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Monday, January 22, 2007

Anime Singles, Drama CDs and OST Purchases From Play-asia

[Posted @ 9:55 PM]
Woohoo, it's my first time purchasing something online ... okay ... GV tickets doesn't count lol. Anyways, I decided to test out the guilty pleasure of purchasing anime cds online ... boy, now I'm hooked lol. I wanna do it again!! Perhaps ... after I saved enough money haha, spent around S$200 on 8 Anime Singles, Drama CDs and an OST in this purchase.

YAY Orders Via EMS.

WOOHOO, saw this awesome package on my messy desk when I came home from work just now. I didn't immediately opened it ... I went to eat, feed parrots, bathe then I opened it lol. I think I can't bare to dirty the precious loads inside.

Inside The Box.

I can almost touch it ... actually I did. I took out the CDs, flipped around to check the conditions and all clear before I put in back and took this shot lol.

WHEE My New Collection!~

[TOP Left to Right] Kannazuki no Miko Drama CD - 'Kimi no Mau Butai', Kannazuki no Miko Single - 'Re-Sublimity' and Strawberry Panic! OP2 Single - 'Kuchibiru Hakuchumu'.

[BOTTOM Left to Right] Strawberry Panic! 'Himitsu Dolls' [CD+DVD], Strawberry Panic! 'Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari' [CD+DVD] and Strawberry Panic! Original Soundtrack.

OOHHH, I can't even bare to open them lol.

Call me stupid or what, I don't care if the stuff I bought were expensive or what lol. Play-asia provided me the easiest payment method, which is via moneybookers. To use moneybookers, I just had to use eNETS to transfer money from my local bank [DBS] over instantly inclusive of a small fee. The whole transaction was done in a mere 15 minutes. How cool is that?

Anyways, there's still two more CDs Play-asia haven't sent me yet lol, the single for Strawberry Panic! OP1, 'Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete' by Misato Aki and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP, 'Love Power' [CD+DVD Limited Edition] by Aice5. Estimated arrival would be before February 5th 2007 ... manz. Oh well, not like I'm in a hurry, they were pretty old stocks after all ... especially for the KnM CDs, which surprisingly they had stock XD.

Guess that's all, it's CNY soon, so not sure if I'm blogging often these few weeks, gotta look busy ... um yeah lol.

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  1. Runte said...

    Urayamashii >x)

    I Want that kinda packet too!! 8DD
    Even though I have Downloaded them all, it's all different to have original CD's..

  2. >.< i want thoughs upload them on youtube or some thing just i want to listen!!!!!!

  3. You know, fast transactions are *dangerous!* :D 15 minutes only and your money is sucked away?

    But on the other hand, it makes for faster enjoyment and happiness... especially if you get priority mail. ^_^ I love getting packages for myself at the house...

  4. Oopts... last comment by Tenkaichi, was in a hurry

  5. Wow your collection almost like mine accept I don't have that Chikane/Himeko is it them? or the towa version?

  6. The Drama CD was hysterical. Tell me if you find any commentary in your CD!

  7. <3
    Oh, I <3 that KnM drama CD. Just too damn cute. Especially when Chikane messes up in the rehersal. Understandable error on her part, though XD

  8. KNM DRAma cd is really nice story. It set on between ep.5-6 on of KNM series, I love this drama cd and there also full translation on shojoai too. I'm happy with you too akayuki next time you should try to order it via amazon japan coz the price is lower than play-asia. Anyway I love play-asia too sometime I order some rare item that amazon sold out by play-asia.

  9. to Runte, same here lol ... I feel that the lyrics booklets were too small in my hands yet so huge in PC screen hahaha.

    to anonymous 1, sorry, I don't upload stuff ... I live in this scary place call Singapore where they could zoom in and see what I'm doing in my house. [jk]

    to Tenkaichi, LOL I thought so too, I almost went on a spending spee then I checked my checkout list, and went 'holy crap' lol. Yeah same here, feels like i'm unwrapping a birthday present lol, doki doki feeling.

    to tagura, yeah it's the Kannazuki no Miko Drama CD, Chikane and Himeko on the cover.

    to wing of light, I haven't opened it yet ... haha.

    to Zefi, yeahhh~ listening Otoha-san's jealousy was probably the funniest haha.

    to anonymous 2, yeah i wish i could order from amazon too but I don't have a credit card ... and money order seemed too bothersome with the currency exchanges and stuff ... if only they had enets or wat ... sigh.

  10. Wow, sweet. I wish I had 200 bucks to drop, just like that.

    Nice additions to an anime collection.