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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep1

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I know I'm slow.

Ouji-sama?=).The Meeting Of A Prince And Girl.
Look! A Hot Guy!School Of KnM.I Dumped Him.

It started with a story between a loli-complex Prince and a loli girl. Um, cross that. It was just a dream of the main female lead, Shiratori Kuu when she was young. She had dreamt of this Prince who could probably only repeat, 'Let's go ... together.' Over and over again in the dream. Well, not surprising that Kuu was taken by this Prince and accepted his outstretched hand. Thus, the meeting between a Prince and a Girl. - End of dream - Kozue, Kuu's friend was calling out to the daydreaming Kuu. Kozue asked if Kuu's wondering about who to ask to the 'Last Dance'. It's some event whereby the girl ask the guy out by giving him this letter for this major dance party.

It was rumoured that the love of the couple who danced together in that party will stay together forever. Kozue then asked if Kuu had someone in mind, Kuu said she doesn't ... just then, a cool senpai got on the train. Kozue told Kuu to give her letter to him, just when Kuu's able to go ahead, another girl had taken the lead. Kuu just smiled sheepishly. Kuu doesn't mind it as she told in her mind to the Prince in her dreams, it's like like she's been dumped. Kuu had only thought that the senpai was cool and it would be nice to be able to dance with him. Yes, it's only that reason as nothing about had been started yet.

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 1.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 2.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 3.
Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 4.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 5.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora OP 6.

After listening to the OP quite a few times and closing my eyes, I'm loving it, 'Cross Heart' by CooRie is very catchy haha. Just that the images doesn't suit the song but the song by itself is awesome. A number of spoilers in the OP, tearing Kyoushiro stabbing Kuu in the chest and the angst love between Kaon and Himiko.

I Wonder If There's An Yaoi Doujinshis Of Kyoushiro And Souma.Speak Of The Devil.Hot Eyes.
Kyahhh, My Prince!Kyoushiro + Violin = HOT.Ahhh, Melts.
Got Laid?LOL CHEESY.Setsuna.
Beware The Dark Corridor.Kiss.Kyoushiro, Your Skill's Awesome.
LOL FLYING HORSE?Hai, Kyoushiro.Kaon~~~
Kyoushiro + Blood = HOT.Holding On.Kiss!?

While walking to their classes, Kozue told Kuu that recently that some students have absent from school and noone knows what happened to them. Kozue added that she heard from a friend's friend that there's been sightings of a mysterious girl wondering around the school's dorm at dusk. Kozue went on to deduce that the girl might be a killer devil, a vampire or cursed spirit!? Kuu doesn't see the big deal about this lol. Kozue doesn't think so and said that it will be time for the Public Morality Enforcement Squad to appear to solve the case. Kozue went on to explain what the Enforcement Squad is all about and said that the leader of the Seventh Squad making up of five members, Oogami Jin was the co-co-co-co-coolest lol. Ah, feel like meeting them. Kuu said that there's noone those guys would come to their normal school. Kozue beg to difer and it would be a beginning of a love lol. Kozue continued that Kuu could give her letter to one of them too. Kuu just smiled and nodded. In Kuu's mind, she thought to herself that she has alot of good friends and schooling happily.

However, she felt 'Kuu' [A word play on Kuu's name, in Kanji, it is read as 'Empty'], very empty. No matter where she go, she's still empty, regardless of whether she's happy or not, it's just like the spring breeze which will just pass by her. If only the spring breeze were to bring her along too ... bring her empty feeling to somewhere else where probably a beautiful and important person is waiting. In the middle of class, suddenly the door opened and Oogami Jin, the leader of the Seventh Public Morality Enforcement Squad entered the class. The girls were like omg, they're soo cool. Carp-like moustache teacher was powerless at Jin's 'request' to introduce a new transferred student. The girls were like omg, he's soo cool again. Kozue whispered to Kuu that that from the looks of the uniform, that cool guy's from Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy].

In that moment when Kuu and the new guy's eyes met, they were brought to Kuu's dream place where she met the Prince of her dreams and she wondered if that new guy's the Prince from her dreams. The new guy introduced himself as, Ayanokouji Kyoushiro. Kuu was delighted and kept chanting, 'My Prince, My Prince!', in her mind, to her it was a miracle, a love's miracle. Over lunch, the girls were swooning over Kyoushiro and they all wanted to give the letter of invitation to the last dance to him. Kuu told the Prince of her dreams in her mind that, Kyoushiro's really popular and he really looked like him ... and he would make a great prince too. And, and, Kuu added, Kyoushiro seemed to be staring at her all the while. But then, Kuu thought over that it couldn't be true. Just then, Kozue ran over and yelled that Kyoushiro's playing his violin. The girls were swooning like cotton candies over Kyoushiro's display. [Hehe, me too] Kuu was amazed by Kyoushiro's play and said that it had touched her heart and it was so beautiful.

Kyoushiro noticed Kuu from the corner of his eye and stopped playing. Staring straight at Kuu, he walked towards her ... and placed his hands on her shoulders. Kyoushiro smiled before tugging Kuu's top off lol. The girls around were like 'Kyaaahh'. A brief spark of a mark appeared on the middle of Kuu's chest. As Kyoushiro leaned forward ... Kuu shrugged away and yelled no. Kyoushiro smiled again and stretched his hand out and said, 'Let's go ... together' just like the Prince of her dreams! Kuu just ran away and called repeated, 'Why, why, why?' Amazingly, Kuu ran up the school's rooftop with her top still opened lol. Kuu was confused why Kyoushiro did that and how he said the same lines as her Prince. Straightening her top, Kuu thought to herself that it's just a coincidence as there's no way such a beautiful thing would happen to her.

