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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Negima!? Ep13

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Yeah yeah yeah.

Negima!? OP2 1.Negima!? OP2 2.Negima!? OP2 3.

New OP for Negima!?, titled 'Eien no Toki o Koete' by Minagawa Junko who's the seiyuu for Yukihiro Ayaka in the anime. I like it, not to mention I like the seiyuu's voice is a bonus but overall I think the feeling's there. I've got a feeling this OP won't stay long ... I mean Negi's not a Chupacabra anymore in later episodes ... [In Ep14] so the OP doesn't make sense to stay isn't it?

Sorry.New Fire Evil ...Whoa.
Let Go!Ramen!?Please? ...
Numbers Scramble!Where The Hell Are We?It's All Your Fault, Makie ...
I'm Useless!? Not Fit To Be Sasaki Makie ...LOL GSD!Kuso.
Eat Me?Nani?Black Rose Baron!
Seal!Kyaaahh~.Baka Negi ...
Why Is Chizuru The Only One Looking Satisfied While The Rest ...Honey, We're Home!BAKA ASUNA!

This is going to be short. Pretty easy to sum everything up.

Negi got turned into a Chupacabra as seen in the previous episode, the whole class were sorry for being the cause of that apologized to Negi. Negi said that it's okay as it's his fault too and he was actually relieved at the fact because he felt like bluffing them all the while. Suddenly, a new fire evil spirit appeared and had possessed Ako, Satsuki and Sakurako. As Negi was turned into a Chupacabra and lost his magic powers, he couldn't activate the pactio to transform his partners. Luckily, Eva arrived and managed to fend off the possessed girls' attacks. Negi tried to stop Eva from hurting the possessed girls and sent Eva tumbling down the evil fire spirit's hole trap. Chachamaru too plunged down the dark hole trap to save Eva. Eva then met Takahata-sensei who told her that he knew who's behind the illusion and they went to seal the evil fire spirit. The girls splitted into groups quickly retreated as the possessed girls attacked them. One group was stuck in this Jurassic period where they where chased by a T-Rex [Really random lol], the other group was stuck in this space battle like a parody scene from GS/GSD.

Meanwhile, Negi had been seperated from Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna when he ran after the illusions of his Nekane Onee-chan and Anya. While dining with Nekane and Anya, he was happy to see them but still he knew it's just an illusion. Suddenly the Black Rose Baron appeared and Negi begged him to let the whole class away as his target was just him isn't it? Black Rose Baron didn't answer, a gust of wind then blew Negi away. Chachamaru, Eva and Takahata-sensei found the evil fire spirit and sealed it. By sealing the fire spirit, the magic slowly disappeared, the groups of girls trapped in the various dimensions were sent back to regroup. Negi too were reunited with Asuna and company. However, the trouble still stays as they're still stuck in the illusion, Takahata-sensei warned the girls not to touch anything but ... Asuna opened a trap door and ... well dark shadows slip out of the trap door and now they're in deep trouble haha. - END -

Chachamaru On A Haircut.It's Actually Crepe.Hand Please, Yamamoto.

LoL Chachamaru's actually edible!? Akira's going too far with the fish called Yamamoto. COME BACK! Where's the coolness of Akira!? I don't wanna her to be some weirdo with some fish fetish!

Basically, nothing much happened in this episode, just Negi trying to get the girls out of the illusion the new evil fire spirit got them into. Random weird stuff happened in PDD style, thankful for that and made me laugh. One thing for sure, Asuna's really worried about Negi ... finally a start of a blossoming romance!?

Story: 6/10 [Kinda disappointing.]
Characters: 6/10 [Nothing much]
Overall: 5.5/10 [I'm bored by this episode, seriously.]

Must be cos they're rushing for the new year or something? The level of animation dropped ... esp in the class shots and they repeated the same scenes too, I mean wth. Alright, I'll give credits for the cute close ups of Negi in Chupacabra form.

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  1. You're right Negima is getting boring for me. It's so the same every week even the OVAs are the same with each other. I need development and resolve. Too much playful thing