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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep3

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Bishounen Service.Kyoushiro's Elder Brother, Kazuya.Chibi Kyoushiro.
Mika-sama.LoL.Mika-sama's Fantasy Of Kaon?

Kuu retold what happened in episode 2 ... about her being kidnapped away, the hot kiss between Kaon and Himiko and the savior, her prince, Kyoushiro. Kuu added that she's surprised that Kyoushiro and Setsuna were not what she thought to be Prince and Princess rather, Prince and Sword relationship. Kuu continued that ... when Kyoushiro told her to go with him together ... she ... Meanwhile, Kyoushiro, Soujirou and Mika-sama were taking baths respectively in DIFFERENT places as they told the audience some information about the Absolute Angels. In between, Kyoushiro revealed in his conversation with Jin that although he's not sure, he's confident that Kuu is ... [!? Agrh the suspence!] also, he mentioned about a promise to his 'dead' brother, ten years ago on that fateful day. Kyoushiro then sweared that he would destroy the Absolute Angels with his bare hands. Switch over to Mika who explained that it's the birth of the Absolute Angels on that fateful day. It was stated that there's four Absolute Angels, Kurausoras, Murakumo, Badoras and the yet to appear, Megingyorudo. And then, there's Kuu ...

Eheh.Move.Still Hot.
Prince And Princess.LOLLLL!Setsuna's Hot.
GirlxGirl Kissu!?Are You Better?Kicku.
*GASP* Kaon!......
Evil Smirk.Poor Setsuna.Let's Break Up.
......Heh Heh Heh.
LOL.I'm Going To Be Kissed ...Kissu!?
Alone.Poor Setsuna.!?
Awww.Tarurotte!Is Kuu Gonna Die!?

Setsuna's having a great time cooking like a true meido character ... while Kuu's standing in a corner think-talking as usual to her Prince that Setsuna, the Princess's actually cooking! Kuu added that Setsuna looked like a true princess in anything she did ... Kuu decided to do some cooking too but ... all she made was two ... burnt sunny-side up eggs. Meanwhile, Kyoushiro's doing what usually angst characters do, playing with music, in this case, it's his violin ... [In Chikane's case, it's the piano] Anyways, when Kyoushiro entered the dining room, Setsuna rushed over asking for Kyoushiro's opinion in her cooking which was of course wonderful. Kuu then excused herself to make some coffee but she clumsily fell face flat on the vanilla cake Setsuna made. After that, Kuu think-talked to herself that she's having a bath again [LoL, she sounded like she just had two baths in her life] while Setsuna's washing her hair. Leaning over, Setsuna commented that Kuu's hair still smelt like vanilla. Kuu asked if Setsuna had been making Kyoushiro's meals ... Setsuna added that not only that but anything from bringing his tea, mending his clothes and fighting as his sword. She would do anything Kyoushiro wants ... [In the manga, I think Kuu's imagination of 'doing anything' went to the gutter lol] however in the anime, Kuu just blushed lol. Anyways, Kuu think-talked again, praising how beautiful, cute and hardworking Setsuna is. However, she's not Kyoushiro's lover, Absolute Angels and humans are not lovers ... somehow, Kuu felt sad over the fact. Meanwhile, Setsuna saw that Kuu looked a little dejected probably and give a quick kiss on Kuu's lips. Setsuna went on to innocently asked if Kuu got her energy back as Kyoushiro said that kisses can make one spirited lol.

Kuu's shocked that she was kissed by the Princess but Setsuna merely repeated if Kuu got her energy back. At the Swimming Academy in Academia, Tarurotte's having a great time revitalizing her Eternal Mana by sucking the swimming girls' mana. Soujirou's busy fishing out the swimming girls who fainted in the pool. Tarurotte then went on to bully Soujirou by demanding him to give her her dessert lol. At Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], Kaon's tied to this machine, enduring hits from an experiment Mika-sama's having. With every hit she received, Kaon's screams got louded, Mika-sama merely watched with a smirk in her face while Himiko and another harem girl were holding to this mana detector for Mika-sama with tears in her eyes. Kyoushiro told Setsuna and Kuu that he's bringing Kuu to Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy] Looking at the untouched food on the dining table, Kuu said that it's a waste ... Kyoushiro merely left the room without a word. Setsuna went on to clear the untouched food while Kuu looked on thinking to herself that Kyoushiro's seemed distant towards Setsuna. In the Seventh Public Morality Enforcement Squad trailer, Kyoushiro explained his plans to everyone, saying that to get to his school and avoid interference from Badoras and Murakumo, they will use Setsuna as the bait to use the main route while he and Kuu will use another route. Jin asked if it's alright for Kyoushiro to be separated from Kurausoras, Kyoushiro replied that it's okay and as a precaution, both of them will contact each other secretly. Yes, if it's Nii-san, he will surely do this, added Kyoushiro. Kuu had nothing but full of praise for Kyoushiro who seemed to care for the innocent students who unwittingly entangled themselves in his problems. However, Kuu added, to Setsuna, Kyoushiro seemed cold.