At the back of Kuu's mind, she couldn't help but wonder if this is fate and murmured that she still felt warm. Suddenly, Kuu heard the ring of a bell and saw a blond girl sitting on top of the door. Kuu described the girl was beautiful with blond hair, snow like skin, gemstone-like aqua-marine coloured eyes and looked like a doll ... no, like an angel? Kuu then remember what Kozue said about a mysterious girl loitering around and wondered if that girl's her. A gust of wind blew and the girl's gone. All of a sudden, there was a huge explosion and the blond girl, tattered mumbled, 'Target Lost'. In class, the carp-like moustache teacher told the class that because there's an explosion, everything's cancelled. Kozue then asked to go out to look for Kuu. Wondering around, Kuu told herself that she had to confirm her feeling, just then she saw Kyoushiro behind the windows of the old school dorm and went after him. Walking in the dark corridor of the old school dorm and looking through one of the classroom's door, Kuu saw Kyoushiro kissing the blond girl on a piano lol.

After the kiss, Kyoushiro asked the blond girl, Setsuna if she's alright. Setsuna in turn asked Kyoushiro if he's alright. Outside, Kuu was in tears and ran off, wondering why she's crying, it's just someone she met for the first time. Kuu told her Prince that she had been dumped again, that's no way that such a wonderful person like Kyoushiro not have a lover and they are really a great match like a Prince and Princess. Kuu thought to herself that she would never be the lead in this movie of fate as she's not a Princess afterall. Kuu murmured to herself ... 'Dumped twice in a day ...' LOL. Kuu heard a noise and saw her friend, Kozue being sucked of mana from a cat-like person called, Tarurotte. Tarurotte stopped Kuu from running by attacking with her arm of Absolute Angel [AA] mecha form, Badoras. As Tarurotte pushed Kuu on her back to suck the mana out of her, Tarurotte suddenly back up, demanding what/who is Kuu.

Just then, Setsuna smashed in through the windows and kicked her away. Tarurotte summoned her AA, Badoras to crush the floor while Setsuna summoned her AA, Kurausoras to save Kuu from falling. On the rooftop, Tarurotte and Setsuna began attacking each other. The ground gave way and Kuu started falling down, luckily lol, Kyoushiro on a flying white horse [STAR BRIGHT!] and saved her. Like mountain goat, the white horse leap up the debris and to the highest point. Setsuna and Tarurotte continue fighting. Kuu was actually amazed by the fight and said it was beautiful ... [Everything's beautiful to you huh] Over at the Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], two person, Kaon and Himiko were watching the power display. As Setsuna was crushed down the rocks, Kyoushiro was hurt while protecting Kuu from the blast. [Whoa the background music sounded like it was from Simoun lol] As Tarurotte was about to hit Kyoushiro and Kuu, one of Setsuna's mecha arms appeared from the ground and stopped it.

Setsuna had difficulty with Tarurotte's continuous attacks and was about to strike them when suddenly Kuu emitted a light from her which distracted Tarurotte, enabling Setsuna to knock her down. Placing the unconscious Kuu on the ground, Kyoushiro get on his white horse with Setsuna and it transformed to this ... hovering craft made up of the horse and Setsuna's AA ... with that, Kyoushiro made the finishing blow. As Kuu briefly awaken, she saw the descending Kyoushiro and Setsuna on the white horse and compared them to a true Prince and Princess from a story book. As Kyoushiro moved over to Kuu's side, Kuu thought to herself that there's nothing which will surprise her anymore ... until Kyoushiro kissed Kuu. After the kiss, Kyoushiro smiled, stretched out his hand to Kuu and said, 'Let's go ... together ...' - END -

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 1.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 2.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 3.
Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 4.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 5.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora ED 6.

Have I told you how much I love the ED, 'Madoromi no Rakuen' by Ceui? Well, it's not too late to tell you now. It's wonderful, smoothing however, not really in line with the images again haha.

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep 2 Preview.Kaon's Hot.XD.

Can't wait for episode 2, although it's out now, I can't seem to get to freaking BDG, slow speed, GRRRR, MUST GET! Anyways, Kuu's reaction was totally out LoL. Supposed to go, 'Omg, Kozue-chan, Let's Do That Too!'

An okay first episode, not as shocking as KnM but there's a kiss in the end lol ... too bad there's no 'Gaaayyyaaahh' or something from Setsuna hahaa. I'm still disturbed by the flying white horse, it's just so out of this world lol, and it looks like Star Bright from Strawberry Panic! too lol. I wonder if they got him to star in [Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora] KtS too.

Art: 7.5/10 [It's not bad.]
Story: 7/10 [Confusingly good but cheesy.]
Characters: 7/10 [Kyoushiro's hot, Kaon's hot]
Overall: 7/10 [Quite an okay first episode but would had increased to 8 if Kaon spoke.]

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  1. Episode 2 was surprisingly good, actually ^_^


    ~Zefiris, happy to see what other people think ^^

  2. to jeff, haha yeah it's just for Kaon and Himiko that I'm watching this .. but Kyoushiro looks hot too, so that's another reason heh.

    you're not disappointed, watch ep2 ... angst ... sigh.

    to Zefiris, yeah *chants* kaon haha.