/xga8y2 for the mai and ai's Dengki G's cd with the sp op1 slow. haveta warn ya, it's 160mb.

    http://www.yamibo.com/thread-42615-1-1.html for the various drama cds, it's easy as there's images for the drama cds.

  13. akayuki I was able to dl the vvv drama cds, but do you need a password to extract them?

  14. to ryu, yep, luckily it's an english password, 'ByXeraOnlyOnYamibo'

  15. tried using that pw Akayuki but it didn't work. Know what, forget it i'll just buy the drama cds on amazon instead of being a nuisance.

  16. can u post another link for the song? i searched everywhere n i cant find it >.>

  17. thanks for summarizing!! :D

    no chapter 15?

  18. Does anyone know where an English version of the manga is available?
    I'll pay is I have to, but par where?

  19. sven the first volume should be out in dec 2007, according to gomanga.com , also this chapter was hot lol, as expected from the same artist who draws h-doujins \[@_@]y , what an awesome plot, the 2 week separation, i am really looking forward to more chapters!

  20. r u going to post the rest of the novel(if it's a novel..)..?!

  21. Well thing is, these ehh chapters are they from Strawberry panic! Manga or light novels? If so, are there..2 manga volumes or what? I'm so confused, here in México we got things very late,so I wanna be sure how many volumes of manga exist so I can somehow order them by internet,also congrats on the page, quite good (*¬*) ! And I'll expect patiently for next posts on next chapters.

  22. Ah sorry for the late replies, please direct your questions to the tagboard next time for Older Entries cos I seldom check my posts here.

    Anyways, regards to the release of the Strawberry Panic [Manga] by Seven Seas, it's Nov 2007 tentatively.

    to anonymous, no I'm not posting much about the light novels but Seven Seas also licensed the light novel for Strawberry Panic, but the release date is uncertain, however look out for it =).

    to nancy, the chapters I've posted are from the Manga. Currently, the manga's on-going with 2 volumes whereas the novel had already ended on 3 volumes.

  23. Sorry, I'm quite new, but i would like to know, why didn't the rest of the menga chapters of strawberry panic, appeared yet. When you post the rest of them, please let me know.

  24. Haha this just keeps getting better and better. i read the first volume of sp on here, i love it so much that i went out and bought it. (in the english versions the first volume here is two volumes. so 6 chapters each). i cant wait for the third one to come out.. aperantly its only comming in october lol but im gonna go get the light novel soon. it looks really good :)
    anyways thanks for poasting this, its getting me super excited for the next manga comming out!!!

  25. Excuse me akayuki-sama,I'm quite new,but I want to know why the rest of manga(15-end)still didn't appear?
    Even this already 2009 year!!
    Please answer me!
    I'm really curios!

  26. Sometime around 14 the manga was picked up by a US company, who began work on english translations and since it was going to be available in the US, fansubs in english stopped, you can buy it, however. http://www.gomanga.com/manga/strawberrypanic.php

    Hopefully, I didn't step on the toes of the blogger here, but hopefully someone will read this reply and find this manga as I've never heard of Seven Seas until today when I went looking.

  27. to anon, yep, I've got Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Seven Seas. The manga in Japan stopped at Volume 2 because the series was halted and Chapter 14 was the last Chapter that was released.

    The novel was however completed, I have Volume 1 and 2 as well, waiting for the last volume, Volume 3 to be released =).

  28. hello akayuki

    i'm new with this, i have just two question: what is the difference between novel and manga? and for strawberry panic, is it big the difference between the novel and the manga series?

  29. The Wikipedia article on Strawberry Panic! covers that well; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strawberry_Panic!

    Since the manga was halted at Chapter 14, we have no idea what the ending will be, I guess that's the difference. The novel had an ending, the manga doesn't.

  30. Excuse me, but do you know why the strawberry panic manga was halted?