Back to the evil Mika-sama lair, Mika-sama ordered her mana experiment to continue even though Kaon's still weak from the previous tests. By the side, Himiko unconsciously gasped in response. Mika-sama said that HER sword would never scum to such weak torture and turned to Himiko, 'Isn't it, Himiko?' Himiko could only agreed. Meanwhile, Tarurotte's determined to take down Kurausoras and others who offended her. Kuu's happily twirling around in her new Jyou Tou Gakuen uniform. As Kyoushiro helped Kuu down the steps of the trailer, Setsuna looked as if she just witnessed them kissing but she got back to her element and gave Kyoushiro his lunch box. Kyoushiro took his lunch box and kissed Setsuna [That was random and Setsuna's reaction to that action was so ... cute! Moe!] Blushing, Kuu turned around and think-talked that no matter how many times she sees it, it's beautiful but it's just like having dinner, absorbing mana, even so ... Kyoushiro finished his deed and left with Kuu, leaving Setsuna pressing her fingers to her lips blushingly. The plan went into action as Setsuna sat alone in the trailer to the main route. Tarurotte's still searching and smelt something and went to check it out. At that time, Kuu's riding the white horse with Kyoushiro, only the two of them~ Kuu happily mused. Kuu added that it feels like a date ... or a honeymoon~ and felt so much happiness. Looking down on the lunch box Setsuna made, Kuu thought back about Setsuna's sad feelings of leaving Kyoushiro when they had been together all the time. Kyoushiro told Kuu that it's only a mission that they separate, it's not like Setsuna's his lover or partner, she's his sword, Absolute Angel, Kurausoras. Kuu probably felt surprised that Kyoushiro would coldly say those words and added that but that kiss ... Kyoushiro replied that it's only for the purpose of absorbing Eternal Mana.

Kuu asked if Setsuna could accept those facts ... Kyoushiro just leaned towards Kuu and said that the most important thing for now is ... about Kuu. Kuu think-talked to herself that the cute, capable Setsuna ... because that she's an Absolute Angel and couldn't be a lover. Kuu added that even though she's empty and boring nor a princess, she's still a human and moreover someone told her to go with him ... [I'm feeling Kuu's thankful that she's a human and there's a chance she COULD be with Kyoushiro, giving me this impression that it's too bad that Setsuna's an AA and thank god she's a human.] Anyways, Kuu began to fantasize that Kyoushiro will kiss her when they entered the dreamy Jyou Tou Gakuen, the two of them. Kyoushiro's white horse shooked Kuu outta her dream ... Kuu began to mentally beat herself for thinking such thoughts ... but she thought that it's enough that she's with Kyoushiro this way. Suddenly, the horse neighed as Tarurotte appeared. Setsuna felt that Kyoushiro's in danger and rushed there. Tarurotte explained that she could find them because there's vanilla smell on Kuu's hair lol [Must be the lingering smell from the face smashing party Kuu had on Setsuna vanilla cake]. Tarurotte began to prance around saying that however Soujirou's vanilla cake is nicer LOL, that she would take revenge for what they did to her last time so prepare to ... um Tarurotte couldn't figure the words ... Kuu kindly added, 'Meet your doom?' LOL. Tarurotte was pissed and yelled that she knew and attacked them. Just then Setsuna arrived but couldn't stop Tarurotte's attacks. To avoid the attacks, Kyoushiro steered away. Kuu slipped off the horse and into a black hole below, Kyoushiro grabbed her hand but the ground gave way and the two of them fell. - END -

Episode 4 Preview 1.Episode 4 Preview 2 - Kyoushiro's Elder Brother, Kazuya.Episode 4 Preview 3.

