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Friday, January 5, 2007

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep12 [END]

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Yeah sorry, I've been slacking the anime blogging lately haha. I'm still in the holiday mood ya know ... eating, drinking and merry making ha.

Onee-sama's A Guy!?...Gokigenyou, Mizuho-san. *GASP*

I've Been Upgraded!Takako-san ......

Please!Onee-sama's Leaving? ...It's Snowing.

Lol Kei's Whipped By Michiko.Last Dances.Kawaii~

You Know, We're The Same.?You Like Mizuho, Don't You? *GASP*

OMG, Mariya And Takako Giggling Together!?Takako Standing In The Corner.Dance With Me.

Takako-san ...You Saw My Body And Took My First Kiss Away.Take Responsibility Ne?

Onee-sama ... I Lik-WTF!?Very Otoboku.

Onee-sama~Shion ...Onee-sama~~~!

Ending Credits.Awww~ ...LOL, Looks Like A Family, Father, Mother And Child.

Lucky Mizuho.Mizuho And Takako On A Date!?END.

Summary to be updated.

I really like how they had Kana telling the other girls about the play she's playing then it's like refering to the scenes where Mizuho and Takako interacted. The climax was probably the scene where Takako cried ... manz, Takako must had felt so hurt, thinking that Mizuho leaving. I like the scene where Mariya went to chat with Takako too, Mariya really matured over the episodes and was actually pouring out her feelings to Takako ... well subtlety lol.

Oh yes, I love the scene where Michiko was like dragging Kei around and doing things her way lol, now we know who's wearing the pants in their relationship XD. The second best part was Mizuho and Takako were dancing and Takako told Mizuho to take responsibility cos he saw her body and kissed her lol. The best part was when Takako was about to confess to Mizuho ... 'Onee-sama, Watashi ... Su ...', turned and saw that she was holding on to Mariya LOL.

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 9/10 [Wonderful ending, I mean it's just so Otoboku.]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Yes, Mariya and Takako are basically the same ... haha]
Overall: 9/10 [Enjoyed the series. I still can't believe Mizuho's a guy.]

Now, I wonder what the OVA/Ep13 of Otoboku would be in the DVDs ... Mizuho and Takako in a date!? That would be great if it's true ...

Oh yeah, here's my current additions to my Manga collection ...


The Day Of Revolution aka Kakumei no Hi [English] Volume 1, Iono The Fanatics [Mandarin] Volume 1 and Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ [English] Volume 1.

Although they were all expensive ... I think I have no regrets ... haha ... well yeah ... I'm still waiting for Seven Seas' Strawberry Panic! Novel to come out ... just a few months more ...
Basically, I'm kinda happy with the translation of Seven Seas in Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~, they kept the suffix and had explanations at the back of the book for it which I thought was great! They even kept the 'Moe' word in the Bonus Chapter LOL, however they didn't explain what 'Moe' means anyways ... ah, I think they're catering more those who know basic anime/otaku jargons. It's like reading a fansub hahaha ... except it's a darn expensive and legal version.

PS: If you notice from my other photos, yeah, mum painted the wall yellow recently ... lol

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  1. Enjoyed the series. I still can't believe Mizuho's a guy.

    Indeed. And I can't still believe how he managed to stay that LONG without being busted. XD hail to Shion-san's "trap" radar~! :D

    I'm still rooting for Shion-san x Mizuho pairing. :< But Takako x Mizuho is so kawaii together~ :3

  2. Now I really want to watch this ep.

    You bought Iono! The manga's hysterical! I'm jealous ><

  3. to ryu, lol yeah Mizuho x Takako ftw.

    to wing of light, watch it =). Ah, I just can't help myself haha ... saw the lonely volume there and I just had to grab it. XD.