Kazuya, Kyoushiro's elder brother is appearing in next episode!?

LoL, I was seriously doubling off with laughter throughout the episode ... first when I saw the bath scenes of Kyoushiro, Mika and Soujirou, I was like wtf. But what they were saying were kinda relevant, about four Absolute Angels, Setsuna's Kurausoras, Kaon's Murakumo, Tarurotte's Badoras and the yet to appear, Waruteishia's Megingjord. And, that should be it ... however ... there seemed to be one more. It's Kuu, I tell ya lol.

The Setsuna x Kuu kiss was surprising too, never expected it lol. Setsuna's feelings are really complex I tell ya, she's really weird lol, yet she's so innocent at the same time ... I really like her lol, CHOU KAWAII I tell ya. Usually I don't like meido types nor neko types but ... Setsuna's just so different, soo darn cute !! *KYAHHH~*

Oh yes, not to forget that grrr Mika-sama, treating Kaon like that ... experimenting her like she's nothing ... manz, Kaon's seiyuu, Kawasumi Ayako, really outdid herself here ... her screams of pain really sounded soooo real. Dammit, Mika-sama, dammit. Hate ya hate ya hate ya!

This episode is more of Kuu's pathetic sympathy for Setsuna, I'm starting to hate that aspect of her ... like oh, Setsuna's such poor thing, she worked so hard and Ayanokouji-san isn't appreciating it. It's sad that she's an AA and they can't be lovers. *A few moments later* Oh Ayanokouji-san and me? The two of us? It's like a date ... no, a honeymoon~ Kyahhh~~~~ *Blush*. Tsk, bitch.

Art: 8/10 [Constant.]
Story: 7/10 [Basically I'm laughing throughout the episode ... except the Kaon scenes.]
Characters: 7/10 [Setsuna's Complex]
Overall: 7/10 [I like Setsuna's closeups.]

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  1. I wonder why I fell in love with Mika-sama. She's uber cool to me. Kaon bit is deppressing to watch. Haha I can't stop laughing at kuu and setsuna.

    I can't wait for the summary and next episode

  2. Haha. My reaction is the same way. I laugh at most of it, but go O.O Waaah when Kaon appears.

    Also funny: Notice how your rating dropped xD

  3. What rating? where you see the rating? Why would it drop? It's still a new show that needs lots of patience to understand and to love the whole show just like KnM. At first I really don't like especially first 4 of the episode, later when everything explained, all I see is LOVE the show so much :D

  4. Ren, I meant Akayuuki's rating of the episode ;P

  5. lol, cos there's less Kaon x Himiko scenes so my rating duh dropped XD.

    Yeah, I really like Setsuna, she's just so cute, makes me go 'MOE!!!' each time I see her lol.

  6. This episode is more of Kuu's pathetic sympathy for Setsuna, I'm starting to hate that aspect of her ... like oh, Setsuna's such poor thing, she worked so hard and Ayanokouji-san isn't appreciating it. It's sad that she's an AA and they can't be lovers. *A few moments later* Oh Ayanokouji-san and me? The two of us? It's like a date ... no, a honeymoon~ Kyahhh~~~~ *Blush*. Tsk, bitch.

    ROFL. I totally agree with you there!

  7. Kuu -> "Innocently" 2-faced. At least she's a different type of lead. Nice on the outside. Malicious on the inside.

    Btw, I probably missed this part, but how the hell did Tarurotte find out that Kuu went for a nosedive into the vanilla cake? ( ̄~ ̄)

  8. to alex, yeah the more I think of it, the more angry I got lol, not to mention Setsuna's my latest fave ... grrr.

    to keiri, remember when Kuu took a bath with Setsuna and Setsuna commented that there's still smell of vanilla in Kuu's hair. So Tarurotte followed the smell in Kuu's hair lol.

  9. Hmm... True. :)

    I just found it strange that Tarurotte can smell the vanilla and pinpoint that it's Kuu despite not witnessing Kuu's face slam into the cake before. I mean, anyone could have vanilla smell in their hair, right? E.g. someone who used super concentrated vanilla shampoo (which will probably make all their hair fall off and make their scalp smell like vanilla instead). Ah, well... We are talking about KyouSora here, so it pretty much defies all logical explanations LOL